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  1. Going to be buying one for my new boat. Basically only using for depth and bottom structure, weeds etc. Any recommendations? Also, I would like to use a separate small as possible battery to run this. Need some advice here as well
  2. Finally...success! Found a short you tube video by "the Weekend Angler" that showed the process, and sequence (very important) pretty clearly for both footpedal and remote. After viewing it one more time over a cup of coffee, I decided to try again. I started with the foot pedal in the recommended sequence and...still nada. On a hunch I changed from the preloaded batteries and repeated sequence....voila! Next, the remote. It didn't work. Decided to change batteries in this. Voila again! Hopefully that is the end of my problems. Thoughts: 1) Why didn't the dealer include the instructions? 2) Why put batteries in units before they are going to be used. 3) Obviously, the dealer was wrong when he said service tech ran the motor in prep. One final comment. This unit is a whine to get back into horizontal position. At least for someone in their 70's. Any Ix5 users out there experience this?
  3. Some progress. Changed fuse, and hooked up battery ....no go. I was doing this with the motor still in the non lowered position. I decided to Lower it just to see how easy it was and voila ...two of the indicator lights came on, so battery was effectively powered to motor. The other two lights had to do with synching to wireless foot pedal. That was the next step....pushed the required button(s) on the pedal; to no effect. I did check to see if there were batteries in the pedal....there were. So, one step forward, but not far enough to get things working.
  4. Just picked up a very nice looking Crestliner Pro 1650 Tiller on Friday. Towed up to my cabin today, and I'm loading it with my gear. Decided to check the trolling motor and get nothing. It's a Motor Guide IX5 with GPS control. Wiring to battery looks good, battery is fully charged, but nothing. There are 4 indicator lights on the motor which should have lit ups when it has juice. Of course, the dealer is 3 hours away, and was of no help over the phone (understandably with seeing everything). They had me try a couple things but nada. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Shag...go for it! I have no idea how I lasted 22 years.
  6. Done deal.....closed the deal yesterday.
  7. Lew...you are a wonderful man. Too bad we never met.
  8. I am obviously crazy. Spent a ton of time seeing what was available, pricing and researching them....even getting opinions from many of you. So, yesterday, decision made. Chose Crestliner. Put a deposit down, and made arrangements to drive the 2 plus hours on Wednesday to drop my boat off (1998 Alumacraft Magnum 165T). Dealer is installing my Yam 60 4stroke on the new boat, and buying my boat. Today, I was cleaning out my old boat, and decided to go fishing for a few hours. All the time fishing (lousy fishing btw, and embedded a damn hook in my left index finger) I a looking over the Magnum....seems pretty damn comfortable, still rides great, fishes just fine, etc. So, I start feeling stupid, and kinda bad, about getting rid of a 20+ year fishing partner that still functions quite well. Actually, ended up a little depressed, and started to think of cancelling the sale. Anyone ever go through this? Sniff.
  9. Dave...had a welded Crestliner for several years before the Magnum 165....it was a fine boat IMO.
  10. And the winner is....Crestliner! Built in gas tank. more storage, and better stability (I'm thinking) tipped the scales. As many of you said.....neither a bad choice. Finally, dealer offered to mount my 10 year old Yamaha 60hp 4 stroke own it, and still buy the 21 year old boat. Actually, this was another minor issue with the Lund. With it, I'd be buying the 50 hp Merc. I really wanted to continue to use my local marina, but, while they work on Mercs, they won't do warranty as the pay from Merc is low. Thanks to all who chimed in.....I gave thought to all comments.
  11. Hack....The Crestliner is around 1050lbs. The Lund is 250 lbs less....big difference
  12. I like both. Crestliner a few inches wider, has built in gas tank, and can handle a 60 hp. Lund is.....well, it's a Lund, but it is laid out well, and is lighter....I fish alone 3/4 of the time, and this should make loading and unloading a bit easier. While it is maxed at 50 hp, I usually am fishing lakes under 1500 acres. Any thoughts from the group?
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