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  1. great post ! looks like you're using a lightweight reel,and a 6 ft. rod, you make it look easy !
  2. GREAT PICS, thanks for the share !
  3. the wally factory keeps giving, nice size !
  4. a day on the lake, doesn't matter how many or how big, or the one that broke the line ! it's better than being in the big city ! niice share.
  5. that was great replies guys, i heard they are a dying breed, i know you wouldn't like river chub, the good eaters are J Roelofsen proven, bloaters ! i heard lake Michigan has them in some numbers, GRAND RAPIDS MI. sells them, over a 2 hr. drive from Windsor ?
  6. that looked like a lot of fun, boys ! even a few cold ones ?
  7. i guess so, great catches guys ! return trip in order.
  8. thanks, great pic ! they are delicious, but you can't eat one, you eat the whole bag ! we use 2 buy them 25yrs. ago at Denny's Dam, a native guy in an old pick up use 2 come down 2 the flats with little bags of these smoked chub, 5 in a bag, 2 or 3 dollars each. he said they came from lake Huron ? i have been looking for these for the last 5 yrs. ?
  9. i was talking to a friend that fishes salmon & trout out of grand bend, says the salmon stomachs filled with SMELT, maybe that's why they are getting sooo big ???
  10. great pics, great fish, WHAT A DAY you had, thanks for the share !
  11. hello-- anybody know where i can buy SMOKED CHUB on the canadian side of lake huron ???
  12. great looking catch, that was shore fishing ? no beer store around there !
  13. thanks, the pic on FB., doesn't really show its size ?
  14. hello they just scaled a 29.5 lb. chinook ! that is huge for Lake Huron. i read it on facebook !
  15. great fish-- i live in london, an hour & 45 mins. away, great musky factory as long as the Asian Carp don't get into St. Clair ? you should have great weather for saturday, been no storms, so shouldn't have weed problems, go get em !
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