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  1. Yep, a small detail I omitted. It's been a while since I have posted here. If someone gets caught fishing here in Ont. before opening they can say Johnny D told me it's OK. I don't think our fellow OFCers would misinterpret but the hundreds of guests, well maybe. Thanks Grimsby. See you at the Peach Festival. It might rain on our parade.
  2. There are more than a few television series that feature individuals and families that are doing what you wish to do in the near future. In Alaska, The Yukon as well in the lower 48. Bing watch them and decide if you can really do what they are. A few months hunting in the bush alone won't prepare you for 12 months of talking to yourself, then eventually answering yourself. In my opinion from watching these shows it's a lot like crime. You can't learn it in a classroom or start it late in life. If you are retiring I take it you aren't a spring chicken. I see fitness is a huge part of being off grid. For those that are middle age they have a support family of more then a few kids. It appears 60 years old seems to be the age that one living off grid has to tap out if they are indeed solo. If I was 40 years younger I was nuts enough to try it, but, I would have someone to keep me warm other than my Dog. If someone tells you that you are nuts take it as a compliment. Good luck and don't let anyone tell you that you can not do it. And if you try and find you are unable to do it you did not fail, it simply is a life lesson that prepares you for the next adventure in your life.
  3. This is a great thing for kids as well as the game of Basketball. There is a future generation of Canadian players out there that will be positively affected by this historic win. Kids can play and all they need is a 20 buck ball and a hoop on a pole. I know there are plenty of OFCers here that have spent many thousands of Loonies putting their kids through hockey. I have more than a few friends that had very talented kids playing hockey. Before they went to the next level the parents were interviewed and told what the financial burden would be. Before the kid hit the ice if it wasn't in the family budget the kid wasn't given a tryout. I don't know if it's the same today. There are many kids that would have been NHLers in Canada and other countries that will never have even learned to skate because they can not afford it. Basketball is affordable to those that are underprivileged, like I said a ball and a basket is all they need. And it's huge for the NBA that wants to go internationally. I'm happy for the fans, real and bandwagoners. That parade was insane. The fanaticism leading up to the championship and post win celebrations for the Jays when they 2 peted the World Series wins didn't come close to the fervor we have seen in the last month. Good to see. Enjoy.
  4. Just last week I saw some nice size males cruising along the shoreline looking for a nice place to have babies. So they will still be on the beds here. I have been watching Smallies make beds, spawn, sometimes a single bass will try to entice a lady fish 2 at a time. Watching them do the nasty is very interesting. People somehow believe if you throw a cigarette butt on a bed with a male there the fish will hit it, not so. I have seen them torpedo Gar, Sheepshead and huge Carp. Small Gobies don't seem to be a problem for them. They eat them as fast as they encroach on the bed. I have seen the fry the size of coffee grounds make a ball the size of a large beachball on a single bed. For the time being Small mouth at least are healthy in great numbers here. My favorite freshwater fish to catch is definitely Smallies. It's all catch and release unless we decide to keep what we call here are "greenies". Probably year old class, about 12 to 16 inches long and are a brilliant green. However after the 1st or 2nd week of July it's only Walleye for us and the occasional Perch hunt for the table. They can't even come close to the exhilaration of catching a 5lb Smallie and trolling around for 4 hours can be as boring as watching paint dry, until you latch onto a 30" Pic. They go back, the 3 to 5 pounders find their way to a table tout suite. Don't forget it is legal to catch and release Smallmouth in Lake Erie during spawning season now for many years. Studies have shown that it has not impacted the population whatsoever. And don't forget Erie in Ontario is still commercially fished. Those nets can't tell the difference between a 5 pound Smallmouth and a 5 pound Walleye. We have trolled through dozens of big Bass belly up after the commercial guys have pulled their nets.
  5. That's more better. Beauty pooch. The hat though? My former wife used to dress up my puppy and I didn't appreciate it. She got my dog in the settlement, not even visitation rights and she didn't like the dog!!!
  6. It was 88' cumpa, that was my 1st trip to Europe. It was so long ago I think it was Campino. Now I can fly into Pescara and knock off 4 hours of driving minimum. I do not like that tunnel which at one time was the longest underground tunnel for vehicles in the world. It is so deep under that mountain range, La Grand Sass I think, that NASA has or had a lab under there that filters out sound so that the only thing they can hear is ET. Alan Alda narrated a documentary about it some years ago. Very interesting. No accent Americano, solo Canadese with a little Croatian, Ukrainian and French thrown in for good luck. I call it la dialcti de la Steel compani.
  7. Fish the shore along the north shore of Lake Erie in Haldimand County. PM me and I will give you a few good spots. It was only last week I watched the males move along the shoreline looking for a good spot to make a bed. This is very late. They should have already had little Smallies by now on their nests, very late.
  8. I can't seem to be able to open the link. I select it and it brings me back to this thread?????
  9. You are one lucky guy. I spent 5 hours in Italian Customs at Campino Airport in Roma. They thought I was someone else, no fun at all.
  10. I'll say it, it's too small a body of water to advise on the internet for the whole world to see. Some years ago it was almost fished out due to heavy pressure from out of towners. Sorry. There are no exceptions for Bass season in Ontario. There was for stocked ponds holding trout but that was 35 years ago or more.
  11. His I.D. is required to show he is an Ontario resident.
  12. I thought it was 31C at Whitehorse the other day. Maybe it was the wind that was 31. With the weather down here on Erie I swear there is still ice out in this lake. Stopped by a marina close by for lunch today and guys going out were dressed more for early spring or late fall. Then again there is always that guy with no shirt and shorts on fishing off the shore.
  13. You're gonna need more than a few extra spices to make them palatable after a few days or frozen. Believe me we have tried everything including cutting out the lateral line, bleeding them and soaking them in ice water, The first time we caught them was 1990. Cleaned about 200 hundred of the little buggers that day and were so disappointed when we unfroze some of the freezer full of them. Even filled the freezer bags with water like we do with Walleye and Perch. Made fish chowder with tomato's Italian style with plenty of spices, still crap. Good luck, let us know how you make out. I still know a good spot.
  14. Around 142 mil above yearly budget to combat last summers wildfires. A cost they can't quantify is the toll it takes on the brave men and women on the ground nd in the air doing the fighting. First responders are the real life superhero's, not some made up CG images portrayed to be by Hollywierd. https://mnrwatch.com/fighting-last-summers-wildfires-cost-212m-but-province-saying-little-else-social-sharing/
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