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  1. Old Ironmaker

    DNR orders

    We let Mom rest Thursday and I am going to thank you ahead of time for your condolences, thanks all. The reason I post this is that I want you all to be aware of what the wishes are of your loved ones including yourselves. Mom had a DNR order, do not resuscitate, but her wishes were not on record at the retirement home they are at. The paramedics worked on her for 25 minutes and then got vital signs. Needless to say she went into a coma and was on life support. They tried a medical procedure that lowers body temp then bring it back to normal over 36 hours that has a 3% chance of bringing someone back. Then what? A close friend told me his Mom went through the same thing and laid in a nursing home for 5 years blind, deaf and unable to move. After the procedure they did a scan that showed basically zero brain activity for Mary Rose DiFilippo. So the Family had to make that dreadful decision to stop resuscitation. Dad at 91 is devastated but doing better everyday, he is a lost soul, together almost 65 years. 3 long hours watching her gasp for air before she passed surrounded by her Family. That is something no one wants to witness guys, believe me. The reason and the only reason I post this is if you have elderly parents, or you yourselves or loved ones have a DNR order make sure it is on record and those close know what it is. I have found there are Medic Alert bracelets and necklaces that say just that. Some have tattoos on their bodies where vital signs are taken that say DNR, I'm getting one. It's going to say take me out on my boat and throw me overboard. What are you gonna do, cry? Think about it folks.
  2. Old Ironmaker

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    I as well was in B.C. fishing last week, below Cayuga. Have a great trip Huzz.
  3. Old Ironmaker

    Heart attack

    Many of us don't get a 2nd chance, some take advantage of it and some don't. You are and that's fantastic. Keep it up.
  4. Old Ironmaker

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    In my experience more rodent damage happens indoors than outdoors. Maybe because it's a warmer environment. I have used both, shrink wrapped and once only the mooring cover and tarped outdoors. The indoor building had several Guard Cats. I put shaved Irish Spring soap in plastic containers and drill holes in them, I put them everywhere in nooks and cranny's where a rodent can hide. Many next to the fuse panel and along wiring raceways, in the spring the interior smells like a spring meadow.
  5. Old Ironmaker

    This seems like a bad plan to me?

    Both well said guys. If you want to get upset go watch the commercial fishing boats at Dover or Port Maitland throw dozens of Smallies into a 40 gallon drum that were accidental catches from their nets day in and day out. No angler can out fish a net.
  6. Old Ironmaker

    Great Yamaha Marina Experience

    Good to hear. I was amazed to learn what little the Marinas pay their mechanics though. I think that's why many Marine dealers have bad reputations. I was told they get 25 bucks an hour, maybe, and the Marine dealers are charging 100 an hour and above. $373.00 plus HST for 2 hours, not cheap but what is these days? Put Marine before a part and the cost gets ridiculous.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts guys I appreciate it. She was the 1st to go to College in the family in 1949 to Buffalo State. That was a huge deal for a woman then. Worked for GM with the highest of security clearances after the war. To get back to the weed issue I talked to a pal today who's farm lane is 600 meters, no weeds. He scrapes down every spring and re spreads it. Donezo.
  8. Only had 1 show up. Answered the door butt naked, that shoose them away. Works every time. Have to pass on that my 87 year old Mom passed yesterday. Had a massive heart failure Wed. AM. She has a DNR order but wasn't on file and they did CPR for 20 mins then 3 days of unwanted life support. If you have elderly parents make sure their wishes are on file and clearly stated. She has been dying of the same heart attack since I was in High School. She sure was a handful but will miss her busting my balls. She was American, born in NY so busting balls came naturally for her. When my friends met her they saw this 4'11 little Italian lady that spoke perfect English with a NY accent and they talked to her very slowly so she could understand. She would ask me in Italian if they were "retarded". Sorry for the R word but she was born in the 30's and that's the way she spoke. I got called into the Principals office in grade 5 for using the N word. That's what she called Hazel Nuts. N Toes. Oh man I can write a book. She was one of the first assistances to John C. Monroe when he ran for Parliament in Hamilton and won. He asked her to move to Ottawa and that wasn't happening. Pierre Trudeau sat in our kitchen on Rosedale Ave. in Hamilton in the late 60's drinking Dad's home made red wine eating home made sausages and peppers. I thought he was a weirdo Hippy. Anyway guys thanks for indulging me. Johnny D.
  9. Old Ironmaker

    Bait Tank

    Good going Dan.
  10. Old Ironmaker


    I watched for 10 minutes and tapped out. All was good until the snow fell.
  11. Old Ironmaker

    Always respect lakes you are unfamiliar with (NF)

    Of all the lakes I have fished, hundreds, the most perilous I would say is Nippising. There was no GPS and sonar then, maybe sonar but we didn't have one. Uncle Ang and 2 buddies of mine stayed at the in laws cottage west of Calendar. Unc insisted we try a spot that I wasn't familiar with in his 19' woody circa 1962. I warned him and he did go dead slow. The next thing we know we are on a huge shoal in the middle of nowhere. We were in 12" of water, maybe. Do you know how heavy a 19' wooden deep V is? I don't but can tell you it's heavy. It took us an hour to rock that boat off the shoal. 3 of us were in our early 30's and I was in the best shape of my life and I was pooched after that. Had we been going any faster who knows. So what do we do the same trip? Night fish and get lost in the South Bay coming back in the dark. We left the light on, so did several other cottagers, idiots. Only about 2 miles too far west, bouncing off rocks on each side, called it Pergatory Bay after that night, still do, idiots. A kind cottager let us dock the boat and drove us home. I have many Nipp stories as do others that ever boated there. A few are about fatalities. One family that were friends of the in laws from Hamilton. They lost a Dad, 2 sons and a son in law all on 1 tragic trip moving furniture to a new cottage around the point with a swim raft because it was faster. Around the mid 70's.
  12. Old Ironmaker

    Ontario fires

    Kinda like working in the Steel Plant in January.
  13. Old Ironmaker

    Bramble Berries

    We ate wild berry's in Kings Forest in Hamilton until we were sick. Who knows what they were called. If they taste good we ate them. The red fuzzy ones were my favorite. Raspberries??? Next best the smooth blue ones, don't know what you call them.
  14. Old Ironmaker

    Always respect lakes you are unfamiliar with (NF)

    When we had a camp on the Ottawa we also would sit on the dock and watch the Yanks Bass Boats speed across Lake Coulange and hit rocks and deadheads in deep water taking skegs and props out. We would go out and tow them back to our camp. It was entertaining until the day we watched a boat basically explode into pieces a few hundred yards out. They had to be going 60MPH. Both guys were critically injured and one young fellow severed his spinal column. Someone got to them before they both drowned, no PFD's on. By the time we got there they put jackets on them and we suggested to leave them in the water until the Medics arrived in the OPP boat from Pembroke. I will never forget the kid's screams of fear as he couldn't feel his legs. We were told later they both survived but the kid became a paraplegic and the older guy had life changing injuries. If you have the opportunity to warn rookies please do, you might save a life, jerks or not.
  15. Old Ironmaker

    29,000 year old fishing equipment found

    You a funny guy Albert. Chamenta wasn't invented until 500BC so a guy hadda do whad he hadda do.