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  1. When I say canning I'm talking about roasting them and jarring. Dad had a mini cask that everyone's wine vinegar came out of. Yes he saved much of the bad wine to top up the cask. He brought the "Mother seed" back with him on the plane from Italy in the 70's. That stuff was the best ever. Unfortunately the cask went dry and the vinegar was never the same again. I gave it to a pals son. He's not 30 yet and is carrying on all his families Italian traditions. Right down to the Lions next to the driveway and the big fountain in the back yard.
  2. Still not enough. I'm sure suspending hunting privileges in Ontario for life is going to stop these poachers from hunting ever again. https://mnrwatch.com/illegal-hunts-result-in-lifetime-hunting-licence-suspensions-and-almost-60000-in-fines/
  3. Good for you guys. The very 1st time I tried to can 5 bushels of Shepard peppers I ruined the entire batch. Never again. I'll stick to freezing stuff. I once tried to make homemade wine with Dad years ago. We ended up with about 300 bucks of wine vinegar. Never again.
  4. If you can launch at a private ramp or you have a dock at a cottage of course you can go fishing. They haven't banned fishing,,,,,,,,, yet. If you eat some of your catch you are actually doing a service to all if it keeps you out of a grocery store even once. And of course there is far less a chance of contracting this thing out in the middle of a lake than anyone that is essential and goes into work everyday. My wife for one. Rant deleted.
  5. And if you insist on having an outdoor fire and you burn your house down NO INSURANCE plus you may be on the hook for fire fighting related costs. Our county has been on a no burn policy since this C-19 thing started and I read the counties regs. on fires during a no burn period.
  6. Brian you get more done before I get up out of the sac than I do the rest of the day. I'm not just a member of "The Crack of Noon Club" I'm the president. I'm usually going to bed when you are getting up unless I'm going fishing or golfing. I loved night shift best. No such thing as sleeping in but I was known to set the alarm when we went on 12's. I agree with you on the red vs. green peppers. I will do green when reds are more than Kobe Beef a pound. The best ever were the light green peppers Dad grew in his garden for stuffed peppers.
  7. Yep, and the driver is a nut. My rig does 35 maybe, I for one have never got a drop on me out here pounding 4 footers. I can get real small tucked behind my full wind shield. I'll make you a promise because I like you. When I win the Lotto Max over 60 mil I'll buy you your new Bass boat. Let everyone here be witnesses.
  8. I would love to know how much $$ we have tied up in boats just by members of OFC? A lot. A few of the Rangers here is a cool 1/2 mil.
  9. Please everyone, please just stay home. The more diligent we are today the faster we will be able to beat this thing and go fishing. Set an example for others.
  10. No wonder most everyone in that country wants to move here for a better life. I have seen the scenes of people young and old picking garbage dumps for stuff they can trade or sell for food, or for the food for themselves. Now they can't, thus the protests perhaps. We don't know what real poverty looks like. This makes me wonder what is really going on in China today.
  11. Does your petition to include pay to launch private facilities as well? So they will all be free or does someone have to take your money by hand? I know guys have been using the Crystal Beach launch on Erie. Pay at the machine. While both arguments have merits I choose not to sign your petition. By the way with governments working around the clock shorthanded do you really think someone is going to take the time to even read the thing? I doubt it, they are kind of busy these days looking at ways to save lives.
  12. It's on sale for 49K. As far as paying more for a boat than a house my first house was 25K. Bass boats are specific, personally I wouldn't ever buy one. I can fish Bass in my 19' deep V StarCraft that has only about a 12" draught but I can't go out and troll for Pics in a Bass boat unless the water is dead calm. I went out in a co workers Bass boat for perch here on Erie. When the wind picked up I got a nice shower heading into port. It was in April and it was freekin' freezing and thought I broke my spine hammering those 3' ers at 50MPH.
  13. Anyone who ever tossed a line in Ontario knew the name John Kerr. If I'm not mistaken didn't he write for the Star as well? RIP.
  14. Yep predictable. How does a guy get swept down river for miles, fall 100' from a water fall into a plunge pool and the letter that was in his pocket is still readable? Bombshell came not even close to the HBO series concerning Roger Ailes and his female victims. The HBO series Westworld is one of our favorite HBO series. Ray Donavan as well but it has now been cancelled, too bad.
  15. They want your boat there while they do the cover.
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