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  1. Garmin fish finders

    I had a colour BPS/Sonar combo that was a first generation colour combo, maybe 15 years old a few years back. It finally fried when I left the screen on all day in direct sunlight, not recommended for any screen back then, mia culpa. If I'm still fishing now I shut off my units and cover them. New units may be different and can take the sunlight and heat today. I hope so. As far as details on that chip on the Great Lakes it was so detailed, especially in the shipping lanes and the docking areas like Nanticoke, there was sometimes too much detail. Garmin supplied there own cards included in the price of the units, back then at least. Not sure about today. That old GPS chip was amazing, far better than my current Navionics card that came with my Humminbird. You can't go wrong with a Garmin for quality in my opinion.
  2. Fishing in -30ºC

    That 1 trout didn't want to go back down. Backed his way out of the hole a few times. It was warmer in your clam so he wanted to stay with you mate. Ding a ling, North Bay scallops, love them. Watching the human snow making machine made me turn on the gas fireplace. Even to cold for Jack? Thanks for the video and stay warm.
  3. For me bye fishfarmer

    Do you deliver Brian? I guess what it means Dan is beware of who you invite in. Not is a serious warning to low lifes in a friendly jab at fishing buddy's. I liked the hut I saw once that had one of those monitored by "X" security signs on it. It amazes me what guys will leave in their huts for weeks. I guess they didn't grow up where I did. I knew a guy that had his Pit Bull sleep in his truck. Better than a zap of 220.
  4. For me bye fishfarmer

    It loses a lot in the translation but there's an old saying in Italian, something like this. "It's better to have the Devil at your front door than an Icefisherman at your back door."
  5. Well so much for that!!

    Thanks, G, got it.
  6. Will an 18v drill turn an 8" auger?

    Batteries do not like the cold, we all know that. From experience when we did construction in winter and to extend battery life was not to leave a battery in any battery operated tool when not in use. When we were building in the dead of winter the construction guys kept their spare batteries in a insulated cooler bag and when really cold they would use one of those hand warmers kept on with an elastic band or elec tape when stored. I had a good idea that actually worked. Actually on the Ryobi battery operated tools the instruction are to never leave the battery in the tool when not in use. It would suck to go out for the day and batteries die fast. Hope this helps.
  7. Hut Rental for Rainbows

    The Caswell Hotel in Sundridge on Lake Bernard had a few huts for rent where we caught a few Rainbows a few years back. Not Haliburton though. No transportation just a hut in deep water.
  8. Checking in from FLA

    Thanks amigo mia. -6, yea right maybe -16. I have never been to Curacao, I hear great things about the place. Been years since Aruba, even then, early 80's, it was dear compared to other Islands. My favorite was Turks and Caicos before anyone knew where it was. Pristine. It had 1 landing strip on Provencal then you took Island hoppers to get to where you had to go. Cottage like bungalow's. Hardly any roads, the best diving on the planet. Piracy was a big thing there back then. Kind of unsettling when the dive Capt's 1st mate had a 30 cal on board and the guy that took care of the cottages had a sidearm strapped to him. My brother had the great idea that we would run a security business for tourists and the boats that brought goods to these outpost camps. His and my young wife didn't buy into it. A businessman from Burlington was looking for investors for the 1st western style Hotel then. Canada was considering taking it on as a territory. No idea what is there now but I recommend it if it's considered safe, I'm sure it is. Have a great time with your daughter paesano mia.
  9. Checking in from FLA

    Got into Buffalo at 5AM. Delayed in Washington due to weather. Nice to be home. I decided to come home now rather than stay a few more weeks and suffer alone. Fishing took a back seat, my back is pooched. Looks like I am going to have to do something about it. Out since the 1st week of December, I am breaking down and seeing my Doc Tues. It's nice to get away to warm weather but it is nicer to come home. We don't have a lot of stuff but I like being near it. It sure is cold here, plus "free" Health Care. Where's all that 60F weather I was reading about the other day? Bunch of fibbers.
  10. Well so much for that!!

    That's cold, even cold enough for "fog" to freeze? Where are you working Mr. Bunker? I hope you aren't home. For a minute I thought you were home. It gets brutally cold along the Ottawa but that's even too cold for there. We had that camp near Westmeath years ago, urine would freeze before it hit the ground. Urincykles.
  11. Well so much for that!!

    Geoff, PM me if you get a chance. I am having problems sending a PM for some reason.
  12. A great report James, way to go. I thought I read you brought the ladies with you. Can't get any better after a few days with a few smelly buddies. I don't know what it is with some guys, personal hygiene seems to be left at home along with the women. I decided to ask my lady to move in with me 25 years ago after she was a real champ and hung in for 2 trips to our boys fishing camp on the Ottawa, no plumbing, shower or indoor toilet. Great pics too. Saved a few to paint, someday. Some as nice as Joeys, may God rest her soul. Refreshing also to see that you don't need a $100,000.00 fishing boat with 2 grand in electronics, tackle and fishing specific clothing to catch trophy fish. Good on you guys, and girls.
  13. Well so much for that!!

    See that this AM +12 and tomorrow AM -12C. 24 degrees C is a huge drop in temperature. It should smooth out the ice for you die hards.
  14. Anybody seen one of these on the ice?

    If my body continues to break down like it is I will use my elec. mobility chair and throw some chains on the tires. If I were to look for something just for ice fishing, not trail riding etc. it would be a good used snow machine or ATV with chains you can use all year. Like it has been said here no need to re invent the wheel.