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  1. It has been a while since I have posted, although I have been fishing quite regularly and see many of you often while out on the water. Sonny's boat is now mine! Dad had a quadruple bypass and valve replacement this year. It changes things for a fisherman... so things pass hands and the memories get handed down to be watched over by another generation of fish lovers. Not that Sonny wasn't remembered in many other ways, on the water fishermen are often recognized by the vessels that transport them to the fish. So if you think you see him out there in the waves it's me. Raise a hand and say hello! I'd love to catch up. Now to my question. I had a shore debate as I was about to clean our fish on the weekend that were caught on the lower Grand River . I said one of these fish is a resident walleye and the more coloured one is a lake fish. What are your opinions to this statement? Cheers Jen
  2. Welcome Andrew, try emailing your pictures to yourself. Outlook will ask you if you would like to make them smaller, choose the appropriate size you need for here. Open the email, resale the smaller pictures and you should be golden. I hope you truly enjoy the wonderful people on here. They have many talents beyond fishing! Talk, share and listen... you will discover for yourself what they are.
  3. This may sound a little foolish however, not saying you've done this, I have the same unit, just bought it, and put the card in. It felt like the card seated properly in the slot but it was not. I experienced the same issue. All it was is that the card needed to be pushed in further. Check that it is inserted correctly. Truly clicks in and is almost flush with the unit when in place. Then in the menu options it says it is reading from the card.
  4. I know the place right across from the gas station on 69 at Point Au Barril. I stop and pick up minnows on my way to the French River and she usually has leaches as well.
  5. Great report. We fished out of Pickeral Park and saw a few fish coming into the dock but no where near the normal numbers. One walleye for our boat, and a small perch but that was it. Sunday we decided to not even launch the boat, so good on you as the two footers and winds from several directions kept us ashore... It looks like you had an amazing weekend. Cheers, Jen
  6. This past weekend we headed off to the Walleye World Live Release Fishing Derby. As usual we would be staying at Pickeral Park with Eastman and his dad. This would be Santo's Fifth Annual Fishing Challenge! Five years ago my brother past away, to those that might not know or been on the board long enough to remember "Sonny" he had a five year old son and three year old daughter at the time. Domenic is ten now and this year we brought him along. The weather was not going to be good, and it looked like the fish might still be in close to shore with the ice going out later than usual, but we were going to give it our best shot. My Dad, middle son Christian, Domenic and myself arrived late Friday night, up early Saturday Morning and off we went in search of walleye. The boat was filled with stories and tales of years past. How Sonny had snagged carp by the tail and chased them around, always saying he'd caught the big fish. It was truly a weekend to remember, with more memories made and laughs had by all. Thanks always to Eastman and his dad for having us. Domenic Amalfi's Big fish!
  7. Awesome looking job... A memory to last a lifetime for sure!
  8. Once again I read your fishing reports and feel every moment. I understand the joy of watching your child as they reel in each fish, seeing them experience the things that you could never explain. You have given Leah such a gift! Your writing is truly enjoyable. Nice fish! Great planning, not only for you and your daughter but for Len and Kevin as well. Cheers, Jen
  9. I got away for a couple of days of Muskie fishing with my dad, son and uncle. The weather did not really co-operate as you can see from the picture, however no one seemed to mind. Nice to have a cover on the boat for days when the rain just won't let up. After a couple of hours of trolling and a few small pike on the first day, my Uncle caught our first and only muskie of the trip. Christian did a great job on net and release. The next morning after a great breakfast prepared and served by dad we headed out. We spent a good part of the day changing lures and then all of a sudden on a perch coloured storm I caught my PB pike. Christian did an excellent job netting, holding it up, and releasing it for me. A wonderful group effort by all. The two days we spent away together was wonderful. A time none of us will quickly forget. There is nothing like wanting to catch fish, catching the ones you want, and doing that with the people you love.
  10. When the water finally freezes over, I used to like taking the boys down to Port Colborne by the Mill to fish for smelt. We could fill a small bucket. Having little competitions to see who caught the most. A little red yarn on your line and you could pull them up one after another. A great way to keep the kids interested in ice fishing for sure. Plus they make a great snack once you get home.
  11. We picked up a breeding pair of mallards at the Hagersville auction on good friday. Our pond out front is a great home for them and they seem to love the property. The female started roosting a while back and we just let her be. Making sure she had fresh water and food, as she rarely left the nest. The male came and went but never very far. Today we discovered four new ducklings trailing around after her.
  12. Hi Adam, Some will say you will get a break in the winter months, others will help you fill your urges by suggesting ICE FISHING and early spring dip netting for suckers so you can catch your own bait to channel cat fish... just saying. NOPE NOT AN ADDICT!!! Others will suggest you not hang your rods in your livingroom in the off season! I see nothing wrong with adding to the decor. Welcome to OFC. You have stubbled into the right place... look forward to reading all about your adventures.
  13. We catch them one by one while ice fishing, it passes the time and great way to compete... little red yarn in the tackle box always saves the day when the bite is slow... and makes for a yummy meal when you get home. Looks like you had a great treat!
  14. I have a one man flip over clam and it is pretty easy for me to pull out with all my stuff loaded inside, two other two man huts that are impossible for me to pull out on my own. Know the weight of what you are buying and the weight of what you are going to be putting inside it... most do not consider all that. Do not forget to add the minnows, weight of the water, augers, rods, heaters, fuel and everything else you are going to be loading into it. If you are going to icefish you want to be comfortable and part of that comfort is not only once you are set up! It is getting out there. Ask yourself all the important questions first. Or you will end up like me... three ice huts ... one for every occation!
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