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  1. Did a guide on Nippising (Cache Bay) a few years back and it was awesome. Fished Pike for many years but quickly realized I knew ZERO! The Bay was solid with weeds and almost unfishable but within an hour we were all pretty good manuevering lines through the weeds and fish came steady. The guide showed us techniques with simple spinners and cranks avoiding foul ups. Think we finished with over 15 pike and now I usually fish close to the heaviest weeds I can find just ripping through with braid. The kids will spend awhile with snags galore but they will get it. Sorry dont remember guides name but any guide that works Cache Bay probably knews his stuff. Its so thick you spend half your time cleaning your prop. Its a life lesson I wish I got way earlier.
  2. I have never used the provincial park ramp, it would just take my 30hp too long to get to my usual spots!
  3. 100% on boat ramp choice for sure. 4 ramps on Balsam and Rosedale is the only problem. When I step out of the vehicle into water I should look for a different ramp! I get the posts here saying just drive in deeper but with front wheel drive and add the tongue weight on the rear (less grip in front) its tow truck time for sure on a wet ramp. Next year I will drop the bunks 3-4"s and move boat back 1'. When the tires need replacing I will look into going smaller if its worth it. Exchanging the axles may be vetoed by my wallet. Thanks for all suggestions,
  4. The top of the spring leaf is just under 4" to support bar. The u bolt extends 3" from bottom leaf. The axle will need more clearance than 3/4" right?
  5. My pontoon boats sits way too high for nice 12 degree paved launches so I need to lower it. My tandem trailer is DIY so I can lower the bunks 2" and move the bunks back 1' safely. Its a tandem trailer that is REALLY overkill for my tiny 16' barebones pontoon with 30hp so weight is a non-subject. The last adjustment could be going down from the 13" tires I currently use. Again weight isnt a problem but does anyone see a problem going smaller? The combination of these 3 adjustments should avoid me be featured weekly on youtube "boat launch fails" I built a 6' extention bar that does work but I just use it for launches and its a huge headache with 5 guys waiting for the ramp.
  6. Cisco, The small ones under the slot size really make you ask yourself " do I really want to fillet these"? I threw them back and kept the bass hoping for pike or 2 but when no pikes volunteered I threw the bass back too. Can't help thinking about the charters on St. Clair that have a clothes line of walleye hanging!
  7. I think the total for the 3 of us were 8-10 walleye and 5-8 bass. We broke off 3 lines that could of been pike. We ran light action rods with light line and didnt target Pike as we already do pretty well with them. I think that total was great as we always find it tough in the Fall. Followed up yesterday by myself in the brutal weather and ended with 2 small walleye and lots of panfish, impossible to stay on spot as it was whitecaps all morning. Calmed down in West Bay with a nice fat 5lb Bass off Ant Island. Beautiful fish but no fight.
  8. Had our charter with Greg Klatt yesterday on Balsam and it was exactly what we wanted. We have fished over 10 yrs on Balsam and do OK but if our usual spots and techniques weren't working we were in for a slow day. Basically Greg gave us a Plan B,C and D with great technique instruction and rod and line presentation that is sure to increase our success. Discussions about weed/rock formation were eye opening and can't wait for next year to use this new knowledge. Big thanks to Greg for teaching a few "Old dogs New tricks"!
  9. I could fabricate a nice holder but securing it to the aluminum is still the problem.
  10. Want to move tranducer on my pontoon as I had it off a bar clamped to back producing a ton of wake and collecting weeds. i noticed alot of pontoon owners mount the transducer off a back bracket of a toon but Im not that lucky and dont have one. Would a simple adjustable bracket hold with jbweld? i have included an image and know the angle is wrong etc. But if I cleaned the aluminum and steel clean would jbweld do the job?
  11. Thank you for the replies, Will make inquiries.
  12. A friend was looking for a charter the end of Sept for Balsam/Cameron, any suggestions? Thx ahead.
  13. Thats nice and close, thanks, may look into that next year.
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