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  1. hello-- wow, what a place you got ! my sister & brother-in-law have on off grid cottage on a lake in west guilford haliburton, going up for sale this spring. what you got is HEAVEN can wait ! great share !
  2. i said the same thing 30 yrs. in Cabo San Lucas, marlin fishing ? we caught 2 striped marlins, every other boat (30) had marlin flags flying on the mast ! how can the species survive, i said ??????????? deck hands butchered them, sold the meat to close by resorts i guess.
  3. great photos, looks like a good time ! CHEERS
  4. IT would look real good on HEAD LAKE in Haliburton with the MAYOR Alex of Eagle Lake on the bow waving ? LOL.
  5. hello-- looks sooo good ! heading there jan.24/ for 4 days. SIR SAM'S has a men's day friday 24 th, a lot of the cottagers from the HIGHLANDS will attend, including our ward 5 councillor Walt McKechnie . then hopefully do ice fishing the rest of the time, maybe even go to ( tiger ) lake ?
  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS happy new year to all, be safe on the ICE !
  7. great pics. lots of fun, good times ! i don't know what part of Haliburton you're in, i stay in the Highlands behind Sir Sam's , GOD'S COUNTRY, no life like it !!! merry Christmas CHEERS
  8. the St. Clair musky,LOVE EATING THEM, before they go up the Thames River to spawn ! september & october. they go right up to London !
  9. on october 19th i posted pics from ST.CLAIR with my son, the fish in the holding tank is this fish in this photo, TIGER.
  10. it wasn't big, hit a 10 in. hard bait, 4 trebles & flew out of the water when hooked, beautiful pattern & color. OCTOBER 19TH, I POSTED PICS--the fish in the holding tank, tiger musky, is the fish in this pic.
  11. wow great pics as always, thanks for the share !!!
  12. GRAPES--starting his own podcast with his son TIM, and grandson ! tuesday for a half hour, HE CAN SAY WHAT EVER HE WANTS !!! should be fun.
  13. i hope this is Ron's new co-host for all you HOG TOWN LOSERS-1967 !
  14. no more watching AUSTIN POWERS MOON CHEEKS MATTHEWS, YEA ! sports net channel going today, and if i lived a house, rogers BUNDLE would be gone tomorrow !
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