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  1. I typed a mess of words, read them and reqalized I went way off the rails so deleted that. To stay on point I am amazed how many people still don't get it. 1/2 those or more today did not have face coverings on of any type when I was in the grocery store for 30 minutes this afternoon. They were of all ages not wearing them. Some young, some old, some middle age. It pisses me off. Don't wear them for me or you, wear them for those little tykes with Moms in tow, wear them for those old folks who's health isn't good, those little tykes grand parents. Don't be selfish, please. I know for a fact that 1/2 of the members here do not wear face coverings when in public. OK maybe not 50%, lets say 30%. I am asking you why not? If you won't admit you don't you know it should be done but won't do it, why???? You can't breath well? It makes you feel constricted? You might even feel claustrophobic. It makes me feel all the aforementioned, especially claustrophobic, I admit it. I do not like wearing a mask. We had to wear respirators and dust masks at the plant but not 24/7. Sometimes 12 hrs could go by and never had to put anything on my face. My wife has to wear one at work for 8 hours straight so I dare not complain wearing one for 20 minutes grocery shopping. Be tough wear a mask.
  2. Or the "h", yes. I spelled it corectley the 1st time. Oh, I did get stung this morning by one of those bas%^&ds. It hurt and it hurt big time. It actually felt like someone hit me on the top of my hand with a ball peened hammer, then poured gasoline into an open wound. Yep it hurt big time. So much for they don't sting. I can tell you 1st hand yes they do indeed sting.
  3. It's Wednesday and I'm still picking up branches that broke away from trees last Sunday. It didn't last long thank goodness. I don't know how much rain we got but it made up for 3 weeks no rain. One large 8" diameter 12' long branch missed my wife's newer Kia by a few inches. Nothing today but it sure looked bad around 11AM. Dan D. Normandale eh. It is the site of the very 1st Bessemer style blast furnace built in North America. The plaque at the creek says it's the 1st BF built in Canada, it was actually 1st in North America but the yanks will argue that. Only iron and steelmaking geeks care. Of the 15 Blast Furnaces that were on line in 1979 in Canada there are currently 4 running at any given time. More Ironmaking geek info. Back then the cars you worked on when you were apprenticing were made of steel. They chose Normandale as the sand there, as well as some here where we live, is that red stuff. The red stuff is iron ore. I'm guessing on when you were an apprentice Dan "The Man" D.
  4. I can think of a few places worse than that environment to spend working. Great work, you should be proud. How many Pike do you need to do a 20 foot walkway?
  5. Had Dave not engaged and continued to engage in a conversation concerning his experience with the pandemic and since it is a thread he started I most likely would not have continued discussing it. I hope I didn't frighten or depress you. I post here less and less as of late and need not wonder why.
  6. Hopefully not the neighbour and now he's moved on to new meat. I would be doing anything to discourage them coming so close. I see those TV shows about people living in the Arctic always carrying a sidearm to take out the trash. Bears are not only fast but quick, and stealthy, they would be just finished chewing on my leg before I got the stinkin' gun out of my holster. Who left the trail of liquid the Bear or cisco?
  7. Got rid of them all but the mess a 30 caliber makes is remarkable.
  8. And back again to the topic a tad more important but I hear you Albert. I would like to post here how lucky our man up north is to get away from this pandemic alive. A vibrant and beyond physically fit young man just turned 40 lost his battle to Covid-19. Nick Cordiero, a Broadway Superstar born and raised in Hamilton Ontario. Something you don't hear everyday, Broadway Superstar from Hamilton Ontario. The battle he lost was an epic one. Heart wrenching is all I can say. Please read a quick report about Nick Cordiero below. Now lets get back to that insulation. https://www.chch.com/hamilton-born-actor-nick-cordero-has-died-due-to-covid19/
  9. I once asked the owner of a course in southern Ontario that was hauling in 4 to 6 pound Largemouth one after the other what I needed to do to fish the ponds. He nonchalantly said all I needed was 10 million dollars to buy it and fish to my hearts content. In Florida owners encourage pond fishing to get rid of the fish that brings in big Gators to feed on.
