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  1. I have to start looking, the biggest battle will be finding the same color!
  2. I grabbed a few suction cups but a crease is preventing the dent from staying popped out. Wonder what a used door would cost at wreckers if the right color was found...
  3. I'm selling my Dodge Caravan and it runs fine and clean. Unfortunately, last year I tangled with a tight parking lot pillar and have a big ugly dent on the drivers door. Its a 2012 with 212000 kms so I really don't need a "Macco" job. Will spend a bit (<$200) but just need it pulled to look half decent. I don't expect it smooth etc., just "good enough". If there is a DIY guy in Hamilton that is up to it let me know.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I have made atleast 10 different custom washer gaskets using several different materials (cork, rubbers, neoprene, etc.) without success. Not sure why I have not tried teflon tape yet, will try for sure but I need a 100% solution. I use the 25hp for trolling so I try to give it 2-3 changes a season.
  5. I posted before about my saga of performing a simple oil change on my 25hp Mercury that just has never been fixed. I went to properly torque it to spec like I’d done 10x before and the wrench went right around without stopping… My auto mechanic “re-tapped” hole and used a larger drain plug that looked and tightened great but… nope, still leaked. Have tried ever washer material possible including the Mercury $10 washers… On the next oil change I was going to gunk it up with gasket goo but its just another patch. I hate launching my boat and seeing 1 drop of oil hitting the water that quickly spreads and looks like I’m dumping gallons. I’m losing very little oil but it still looks bad on the water. So, I’m hoping to find a pro that can do a heliCoil or Sert properly that fixes it once in for all. If there is anyone in the Hamilton area that is up to the challenge let me know and pm me with availability and how many banks I have to rob. Lots of guys say its not a tough job but its not something I want to tackle.
  6. Sorry, didn’t update. With ReefRunners help I had a decent time on Canal. We ended up with 7-9 3 lbs. bass and 1 @ 4lbs. Nothing huge but definitely a bass lake and they are there if you know where to look ( 6-8 ft edge of weeds for us ). Only 1 pike surprisingly…
  7. Thx a ton Reef Runner, I am definitely a spinner guy!
  8. Having a great time on Lake Ontario in deep water, but renting a week on Canal next week instead of the usual Balsam. I have some experience on Canal but it was a few years back. I remember weed patches etc. and not deep… (could be wrong). Will be chasing The usual pike/bass etc. Any tips appreciated, looks like rain mainly… Thanks ahead.
  9. Got out from Jordan Harbour yesterday hoping to fill my fancy fish bag. Filled bag with ice and was on water by 7am. I have a small 16ft not deep hull so weather is a huge factor on getting out. Water was perfect, bimini up and rods ready. Zig zagged 75ft to 150ft back and forth with a dipsey/flasher/fly on one side and downrigger spoon off the other. Dipsey probably 30-40’ down and downrigger at 60 or so. Downrigger grabbed 3 or 4 decent size lakers and dipsey handled a nice salmon. A couple small guys were handled by the dipsey and a few shook off. Think I went 5-9 on the day and out by noon. This is my 3rd year on Lake Ontario after 30 years chasing Kawartha fish in 4-20ft of water so big learning curve. I’m getting more comfortable and successful and feel like I’m 75% along the way. I think I caught 2 fish my first year putting in many many hours on the water and watching youtube instructions. My second year was an equipment adjustment with proper rods and a used decent downrigger. This year I’m tuning in to location and depth, speed (at the ball) and lure presentation. I still love Kawarthas and Lake St. Clair but Lake Ontario is pretty incredible.
  10. Terry, didn’t think about that. But, I don’t believe there is wiring but definitely foam.
  11. Glen I 100% hear you… I saw another youtube about a legend boat that was sold with a poorly fitted trailer producing stress cracks. These cracks could be combinations stress or rock damage. They are very thin “cuts” that could be both. The bottom line is the boat is long past its “lifetime warranty” Legend offers and overall value is under 10k. Its just what repairs make sense $$$ and what don’t. I can keep marine epoxing the crap out of it ever year until I win the lottery and replace… But farting around on a weekend and trying to weld up the cuts may be do able.
  12. I have a 16’ Legend that has a few battle scars on the hull. They are very thing cuts around 3” in length. Probably rock cuts from being beached etc. This is not a rivet problem. Every year I epoxy the crap out of them and besides looking ugly on the trailer they hold fine. I’m always checking the bilge for water and usual get some water. Anyways, my boat is pretty low budget (<$10k) so I put up with the warts but always wondered if if those youtube videos of guys doing hull repair with propane and aluminum rods works. Unfortunately, the whole boat would need tilting for gravity to work and the engine would probably need to be removed 1st. If anyone has tried this let me know. Its probably just something to put on my wish list as life gets in the way but Im thinking about it….
  13. I have a 2003 Legend 164 xcite and wondering if anyone has tried removing the metal floor panels? Might have a problem with the livewell and it would be alot easier to remove a few floor panels. They seem to be screwed in but caulked to transom, not sure. If anyone has taken this on, tips would be appreciated. Looks like the most important tool needed will be a bottle of Baileys for my coffee…
  14. Well just a quick summary. Pretty slow week. A few average pike and bass but last day pulled a 4lbs. bass off Grand Island. Hitting Canal in a month to chase pike again. Lake Ontario time right now so everything is good…
  15. Moving this month downsizing which also means a smaller driveway.I have a small 16’ Aluminum with trailer that I need to “park” somewhere. I’m really all over the place so a slip in one marina is a waste of money basically. I have contacted a few storage places just waiting for replies. Jordon Harbour seemed to have a lower parking lot off to the side with several boats on trailers but replied “they have no slips available”… Indicated in email that I don’t require a slip but… whatever. Don’t need a enclosed area or anything fancy as it basically just gets covered in the winter… Any suggestions welcome, thank you.
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