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  1. we business order.never a bad issue.
  2. spiel.you ,,are the master.if your not cooking your creating art.
  3. exactly what lew said and congratz on a sweet fish.
  4. go have fun. your getting into big bait time. I know a guy that makes them lol.
  5. campers cove .cast out minnows. theres times its crazy for perch.
  6. yes I am jealous. awesome pictures.
  7. sadly mortalitys is hi. running bass to weigh inat 60mph in a livewell sometimes 35 miles has its issues...dead fish. I have seen the outcomes 24 hours later. but the weigh-in is the WHOLE SHOW
  8. fish die. we don't even net many fish. shake the hooks boatside helps a whole lot. too many pictures of folks that just have to have that photo..while we love muskies remember a person is entitled to keep a fish in most waters. its not my cup of tea,but some do eat them.
  9. I am chuckling. I build baits. yes you can buy the 150 dollar beautys. most never use them. trolling a lure at 4mph the baits travelling 6-7ft per second. its about action,then a contrast feature. how many seasoned guys use chewed up everyday baits. as for fancy swimbaits,the juries still out. hookups are lo on the scale..
  10. near my sisters resort.
  11. I send duct cleaners to the rcmp station.when they call..im sure they have ducts.
  12. squid. try u.s. dealer prices.
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