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  1. Old Ironmaker

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    Yes flying out of Buffalo is fantastic if you are flying within the continental U.S. Flights to the islands are few and far between unless a charter. When I was working for a living my relief came in an hour early on Thursday night shift. I could be at the Bflo airport and catch a 6PM flight to Sarasota or Ft. Myers and if direct Mom would have a late homemade dinner waiting for me at our condo. I never had baggage to check as I had everything I needed down south. That can save an hour or more. Dinner, a swim and to bed so I could be up early and hit Charlotte Harbor with a local friend I met that has a boat and fish the Mangroves in the brackish waters. I would fly back to Buffalo Monday and be in time to relieve at 6PM that night. Many times I got a free flight because the airline asked for someone to change their itinerary back. I was in no hurry to get to work. Another bonus flying out of Buffalo is overnight short term parking was dirt cheap. I paid as little as $99.00 for a flight to Fla. but not direct. The strangest flight from Buffalo was when the flight went to T.O. and then to Fla. I timed it, 12 minutes from wheels up to wheels down if I can remember that long ago. I once had a bonus of 2 extra days as Buffalo was snowed in. I called in and the schedule clerk wrote "Snowed in in Florida." My GF wanted an explanation. Duh!
  2. For all you guys that brave the elements and go out on the ice I can report good ice conditions on Erie around Haldimand. Usually huge mounds of ice are on the shore line as wind blows ice flows close to shore then freeze. That cold snap last week and low south winds have the shoreline very flat and accessible. Usually sleds and quads have to climb huge icebergs, not this year. I thought this place was going to blow away last Wed. Visibility was maybe 2 feet. A large automotive garage burnt to the ground in Selkirk during the storm. I can't imagine the conditions our brave volunteer fire fighters had to endure. The only plus was it was a few hundred yards from our firehall.
  3. Old Ironmaker

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    Thanks all. Booked a nice hotel a few K's from the terminal including shuttle for 120 bucks. I was surprised 2 queen size bed room was 20 less than 1 queen. I will be booking any travel plans in the future. She could have flown out of Hamilton which is a 45 minute drive from us. Grrrrrr. Flying out of TO is going to cost at least $250.00 more with hotel and airport limo back to Hamilton and that doesn't include the time and cost driving on those 400 series Hell highways. With the 407 to the hotel maybe more than 250. Oh and a dinner out the night before. I hope there is a Mickey D drive through close by. This free trip to the DR is going to cost me big time. And I haven't even calculated how much a cleaning lady is going to cost before she gets home. A few of the boys are staying here for a few nights. They want to ice fish out back. I have caught some nice Perch here when we had ice. This is the 1st time in years we have had good solid ice. No open water as far as the eye can see on Lake Erie. edit: are you reading this Fish Farmer Dave? It's smooth too, no huge shore icebergs. Thanks again, Johnny D.
  4. Old Ironmaker


    I think the Bass was ill. It took my Rappala hard though so it could obviously feed. Caught a slab crappie and a few nice smallies there. I didn't have a tape measure. The tip of the nose in my hand and the tail went 1/2 way to my biceps. Let me get a tape...…...20". The pond is an old quarry, it's the only pond you can see from the road in you know where. Very picturesque. There are snowballs coming off the lake hitting our place right now. Sounds like someone knocking at the door. Bell sat. is out but Xplornet is fine.
  5. Old Ironmaker


    I thought the same thing about the guy freaking on the hunter. He doesn't even own the land, he leases it. I have been passing the same pond near the Steel plant I worked at of and on since 1978 but never stopped and fished it. Saw many fish there including winter. A few years back one Fall morning I decided to try it. Caught the longest and skinniest Large Mouth in my life. The place was riddled with trash. A few days latter I went to the same pond. A pick up truck came flying down the path and a young guy gets out holding a baseball bat. He was flipping out on me, did I see the no trespassing sign on the chain gate? He stocks the pond and people come in and keep everything caught, kids use it as a party spot and leave garbage everywhere. And, and and. I apologized to him, I didn't see the sign as the chain was on the ground. Then I showed him the green garbage bag of refuse I picked up as I walked the perimeter of the pond. He did some apologizing to me and said he unfortunately couldn't give permission to fish it as others would see it and surmise it was OK for them too. He did however give me permission to fish the creek behind the farm house, and showed me a few nice pools that held trout. I never did fish it.
  6. Old Ironmaker


