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  1. Leafs need to get there point shots thru to the goalie, they seem to dump it in the corner a lot and take a lot of wrist shots. There defence needs to learn how to take a slapshot from the point and keep it a foot off the ice and get it on NET. With the sticks having more flex I think the defence are having a hard time keeping there shots down , a solution would be to change there sticks . It seems like every time they miss the net or have a shot blocked the puck goes the other way , killing the flow of their game. One of the things I like about Matthews game is his ability to tip the puck on shots from the point, he wasn't born with this ability, he practised it and is pretty good at it, maybe some of the other Leafs could learn this skill , some of them don't even try tipping the shots from the point. There are lots of eyes on the Leafs now trying to figure out what's wrong, it would be nice to know what Dubas thinks the problem is, I don't think it's Babcock. I heard Reilly and Tavares met with Babcock to discuss solutions, I hope Babcock told Reilly not to let them score when he is on the ice.
  2. Hopefully Roy's health gets better and he can get out fishing.
  3. Great info Chris, not the Bull we have been seeing on the board lately. Seems like they started to tank after they signed Nylander.
  4. They play the Black Hawks on the road on sunday and lots of road games coming up, should be interesting. I am not sure how many hits Timashov threw last night , but i think he leads the Leafs in that category or maybe Moore. Barrie almost hit someone in the head with a slapshot from the point, now i know why players don't want to stand in front of the net .
  5. I don't think the hit on Kerfoot was a clean hit , he put his shoulder into Kerfoot's head . i would classify that as a dirty hit. It would be nice if the Leafs defencemen protected themselves when they see a check coming, put their elbows up or their stick. They would probably take a penalty but make it worth it. If they took roughing penalties over hooking and tripping calls , i think babcock would like that better, i hope
  6. Lots of nice fish pictures, does that water ever look murky , i thought the water would have been clear up there
  7. If you buy a boat in the US some of the outboards do not let you transfer the warranty to Canada, i believe Yamaha doesn't
  8. I think Domi should have been sent to the penalty box also.
  9. Big game for the Leafs tonight , another back to back game, i hope as soon as Gallagher runs the goalie or falls into him the Leafs do the same.go leafs go
  10. I wish Babcock would get Frédérick Gauthier to watch some highlights of Lindros and his physical play, i heard Gauthier was called 'the gentile giant'. It would be nice if babcock could send him out after someone hits one of his 11 million dollar players and delivers a big bodycheck.
  11. wow nice and calm on that day, did you get a measurement on that first fish, awesome pictures
  12. I wonder how much of it was peer pressure, someone urging him to do it, very sad tragedy
  13. I don't think many players out work Kerfoot on the Leafs except for Moore, those two guys hustle all the time. also noticed a couple of nice slapshots from the point, one from Reilly and the other from Barrie 👍
  14. There is a new guy handling the defense this year, it takes time to gel. After 20 games lets see how they are doing. I read somewhere a few teams were scounting Buffalo for Ristolinen, just what the Leafs need, a big tough defenseman
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