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  1. The engines trim works perfect. Going by the chart it could be temp sensor stuff (ohiofisherman) if the brown is actually tan. The brown/white is ???. The engine is purring and impeller working strong but I’m still looking. Thx for everyone’s help.
  2. Thx grimsbylander! The reason I was inquiring about this possible loose connection was because after all the maintenance the engine would no longer hold idle! I had a great friend try to relax me off the cliff edge and go through the diagnostic checklist. Long story short, either the previous owners gas tank had bad gas (water) or I bought bad gas. Cleaned tank and lines and purring again, happiest boat owner anyone has seen! Now still have to research those 2 connector and replace plugs (strange 18mm size?) but things are looking up.
  3. Thank you for url. The Female connector is BROWN The Male connector is BROWN + WHITE STRIPE They are at front basically right beside each other, as mentioned the connectors are worn and look like they are a prefect fit.
  4. Yes, well I did listen to 90% of the members here thinking it was too small. But, I left out a lot of personal info and $$$ direction that in the end was the final decision. Basically, this is way more than hoped for and at the end of the day a 50-60hp option was really light years away. Darn, I was hoping to slip this thread in without anyone noticing!
  5. Took cowling off to perform maintenance stuff on (new to me) engine. After oil change etc. I notice 2 wire on front of engine unattached. I get all wires are not needed but these 2 had connector ends (female and male) and looked worn and previously connected together. Common sense says they belong together but without the manual I don't want to screw anything up Until I can hunt down a manual I thought I'd post some pics here if maybe someone has the same engine or has worked on one. The wires are BROWN and DARK BROWN. Thx ahead.
  6. Thank you. Will order online today, forgot about RadioWorld...
  7. Re-wiring a Terrova on another boat and realized I had Minn Kota MKR kit plug kit around to use. Unfortunately with 6ga wiring you really need the adapter for it without hacking the cable to make it fit. I guess it’s a old Discontinued product and pretty hard to track down. Anyone seen one available? The full kit is $70 bucks but just need adapter. thx ahead.
  8. Thank for reply, I’m going to head to mto Monday (bring a book) and 100% get everything documented. I know probably faster online but In person I will not screw it up. I obviously have trailer papers somewhere since I have the plate. If selling a boat does the trailer plate stay with trailer or put on new trailer? Yes, I am slow but I really appreciate the forums patience. 😎
  9. I have a pleasure craft licence with the boats # but the document clearly stated “This is not a Title”.I do have a trailer license so I assume now that I have that ownership in my wallet or boat, checking now, man I feel dumb...
  10. My 40 year boat and trailer has no “papers” and wondering what hoops I would need to jump through to get them. The trailer is a home made job and boat was in “as is” condition but after some TLC became a great boat again. I registered it 6 yrs ago for a pleasure craft license after buying it “as is”. The previous owner had no papers. I was not concerned with no papers because I bought from a very very reputable friend and it’s value was nothing.($250) I don’t think mto cared about ownership papers when I registered and paid taxes on it, just don’t remember... If someone has gone through this recently please chime in, thx.
  11. Rizzo, you read my mind. I don’t need waterski speed but would like to reach Coboconk in sunlight!
  12. It would definitely only be out in perfect weather. I’m in the Hamilton area so I would stick close to shore in the 50pt area Burlington bridge. I’m not saying I’m the smartest guy but common sense usually works ok with me.
  13. Thx guys. Anyone know if pedestal mounts are do able in the floor?
  14. I’m a fair weather fisherman (and golfer). Love them both but rain and wind usually keep me home. Balsam is my home lake but would I be able to troll around Lake Ontario a bit on good days?
  15. I’m about to trade “up” to a Legend 16ft with 25hp 4 stroke. I don’t have a lot of details yet (year etc) but kicking the tires. It does not have pedestal seats which I will install but wondering if 3 are do able. I think I see a mount in front for one. Dont really want to argue boat values just hoping to get insight on what the 16’ Legend is capable of. Probably viewing this afternoon but hoping to do a little research before. Sorry no great details to give but hoping pics can pinpoint year and capabilities ( big lakes ? Or just small lakes etc. And speed from a 25hp with 2 adults) Don’t need speedboat but would be nice to be quick enough to venture further than 2km from cottage. thx ahead
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