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Fishing the Yukon June 2019

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We have been to the Yukon several times but Alaska was new.



My wife Leslie, hurt her back on an ATV ride in to a remote lake so that stopped fishing for about a week.


We only fished together 2 days of the nine days in the Yukon. She insisted I do an overnighter alone so I got an extra two days in. Climate change is messing things up...they only had four inches of snow all winter and most of that was in April. One lake was so low that most of the pike habitat was dry land. The water level was down about 5 feet. Drought is a new problem up there.


Best part of the trip fishing wise was casting for lakers in 10 ft of water. They were basically all the same size but we had three solid hours of catching.





Really you don't go to the Yukon to catch the biggest fish although there are some big ones there, you go for the setting. You are just smiling casting into this water.

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On 7/29/2019 at 7:38 PM, aplumma said:

Very nice trip thanks for the pictures. I am also sorry your wife jammed here back. 


It wasn't a total loss for her. We did 3 days together, then she sent me out on an overnighter but she went to a weekend Native festival which she thoroughly enjoyed. Then it was off to Alaska which she loved and the back was okay by then. :)


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