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  1. Without reading the entire 4 pages my quick answer to the question is "no". But if I want to go ice fishing but while being smart and safe getting there to do it I certainly will. I may have to borrow my wifes note from her employer saying she is allowed to be on the road. There are constitutional questions at play here to be answered by persons a hell of a lot smater than me, or so I'm told. Picton used to be at the west end not the east end, Deseronto is the east end, or it was in the 70's. I've seen many fished pulled out of there by nets and spears, far more, many many more by hook and line. Mr. Crimsongulf. And that would be one very purdy trout you have there Sir. And I agree.
  2. Even easier to make from scratch which is some flour, water, a punch of salt* and an egg. Roll out and cut into strips and bada boom bada bam you just made home made spaghetti, cut strips wider you now made home made fettucinni. Look at you go. * what Al Pacino movie?
  3. Even cooler when you see something like this. In the spring we have swarms of bugs flying around the shore of Erie. They fly in the same type of patterns and the swarm sounds like a pool pump running which is what I thought it was the 1st time I heard it. Thought it was the neighbour getting the pool online. Then we saw the clouds of the bugs moving back and forth up and down and looked like a swirling cloud of smoke. Mother Nature sure is amazing she is.
  4. Rant on young man, rant on. You have paid for the right to. Way back when I'm on my way into a 12 hour shift in Hamilton and I have to pass the old train station now The LIUNA Station on James North where they are filming an X-Men movie. I'm early so I pull over and watch. They drop a Cop car around 30 feet from an overhead crane and yep, boom, boom, boom with black smoke billiowing out from the explosion, or is it an eruption? If I was responsible for an even smaller eruption I would expect to be charged by the Ministry of Labour as well as the Ministry of the Environment. and maybe discharged, discharge sounds better than "fired." Note, you can mix Blast Furnace slg and water at anytime without blowing something up. That in fact is how we make Pelitized Slag or "Popcorn" to be used as an agregate in "cinder" blocks and concrete. All the concrete used to build The Skydome has Stelco Hamilton's E Blast Furnace slag in the mix.
  5. If you worked in Ironmaking anywhere in the world back in the day you owned 3 of everything. 3 cars, 1 for the family, 1 for the wife and 1 to drive in and out of the plant that was never washed why would you waste the time and park next to a Blast Furnace. 3 changes of clothes, 1 set for traveling to and fro for work, 1 set of work clothes and the clothes you wore inside the home. I had to change from traveling garb to home outfits in the garage. I didn't need to be told to do that, the traveling clothes stunk like rotten eggs and Coke Oven gas then the garge did. ( I forgot Men don't wear outfits. ) I am going to venture an educated guess that Dofasco was dumping hot metal AKA liquid Iron, molten Iron or pig Iron at temps between 2500 F and 2700 F. (2500 F is cosidered cold). This hot metal is dumped into Iron pits, sometimes the proceedure is refered to as banking Iron. This usually happens at Xmas, that way the Steelmaking facility can be shut down and the Blast Furnaces can run at very low wind rates, also known as "faning" a furnace. It could however be an operational error that hot metal was diverted into a slag pit that was cold and had moisture in it. More than a few operational errors have to happen to make a Boom, Boom. Dofasco had a similar "eruption" around Xmas a few years back. N.B. an eruption must be far less hazardous as an explosion. We used the same rediculous terminology, believe me if you were withing a kilometer you knew it was an explosion. Stelco Hilton Works stopped this proceedure in the early 90's. It was considered hazardous as well as environmentaly irresponsible. We paid for more than a few power washes to homes and cars in the neighbourhoods depending on the wind direction and new sets of bedding that hung on the line, even when the wind was blowing in the other direction. It could be done however with all the provincial ministries involved permission if and only if an iminent danger to a worker or workers is probable. But Dofasco still does it 25 years latter. That's enough Blast Furnace 101 for 2021. Happy New Year folks. Boom Boom!!!!
  6. Try standing a few feet from that slag pit "eruption." I once blew the slag pit up that they filmed it in Toronto.
  7. When I see what could be an add for a commercial enterprise especially from a newer member with a handful of posts my pesimistic 1/2 thinks, free advertising, how much $$$ does this guy want from us, hair today gone tomorrow. The other 1/2 of me is far less pesimistic and just says "rip off." This is a fantastic app, absolutly fabulous. I would use it myself especially when we are in a group of small lakes that I can get in and out of without getting out of the boat. I always assume the slot limits are the same but who knows. I always say you better bring a copy of the regs or for those that can have the entire book on your phone, not me, don't forget the phone and the charger. Good work minnow p4rp. p4rp means what? You just made many freinds here.
  8. The fish monger located in th commercial fisherman marina east of the river in Port Dover has frozen Pickeral for sale. Frozen of course, 14 bucks a pound, not a bad price. I've seen her get $22.00 a pound some years, frozen as well. No perch or trout available but she said she has Whitefish and something called "spikes.". Spikes? I asked. There are small walleye fillets the size of perch, 4 or 5 inches. They get caught in perch nets. Sad. I didn't even ask how much they cost. I'm not buying any "Spikes." I've never eaten a 5" walleye fillet nor intend on eating one in this life time. I've threatened to bop a few of my Americun freinds and relatives unless they tossed back pics the size of perch, more than a few times now going on 4 generations. Usually open Thurs. Fri. and Saturdays only. Next week because of Xmas they will be open Mon. and Tues. unless sold out.
  9. I'm surprised Fox news let this guy speak on their soap box. The more this Doc spoke the more I became suspitious. I'm not sure about someone that starts a non profit then names himself top dog then calls himself the smartest guy concerning this pandemic, that's purdy smart. At 6 minutes and 8 seconds my ears perked up when he simply said that he just testified, I'm not sure to whom, that "We just found the cure for Covid." Well that's that then.
  10. Around 28 years ago I bought my lady a Shimano spinning rod for her birthday that I would never spend on a rod for myself. Once in a while she asks "Is that my rod Johnny?."
  11. Dan gets it. If it was profitable we would have a lab on every corner. And if we did produce a vaccine here that still doesn't mean we wouldn't be exporting it first.
  12. My former wife wanted to know why I didn't make her wonderful things from wood like her Dad makes everyone in th family. I told her that I was sure shewasn't aware that he had amassed a collection of power tools from lathes, planners, machines that made dato's and dove tails. A collection that would make Norm Abrhams drool over and Norm don't drool. That plus I had no idea how to use the things.
  13. I would love to do wood working, I tried, believe me I tried. I saw my 16 month younger kid brother build a magnificent wall unit in dad's workshop and we carried it up the stairs and into his truck then up the elevator in the high rise to my new sis in law and he rented a 2 bedroom apt. He did a magnificent job. That was 1978, he still has it. Absolutly gorgious burled walnut. I wonder what a 4'X8' sheet of that goes for today? The unit I made was turned into a small dinette table by my father in law not long after I tried my best at wood working. It was never really used as a wall unit as it had to be deconstructed to get it out of the basement. I knew my limitations early in life.
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