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  1. Electric vs Propane Water Heater

    Operating costs for propane are less than hydro. The best ROI is On Demand propane hot water. If renting a unit (gas or electric) is possible in your area I would consider it depending on monthly cost. You never need worry about break downs and repair costs.
  2. Real Estate in south western On.

    Health Care in London from Chatham-Kent is a shorter drive than where we are here to Hamilton.
  3. Real Estate in south western On.

    We have family in Halifax. Going east was an option and still may be. Great value in Moncton New Brunswick.
  4. Another School shooting

    CNN reports this time 10 reported killed 10 wounded at a school shooting in Santa Fe Texas. Man this World is effed up.
  5. Is Sail getting a little shady?

    Great point Chris. As for getting anything done via Email, ferged aboud it. My kid brother did a stint in customer service at a national cable TV provider from out west. He would get 100's of emails with complaints each and every morning. If he read each and every email let alone deal with them the 480 minutes of the day would be over. He said they all went into the trash bin automatically, if the customer was serous about their complaint they would eventually call and choose 1 of the 10 options to get the right people to listen, human to human then of course they tell you that you are in line and the wait will be 25 minutes. They want you to go away and stay go away.
  6. Is Sail getting a little shady?

    Returned items are often just put back in the opened box and put back on the shelf by retailers. Canadian Tire is one of the worse doing this, Walmart is another. I got jammed up by CTC when I bought a shallow well pump, changed all the plumbing, installed it and the pump was NFG, they said sorry. If I had to have a plumber do it I would be out 500 bucks. I never buy anything where the box has been opened then taped closed. I would never spend any money on anything where the sale is final unless I know I'm taking a chance at a liquidators and the price is a fraction of what it is. Even then at Channel Control in Brantford items that are greater than 100 bucks and ALL electronics have a 7 day exchange policy. As for the legality I don't practice Law or Medicine so it would be a guess. An honest retailer would mark an item "As Is" I would hope and reflect it in the price.
  7. Real Estate in south western On.

    Exactly Rizzo. If there is a property for sale in Ontario 2 hours outside the GTA my wife has seen it online. The best value without going 8 hours north or north east is Chatham-Kent. There are many places for less than 200K that aren't in the slums and don't need renovations.
  8. Real Estate in south western On.

    We are about 15K from what was The Nanticoke coal fired plant. Before they shut down the yellow streak that was in the sky generally went across the lake towards NY or Ohio with the prevailing winds we have and never effected us. So I don't see much of a problem being east of Detroit. Besides I grew up and worked my entire life in the shadows of the Steel plants in Hamilton and air pollution is something I lived with my entire life before retiring here. The numbers our Governments quote for unemployment don't really reflect the number of people unemployed. From those who's benefits have ran out, on social assistance or disability pensions that are no longer looking or pensioners that need employment to make ends meet for example.
  9. Real Estate in south western On.

    .I mentioned earlier in the year we are relocating. We have an offer on a place in Chatham 2 blocks from the river, didn't get flooded last month. I have to tell you most all of that real estate in SW Ontario, Chatham-Kent, is the best buy in Ont. unless you go far north or north east of Ottawa. 1/2 hour from London and 1/2 hour from Windsor. Close to the 401 and 20 minutes from Erie. For a 3 bedroom, recent reno'd 2 1/2 bath, tastily finished rec room, recent reno'd kitchen, an in ground pool, central AC, 2 car garage, 70X120 foot lot in a quiet mature neighbourhood you are looking at 250K, maximum. Want a place with an indoor pool we recently saw? $280,000.00, maybe. Want a project? Less than $175.000.00. There are dozens on the market. For 300K you get a 3500 ft.sq. McMansion. The unemployment rate there is something like 30% with the closures of car plants and ancillary plants. The Thames River runs through town with great fishing.The Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and Erie are 1/2 hour or so away. For anyone wanting to retire this is value beyond great value. I feel for the guys out of work but that creates great bang for a buck. This is just a heads up for those retiring or downsizing. Out of work or very little work? Sell your home in Hamilton, Niagara Penn. or TO and buy 2 or 3 there and get into property management. Many students and workers commute to London. Even better value is New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We just got back from house shopping there. Unbelievable what you can get for 250Kor less. The 2 1/2 month summers are an issue though, unless you go south from Nov to April. We can sell here and get a place in Chatham or out East and a very nice place south and put the change in the bank. Just some information we have learned that I want to pass on.
  10. Tis The Season!!! ^_^

    Some of the best free entertainment around these parts is to grab a coffee or cold one and watch the "Boat Follies" at the local ramps on the weekend. It's fun unless I am in line waiting. I can't remember the last time I put the boat in the water or actually ventured out when we had a slip on a weekend or a holiday. It isn't relaxing dodging week end warriors that got a boat for Xmas. gent. The best advise I ever got from a older gentleman was use your mirrors and if you can't see the boat you are going straight. I have a few scuff marks from launching, I admit it. No one started anything as an expert, maybe an infant looking for milk but that's about it.
  11. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Apparently he is a hoot outside the role he plays in front of the media cameras. Dry humour but humour nonetheless. We get his weekly show here from Boston on the Sat. dish. He throws zingers in all the time if you listen carefully. Watch his biography that was made by the NFL network. Actually your are right, he isn't funny in the least. He is an alien as is Elvis and Lennon. 2-1 Vegas by the time I edited this. 1-zip Vegas 15:04 in the 2nd.
  12. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    So the OPP can enforce the Ont. Fishing Regs. or they can't? 2 schools of thought based on comments here. I think I'll just ask the next time I am in Hortons and interrupt their safety meeting. They sure have quite a few safety meetings there. I bet they don't have a consensus.
  13. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    There was a time Walleye was open all year on the Grand up to the Caledonia Dam at least. Now it is closed on that river including Bass until the openner. Erie has open season all year for Walleye but Bass is not. It looks like the OPP do not have the power to enforce the On. fishing regs. as I interpret what has been said here. I guess the easiest way to confirm that is to ask one the next time I am in a Tim Hortons
  14. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    I always wondered how NY State Smallmouth knew when they crossed the border and became Ontario Smallmouth. Getting nesting Bass to bite isn't as easy as it sounds. From watching the Smallies on their nests from the deck they will feed late in the day and then and only then do they leave the beds.