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  1. Raycaster

    NF - Remote Car Starters - Hamilton

    I think its always tricky due to having to work around the security. I was able to install on my old Freestar but it was brutal trying to match wiring coloring that didn't exist etc...
  2. I promise this is the last NON-FISHING post for awhile. Don't want to abuse the awesome feedback here but truth is... its awesome that someone on this board is always able to help out on every subject. I'm a hobbyist computer/electronic guy but the last remote start kit I installed was over 5 years ago and if I remember correctly I made a note never to do it again. It was a Ford kit involving over 10 wires and splicing into several car spaghetti looms under the dash. I now have a 2016 Ford Edge SEL and wonder if things have changed to make it harder or easier DIY. I looked quickly on Amazon and the first couple kits seemed to have a cutoff of 2014. The Ford dealership quoted me $599 with a smile. I put out a few other emails to Hamilton Installers but still waiting for replies. If anyone has had any luck with these lately for DIY or can suggest installers please let me know. Thx.
  3. Raycaster

    NF - Winter Rims + Sensors

    Thanks for the help guys. Emptied wallet, problem solved.
  4. Raycaster

    NF - Winter Rims + Sensors

    Apparently you have never met my wife. Happy wife = fishing...
  5. Raycaster

    NF - Winter Rims + Sensors

    (NON-FISHING) The Continental Winter tires at CT seem too good to pass up but does anyone have a line on Winter Rims + Sensors? I just bought a 2016 Ford Edge (245/60/18) and will searching for decent priced steel rims is proving hard. Also the 3rd party TPMS sensors seem to be hit and miss with the requirement of the TPMS sensor reset gadget... If anyone can shed light on this I'd really appreciate it. thx
  6. Raycaster

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    Got the reply yesterday: *********************** Hello, Yes, you can drop that off Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm It will be approx. $25 for a full service and cleaning. Regards *************************** So... Next week I will drop off and I will follow up with results but heck $25 seems pretty reasonable (if not a damn good deal!).
  7. Raycaster

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    I'm going to inquire at Shimano about price and will post info.
  8. Raycaster

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    I actually missed a BNIB for $200 on Kijiji but was up north fishing... The used on I just purchased should be ok.
  9. Raycaster

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    Thx for reply, found a tutorial on the FH which may be okay. Gotta find the part manual now!
  10. This isn't a slam against Shimano Service, just a question if its REALLY ($$$) needed. I bought a new Stradic 2500 FJ a few years back and fell in love with it right away as it was super smooth and just prefect for my needs. Unfortunately like a moron 2 years later I lost it overboard and since it was no longer manufactured I purchased a Stradic 4000 FK ??? looking for not only a replacement but maybe a upgrade from the awesome 2500 FJ. Well, the FK if fine but it just seemed bland compared to my old FJ so I searched and found a used 2500 FJ on kijiji. I realize I may be totally over evaluating how good the 2500 FJ was but an extra reel never hurt right? Sorry for the long story but the question is whether its worth to send the used reel to Peterbrough for service over the winter? The reel has some scars but seems smooth and 100% operational. Just clean up and light oil everything or invest in a true full service at Shimano? I have no idea on the cost as service may be more than the reel's worth...
  11. Thank you for the replies. I selected the first option as I wanted all replies back to me without any cross referencing between recipients. I switched to that setting above (group mms) but the contact group again did not show in either plain conversation or start group conversation. Not sure why this is so tough or requires another app. 1) Edit 10 contacts. 2) Make team group and make sure the 10 contact r in the group 3) click on msg and click on to: to add group, nope - no group to select 4) click on start group conversation- nope - no group to select 5) Manually add 10 contacts to: and use that thread forever... yup. Brutal i am using a LG V30 with latest android. i'm always amazed at huge research and constant updates provided for Android but little things like constant notifications of "change keyboard" has never been fixed.
  12. I'd like to think I'm an above average tech guy but I'm getting stumped on how to send MASS txt messages. I coach a team of 10 guys and added them in contacts and put in a group. When I try to start a msg or group message it never lets me select the group and never auto fills to the group name. I can select individually all 10 no problem but that defeats the whole group thing. I feel like I'm missing 1 stupid step... I click on Start group conversation and it brings up TOP CONTACTS etc. but not groups. Any help appreciated.
  13. Raycaster

    Uncut Angling does it again

    The "pulse" technique on the figure 8 is actually pretty educational, don't know how many fish I lost due to them getting tired of a repetitive figure 8.
  14. Raycaster

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    Just a heads up as I found my Onyx A/M-24 inflated in the garage during the spring and needed a re-arming kit. Lots online but searching locally only came up with CrappyTire in Brantford. Bought it and while installing noticed the bobbin dated almost 3 years! Probably still fine but I think the docs say replace after 4-5 yrs.
  15. Raycaster

    NOCO GEN2 not fully charging batteries?

    Ok ,got both batteries tested, THEY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!! I will keep charging separately once every few charges to keep a eye on them. Thank you for the commenst guys