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  1. This looks way more manageable, again feels heavy duty so I will give it a try tomorrow! Not sure why first image upside down…
  2. Returned, Amazon makes it pretty easy to return. Ordered this: 48” but hopefully manageable. Like the idea of a drain plug. If it comes early enough I will test out Thursday or Friday with any luck.
  3. Lets not forget to mention the ease of replacing a blown tire on a tandem. Just keep a single tire ramp in your vehicle or boat.
  4. Returned, Amazon makes it pretty easy to return. Ordered this: 48” but hopefully manageable. Like the idea of a drain plug. If it comes early enough I will test out Thursday or Friday with any luck.
  5. I bought an axle set at Nando Trailers in Hamilton, and the owner was awesome. I was bugging about cheap replacement axles for my dual trailer (pontoon) and even though I could see his shop had WAY bigger projects going he still took the time helping me out.
  6. Ok, opened the package and… its huge, actually too big!!! I think this is good for the Wicked Tuna guys! I should of checked measurements as something maybe 2/3 the size would be good. Maybe if I fold the last flap in…Not sure what I will do with this, probably return. Great quality doesnt feel cheap, just too friggin big.
  7. Not a super expensive one but should do the job. on amazon.ca
  8. Roll over image to zoom in BTG Gear Insulated Waterproof Fish Bag Cooler, 63"x27", for Fishing/Boats Brand: BTG GEAR 4.4 out of 5 stars 7 ratings $79.99$79.99
  9. I usually do it in net/water. Boat would look like a murder scene if I did onboard.
  10. So Terry, you would clip the gills while still in the water/net and then ice bag it? I have a livewell but its small and useless for salmon/trout.
  11. I’m on Lake Ontario weekly now chasing Salmon/trout and have been bring a big cooler with me filled with ice to bring home the goods. Its fine but I only have a 16ft aluminum and it takes up space. I was babbling to my wife that a collapsible long cooler bag would be great and save space… well be careful what you wish for as guess what arrived for Father Day, yes the kids and her are awesome. Anyways, just wondering if anyone else uses them and pros/cons etc. Im hyper about keeping the fish fresh so hopefully a bag of ice with this will keep everything good a few hours. Also, would you guys bleed them before or gut them etc? I could filet them quick on the boat and bring xl freezer bags to put the slabs in… As mentioned Im always thinking about bacteria etc. I’m only ever bringing home 1 or 2 fish…
  12. SlipperyVic don’t feel bad about Balsam, I have been fishing there yearly for many years and many hours and still go home empty many days. Every year seems different and I will stubbornly hit the “go to” spots 3 days straight for zero. And then I will lazely troll a walleye harness on the way back and hook in to a beautiful musky… It just seems to be that type of a lake. I do remember having a pretty successful day on Cameron right after the locks leaving Balsam with all those weed areas. I also see a charter guy posting weekly shots of big musky catches.
  13. I think I ran into the same problems and I kinda gave up and then 1 day I got the email success. Shame. Great site for specific North and South shore information for Salmon/trout etc. I 2x agree with Grimbsy Tackle too as they post weather info in the morning sometimes. I wish there was a good webcam view from 50 or Jordan because I hate driving down and seeing the forecasted waves wrong. Love looking at the webcam for Buckhorn …
  14. Don’t give up on spoonpullers, great info in the forums. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to get access as they seem under manned or slower compared to some awesome site we know …OFC. Think I waited 5 weeks for verification… Kinda bizarre but it did happen..
  15. We have been looking at possible houses in the Kawarthas now that the kids are gone and time to downsize. There are several properties for sale in Alpine Village on Pigeon Lake. How does the community sharing work? What are the pros and cons and why are so many properties up all at once? We rent every year on Balsam but never see anything close to our budget… Any info appreciated.
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