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  1. I can't even get an apointment out here, mass confusion. Haldimand On.
  2. I was having artistic license when I mentioned the Rockies. I only saw the Rockies when in BC once. I checked the weather for Red Deer and Edmonton and yep good chance there is ice in April. But there will be plenty of water to wet a line on the ride to Alberta, I hope. IThe last time I was in a shopping mall was in eastern England on another business trip 15 years ago, they said at the time it was bigger than the mall in Edmonton. The Bluewater Mall. It was big for sure, Not my cup of tea. Thanks for the reply nofish.
  3. I know. The harm this thing we are using to communicate with right now will do more damage to society than any weapon of mass distruction. The Internet is the weapon of mass distruction I strongly believe.
  4. It's not just his border to open. We have gotten off the ball here late, I agree, there are hundreds of countries across the world vying for the same vacines. We should have been setting up labs a year ago to produce vacines not beg for them.
  5. Twice, try uncounted times, they still replce it. Nice handle there 410001661. How'd ya come up with that one? Catchy.
  6. I will be in Alberta south of Edmonton mid mid April and asked here if anyone has fished there. It just hit me, there might not be any open water to fish mid April in Alberta. Duh.
  7. During normal years this would be considered advertising on the site and discouraged. With what our business people such as yourself are going through now, advertise away. Nice looking place you have there. I've never stayed at a lodge but if I ever was I picture a place like yours. Luxury for us was a picnic table and indoor plumbing. One cabin on the Ottawa we rented for years starting mid 80's for years and we actually eventually purchased on crown land for 5 grand was $100.00 a week including a 12' tinny, no motor though. Good luck.
  8. We have a Bell landline box 2 feet from the edge of the driveway for n26 years now. I have been asking them to move it for years, they won't. The killer is no one has a land line attached to that box. It just accidently gets run over and they continue to send 3 or more guys in 2 trucks to replace the box. Bell employees are the most miserable I have had the displeasure to meet. The last guy called out here for the Sat. dish was down right rude and the work was not critical so I told him to get off my property. That incident almost brought me out of retirement. The guy they sent next wasn't much better.
  9. It was on TV in case anyone wondered where I saw it. I hope it was CGI, I doubt it. Another thing that irks me in TV shows and movies, I'm not allowed to have a small fire on my 1 acre property because of air quality but they can blow anything up and film it.????? I know it's not all CGI because I have witnessed it being filmed out here.
  10. An easy conversion for meteric is 500 milograms is approximatley 1 pound. 1 kilogram a bit over 2 pounds, 2.2 lbs exactly. So 500 mg to a pound is close enough unless you are a drug dealer I guess. Her Brunswick stew looked like stew I'm sure it didn't have possum, raccon or squirel in it. Rabbit yes because I gave her one for it. I loved it. I do remember after it was served in a bowl a shot of Jack Daniels went on top of it, mmmmm. There was a golf hole tin Myrtle Beach where everyone recieved a small bowl of stew and if you parred it a shot of brandy went in it. You would never see anything so unique in Canada, ever.
  11. I just saw a newer Ferrari get smashed into the side of a parked car. Please tell me it's CGI. Oh my. There are children here and the USA, not just 3rd world countries where children are going to bed hungry. What a waste of money just to sell you stuff during the commercials. And we go out and buy the crap.
  12. Name me a good "corporation" Just 1. Corporations are the 6th Estate.
  13. Please do not mention the word Bell to me, (even though we kept Bell TV as there was no other choise for years, excuses). When we had dial up 20 years ago I got a Bell telephone long distance bill for $2500.00. It was due to something called a Demon Dialer scam. Our phone was high jacked to dial loing distance numbers to Sao Tome Africa. Try fighting a company like Bell, it aint easy folks, not easy at all. I got my 15 minutes of fame on local and later on national TV. Eventually there was a class action suit filed by many of us scammed and Bell setlled before going to court with each customer. They waived 80% of our bill. To continue with the lawyer was going to cost as much as the balance with no gaurentee we would have won in court. Plus Bell gave us free long distance anywhere in North America for 5 years, a big deal 20 years ago. Ooops I signed a non disclosure, go ahead sue me Ma. Make my day.
  14. It is encouraging to know that outfitters/lodge owners are getting bookings. Many have gone under in the last year. It was tough getting bookings and many never recovered from the last Super Recesion let alone losing an entire year of revenue due to Covid. The hydro, gas, telephone, property tax bill among others not mentioned doesn't care if you don't have business, "No money? Too bad pay me. You are sick and can't work a second or 3rd job, too bad, pay me. Wife lost her job? Too bad pay me. Kids moved back home, too bad pay me." To answer your 1st question, it may never be safe to travel by air in the future. We just do not know enough about covid-19 as well as the vacines for C-19 to answer that question for certain. What about novel virus covid-21. (The number behind the word covid is the year the virus is identified.) The second thing is that the borders are closed to non commercial vehicular traffic or persons walking across a border crossing for the purpose of vacationing i.e. snowbirds driving across the border to vacation south. It gets cloudy when someone outside the US owns property within the US rents it out and can prove that. Anyone can fly across the border, rent a car and be on their way for any reason including fishing in Saskatchewan. I have a close freind that has property in Florida and South Carolina he rents out. He made arrangements to ship his car to Florida, flew to Sarasota airport where his car was waiting for him and his wife and he will stay in the US for the next 6 months. Another couple had their car waiting for them on the NY side of the border, got in it and drove to a rental in Florida. Please do not take my word for it. The Canadian and US governments have a boat load of information stating what rules and regualtions are in place for crossing the US?Canada border. Regulations may vary for each country. DO NOT ASSUME anything, have paperwork, such as a tax roll for your US or Canadian property you may own in place and at your disposal to show US or Canada Customs. Not every Customs/Immigration official knows 100% of the regulations, it seems they change with regularity.
  15. A business trip starting April 15th will have me at Pidgeon Lake Alberta for as long as I wish to be there once the business is complete. A tad more than an hour north of Red Deer and the same time south of Edmonton. Anyone here fished the area? Any info is greatly appreciated. I will be fishing solo when I we have finished our business because the associate I am going to be with would rather spend the off day in the West Edmonton Mall than fish pristine waters in the shadow of the Rockies. OK bud, you can tell me all about the Gap store on the flight back. Actually I usually switch pre booked seats because I usually have had it with business associates I have never met before by the time the business portion of a trip is over. No need to listen to stories about the food court and their grand childrens first steps or suffer through the 1252 family photos all the way from Edmonton to Toronto Pearson. Or God forbid get teamed up with a millenial. Sometimes it is a chore for me to be pleasant, I try, I really do.
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