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  1. muskybw

    denny's dam

    i heard they are catching lots of bows right now, anyone up there, show us some chrome pics ? thanks.
  2. muskybw

    smoked chub

    TOM S & FISHERMAN---thanks for the info. you do not want these smoked fish in your house with women & children ! THEY STINK BAD ! there has to be somebody else on this message board that has eaten lake huron smoked chubs, that will tell you they have to be eaten outdoors ? they are tasty, but they stink ?
  3. muskybw

    smoked chub

    thanks DRIFTER-016---boy,brings back memories at denny's dam. the fella opened-up his cooler just like yours, filled with smoked lake huron chubs ! they are high in omega 3 fatty acids, more than sockeye salmon, greasy & wonderful to smoke, that's why they must stink sooo bad. lake huron & michigan don't have very many of them, zebra mussels eating their food source on the bottom ( plankton)- maybe ? ---read some google post.
  4. muskybw

    smoked chub

    SPIEL thanks--i just googled, where 2 buy smoked chub in ontario, no hits ? wisconsin usa. only spot ?
  5. muskybw

    smoked chub

    DAND thanks, they look similar in size, i would know if i opened the bag, the chub really stink ! the guy that had the cooler never mentioned the herring fish ? he said they were caught in lake huron, he smoked them himself.
  6. muskybw

    smoked chub

    SPIEL , thanks--- i was introduced to smoked chub 10-15 yrs. ago at denny's dam in southhampton. rainbow fishing late october. i native guy had a cooler full of these smoked chubs in the back of his pick-up. $ 2 bucks each., about 5-6 in. long, looked like a fat smelt. they really stunk, great taste with a cold beer. the cooler was empty in short time. WHERE'S THE SMOKED CHUB ??
  7. muskybw

    smoked chub

    i made a comment last night on a great fishing pic, about smoked chub, tasty snack 10 yrs. ago, i have not seen any for sale in my travels in the last 10 yrs. ? where can you buy smoked chub in ontario ? thanks.
  8. muskybw

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    that is no smoked chub, that is a giant, hats off, great catch !
  9. muskybw

    Nice Chromer

    fisherman, great clean chromer, if i was going 2 eat a trout, that is the size for me.
  10. muskybw

    New PB Fish

    great catch,great pic and a great day !
  11. muskybw

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    thanks CANUCK, i'm now looking at the BG 4000 OR 4500 ? not going to use it on st.clair, stick with the bait casters. i'm going to use on my new passion, the lakes up in HALIBURTON. the fish are not as big as st.clair, but it's GOD COUNTRY on the lakes in HALIBURTON. i've fished 3 lakes since the middle of sept., the biggest ski was 40 in., my brother-in-law bagged it, on an eight inch, wooden baby carp on head lake. the other 2 lakes we were getting ski's between 3 & 10 lbs., they were after 6 in. baits. it is a lot of fun in the HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS !
  12. muskybw

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    ADEMPSEY---i went to the CANADA FISHING GUIDE website, i've never seen freshwater fish that big ? PIKE-WOW ! when i win a lottery and become rich & famous, i will be back. cheers.
  13. muskybw

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

  14. muskybw

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    ADEMPSEY ---thanks a lot, what a share of valuable information, in that canadafishingguide.net ! WOW EE TIMBER TOM. i will read that at least 3 more times, i don't have a printer on my notebook. i have had one musky shy of 54 in. & one 54 in., 33 & 35 lbs. out of st.clair landed in the boat, a good friend & my nephew landed them, but some those PIKE PICS are absolutely huge ! the only fish i've seen bigger than those pike are muskies from eagle lake in dryden, scott jeager north shore lodge, check out his muskie gallery ? thanks again.
  15. muskybw

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    BILLM and GARNET ---it looks & sounds like a lot of fun-----30 yrs. ago. lol.