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  1. A good agent is hard to find. An actual human being on the other end of the line is a bonus. For a short period of time my business inherited an insurance provider that only spoke French and refused to speak English. They sure understood and spoke it when I cancelled the coverage. They were in the NFL, not for long.
  2. I would check with my insurance broker to ensure the rig is insured when someone without a valid license is driving it on private property. Many folks are unpleasantly surprised that although they pay for insurance they are in some cases not insured. Not just ATV's, their homes as well.
  3. 'm jealous dear Cliff. Looks like you are having a blast. You and I didn't have such things when we were kids, I was 16 in 70', yep sounds right. We had field bombs then, if you could find a field in Hamilton. I went havesies with my cousin that lived pretty close to Darien Lake in western New York, they had a few acres and all his pals had fields. We found a running 60 something Chevy station wagon we paid 40 bucks for, 20 each. I think I drove 4 laps around our makeshift Indy 500 oval, maybe 4 laps, that was 5 bucks a lap because the next time I went down there the field bomb was not there. 5 bucks a lap. I made 50 cents an hour pumping gas. 20 bucks was a weeks wages. Learned a good lesson, actually a few. edit: what kind of insurance do you need to cover your arse? I see a pal got one over the winter. All the bells and whistles. He showed me it was plated. I know he has been barred from getting a license anywhere in the World, Ontario for sure. He says he is insured, really? Without a valid drivers license? I don't know the answers thus I ask, do you need a license? He's 82 years young.
  4. For sure I can't find the white fire extinguisher for the boat. I'm not talking about physical things more about attitudes but I am still missing stuff. I am less tolerant, might it be my 66 1/2 years on Earth rather than a sequestered life? (sorry about no spell check) Actually I am not sorry spell check is off, or not simply turned on or whatever. I am becoming my 18 year old nephew, whatever. And I am fine with that. I finally broke down and got my debit card synched or whatever you call it to hook up the card to tap. And it works 5 out of 10 times I try to tap, touch, slide, swipe, do the circle tap, tap from 4 to 6 inches above, then the 8 inch dive bomb, finally the youngster says it might be me, yes it's you I know it's not me, I'm 50 years older than you and I know I'm doing it just how the other 15 year old taught me how, training is for Circus animals, of course you don't know what a circis is. I finally understood the kid or whomever, whoever or whatever handles the cash/card etc. less. (Don't pull out any Year Books from the early 70's, I think my hair was longer and my vision improved immensly once I had my bangs cut. As this decease is finally in or out of control somewhat so go our in or out of control brains. What, if anything have you lost. Former spouses included. Please can someone help me find spell check and turn it on. None of my many forums are spell checking, zero. I would appreciate any help.
  5. All good, Mr. Flynn however wins Joke of da Week hands down, maybe joke of da year so fars. How is it when I hear someone is from da rock I start talkin' like day talk for the next hour? At the plant those buys from down east blended all the English and even some Quebecois together, Newfouundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia wid sum of da penninsula, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island all togeder to make a single language not ever down homers can understand. That was fair. Good humour guys, thanks( opps,,,, tangs I needed it. Keep em comin' der me dear buys.
  6. We are talking about the batteries that cost a few bucks on the remote to run the elec. troller that with options and taxes might be close to $3000.00 are we not? Count enough pennies and one can spend more than 2 grand on an accessory I guess.
  7. Ceretainly no expert here but do know a few. For what it' worth one of the self appointed experts at the Dover Legion told me it's too hot and too early for this heat.
  8. Any spray lubericant other than WD-4-, I buy anything that is on sale and keep it right where I keep the transom straps in the truck. Right now I have can of Mastercraft Silicone spray, under 10 bucks at CTC. Yes Water Displacement formula 40 will work too, it will take oil paint off your skin as well.
  9. The 1st thing I thought when I 1st read your post was how blessed you are to know exactly where your crack was. I know folks that have been searching for the source of leak(s) on both glass and aluminum boats. The 2nd thing I commented to myself was what a mess the welder made of that repair. As I read on I am so glad you are listening to Wayne/Irishfeild as how to repair a crack. I can see that the ends of the cracks avenues were not drilled, the drilling of a hole at the end of a crack in metal, every metal that cracks that I am aware of anyway, will hopefully stop cracking at that point, it interupts the crack so to speak. The 2nd pick Irishfeild has provided of a repair is what your repair. I have to ask how old the boat is. There are experts out there that insist all pleasure boats. both tin and glass have a best before date depending on manufacturer, maintenace, good or bad, how used or abused for example. My Starcraft is a 96', 25 years old, experts say it's best before date is 18. Used like it was about to break, never WOT, maybe 3/4 of red line, once a year maybe wide open to clean carbon like our excuse in the old days to drive the family car like it was stolen. I am looking for a leak now, not surprised nor upset. Listen to Wayne. If you want many good opinions join iboats.com. It's a boating forum with over 100,000 members World wide. I have been a member for years and the opinion Wayne gave is exactly what you will get there; , regardless I highly recommend iboats. It's an easy forum to follow, well organized and well monitored, no children unlike many forums.
  10. The boat that slid off the bunks onto dry land and was virtually destroyed had the then newer polymer slidey material that is as slippery as ice apperently. I have not personally witnessed a boat sliding off carpeted bunks, the exact opposite as the heavier boats tend to stick to the things but the guy that unkooked too early, even for carpeted bunkshe or she will never do that again, I sure hope not. The 1st thing I was told by the guy I bought our 19' StarCraft from was about the carpeted bunks, he said before winching the boat onto the trailer back the trailer in until you soak the carpet on the bunks real good it did does help winching the heavy boat back onto then trailer. I came up with spraying the lube on the carpeting, that really helps a ton, lierally a ton. No WD-40 please, it dries the carpeting out and deteriorates materials early. WD-40 is not a lube. It diplaces water, thus the WD acronym, 40th formula invented by NASA to keep the rocket ships dry in humid Florida. It lubes temporarily then it dries materials out over time. I had a 1986 Jeep YJ, when it rained unless I sprayed the wires with WD-40 it would never start. Then I noticed it cracked the wires prematurley. Rock and hard place deal. While off topic, just a bit, ha, glass vs tin. I will take the much better ride on a nice solid Ranger, Bass or Walleye version, at the gas station I'd rather bring the tinny. ( Is slidey a word? spell check NFG.)
  11. Based on watching that guy destroy his boat when it slid off those ice like bunks onto the pavement I decided to recarpet my bunks a few years back. To assist the crank factor I spray the carpet on the bunks with some lube just before I retrieve the boat, not WD-40. I'm 66 1/2 and only use 1 hand to crank, at least my buddy does, I always end up in the truck! Me no stupido.
  12. Be careful unclipping bow clip too far from the drink. I saw a 15'er slide right off the bunks onto the pavement smashing to smitherines the guys outboard and entire transom. Saw some tears too. Be careful.
  13. Ya think maybe, I better check, I haven't seen the other one since I gained 25 pounds of gut!
  14. Ain't that the truth. Caught my 1st Musky, sort of a Tiger, trolling a BLack Fury looking for a Pic, I said "Man I never saw a big Pike jump!!!" At least you guys boated a few, we got the Skunkeye yesterday. Good to see the kid chuafering Pop's around.
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