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  1. mikeh

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    kinda funny that Gruebauer and Orpik go to Colorado for the 48th pick in the draft and then Orpik is put on waivers, going to be interesting to see where he plays next year.
  2. mikeh

    Any Garmin Panoptix fans out there?

    you forgot to mention your favourite fish CARP
  3. mikeh

    Fishing help - fishing the Midland Area

    are you fishing from a boat or from shore?
  4. mikeh

    Any Garmin Panoptix fans out there?

    I am looking at new electronics also,I heard you can follow the contour lines with the hummingbird with a ultrex as well as spot lock. I think being able to follow the contour lines is an awesome feature.
  5. mikeh

    Beachfront Lake Erie property for sale.

    I would recommend putting down the rooms and measurements, how many bathrooms etc must be some good carp fishing from shore, I would also recommend not showing it until all the work is done, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  6. mikeh

    Damaged Diningroom table, any suggestions

    temporary solution is a new table cloth
  7. mikeh

    2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    the Toronto Marlies are going to the Calder Cup Finals in the playoffs, I think a couple players down there deserve a promotion to the Leafs,
  8. mikeh

    Buying a used boat

    I think duties and taxes should have been paid when it was brought across the border, unless they said they were going on a fishing trip to canada.
  9. mikeh

    minden and haliburton lakes

    does anybody know the depth of the channel between Mountain and Horseshoe?
  10. anybody have any experience with Horseshoe and Mountain Lake in the Minden area, or Canning and Soyers
  11. mikeh

    Such a terrible thing.

    hopefully they make changes to the intersection, either a four way stop or a stop light. I don't know for sure but it seems like the trees right at the intersection stopped them from seeing each other (expropriate the land and cut down the trees).
  12. mikeh

    Doral 2003 192

    not sure but I don't think the motor is a volvo, only the outdrive . the motor is probably a ford or gm. as far as the value I think the 12k is a fair price, do you know the hours on it.
  13. mikeh

    drywall and taping cost $$$

    we were looking in the Apsley area , we were quoted $1.50 per board foot, but will have people come over to quote the job when ready.
  14. does anybody know the cost to drywall and tape a house/cottage. we are looking at a work in progress cottage and it needs drywall,on the ceiling and walls (big job)thanks
  15. mikeh


    a rental property on our street had new shingles put on in the last 4 years and the shingles were flying off the roof today, I noticed the plastic strips were still on the shingles, I always thought they were supposed to be removed before being nailed down.