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  1. Nice fish i don't remember seeing a laker picture from that area. I was around Honey Harbour yesterday the wake from all the boats made travelling a little bumpy but all the sunshine made up for it.
  2. awesome pictures, I can't believe the colour of the snow
  3. The f150 also comes with a 3 ltr diesel, great for towing Good on them for taking the truck back, it will probably be shipped out of the country
  4. Is Ottawa a playoff team with the players they brought in ?zaitsev, brown, hainsey for 3.5 million, i like hainsey but not at that price....
  5. Montreal loses Benn to Vancouver,Shaw to Chicago, i am sure Carolina is not happy with Montreal with the contract they gave rfa Aho, does Carolina have to match the exact payout, $700k year in salary and bonus money .
  6. Great game by the Raptors and GSW, went down to the last few seconds
  7. Ever consider upgrading the motor a few years, look for a 2010 and up. Do you know the value on the 1999$$ I know this has nothing to do with musky opener
  8. I also would like to see some bigger forwards who don't mind hitting playing for the Leafs next year. Probably not going to happen. If they get tougher on defense that would be great to clear the front of the net. Is Schenn having a hearing for his cheap shot hit from behind on Nordstrom? It would be hard to suspend him for a game 7
  9. Kadri was setup in the slot so much last year and he couldn't get the job done, time for him to move on, won't miss him ,he can be replaced
  10. Nice to see the whole family enjoying the sunshine and catching some nice fish
  11. Another St Louis Blues player suspended for a dirty hit to the head. Chara does get away with a lot of cross checks but he hasn't been doing it as they get farther in the playoffs. Another player that gets away with A lot is Shea Weber Go Bruins go
  12. The one thing the Bruins didn't do all night was put a player in front of Binnington, he had clean looks all night. Missed call on Bozak was pretty brutal,refs needed to call a penalty on that play Go bruins go
  13. Bruins could use Grzelcyk and his ability to move the puck right about now,
  14. Tough loss, if they made some of the shots near the end of the game ,it would be 2-0. They really need Lowry taking some 3 pointers at the end of the game.
  15. It would be nice if the refs would give a double minor if a player hits the goalie, Rask was hit a couple of times last night, could have knocked him out of the series. Hopefully Sundquist is gone for the playoffs for his dirty hit on grzlyck
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