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  1. that is a lunker, great catch & pic !
  2. muskybw

    denny's dam

    BillM--the last time you were at denny's dam, did you camp on the flats, or just a day trip ? i just wondered if the HAMILTON STEELHEADERS, were still running the show on the flats, camping permits & putting fish over the damn, fish ladder ?
  3. muskybw

    denny's dam

    hi there Bill M-- i'm glad to hear somebody loved fishing the bayfield river. i use to go every spring, opening day, stay 10 days in rainbow valley campground, $ 6 bucks a day ! old joe brandon, that owned the hardware store in town, owned the campground. no hydro, no sewers. 3 outhouses, 2 wells with continuous running water & a dump station ! i called it hobo heaven ? but the fishing, if the water was high enough, was amazing ! i did for a dozen yrs. i knew every hole in the river, right to the highway bridge in the town of VARNA , 7 miles upstream. i caught over those yrs., maybe a dozen yrs., a couple of hundred bows, not a lie. i loved it in hobo heaven, but i really loved the beautiful river & town of bayfield ! i then moved farther north to goderich, bought a 2 bedroom trailer, right on the maitland river, GOD'S COUNTRY, 20 yrs. of nothing but great scenery & fishing ! WOW, THOSE WERE THE DAYS !!!
  4. muskybw

    denny's dam

    DJ general --nice fish, i didn't look like you had a lot of water where you were ? i tried the centre pins on a 13 ft. pole, i don't know ? i have 3 daiwa tournament ss 1300's reels, on 9,10,11 ft - loomis blanks. i use yarn, lots of colors & purple sponge balls, bottom bouncing with a few splits above a 3 ft. floro leader. i fish the maitland & bayfield rivers. -- i'm 67, i can't see well enough to tie a # 2 hook on 2 lb. floro leader ? your much younger and should have no problem tying or casting, i couldn't master that either ? the bayfield river, if the water is low, this yr. -i will use 9 ft, 7 wt. looms fly rod with a cheap browning reel on it, works well together. DJ - if you got all those nice fish on a centre pin, that's your story, stick to it .
  5. muskybw

    New Ontario Record Yellow Perch

    perch don't get that humungus ? do they. two trophy fish, men !
  6. muskybw

    denny's dam

    i heard they are catching lots of bows right now, anyone up there, show us some chrome pics ? thanks.
  7. muskybw

    smoked chub

    TOM S & FISHERMAN---thanks for the info. you do not want these smoked fish in your house with women & children ! THEY STINK BAD ! there has to be somebody else on this message board that has eaten lake huron smoked chubs, that will tell you they have to be eaten outdoors ? they are tasty, but they stink ?
  8. muskybw

    smoked chub

    thanks DRIFTER-016---boy,brings back memories at denny's dam. the fella opened-up his cooler just like yours, filled with smoked lake huron chubs ! they are high in omega 3 fatty acids, more than sockeye salmon, greasy & wonderful to smoke, that's why they must stink sooo bad. lake huron & michigan don't have very many of them, zebra mussels eating their food source on the bottom ( plankton)- maybe ? ---read some google post.
  9. muskybw

    smoked chub

    SPIEL thanks--i just googled, where 2 buy smoked chub in ontario, no hits ? wisconsin usa. only spot ?
  10. muskybw

    smoked chub

    DAND thanks, they look similar in size, i would know if i opened the bag, the chub really stink ! the guy that had the cooler never mentioned the herring fish ? he said they were caught in lake huron, he smoked them himself.
  11. muskybw

    smoked chub

    SPIEL , thanks--- i was introduced to smoked chub 10-15 yrs. ago at denny's dam in southhampton. rainbow fishing late october. i native guy had a cooler full of these smoked chubs in the back of his pick-up. $ 2 bucks each., about 5-6 in. long, looked like a fat smelt. they really stunk, great taste with a cold beer. the cooler was empty in short time. WHERE'S THE SMOKED CHUB ??
  12. muskybw

    smoked chub

    i made a comment last night on a great fishing pic, about smoked chub, tasty snack 10 yrs. ago, i have not seen any for sale in my travels in the last 10 yrs. ? where can you buy smoked chub in ontario ? thanks.
  13. muskybw

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    that is no smoked chub, that is a giant, hats off, great catch !
  14. muskybw

    Nice Chromer

    fisherman, great clean chromer, if i was going 2 eat a trout, that is the size for me.
  15. muskybw

    New PB Fish

    great catch,great pic and a great day !