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  1. Beats a good day working any day. I've been on trips with guys that didn't bring a rod and reel.
  2. I used to say that, but if you pay taxes you can complain about anyone you did or didn't vote for. The 1st time I will be standing behind the cardboard box they call a voting booth deciding who is or isn't getting my vote. Do I vote for the MP locally who can help me best here at home or do I vote for PM? 1st time in many years I am totally undecided. campaigned for the Libs for many years since I was a teen. I missed every debate this year. I had to look online as to who is running here. I don't think I have seen a few dozen signs on lawns. Not much to choose from actually. Not 1 impresses me. A career politician, a retired social worker with zippo experience in law, business or politics and someone that couldn't be bothered to create a website. Plus a few others from obscure parties that are a complete waste of my vote and time, some party called The Retired Peoples of Canada.
  3. It was Aristotle or Socrates that said the exact same thing about the generation of youth in his time. That was a few thousand years ago, many things don't change. We are starting to sound like our parents. My father called us The Pepsi Cola generation or The long haired Hippy Beatles generation. It was Aristotle he said Quote: “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”
  4. I finally got it, good one, again. What happened to our Joke of the Day thread? There were some good ones. I need a good laugh in the AM. Everyone does.
  5. Nice ride. I have always wanted to get one but my wife has zero interest in the lifestyle. I rented one for a week once and headed to Myrtle Beach, she wanted to bail after the 1st night. Maybe I'll just buy yours and go solo. Why may I ask why you aren't going to use it any longer Cliff? If I was single I'd sell my house and hit the road for a few years. Canada spring to late Fall then point the thing until the compass say S and keep it there until I see Palm trees. AQctually I know a widower that does the exact same thing. People he knows will fly to where he is and join him for a few weeks. He has a little electric scooter in the back for shopping etc. perfect.
  6. I haven't heard that. For some reason I don't check that forum like I used to. Thanks Dave, I'll pass it on. Winds and the lake have been fairly calm the last week, NE winds. 2 guys were out in front of our place this afternoon trolling. Must have been for Smallies I'd guess, they were catching them with regularity. No they didn't get my permission!!!! (I'm just jealous.)
  7. I got it. Nice dock job. I need to get me one of those guns on the deck. 30 or 50 Cal. Then I would never have to wait in line to launch or dock. At my age and since my Bladder Cancer scare I know every public washroom from here to Hamilton and back. And every not so public dumpster box. I carry a big screw top plastic jug now. I've been stuck in traffic too many times. Now when I gotta go I gotta go 2 minutes ago, no holding it these days, impossible. I always carry a change of clothes in the car, truck, boat and in my Golf bag. One day I needed 2 changes on the way to T.O. airport. That's when I started carrying the plastic jug. A few years ago Big Louie The Dutchman got stuck in downtown T.O. with his wife, he had to go so he got out and went. What are ya' gonna' do? I don't have to tell what Linda said to the poor lout. At least it wasn't a 2 pile!! When I have a bout of diarrhea now I do not leave the house, ever. Experience is a lifetime of mistakes, wisdom is not repeating them.
  8. Great list Sinker, thanks. I see only a couple of stations offer 93 octane, Esso. The rest are all 91 a small few are less. One is down the road in Port Dover, I use that station because it's easy to pull the boat into. I always thought Esso and Shell had higher than 93, guess that might have been in the distant past when I had British sports cars. 67' MGB, 72' TR-6 and a 77' 2+2 E type Jag. None ran well on regular, especially when they introduced lead free. What is aviation fuel?
  9. Of course they are totally unrelated. Lew I was trying a feeble attempt to show how sometimes luck is a real thing. I still am of the opinion that very, very good parents can have bad offspring. Bad luck? What else can it be? And the opposite can be true when very bad parents can have children that become adults and good contributors to society and law abiding citizens. I have personally seen both scenarios many times. I can't explain how Brian's kids became criminals and many kids of drug addled abusive alcoholic parents that kids are taken away from and put into the Foster system have survived the abuse and went on to become good contributors to society. In engineering there is something called a sinusoidal curve. In any process, operation that is closely controlled actually anything from the weather, the perfect storm scenario that can not be controlled, to sports when a few or many things go to the bottom of the curve bad things can happen. A series of unfortunate events that will usually cause a failure. To have them fail all at the same time can only be called bad luck, if there isn't a failure it's good luck. I might be out to lunch but I can only explain some things in life as lucky or unlucky. Not very scientific I know.
  10. It happens all the time. My buddy dug a farm pond and in just 3 years there were Carp in it. How??
  11. I as well John strongly believe in that theory. But, when a 53' Tractor Trailer goes through a stop sign exactly at the same second a bus full of Jr. Hockey players does, exactly the same millisecond and dozens of kids are killed how do you explain that? Devine intervention? That I don't believe in.
  12. And just 3 years ago the Perch were on fire here on the north shore. My good pal and I went out for a few hours one afternoon west of Long Point on a Walleye trip. We unloaded the truck put the boat in and I said lets try and get some Perch for supper. Bought some Emerald Shiners and went out for a few hours. A 14" Perch is a personal best for most guys, I've been close but not a 14"er. He caught no less than 3 of them in that short afternoon fishing trip. 3!!!!
  13. Lets hope not. I can't believe a Goby could stay alive for the time it takes to transport it from a different body of water. But it happens just like Zebra Mussels.
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