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  1. Hey Shag. The body is in old age mode. Can't even cut the lawn or carry anything as heavy as a 2/4 let alone replace shingles that a Lake Erie storm blew off. Thus a condo.
  2. I stop in once in a while and follow all you scallywags. Finally sold our place on Erie in March, minutes before interest rates went up. Ridiculous price but I'm not arguing, We have looked at every hi rise condo for sale from Oakville to Niagara Falls, a large condo is maybe 700 sqft, maybe for only 1 plus million smakers. We are investing the cash we have, wisely I hope, and renting a place in Ft. Erie. A few Goodfellas I know tell me if I give them the cash I can get 15%, weekly! Sorry Tony I saw that movie. Enjoy the summer all.
  3. My Nono told me years ago "if you have enough money you can make Niagara Falls run backwards." It a tough decision to dump a vehicle past its best before date. My 2011 Silverado is creeping towards 200 ,000 KM's, so far so good except the thing is starting to rust, badly. They only want 75K to replace it!!! As far as dialing back an odometer I always look at the rubber on the pedals, a vehicle with 60,000 KM's isn't worn on the right side of the bake pedal, some guys I knew would actually replace the rubber. If they look new, walk away, if the are worn walk away. Good luck.
  4. As far as I have learned Prince Craft boats are built in China and assembled in Quebec then called Canadian.
  5. I think we all have a story, positive or negative, helping our fellow man. I once offered help to a homeless man on James N. in Hamilton and he tried to rob me. I didn't let that stop trying to help others less fortunate. It feels good. I once had a close pal that ended up homeless, great job at Ford Oakville and a great family with 2 teen sons. Drugs, it happens, he never wanted help he wanted cash or stuff for crack. every time I saw him he'd hit me up for a 20. I had to change my schedule because he would be looking for me the same or very next day. He's dead now, made it to 55.
  6. For years my 2 top faves were Godfather (Il Padroni) 1 and 2. Was in grade 12 when 1 came out. I thought it was real life. As I got older and wiser I realized it was as much fantasy as The wizard of Oz. Goodfellas and Casino were much closer to the real mob.
  7. It certainly is a 59 Chevy, we had one when I was a kid, a station wagon. Back seat faced traffic, no one ever flew out the rear window, plus no seat belts. How did we ever survive.
  8. I thought I would do the same thing when I first retired. The new job lasted about a month when I was asked, no told by a 23 year old business grad from a community college to clean the washrooms and sweep the floors. Sorry. Good luck. I should re read the posts, volunteer, got it, good for you but you will have a supervisor 1/2 your age. Hopefully you can handle it.
  9. I'd rather not cruise in a classic. Back in the day we cruised in them before they were classics. The drum brakes sucked, armstrong steering where you better start turning 30 feet from the corner and they smelled like fuel and C0. before taking a curve make sure the door was locked, turn right hard and the person next to you slid across the ench seat and was in your lap, sometimes a good thing depending who she was. Just to name a few downfalls of a "classic". Plus the hoods were up longer than they were down, points, plugs, rotor, condenser changes steady. Resto mods is cheatin' the real ride experience. I'd rather take the wheel of a modern supercar.
  10. I've had a Pflueger for around 40 years now. I cleaned it once. The thing is the "50 Cal." of spinning reels. It's been around the world. Saltwater on the Atlantic and Pacific, even the Sea of Japan, freshwater and even hardwater inside the Artic Circle north of Oulu Finland , she's seen em' all.
  11. Bang on Snidley. Don't leave anything in your vehicle for some creep to scoff (the word for steal in Hamilton in the 60's) One valuable lesson unfortunatly. Earlier you talked about executing all sorts of criminals including druggies. I'll self edit myself.......This subject will get us all riled up.
  12. Insurance companies do not send you replacements for whatever is lost in a theft. They send you a cheque. As far as "they have to go to the next step" not unless it is in your policy. It might be the replacement cost if that is stipulated in your policy as well, hopefully one pays the few bucks extra for replacement cost otherwise they are paying very little by the time they calculate thier formula for depreciation on a comprehensive claim. Not many insurance firms offer comprehensive policies with less than $1000.00 deductable these days, some more I'm told depending where you live. Believe me, I have been dealing with auto insurance for exactly 50 years now. Man I'm old for sure.
  13. Who exactly gets the opening in the cell that is built to house 2 crooks but has 4 or 5 jammed into it? Prisons are overcrouded badly, when a judge decides who gets to be a guest of the crown for 10 to 15 for murder or some homeless druggie stealing rods and reels to get his or her fix who gets to go back to live under the bridge because the inn is full?
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