    Nothing like confronting someone in an aggressive manner when the other guy has a loaded weapon in his hand. Either stupid or brave, I think stupid. Trespassing isn't just a PA problem. I once visited my Uncle in place called Jerseyviile in southern Illinois during Deer season. The local paper had 2 full pages of owners names and addresses of posted land. Uncle Sal said no one reads them or the posted signs everywhere because he is constantly running off trespassers. They will even set up camps for the entire hunting season and leave a huge mess behind that he cleans up. These trespassers are so intelligent one left behind a magazine addressed to him. Unc gathered up the entire mess and delivered it to his doorstep. It still remains a problem. Not being a hunter I don't know if it is a problem here in Ontario. I've been told any posted land means no hunting for anyone including the owner, true or false? Logic tells me false.
  7. Old Ironmaker

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    That's a fair price Lew and the shuttle is a bonus. I found that earlier on Expedia, asking 139 today. I can negotiate. Thanks Sir.
  8. Old Ironmaker

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    The Gateway Sheraton is asking $499.99 a night. That's almost what I paid for the entire all inclusive trip tp Cuba a few years ago. There is a hotel called EST asking $98.00. That may be a tent and a sleeping bag.
  9. My wife has a flight to her sisters place in the DR. Because it's an early flight and who knows what the weather will be I have suggested she get a room the day before. Do you folks have any recommendations for a hotel at a reasonable price, if there is such a thing these days? She departs from terminal 3. Thanks all. Johnny D
  10. Old Ironmaker

    Anyone own one of these Kodi boxes?

    Thank you LFW. Much appreciated. I need to see what and unlimited is going to cost and if I have enough bandwidth. st and if I have enough bandwidth to support 247.
  11. Old Ironmaker

    Anyone own one of these Kodi boxes?

    Do you get HBO? It's must see TV for us. By the time I get off my butt and join the new world of TV technology it may be perfected. We now have enough bandwidth to support internet TV with the new modem. There seems to be too many to choose from. One guy says X is great and the next guy says no way brand Y is better. Buddy has a Kodi box and from what I see it sucks. I need to watch a NFL game while it is happening not 5 minutes after the play is over. Bell Sat. TV bill is killing us. 7 bucks plus HST for a movie rental. Probably $28.00 plus tax a month for movie rentals alone.
  12. Old Ironmaker

    Needed items for atv?

    Fisherman sure knows his stuff. We've been caught in whiteouts out on a few lakes ice fishing and sure wished we had a GPS to find our way back, safely, but the hand held weren't invented yet. A can of that "Fix a Flat" stuff may come in handy out in the bush or on the ice. It has served me well a few times and much smaller than a small compressor. Maybe a trailer to tow all the stuff mentioned.
  13. Old Ironmaker

    cooking thread...

    Ya, text me a recipe. MJIG, very well put. Are you a defence lawyer? I have to admit there are times to text and times to stick to the cooking thread at hand. As far as jumping when the phone rang at dinner, what's the difference when all the phones start dinging at dinner? There will not be any texting at our table when we have cooked dinner for 18, or more. It used to be "Knives and Guns in the basket." Now it's "cell phones in the basket before you sit at our dinner table." Then I get "Oh Uncle Johnny you are so old fashioned."
  14. Old Ironmaker

    Attention: Members with Expired Navionics Chips

    Ok, of course I don't get the joke. David I love the way everyone here, you especially on this post is more than willing to help out a fellow OFCer. Not all forums out there will, in fact some are just downright combative.
  15. My very 1st time using a spinning reel I borrowed my brothers Mitchel 300, left hand retrieve. I had to turn it upside down to reel it with my right, backwards. I cast right handed and reel right handed. Being ambidextrous can get confusing. I write left handed unless a big white/blackboard I then use my right hand .