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  1. Old Ironmaker

    The Result of Gun Contol

    I could make a list of countries a few pages long that are in a civil war, a war of genocide or a war over natural resources or a strip of desert, another civil war just is what the World needs. Thousands die everyday in little wars CNN or CBC doesn't cover, thousands more flee or risk death every day. So how is a million more refugees going to effect us here in our safe comfy country? We don't care deep down do we? At least Brian has the Corleone's to admit it. As HTHM says, "Hey look a can of worms, let's open it. Now can we get back to Hockey and icefishin'?
  2. Old Ironmaker

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    From a non modern era hockey guy the expertise and knowledge of the game and all the teams from you guys on this board is impressive.
  3. Old Ironmaker

    Record Buck

    I thought so. Never seen such a huge rack, not on a Deer anyway.
  4. Old Ironmaker

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    You didn't know the password. I think the bars there closed at 2 or 3 when ours closed at 1. As if we needed more. Always had a designated driver because the OPP set up on the Canadian side of the bridge. A few times us non hunters got back to the cabin when the boys were up getting ready to freeze their butts off hunting for flying chickens. No cell phones then other than the ones the size of a radio that they called in airstrikes with in Viet Nam with the 10 pound battery on a strap.
  5. Old Ironmaker

    Splakefest on ice

    8 minutes, perfect. Didn't look too cold that day. I'm freezing and it's plus 7C here today. That self hook set rig looks like it works great. Nothing worse than deep hooking a fish you don't want to kill. Those little buggers sure are spunky pretty too Joeytier. Good going.
  6. Old Ironmaker

    Record Buck

    Looks more like a Maple tree on it's head. Not sure how I feel about taking a massive animal like that. But I don't hunt. There's no catch and release in hunting. Using a camera is close I guess. Was he too old to breed?
  7. Old Ironmaker

    The Result of Gun Contol

    Above X2. Fox news report, enuff said.
  8. Old Ironmaker


    I think you are onto something Dave. No need for it to be sunny or windy. Why not?
  9. Old Ironmaker

    Memorable funny ice fishing trip

    The Keystone Cops go icefishing. Millennials can Google The Keystone Cops.
  10. Old Ironmaker

    I just love a good fishing story!

    I've seen some big Eyes but nothing that long. I wonder what it would weight. You comp gurus here can probably do some forensic photography and guestimate it's weight.
  11. Old Ironmaker

    Braided line fluro leader

    The biggest challenge I have tying knots these days are eyesight and loss of hand dexterity. I can tie a modified Trilene without looking. I don't know what they call it today. The polymer is my go to when tossing hardware for Bass. Modified Trilene is through the eye, 6 or 7 wraps around the main line, back through the loop you made, back through the new loop spit and done. In 40 years of using this knot I can say one has never failed. I call it the Lefko knot because Mr. Lefko showed me how way back when Dino's roamed the Earth. Brian it's not that I don't like long videos it's that my attention span is shorter now as well as getting closer to my best before date.
  12. Old Ironmaker

    Vehicle Insurance changes for 2019 NF

    That is one wild place, or it was. There was a Beef farm near Ft. Coulange where the farmer lady would BBQ you a 1 pound steak and a jug of cold beer for something like 8 bucks. That's what you got, a steak and a huge mug of ice cold beer, no taters or fixins'. If you knew the password she had Moonshine. The password was "argent."
  13. Old Ironmaker

    Braided line fluro leader

    jerpears let us know if you find one of these gizmos at Sail please. Will it work with flouro to braid?
  14. Old Ironmaker

    Braided line fluro leader

    Not ice fishing but I have lost too many good and expensive hardware trying to tie braid to flouro. I use a micro swivel on all my downrigger rods. Yes damage can happen to the eyes and or line when the swivel is spooled onto the reel. A dab of super glue on the swivel works for me. No broken line so far, around 8 years since I started long lining for Eyes on Erie ( the most boring style of fishing by the way). I plan on fishing next year and have plenty of time to practice knots this winter.
  15. Old Ironmaker

    Memorable funny ice fishing trip

    I've seen this one before, it's just as funny as the 1st time. You could play the Benny Hill song at a funeral and it would get a laugh. Thanks for the chuckle.