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  1. start building bigger planer boards & longer tow lines ? WOW.
  2. WOW, there's some Lunker's in those PICS ! BIG FISH, thanks for the post ! never caught a big one, love the photos ! BillM, SirCranksalot, irishfield, DRIFTER_016, chris.brock, PUMP KNOWS, Moosebunk, Lew ! you have caught ABSOLUTE GATORS, only in my dream, GREAT PICS ! -
  3. lol. we ate 3 boxes of the mini bars ( 50 a box ) the last 2 weeks ! had to go out yesterday morning to get goodies for last night ????
  4. WOW-- what fantastic pics, and beautiful scenery ! not another boat in sight. wonderful post, thanks for sharing & LUNKER musky pics next year !
  5. great scenery in your photos, and i bet that ( little pike ) fed the 3 of you's a great dinner ?
  6. hello--i have fished 3 lakes in haliburton late summer early fall for MUSKIE, not one caught worth a photo ? but i have been told there are 2 lakes, one runs into the other has some really big pike in them ? i'm just a guest up in haliburton, there are guys on this board that are there every weekend, they should know for sure !
  7. the bite is on right now ! they are hittin hard everyday if you can get to them ? CABBAGE floating all over the lake, inner bay & river is the answer. you need a hard hat on with the SHORE GUYS throwing 12 inch rubber bombs with 4 sets of trebles, at your boat ? LOL !
  8. no we didn't have rule with us, i think she was a lunker ?
  9. really slow in the river 1& half and maybe 2 in he lake mouth.
  10. ON ST. CLAIR 7.30 am. trolling with offshore boards, 10n in. hard baits, 12 in. rubber ! tons of people on shore fishing, tons in boats casting , all rubber baits. TROLLING THE RIVER & MOUTH, PRODUCED FISH ! cabbage floating all over the lake !!!!!! caught my first TIGER. IN 14 YRS. wow, flew out out of the water !
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