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  1. heading to Bass Lake in Haliburton
  2. I have a pedal thats never been used from a co pilot minkota.I just use the remotes. You can have it
  3. I don't feel bad for the losers. But I do for the front line workers who had to watch that crap. They probably feel worse now.
  4. Probably in the mouth
  5. What do these crap conversations have with the original post???
  6. I think I'd need a microscope to tread the 2# test thru eyelet🙂
  7. You don't have to worry about eating Simcoe smelt cuz theres only about 12 swimming in there.😀
  8. Thanks misfish, same reply from most people.Love reading about your toony and ice fishing adventures BB
  9. hut.jpg
    Rapala Pro Select 2 man hut.$200. Never used still in box
  10. We used to catch whitefish in the south end east side in 50 feet We baited with salties the nite before we fished.Next morning guaranteed fish just using spreaders.Best day was 7 whities in 2 hours
  11. Thanks for replying Sinker.I've had little luck with meegs , I love the old speader
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