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  1. had a 65 Plymouth fury 2- 313redram motor. posi .a tank. never had an issue pulling. also had 83 k-wagon 2.6 motor . pulled a 21 ft senter consol to marina. was a don't hit the brakes. top speed 42mph.. changed over to cummins diesels. could pull a house..that one we had a q10ft slide in camper and pulled a 23ft trphy. weighed 20,000 53ft long and was 6 inches over in width..4 wheel trailer surge brakes. was a dream on hi-way.a gentle hobby horse ride lol..maybe im a redneck.
  2. dad had a1953 Plymouth . slippery ramp. came back from getting bait. he was standing on the roof with an oar. was not happy. sold it after we dried it out lol.
  3. monsoon in Windsor ont. hope everyone with basements have good pumps.
  4. shad migre from l.huron into l.st clair every fall ,migration starts early august with small.as waters cool bigger shad arrive. every year. in spring die-off by millions leave a big stink.
  5. spiel.you ,,are the master.if your not cooking your creating art.
  6. exactly what lew said and congratz on a sweet fish.
  7. go have fun. your getting into big bait time. I know a guy that makes them lol.
  8. campers cove .cast out minnows. theres times its crazy for perch.
  9. yes I am jealous. awesome pictures.
  10. sadly mortalitys is hi. running bass to weigh inat 60mph in a livewell sometimes 35 miles has its issues...dead fish. I have seen the outcomes 24 hours later. but the weigh-in is the WHOLE SHOW
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