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Some new ice Grub works


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2 hours ago, ketchenany said:

He belongs in a loony bin! 

Already in one and the doors are locked and cannot find the key. Think the key master swallowed it.

2 hours ago, Terry said:

I think they will kick butt


Oh you know they will. I have a few more colors to do. I first need to get my shipment out to the new guy.

2 hours ago, TJQ said:

Looks like a parade!

Your to polite,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol


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Looking good Brian, I have been using the ones you sent down and so far they have caught every species of fish we have. The Crappie and Bream seem to really like them. A few bass and a catfish have also fallen victim to them. Due to the lack of safe ice here so far South I am just about to wrap up my season till spring. Enjoy the hardware up North I am sure with a few of these in your arsenal you will have many a fish fry ahead of you. 



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