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  1. We grew up eating food from aluminum pots and pans, Mom used them right up tp 2013.
  2. Going to send my condolences to the rabid Leaf fans here. I actually watched most of the game tonight. As a former hockey fan going back to the original 6 when we knew the names of each and every player in the league I know how it hurts, time heals all wounds. There's always next year, again. One question. The energy, fervor play and commitment players show in the playoffs is far greater than in the regular season. Why?
  3. In the last 3 years Bill we have been blown off more times that we can get the boats in the drink. The older I get the more I won't risk it. I get paid to get excited not pay to get excited is one of many mottos I have =. Only a few years back we would go out in the fog and couldn't see 3 boat lengths, idiots. I have another saying about the Big E. "In by 7 off by 11." Those are some beauty's you have there, the fish too. I have to know what's wrong with that girl to be hanging with the likes of you Bill?? Looks like a keeper bro. We are almost ready to put the 4 sale sign on the lawn. Looking at Pt. Colbourne to Ft. Erie to the Falls. Close to some world class fishing in the Niagara Peninsula. Put an offer on a property in Chippewa. Didn't get it.
  4. We live in the rural area of a small village, no stoplight, 1 snack bar, the corner store and a post office. Ooops we have a gas station and sometimes they have gas. It's on the north shore of Lake Erie in southern Ontario. I am telling the owner of the local corner store about locking myself out of my wife's car today. That's another story, I was trying to open a blue Honda, she has the same colour blue Kia. So I'm telling Bruce about this old-timers moment I had. He tells me a customer also locked himself out of his car this past weekend and used a rock as a key. He says I have a picture you just won't believe this. In the back seat of the early model something there is a residential window air conditioner set in the centre where the seat back should be and it's boxed in nicely with plywood and hinges on it. What's next a microwave? I really need to get Bruce to email me the pic and post it here and everywhere. The redneck must have gone from 110V to 12V. Seeing is believing. If I remember well my buddy installed a 110 TV in his hunt/fish camps house trailer and it ran on 12V. I still don't believe what I saw. It must work or he wouldn't have gone to all the trouble to box it in neatly. Can't get more redneck than that. Johnny D
  5. Great fishing. The thing I Iike most about Lake O than Erie is generally it has calm water like you had. We have never been blown off Ontario but too many times to count on Erie. Nothing more disappointing than getting up early full of P and vinegar and find it blowing like mad.
  6. And here I thought that the article would point out the hazards of cleaning ice surfaces.
  7. You wish, it might shut me up for a while. I only come on here if I'm feeling not too bad.
  8. Yes thank you Rattletrap2. I do have access to light gauge plate that I can put on the industrial brake. Who knows what it's met analysis is? Back to square 1? I know many folks that have Q'd food on chromed refrigerator racks. I sure have.
  9. As far as the gauge of these studs I have they are thicker than the cheap tents it came with. No more cooking with them. Thanks to all that pointed the hazard(s) out, my met background confirms this. I didn't even consider that they might be galv. Now I have to go out and get all those I sold. A recall of sorts, laff out loud, which I think means I'm just kidding. I didn't sell any, just gave them out for free. Back to the drawing board. It makes me wonder if any of these cheap imported offshore BBQ's and those small charcoal fired Q's and cheap Hibachis talked about on Big Cliff's thread have metal in them that are hazardous to our, and most importantly, our little babies health? Who checks?
  10. I am going to look into whether steel studs are galv. The lumber yard must have WHIMIS data sheets for them.
  11. Believe it or not Pics metallurgical coke makes a good Q fuel. Did it during the strikes of 81' and 90'. Can't be anything in that stuff that will kill ya', ya' think? We were desperate, young and crazy, I don't suggest doing it again. Reading this thread I was wondering myself if one can make homemade charcoal. Do you know how you will try and do that?
  12. And what will the effects spraying human feces for fertilizer on fields. The cows eat the corn, we drink the milk and eat the cows. We cook in the soya and corn oil. That fertilizer tuff smells wicked. If you have ever had to drive behind a truck carrying it you will know what I mean. I have turned around when driving behind those trucks. No epidemiological studies have yet to be done, same for 5G I would guess.
  13. I've never done scallops other than in a fry pan. I bought 8 massive scallops Thursday. Tonight I pre fried some bacon to 1/2 done. Wrapped them in the bacon. They were so big the long strips of bacon just made it. 15 mins at 450F. I know you guys do this all the time but this was my 1st. Thank goodness 24 bucks for 8 scallops isn't in the budget other wise I would get back plus more than the 40 pounds I lost. Linguini in baby clam succo for Good Friday and a bag of PEI mussels marinara. Add the 1 1/2 baguettes I toasted and made garlic crostini was just marvelous, and way too much for 2 of us. I was also going to put the mussels right into the clam succo at the end. No way, too much great food. I was still full at lunch. We met at Swiss Chalet for lunch and I couldn't finish 1/4 chicken dinner. A heads up, I saw an add for a 2 for 1 dinner offered at Swiss Chalet on TV last night. I asked the waiter and he said yes, any $15.99 dinner was 2 for 1. They were not to mention it to dinners but if a customer asked it was indeed 2 for 1. Smooth. We were 14 of us for Dad's 92nd birthday, 3 generations, would have been 4 with Nono. Unfortunately he is in hospital for his birthday. Doesn't look good guys. Basically he has never been sick a day in his life, a cold, the flue maybe. 92 and he takes 2 Tylenol 3's every evening, that's it. Plus he worked 37 years in Steelmaking, that isn't stocking shelves at a pharmacy. Fish Farmer knows all about that place. He knows Dad from the plant. Dave must be pretty long in the tooth.
  14. When I was a kid and had visions of me taking gold at the Montreal Summer Olympics I refused to eat anything from the briquet or charcoal fired BBQ. I was positive it contained carcinogens.
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