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  1. That looks like a great setup for you, do you need a special license to drive it?
  2. Any farmers close by, maybe hit them up for help
  3. what area is it stuck? Barrie?
  4. M aybe if the Canadiens had Mclhinney as back up last year they would have made the playoffs. he had a great year in Carolina.
  5. Carolina hurricanes down 3-0 , never thought that would happen, Bruins are doing all the little things right .
  6. That is a great day, 8 for 11, that meal looked good also
  7. nice to see a crappie report , I am sure all the lakes will be heating up
  8. port severn area at muskies landing, they have lodging and boats
  9. Just before nylander was put back on the matthews line he was working hard showing lots of hustle , as soon as he was put on matthews line (about 2 months ago)he stopped working hard. Babcock should have left him on the line he was on. When you look at the leafs they need another player like hyman about 210 lbs who can stand infront of the net and screen the goalie. I
  10. What is going to happen in Montreal. And Ottawa next season, they both missed the playoffs . Anyone want to predict they are going to make the playoffs in 2020 ?
  11. That was a shocking ending to the Vegas game, i guess sens fans are cheering for Karlsson, he had a pretty good game
  12. I think Connor Brown killed any momentum at the beginning of the game with his stupid penalty at centre ice. I've said it before but slap shots from the point especially from Muzzin would be nice. Four or five times last night they forechecked the Boston Defence and just bumped them instead of putting them on their butts and that defence man was able to clear the puck. I just wish they were willing to pay the price and stand infront of the net and also hit Boston D more.
  13. I decided to put a couple of trail cameras up at the cottage/home in minden, there is lots of wildlife around which makes it fun up there. also included a couple of pictures from the camera. Just thought I would share with everyone
  14. Chara gets away with a lot of cross checks infront of the net, he cross checked Moore near the back of his neck pretty good last night.
  15. Go Leafs Go Playoff hockey is the best, all teams have to raise their game to another level and play great technical hockey.The team that does that wins
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