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  1. Buy yourself a proper oyster shucking knife. Beats a butter knife and it may save you a few thumbs. You tripled your investment in 1 day. Nothing like oysters fresh out of the sea on the half shell with some Tabasco and fresh lemon. I could make a feast with those fresh clams. I would eat them raw with the same as the oysters. Man they all look yummy. You go Cliff, I'm so jealous.
  2. That's a beauty. The boat not grumpy Lew. My neighbour has a similar Lund. Baron? It's so deep his kids can hardly see over the gunnels. Nice rig there Grimsby, love the Mariner. HTHM had a similar model Ranger. To me Rangers all looked the same but I know they aren't all the same. I got a blast for saying that on a boating forum., especially from a Ranger owner with a Walleye boat. Get them elbows tucked in. Those have to be Erie Smallies. Where is Albert? Haven't heard from him for a while. Hope all is well with Home time handy man.
  3. Your garage looks bigger than the shack we are selling Lew. 16 Hoover Point Lane Selkirk On. Just in case someone who knows someone that knows a guy and or gal that might be in the market for a lakefront home. Watch fish, Smallies, Carp and Gar Pike spawn in crystal clear waters from the comfort of the deck. That should be in the real estate description. I should have them put it in actually. Upon approval of the person that owns it. Skeeter is a good boat. Many a Bass Pro have them.
  4. A Lund was always what I wanted. I only shopped for a fishing rig since 1980. I finally did get my Lund. A 17' Adventurer I think it was with a 90 Yamaha used from a dealer in Simcoe. They offered a 90 day warranty on the O/B. I had them write in a hull warranty for 14 days, long story. The very 1st time we took it out the day after I got it home for it's maiden voyage it took on water, a lot of water. Lucky we didn't sink it as I had 2 former offensive linemen with me, about 900 lbs of humanity. The hull was cracked from stem to stern. I was devastated. The dealer couldn't believe it as it was a long time customer that traded it in. His kid was the last one out in it. ?????? They honored the warranty. One of the sales guys there decided to sell me his own StarCraft 12 years ago and I couldn't have more happy. That saying about 2 days being the happiest for a boat guy the day buying and selling is bunk to me. Going from 17' to 19' doesn't sound like much but it is. Much wider and deeper. You have a nice rig there Pigeontroller. The Lund deep V's and the StarCrafts look very similar. Someone told me they shared the same hulls in certain models back in the 90's.
  5. Above is my pride and joy. 1994 StarCraft Superfisherman 190. 115 HP Mariner and matching 15 HP kicker. I had her for sale but can't bring myself to let her go. I have gifted 50% ownership of her to a close friend, he uses it as much as I do anyway. I know friends and business etc. Met him on the 1st day of school at grade 10 Football tryout, have survived 2 failed business ventures together , 1 very sucessfull business and I still can't get rid of him. We need todo some work on her this winter but plan to have her ready for spring Cats in The Grand River in April. That's when the 15 pound plus beasts are on the feed bag.
  6. It gets me to my spot tout suite. It's actually a rig used by The British Marines. The Queen has plenty of $$ for fuel.
  7. When I take a pic of a buddy holding a nice catch I tell them "Get those elbows in." Bass Pros are the worse for doing the old straight arms. Looks like they are holding a 35" Largemouth. Love the cheater prosthetics.
  8. The very 1st time I took my lady icefishing on Erie for perch I just dropped her line down the hole and she got a fish on. I leaned over the hole to get it and my brand new Oakley 's dropped straight down 8'. By the time I put a treble hook on my line to grapple it the current took it for a ride. I was famous for dropping my phone down the toilet. You got some esplainin' to do Lucy. Rain, rain go away. I don't like snow but will take it after what seems like 3 months of rain. Bad for the old bones and joints.
  9. WE paid a buck cover charge to get into a club in Hamilton called The Rock Pile in the early 70's to see Rush. The greatest rock drummers call him the greatest of all time. In the last documentary Neil Peart said if he could play what The Stones drummer Charlie Watts plays he could play until he was 100. The GOAT of drummers.
  10. No you were talking about me. That's OK, I can take an opinion as well as give an opinion. 2 bucks and an opinion will get you a coffee at Horton's.
  11. Feel free to use it Akrisoner. I have had a few laughs with it over the years and I actually didn't steal it. One of those seats would be nice out here. The price is up there starting at 500 bucks the last time I looked. A few of us old guys were talking about going to the truck and heavy equipment bone yard here and taking out one of the drivers seats that do the same thing. It ain't rocket science to install one. They are heavy yes but so are the seats they sell for boats. Charlie Wray that has the fishing show has one on his Crestliner and he advertises them. I sat in his at the marine dealer we both go to. It would be nice. Yep those are bigguns, 2 fillets will feed 4 hungry folks. Cheeks bigger than toonies. We all save the cheeks and have a cheek only feast the end of the year.
  12. Too late for that. I stared on a few Bollywood blockbusters way back when I was young,fit and handsome. For the handsome part you would have to ask my lady, she thought so 27 years ago, so she says. For the young and fit part I came in 2nd in The Mr. Beansville Body Building competition. I was the only one entered.
  13. I'm 1st here so I will welcome you aboard. No pics or advice from me but we look forward to your report. Do you have any pics to share? We love photos. By the way we call our buddy Dominic, The Mick. Sometimes something else that starts with a D instead.
  14. I didn't get the bottom of the boat wet last year. Hopefully with all the therapy I've taken my back will hold up for a few trips out here on Erie and up north this year. Even number years are always my best years. So here are a few pics of my bigger Pics from 18'. That's me in the green shirt, 35 lbs lighter than a few years before and a few years younger than today. The ugly guy is our former Mayor of Hooterville On. Every time it was time to take his boat out he had a town council meeting to prepare for!!!! Cheap ^&*$%. . Wow I actually posted photos. A monster has been created.
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