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  1. I have an Alumacraft Magnum 165 (Tiller). I'm going to buy a new cover this year, but I have never found a good way to keep the cover elevated on the boat when not in use. I've tried several garbage cans, but I still get pooling in any moderate rain. Any thoughts?
  2. My Alumacraft Magnum 165 Tiller is 20 years old. My two trolling motor batteries sit in a compartment in the middle of the hull up front, I've had no ride issues at all, and, honestly, don't know where I would even fit them in the back. I would agree with the poster who said that the manufacturers of good boats such as Alumacraft, Lund, and Crestliner likely put serious thought into all this.
  3. 1974 Audi Fox....horrible car. Back in the carburetor days. In winter, if the wind hit the front of the car in a certain way the carburetor would freeze up and car would stop. If you sat long enough (sometimes an hour) the engine heat would eventually thaw it. Wonderful feeling to be driving home from out of town at night with temps well below freezing and have the car just quit. Happened many times. They never could fix it. Also, a funky transmission.You'd stop at a light and all of a sudden there would be a jolt like someone just rear ended you. You'd look in the mirror and no one behind you. They "fixed" this more than once.
  4. My dog went berserk barking when I listened to it.
  5. We've been going to the British Virgin Islands for over 25 years. However, the cost and totally unreliable air travel have finally taken their toll. I recently saw an article about bone fishing in Bermuda. I realize this is a bit outside Ontario waters, but has anyone gone to and fished in Bermuda?
  6. I had a Simms Guide Jacket for about 5 years or so. Started to have problems with the zipper. I contacted Simms to see if they could put a new zipper in. They had me send them the jacket.Two weeks later, I received from them a brand new. No questions asked re: my original purchase. I'm sure I was out of warranty. I also have their lightweight rain jacket, and a 10 year old set of stocking foot waders...still no leaks. Compare that with the sets of Orvis boot foot waders I go through every two years. Go Simms...pricey, but very high quality, and absurdly good customer service. BTW, when I'm in my boat and it's going to be a soaker day, I wear my waders under the Guide Vest. Completely dry, and no more water down the butt crack.
  7. I've had an Alumacraft tiller Magnum 165 for 20 years, pared now with a Yamaha 60 4 stroke. It is an awesome fishing boat. I'm likely too old to justify a new one, but wouldn't look further if I was. The Buy used recommendation has a lot of merit. If you are on Facebook there is a Used Walleye Boats For Sale site that will alert you to anything new. I've seen some very nice used boats on it.
  8. China, India, and the African continent have no intention of making any meaningful changes, yet they are the worst offenders. When they start making real changes, I'll listen. Til then....nope. I do agree on the population situation.
  9. Thanks Terry... I need to see the age of my starting battery,
  10. About every other time I start my motor, my Helix 7 shuts off. Just started happening. Anyone experience this, or have any thoughts?
  11. Moose...this one was awesome!. All about the experience, regardless of the catching success. Keep em coming. Have to add...you are a damn good writer.
  12. I've been having a blast using a moss boss in the pads. It is pretty weedless and you can easily skitter it over the pads. My hook up rate is well below 50%, but the blow ups are so much fun, I don't really care. Best bass so far has been a 19" fat largie. How late in the year have you successfully fished the pads? Do they lose oxygen like other weedy areas?
  13. I fished Stoney for over 20 years starting in the late 60's. No avionics then, so we just had to be darn careful. Quit fishing it when it started to get way too busy. But, the fishing was very good.
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