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  1. Hey Shag. The body is in old age mode. Can't even cut the lawn or carry anything as heavy as a 2/4 let alone replace shingles that a Lake Erie storm blew off. Thus a condo.
  2. I stop in once in a while and follow all you scallywags. Finally sold our place on Erie in March, minutes before interest rates went up. Ridiculous price but I'm not arguing, We have looked at every hi rise condo for sale from Oakville to Niagara Falls, a large condo is maybe 700 sqft, maybe for only 1 plus million smakers. We are investing the cash we have, wisely I hope, and renting a place in Ft. Erie. A few Goodfellas I know tell me if I give them the cash I can get 15%, weekly! Sorry Tony I saw that movie. Enjoy the summer all.
  3. My Nono told me years ago "if you have enough money you can make Niagara Falls run backwards." It a tough decision to dump a vehicle past its best before date. My 2011 Silverado is creeping towards 200 ,000 KM's, so far so good except the thing is starting to rust, badly. They only want 75K to replace it!!! As far as dialing back an odometer I always look at the rubber on the pedals, a vehicle with 60,000 KM's isn't worn on the right side of the bake pedal, some guys I knew would actually replace the rubber. If they look new, walk away, if the are worn walk away. Good luck.
  4. As far as I have learned Prince Craft boats are built in China and assembled in Quebec then called Canadian.
  5. I think we all have a story, positive or negative, helping our fellow man. I once offered help to a homeless man on James N. in Hamilton and he tried to rob me. I didn't let that stop trying to help others less fortunate. It feels good. I once had a close pal that ended up homeless, great job at Ford Oakville and a great family with 2 teen sons. Drugs, it happens, he never wanted help he wanted cash or stuff for crack. every time I saw him he'd hit me up for a 20. I had to change my schedule because he would be looking for me the same or very next day. He's dead now, made it to 55.
  6. For years my 2 top faves were Godfather (Il Padroni) 1 and 2. Was in grade 12 when 1 came out. I thought it was real life. As I got older and wiser I realized it was as much fantasy as The wizard of Oz. Goodfellas and Casino were much closer to the real mob.
  7. It certainly is a 59 Chevy, we had one when I was a kid, a station wagon. Back seat faced traffic, no one ever flew out the rear window, plus no seat belts. How did we ever survive.
  8. I thought I would do the same thing when I first retired. The new job lasted about a month when I was asked, no told by a 23 year old business grad from a community college to clean the washrooms and sweep the floors. Sorry. Good luck. I should re read the posts, volunteer, got it, good for you but you will have a supervisor 1/2 your age. Hopefully you can handle it.
  9. I'd rather not cruise in a classic. Back in the day we cruised in them before they were classics. The drum brakes sucked, armstrong steering where you better start turning 30 feet from the corner and they smelled like fuel and C0. before taking a curve make sure the door was locked, turn right hard and the person next to you slid across the ench seat and was in your lap, sometimes a good thing depending who she was. Just to name a few downfalls of a "classic". Plus the hoods were up longer than they were down, points, plugs, rotor, condenser changes steady. Resto mods is cheatin' the real ride experience. I'd rather take the wheel of a modern supercar.
  10. I've had a Pflueger for around 40 years now. I cleaned it once. The thing is the "50 Cal." of spinning reels. It's been around the world. Saltwater on the Atlantic and Pacific, even the Sea of Japan, freshwater and even hardwater inside the Artic Circle north of Oulu Finland , she's seen em' all.
  11. Bang on Snidley. Don't leave anything in your vehicle for some creep to scoff (the word for steal in Hamilton in the 60's) One valuable lesson unfortunatly. Earlier you talked about executing all sorts of criminals including druggies. I'll self edit myself.......This subject will get us all riled up.
  12. Insurance companies do not send you replacements for whatever is lost in a theft. They send you a cheque. As far as "they have to go to the next step" not unless it is in your policy. It might be the replacement cost if that is stipulated in your policy as well, hopefully one pays the few bucks extra for replacement cost otherwise they are paying very little by the time they calculate thier formula for depreciation on a comprehensive claim. Not many insurance firms offer comprehensive policies with less than $1000.00 deductable these days, some more I'm told depending where you live. Believe me, I have been dealing with auto insurance for exactly 50 years now. Man I'm old for sure.
  13. Who exactly gets the opening in the cell that is built to house 2 crooks but has 4 or 5 jammed into it? Prisons are overcrouded badly, when a judge decides who gets to be a guest of the crown for 10 to 15 for murder or some homeless druggie stealing rods and reels to get his or her fix who gets to go back to live under the bridge because the inn is full?
  14. I no longer keep a dime in any of my vehicles. Nothing of value, ever. If they want it they will take it, including the vehicle. There was a time in the 80's as soon as my rather expensive car stereo was replaced it was stolen shortly afterwards. We worked hard for our stuff. I know it was the teenaged son of the neighbour across the street ,this was before security cameras. I was positive it was the kid as thier next door neighbour saw him break in. She was an older lady then living alone. She didn't want to get involved which I understood fully. Frustration was knowing who it was and couldn't do anything about it. I did have a talk with his father that got me nowhere except further frustrated. This was not a low income neighbourhood, all brand new homes. After talking to that goof I know where the kid got it from. I got the teen alone one night, I didn't lay a finger on him and didn't need to, nothing ever went missing ever again. Golf clubs gone from the back of the truck while inside the Beer Store when I let my gaurd down 5 years back.I was gone about 5 minutes max. Beware if in Dunnville Ontario, bad street drug culture there. Some pri^% smashed my window out of a Caddy I had to take pocket change in the centre council, in broad daylight mid afternoon. If someone asked I would have given it to them. Worse than a thief is a thief that will go to the extent of murder for a score. That is sub human. Even criminals ripping off fellow criminals is wrong. It sure sucks for you, especially your favorite rods and reels. These jerk's don't work, never have never will. Your stuff is gone in an hour. They all have thier own "fence" and the fence will even pay them in whatever they put in their arms or up their noses. Sad state of affairs we have. This drug epidemic, even pandemic has been going on for centuries not decades. Cops can not and will not do a thing. Call the insurance company, especially if you visit Dunnville.
