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  1. AB7A2AF7-0412-4A51-8829-A2DF9E2A3CC7.jpeg
    Picked up from Sail today, sales rep tried but without receipt SOL, I get it… Trying Rapala Canada but doesn't look good so far.
  2. I have a cheap Rapala Trolling reel that has a broken spool. Bought it for under a $100 a few months back at Sail the receipt is long gone so Sail tried but basically SOL. Only used 3 times and when It seemed “locked up” yesterday and unusable so I took to Sail for a look. They were great, took it apart to see the plastic spool had cracked and the line just wedged in. It worked great last week so this is a surprise. I think it has landed 1 12lbs salmon but nothing huge. Sorry to make a big story out of a cheap reel but just wondering if anyone has tried warranty stuff with Rapala Canada and if its worth it for this “economical” reel. I will probably fire off a email and maybe check if I can find a replacement spool. Thx ahead.
  3. I had 2 sets of windows sills at the back of the house that needed replacing after the majority of bricks cracked. Either the house shifted or there was never enough slope for drainage. Anyways, I had left over matching bricks from converting my 2 door garage to a single...( to get my boat in of course ). Well I replaced all the broken bricks and tired to keep as clean as possible but there is a "glaze" of mortar from my messy job covering most of the bricks. I tried washing with a hose and soft brushing it off after the bricks dried but there is still a glaze. Do I have to just keep repeating till its gone or do I have to use acid? Soap? Any help appreciated..Thx ahead.
  4. I took my remote apart originally to look for damage and it appeared flawless. No water, no corrosion, no burnt parts...perfect. Instead of replacing I finally hit a site that mentioned the dimensions are slightly different and the contact areas don’t 100% match. The positive pad varies in size etc. I took out the digital calibers and found this to be true but never seemed enough to cause contact problems but switching different brands with slightly different forms did fix my problems. I found it was hit or miss and $$$ wasn’t a factor. It could be cheap sunbeams or expensive energizer, the exact form design was the ticket. Find 2 that work and put the spare in the tackle box!
  5. Im with Dave on saving money but last year my remote was acting up (turning off quickly, not connecting etc.). Some sites were saying that the different brands have slightly different dimensions causing some remotes not to work properly.
  6. Headed out of Jordon (water low so launch process was sketchy and slow) but I was the only one there so no hurry. Water was a little choppy to start but smoothed out at 10am for a perfect day. Started season losing the downrigger ball right away so dipseys and shallow water it was... One day I will tell the story of when a first mate reads you the water temp 57F instead of the water depth 35ft... I was given the old Walker downrigger last year so the line needed replacing anyways. I headed south and zigzagged 40ft to 70ft and the sonar was empty most of the day. No fish, slight sunburn but overall a good day considering what its like out right now.
  7. First launch of season, any tips? Its my 2nd season on Lake Ontario and still learning the ropes. My plans are to stay shallow. Any help always appreciated.
  8. I think most guys look at their wallet to see the biggest possible! I was guilty.
  9. I think the “ballpark” quote when looking for a trolling motor is 2lbs thrust for every 100lbs of boat weight. Please don't quote me on that... You wont be breaking speed records for sure.
  10. I 100% agree with Fisherman too. I went down the rabbit hole trying to figure out the math and was shocked that it didnt even come close to adding up. There is a youtube or 2 of electric small boats zooming around but they have roofs with a dozen panels. A small trolling motor can draw over 30 amps easy...
  11. Update: Got a email from FlexAFab"The order has been cancelled". Waiting on Parker Plastic estimate, thinking it just might be too small a project during covid when every company is scrambling for kiosk screens etc. May give P & A Plastics a call to at-least order the material as it may end up being a DIY in the end. Boats not going anywhere anyways so no monster rush, still have a 3 level deck project going in the backyard so I'm a little busy.
  12. If you are getting really bored.... pick up some prime lenses! I have been out of the dslr game for awhile but I always remember my 135 Prime needing zero photoshop time. For hockey or baseball the 400 4.0 rocked too.
  13. Thx Dan, sent a quote request Friday so hopefully they will get back to me next week.
  14. Its a fairly simple DIY project but $300 or so for a decent replacement isn't bad. Hopefully Parker Plastics will get back to me...
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