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  1. WOOHOO!! Spring Is Here!!!!

    Still have a foot or more of snow in the shadows of the big pines here. We are about as south as one can get in Canada. No palm trees sprouting up yet. A trucker who has a place in Turkey Point brings back 2 huge Palm trees every year and plants them in his front yard. 3 winters ago they lived through the winter, not this year, but this winter really hasn't been as bad as predicted. Not much of the hard driving winds off the lake as it was frozen to the horizon. I have no idea how he gets them across the ditch with all the live bugs in them, they won't let you bring an Apple across. "Anything to declare sir?" ............"Yea, 2 53' Palm Trees.
  2. Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    A question I have is will an AV be able to differentiate between a Dog running out on the road or a kid? We aren't supposed to stop or swerve for a Dog or any other future roadkill, but we do it naturally without thinking, I know I do without thinking about it. It may save wildlife along with Humans. More questions than answers this early in testing but 2022 is only 4 years away. I was watching Motoring 2018 a few weeks ago, someone with Transportation Canada or one of our watchdog organizations said we here in Canada are 20 years away from having AV's be the norm here in Canada.
  3. NF NF cleaning the garage

    How right you are Dave. Guys park 50 grand or more worth of trucks and cars in the driveway or street and keep 100 buck lawnmowers and tools they used once and will never use again in the garage. I actually used my garage when I had one, only because I couldn't fit all the cars in the driveway. And I've seen worse garages. We were cleaning out a buddy's garage for his daughters after he passed and found 1 cat skeleton and 1 dead racoon. Ewwww. Oh and plus a bunch of our tools he didn't remember borrowing buried in the mess. . A situation similar to hoarders.
  4. Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    I didn't start the tread as an anti A/V revolt. It may have morphed into one. I actually hope I'm still alive to see it become the norm. Heck look at all the money I will save flying across the country or to South America. I could be 90 and still drive. I wonder how much more an AV will cost than a conventional auto with a steering wheel and a throttle and brake pedal. I assumed when they come out it could be driven the conventional way, not without controls. I remember my Noni telling me when they started putting in telephone and hydro poles they were afraid they would fall over onto their houses and kill someone. Never happen unless they were hit by an AV. I've not heard from any of the auto guys guesstimate what they will cost. (wow guesstimate is a spellcheck word)
  5. Dollar store find

    Not 4 bucks but I made all my rod tubes out of various lengths of ABS, glued a cap on one end and a threaded coupling on the other end. Made a handles out of old leather belts glued and screwed.
  6. Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    We put our lives in the hands of computers already. If you are a passenger in a modern jetliner for example. From fly by wire to traffic control systems all computerised. The Hyundai 2 liter engine in the Sportage has a recall for a certain series, the engine may shut down at high speeds due to computer problems. Lawsuits are pending, people have been injured. 80% of peopled poled said they wouldn't trust AV's. I wonder what the percentage would be if all those polled were under 30?
  7. C/AV, a new acronym for me, Connected and Autonomous Cars. Uber has suspended it's testing of C/AV cars after a fatality today involving a AV car and pedestrian. I don't want to be a Dinosaur but I personally think we are a long way from calling for our car and it shows up for you. There is a recent Caddy commercial C6 I think, that does not have a steering wheel. I have always been a contingency type of guy, a back up for a back up when I was in the work force. Ford has also announced their AV's that they are hoping to be on the roads for 2022 will not have a steering wheel or brake pedal. I was under the wrong impression that these things could be driven the old fashion way like steering and stopping in the event of a technical failure. Wrong again. Will there be a road test in the future to get a drivers license? Why would you if all you owned was an AV? https://www.boston.com/cars/car-news/2018/03/19/self-driving-uber-vehicle-hits-kills-pedestrian-in-arizona
  8. Congratulations

    Aguri. They just keep pumping them out down your way Bruce. I'm only charging 5 grand these days to stand up as Godfather. OFC discount is 100% off going rate.
  9. Sportsman Show any good?

    It's more like 4.05% go there not to have a good time. I do that exact thing when I decide to take in a Bills game. Plus it costs a heck of a lot more than a ticket to The Sportsman Show, way more. An corner end zone seat last October was $195.00 USD. 10 bucks US for a warm cup of Pony swill, 8 bucks for actually a not bad Hot Dog. I love having a bad time.
  10. Lake O trib report (Update w/ new pic)

    Dem right der are some beauty fishes. And I know exactly where you are. Pretty well any Lake Ontario tributary. It is not a well know spot though. That fact is confirmed by the lack of Tim Hortoncups.
  11. Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Dave I figured your accessibility to the home would be an issue for closed cell equipment. Cost is a big consideration as well. At my age the ROI is something I need to take into consideration if I ever build again. A few years ago I opted to pass on the lifetime warranty on a steel roof. At 85 years old he last thing I would worry about is replacing the architectural shingles. For my 20 and 30 something Godchildren, nieces and nephews it matters when the ROI kicks in. I always tell the guys do not scrimp on the Tuck Tape, install the vapour barrier properly using acoustic sealant at the sills. Make the building envelope as tight as possible. No one is going to suffocate for lack of O2. An improperly sealed dwelling is like going to all the trouble and expense of insulating properly then opening the front door and leave it open all year. Almost the same goes for a wall of cheap windows. The last time I checked a pane of glass is R-3 max. It's been a while. You know what you are doing big guy. As far as the question re: venting CO from the pellet stove the 1 I have seen has a stack, it not only vents CO it provides some ambient heat from the waste gas. I always ask HVAC folks and Building Inspectors, when I have all 5 gas burners going on the stove and oven cooking the Bird, where does the CO go? No exterior hood vent here. The question is usually met with silence.
  12. Crappie after work.

    So now it's dark at 7 instead of 6? As far as cold, well up there July can be considered cold to a southerner. It must be a shock to your system when you back from the Islands. Nice Crappy there Simon. We had a nice honey hole at a local marina we would hit after ice out but the idiots that leave a mess ruined it for us all now it's all fenced off and the only way in is by boat and the closest open ramp is 10 kms away.
  13. Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Dave I have 2 things to say about your future insulation 1) Thermal Break. 2) Closed cell expanding foam. The stove looks great there. I know a guy out here on the lakefront that uses the pellet stove as his main heat source for 2000 ftsq and loves it. No vaulted ceilings though, a big factor. Not all of us can fall, cut, split, buck and haul in cordwood once the body decides to retire too. My back is so screwed up now I have a problem lifting a plastic garbage can with 2 bags into the back of the truck. I have to buy 12 packs of brown pops now, a 24 is too much to carry. Vodka and Cognac is much more effective by volume weight than beer anyway.
  14. Seem any good movies?

    There are some good ones and some absolute dogs. If you haven't seen Dunkirk do yourself a favour and see it. I know you will love it. We saw Birdman at the show a few years ago, when it won Best Picture I said that's it, if that the best they have I am going to write a screenplay about the characters on OFC. I have a few actors in mind to play a few of you nuts on here.
  15. Seem any good movies?

    We don't, simple as that Raf. You were posting when I was.