  15. Edit: I have to add that Dad golfed left handed but he did everything else righty. Years after he put the clubs away we asked him why lefts, he told us it was so we didn't use them. We grew up a few blocks from Kings Forest Golf Club in Hamilton a championship caliber civic course. Little did he know the baby brother switch hit and he used them almost every day sneaking on after 8 and play until dark. Us 3 bros. all golfed, I played 1 round with him because my uncle insisted. I let him win.
  16. I've been known to scare the beejeesus out of a few unsuspecting 8 year olds holding the beating Pike heart on my finger. I did a whole Dr. Frankenstein "IT'S ALIVE" thing at the cottage. The 1st time I learned about the lonevity of a Pike was when I dumped the cooler on the lawn in Hamilton and we drove however long it takes to get from Port Severn to Stoney Crik. Northern Pike, the fish called by a dozen different names especially down south.
  17. The sound of those mamouth Rolls Royce engines screaming low enough in the sky to see the colour of the pilots eyes, or close, never gets old. I'm sure they aren't all RR's but most are especially if the aircaraft is British or Canadian built. All Avro's are Canuck aircraft. The air show, when air shows were the real deal, in Hamilton were always on Father's Day. One of Dad's favorite things was going to the airshow, the only athletic past time he enjoyed was golf. So up until he was about 65 my 2 brothers, Dad and I booked a round of golf just across Upper James St. in Mount Hope and just across from the airport. It was the only time he would allow us to golf with him. So we got to play a round once a year with him and take in the airshow simutaniously at the same time. A good day especially for the rather frugal (cheap) brother. He throws nickels around like they are manhole covers. That was both the happiest and sometimes saddest day of the year for me.
  18. Where's downtown.? We are about 60K from John C. Monroe airport, Mount Hope (Hamilton On.) and heard one of the Warplane Museum's dual engine bombers fly over early last week. We can hear them heading this way from several miles away, especially the Lancaster. She will shake the nails out of the place. I get chills everytime I hear those babies. I can't imagine the sky riddled with bombers ready to drop their payload, must have been horrible for the civilians waiting to die and the airmen waiting to be shot out of the sky. The sound would be deafening. We lost a cousin in WW2 when his plane was shot down somewhere in Europe, never found the plane or crew. Not much info about that fateful sortie. PM me and I'll give you the name.
  19. That's still a lot of time for a fish out of water. Are the gills on fish that kinda look like ears. Maybe they are listening for fisherman.
  20. GTA Exotics - Toronto Exotic Car & Supercar Experiences, Rentals, & Tours This is a real thing. A pal lives close to Smithville On. which is east of Binbrook, that helps eh? How about SE of Hamilton? That is where one of their shops is. We were standing in his shop a few weeks back and he said "Hear that?" and yep I could hear a low whining rumble and getting loader by the second. The 1st car that made that unique whinning high pitch rummble if that makes sence at around 200 KPH followed by another dozen Super Cars. Ferrari, Lamborgini, Maseratti, Bugatti, every model of Porche to name a few. Not a single auto was worth less than 150K I would bet. He says more $$$. This is on a rural side road and he says they fly by almost daily. A few years back 2 of them got nabbed, one doing 175 KPH in an 80 and the other 225 KPH in an 80 plus a racing charge. The fine isn't anything compared to a the hourly rental while the car is impounded for 7 days, oh my oh my dear Harvey boy. I have nada idea how much they pay per hour but for entertainment sake lets peg it at 150 bucks an hour which I think is way low. At $150 an hour a car inpouded by our finest comes to $25,200.00 for 7 days. Inpounded or impounded? I need to find out how much because I might just go and rent one for 6 hours. My bucket list has driving a Ferrari for a day on the top 10 list. I haven't even sat in 1. I have all sorts of questions for them.
  21. It's not Google that comes up with these crazy numbers. Most estimates of net worth are way off. They, whomever they are, have me pegged at $2300.00 net worth, way way off, should be minus 2.3 million.
  22. Exactly what I was saying. It was front page news here in Haldimand a few years back when a couple spent around $60,000 when they agreed to finance a system at a very highinterest rate and have it installed. They were sold on the fact that their pensions were going to be supplimented well selling power back to our hydro one. Hydro one can't take anymore juice as the grid is basically full and upgrades are years away. Sad. Caveat emptor.
  23. I have crunched a few numbers over the years for associates to get a return on investment (ROI) for installing and using residential solar systems to get off grid. To make this a short post if your goal is to save the planet by reducing our carbon foot print yep go ahead and hug a tree while you help save our Mother Earth*, moneys no object. If you believe you are going to save %%% by getting off the grid that is a tough question, simple short answer is no. If the price of delivered electrical power goes up less than 10% a year and the replacement cost of the systems do not increase the short answer is maybe. Unsuspecting homeowners as well as business folk that did not do thier homework as far as selling power back to their local hydro* company often find that the infrastructure is not able to handle one more single kw and or they don't need or want it. Like any long term investment there are many pitfalls and more lose than win. I would personaly take my 60 to 100 grand for a system more or less, invest it in real estate and buy my hydro. *Mother Earth, I am a global weather change/warming soldier fighting for Co2 reduction. *hydro. Talk about "hydro" in many areas of North America and they have no clue what you are talking about. Refer to "Power and light" and they understand.
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