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  1. Same price for Perch as Walleye. I'll take the Perch but they don't have much on hand.
  2. The reason I don't text or even email unless it's a short to the point blurb. Cisco, take it easy Sir. Life is too short to counter each and everything someone says that doesn't agree with you. And I have to ask what is a real "Canadian?" Are the tens of thousands of individuals that want to separate from Canada lesser Canadians, and not just Quebecers. Wasn't the main purpose many Canadians citizens, and some not Canadian citizens fought for our right to voice our opinions otherwise known as freedom? Popular or not. Many vets have told me once the bullets start flying they are fighting not for the right to maintain freedom but to keep the guy beside you and yourself from getting killed.
  3. I have one that I had mounted in 81'. I have had Musky experts agree and disagree it is a true Tiger. That was a time you killed and stuffed fish. For many years latter I felt guilty I had it stuffed, then I found out they can't breed. I hope that's true. And I agree what a nice clean Musky. LSC, yep they have that light shade maybe because of the clear water. I found the Pics are a lighter shade too when we fished the lake many Moons ago.
  4. It was LA that said that not Cisco, error in the quote thing. I was brought up by my late American Mother the exact opposite even though she said she was never a racist. I have stories. It took me most of my adolescent youth and young adult lifeto de-educate myself. But that racism I was taught as a child lingers just below my psyche. I must admit that to myself, not many will. I'm gonna push the submit button. edit: For some reason I am drawn to this thread. I have no idea why, so are others. Does anyone know why?
  5. I always thought the same thing, exactly. We had a few women working in the Blast Furnace operations years ago. Oh my Lord! Then it hit me. I was doing a Confined Space pre job meeting and one of our guys that tipped the scales at a buck 50 was the "rescue man." One of the Millwrights in the confined space went around 300 lbs. How is this man going to carry Bob the Millwright up a ladder if he goes down. He isn't carrying anyone up that ladder. No one is, man or woman. I watched. very closely how our Ladies were doing working on the cast house floor doing the job along side our tough Ironmakers. Back in the 80's we were still doing the job the way it was done in the 60's. I noticed how these women starting to work smart and not hard. Fast forward 10 years. All salary jobs had to be posted across the company, no matter what job. More than 1 woman applied for a few front line supervisors positions as a Furnace Blower, stop, it's the tradition name for the guy that runs a furnace. Like a Meltor or head Roller. HR called me to a meeting and asked if I thought women were suited to do the job. To their amazement I said of course they can. I wouldn't expect them to lift one end of a 300 lb blowpipe up 3 feet onto the bosh level of a furnace, of course not. But they are smart enough to use the tow motor that is sitting there doing nothing to do it. Does it take longer, of course but it's the safest and smartest way to do that 1 job for example. In the same way a woman may not be the right Firefighter to run into a burning building to carry out a 300 pound man, just like a 150lb Firefighter isn't able to, or not many 6'6" hulks can Fireman carry a 300 lb victim either. By the way Chris I've worked out way back when with a few members of the LGBGTATSN community and more than a few could bench 400lbs. And a few were pro athletes, including our sacred national sport. Who cares, I didn't and that's when you could get AIDS from the shower floor. q Cisco I love reading your stuff, keep it coming. I'm starting to get it. I didn't know there was such a thing as The Human Rights Code that says we are to only speak one language in Canada, would that be English or French? Yes I'm being facetious. Simon I shook my head when I read the dreaded "R" for racism too. To keep to the subject for once, why do we only wear Poppy's for a few days every November?
  6. What we can't even type the word "racist" now? Come on man! Cisco you typed something like " Get it? Understand what I'm saying?" Actually Cisco no I don't, you lost me somewhere in that post. And I agree with Simon it might be time to look for a new Lawyer there Cisco. There are plenty out there. What do you call the medical student that came in dead last in their graduating class? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Doctor. Same goes for Lawyers. How bout' dem Bills?
  7. Man we are blessed to live where we do with the best fishing and accommodations in the World right here in Ontario. Keep It Beautiful.
  8. As of late all my Pics and Perch come from the fish lady in Port Dover. 17 bucks a pound is actually a lot less than the I don't want to add up price that it costs to catch them. I'm saving the reports until I finish reading "The Irishman". Great book and hope a great movie that just came out. Martin Scorsese directed. DeNiro, Peche, Pacino and Ray Romano of all people that has turned out to be a pretty good dramatic actor. . How can it be bad?
  9. Looks like 1 to me. I have boated 1 in my life so I must be an expert. If you ever want to start an argument ask a bunch of Musky hunters "Is this a Tiger Musky?"
  10. Robbie Robertson of music royalty and born out here on The 6 Nations Reserve said in an interview, for the documentary film Indians That Rocked the World "I was always told to stay quiet, now you can't shut me up." I hear you Simon and support you. I'm not black but being of 100% Southern Italian DNA I ain't exactly white either, especially when I was a kid before Il Padrone came out.
  11. You are right. After years of being paid to argue company policy whether I agreed with it or not I have become rather pessimistic. He is a sincere person to say the least and I have never doubted his patriotism, never, not many here have I think.
  12. Must be a true. An unsigned statement on the internet. "Emplaced?" I think soldiers use the word imbedded. If it's 1/2 true, and I have no proof to say otherwise, that's fantastic and something Grapes would do, I truly believe that. No one here doubts his patriotism, I believe nobody. I think the rest of the public has already forgotten about this entire shoot show by now.
  13. I experienced some discrimination in the late 50's and 60's when I was in grade school", not to the extent of a few members here I'm positive. I was called "those people" by some parents of play friends and neighbours and can tell you it hurts for a little kid and was confusing. Even by the parents once of a girl I dated in H.S. in then 70's. " We don't socialize with " those people."
  14. There was nothing to complain about Grimsby because he didn't go off script and I'm sure he was paid handsomely to make all these trips. I don't think Mr. Cherry reached into his pocket once during any of those visits. And he was definitely being paid to recognize Remembrance Day while on TV and he did a good job doing it and I enjoyed it. I wonder if Don Cherry ever considered Military service when he was a young man? From Coaches Corner to Omar Kadre now? Talk about a stretch Limey Angler, you surprised me.
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