  10. Great haul. We fish locally the Nanticoke and Long Point areas on Erie for Jumbo's. The last few years have been stellar for very large Jumbo Perch, no let me rephrase that, not very large jumbo's but very, very ginormass Jumbo's. More 14" Perch have been caught and released in the last few years than all the 13" or longer Perch I have seen in the last 55 years fishing them. We are looking for that 15"er!!! The only thing that has changed is the size of the Emerald Shinner's we use to get them on our hooks. She's in here somewhere.
  11. I'm with you centa percenta on this one Albert. Slice it paper thin so you can see through it. Then put it in a pot of beef stock on the stove. Pile it on a crusty bun soaked in the beef dip. Mashed on the side smothered in the dip. This 10PM grilled cheese just ain't gonna' do it now not withstanding the paper plate going onto the bon fire tomorrow night. OK, I still haven't gotten the sugar thing. A mistype I hope.
  12. Ok, I can never see which way a thing can go with you brudder. Serious, not serious. Who knows????? I'll take the advice with more than a grain of salt. Now why would I want to whack a wasp that did notin' to me. Doesn't owe me money, didn't mess around with my lady or any of me brudders ladies, notin'. Now why would we whack that person? If that were to transpire why whack em' anyways. A dead Whasp is a good Whasp. Take the "s "away and we have a racial thing ready to explode. As far as bubble gum with Gin can Vodka be interchanged with Gin? If so I am with ya.
  13. You most likely had it. I just hope there hasn't been any long term damage done. To have had it and come out the other end unscathed is rare. I pray you are rare. I have far too much information concerning this dreaded disease. When I was tested at the beginning of July I was to my surprise told that the test is only 70% accurate. I am going in to get tested next week, my shortness of breath is not getting better. A customer of my wife's husband that was 60 years old and in good health died suddenly when they were taking a walk one evening. They tried to get into see their family Doc and were told the Dr. wasn't available and would do an examination over the telephone. If it worsens call 911 and or go to the emergency at the local hospital. Something I have done in the last 6 months. I don't know how blood pressure, heart rate, breathing etc. is determined over a telephone. These new phones can do amazing things but turning into a Doctor isn't one,,, ,,,,,yet. Long story short the gentleman found it almost impossible to get any air to the point his wife dialed 911. Sadly before the Paramedics arrived he had lost consciousness and was dead on arrival to the hospital. This was in Haldimand County, Caledonia specifically. Autopsy results showed heart disease of which the name currently eludes me. I find I am saying that more and more these days. Congestive Heart Failure, that was it. I remember!! No one wants to wait for hours, alone, in the emergency dept. in a hospital but don't let it slide. Everyone, please get medical treatment and advise before it's too late.
  14. When I bought this lake front cottage 23 years ago it came with a hoard of Mud Wasps, also known as Mud Daubers down south. They chew up soft wood and regurgitate it to build their hives. They were everywhere. In between the wall studs were nests or hives as high as 5' in between the 2x4's. We had to use shovels to clean them all out. When the cottage was gutted back to dimensional lumber I had it sprayed by a pro exterminator. I have not seen a wasp since. In the last week there are 6 or more wasps flying around at any given time. They are so dozy all you need to do is pick them up by hand with a tissue and throw them out the door. They don't sting, or haven't stung us, ever. I haven't been given any definite advise from Home Hardware or the folks at CTC for what to use and how to get rid of them for good. I thought for sure TSC would have an answer, no such luck. The Pro's are taking about a 4 day plan including us staying away for 48 hours, no pets for 5 full days and a invoice of nearly a grand, that would be almost $1000.00 and no guarantee, oh my. Why they have shown up after 23 years is strange. I will ask my neighbors if I see them. My neighbors are unique. 1 has a 5th wheel set up in a park with a small man made lake about 1.5 hrs drive away that they travel with in the winter and the other lives about 1/2 hr away on a farm and hasn't spent a single night here in at least 5 years. It makes for quiet times here but makes me wonder if it's me!!! My wife says it might just be I. Any advice from you folks here? Thanks Johnny D.
  15. You are brave men. We would fill a few extra 5 gallon tanks with gas and took a few extra props that we took from The South Bay to the lower French for the day, The ironic thing was we passed more than a few convoys heading our way to get a trophy Musky in our waters. The grass is always greener.
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