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  1. Thats nice and close, thanks, may look into that next year.
  2. The 2 BR-7HS spark plugs came to a grand total of $13.
  3. Got proper plugs, gapped in tolerance and tourqued to specs. Thought after 30yrs the fuel filter would need replacing but opened up to find a pristine like new filter, sweet. I have a mech friend to help me on the impeller replacement in the next coming weeks. Thx for help guys.
  4. Ironmaker I must confess I have a hard time reaching for my wallet sometimes but totally agree a 15 minute drive over to Bay City would probably be worth it to prevent screwups.
  5. Thx Guys. YAMAHA CV30ELD 689 L Was just told at CT that the NGK BR-7HS 10 are the same as the suggested NGK BR-7HS Been googling all over can't find 100% info except gap size may be different? Will probably just return and find plain NGK BR-7HS to avoid problems. Thx Guys.
  6. I have neglected my Yamaha 30hp (1991?) for awhile now and its running fine but is due for some TLC. I hit all the grease points in the spring and fall but other details are due. I change the lower gear oil twice a year since I bought it used over 5 years go. My first oil change was a "milkshake" and I thought the seals were shot but its been clean since so I will keep the constant gear oil changes every few months for a cheap preventive measure if it needs it or not.The Yamaha C30Q is over due for an impeller replacement, spark plug and maybe fuel filter. I'm in the Hamilton area and wonder where to order the parts online Canda or just shop local. I had a friend warn me the boat shops will charge 2-3x online cost but may be worth the cost instead of possibly ordering wrong parts online. Any input would be much appreciated. On another maintenance question, is it possible to "lube up" the shifter cable or does a 30 yr old cable just get replaced. Boat shifts ok but pretty stiff and clunky. Is it big bucks? (15ft) Also, do most guys just pressure spray the 6gallon plastic red gas tanks to remove any debris inside and let dry? Darn, not often in a cleaning mood so better get stuff done while I can! Thx ahead.
  7. Would make another thread but during the 2 weeks actually figured out the Terra Nova would keep you on a straight path using the standard Auto Pilot. I have cursed for years using the advanced Auto Pilot. I know the difference between the 2 so always assumed the advanced was better. Well, the standard Auto Pilot works perfect or me now!
  8. Just thought I'd make a quick post. I usually just target pike (spinners/cranks) and I think the total is 7-8. My boat is slow so I have been hanging around Southbay and Ant Island. Fishing has been ok but not great. I put ALOT of hours on the lake these 2 weeks and besides the 7-8 pikes I lost 4-5 including a bass. Never seen a wallaye these 2 weeks which is unusual. I can't totally be disappointed as being lazy I threw out a wallaye harness and worms and trolled back slow from Southbay. Caught a 42" musky on the cheap CT walleye harness, took pics and had a healthy release. Makes me laugh thinking of all the $30+ musky lures I have for those Lake St. Clair trips. Here are some pics, didnt bother with pike pics although they were decent 24-28. Everytime I see this island it reminds me of that island you could see infront of old Stelco before going over the skyway bridge in Hamilton. Pictures are unedited without lensflares/chromacrushing or colorgrading, I think mother natures makes it perfect already. The pikes were great meals. "Toothy" was released and swam away reminding himself to never be tempted by a $2 walleye harness again.
  9. Dave, yes I meant square tubing with rounded edges
  10. Just came back from Lake St. Clair and had a brutal time launching my boat from the public ramp at Jeannettes Creek.I have a 16ft pontoon on a tendem trailer which is ok for towing but when I built the bunks on the fenders I didn't realize the height would come back to bite me later. The boats sits high on the trailer so unless the ramp is a "cliff" my vehicle has to go way too far in the lake to launch. Anyways I plan to just make a simple extension used ONLY for launches, a hassle but 10x better than driving into a lake. I just plan to purchase 3-4ft of 2"OD rounded 1/4" steel tubing. Will drill the 2 holes on the one end and put a ball on the other. Anyone know the cost or a good place in Hamilton area to purchase the metal? Went to a trailer place and the prices for extension started at $100 for 12" soooo its a DIY. As mentioned this is launch ONLY and will get a good tremclad paint job first.
  11. Learn how to use the "looping" mode recording and have backup batteries. Don't get excited about 4k, a lot of time 720 at 240fps may provide better action video for editing. Be ready for fog and rain preparing for condensation problems. Put a usb connector in your boat (2.1A if possible) Get ready for abuse from the veteran fishermen!
  12. I'm going with the Lutron Bridge to enable pico "fake" switches in the outlet boxes and then using plug dimmers in cabinet. Eliminates more hole patching and dust.
  13. Perfect. I have been using Lutron switches in the house (bridgeless) .I wasn't sure if the dimmer resistance would scale properly with the puck leds. Thanks. I have to rethink the wiring though I thought I was smart and just wired low voltage wires to my switches. Now I may go with wall plug dimmers in the cabinets. Had to punch holes in drywall and patch to wire, might have to repeat with 14/2..
  14. I agree its a "1st world problem" and a luxury and kinda silly telling Google to turn the lights on and off but its fun... The wifi aspect is just the automation function of controlling switches and lights by scheduals, vocal commands or logic scripts. Wifi control is kind of frivolous but some items are practical. Having your smoke detector text you at work due to smoke would be practical. Having a cheap $50 outside camera monitoring your cottage would be sensible. Having a water sensor text you to prevent basement flooding is practical.The cost of these sensors are getting very cheap and present the thought "why not"? Walking into my den and saying "ok google hockey time" automatically does this: Turns on Cable box, turns on stereo, turns on tv, sets all inputs correctly. Dims main lights and puck leds. Yes, kinda silly but fun.
  15. Its called Sketchup and has a billion tutorials on youtube to get up and running. Its great for furniture - cabinet design - anything. I'm proficient with highend 3D software (Modo/AutoCad/SolidWorks) but for quick visual designs its perfect. Its perfect for visualizing space and sizes. Designing on paper is great but seeing how it fits in a small room or how a new steering console fits on the deck of a small boat etc. its great. I used it to design a retro fit for my pontoon boat trailer. A great thing is that you don't need to design alot of stuff from scratch as most 3d object are available online. All the decor in the above pic was just downloaded in to look nice. Companies provide for free realistic 3D objects of their products (dishwashers/furniture/appliances) so you can visualize in your kitchen designs.. Cabinets of all sizes are already done but I usually make from scratch to save money but bu looking at the commercial cabinets you can make your own cut lists/patterns. There is a free version plus trial versions plus student versions etc. Yes an average non-geek will need a few days of playing around with it but after a few tutorials you will be a rock star. PM me if you need any help. I've included a design of my mother-in-laws kitchen and the mess of the room before the wall cabinet (hence the need to visualize space).
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