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  1. What's a 600v HF? I know it's electrically related but that's about it as I'm severly electrically declined. At the plant I had to get an electrician to change the batteries in my torch. I zapped myself once with 110 or 111 and my elbows are still tingling.
  2. All good responses. It all depends on needs. Tiller = more real estate, more room. Side council=more comfort. As long as there is enough room to stretch ones legs a tiller is fine for a smaller 16' or less tinny. Larger than 15' side council for me with a real deal wind shield that protects my head not just my body with only a bit of tucking behind it. Fishing smaller inland lakes big cold waves smaking you in the face probably isn't an issue. If possible spend a few days behind the wheel of a side council and then decide what is best for you personally, because it is a personal preference. My knees got so bad I couldn't run the tiller anymore because my legs were all crunched up behind the seat in front of me in the 14' tinny.
  3. I could leave my 2004 Chrysler Intrepid running with the keys in it for hours on the street and come back and the car was out of gas, worst car I ever owned. My 2011 Silverado was a month old when someone tried to steal it from the driveway. I can hear a leaf drop and heard them, turned all the lights on and they took off. No damage. It just discusts me, we work hard to get things and little creeps want to just take it from us. Nothing new, back in the 70's and 80's it was car stereos they took. I had so many stolen in oneyear around 87' my insurance broker couldn't find me comprehensive insurance coverage at any price. Little creeps.
  4. When were you released? Out early on good behavior? Sometimes on weekends in there I felt like I was in prison Dave. I think we worked for the same company. Especially in the summers of 81' and 90', I did 3 months in each year.
  5. I have always said "The cash is better in my pocket than the Governments." I have had ample of opportunities to pay it in town where there are the occasional line ups but why should I ?
  6. But Albert gets paid to be geeky. If you are going to be a geek it's best to be a well paid geek.
  7. I was told if you took a test with a car with a manual tranny it was a shoe in to pass. I used my older cousins brand new 340 Duster for the test. The 1st thing the young lady that did my test asked was if she could drive the car before we went back to Kenora. I'll never forget that, or the young lady as a matter of fact.
  8. Take a nice drive to Dunnville. A 2 person line up is rare Dave. And stop in for some Java. I take double cream. I took my test from Kenora many years ago, around 69' maybe, it's always been a nightmare there. 1969, wowzah.
  9. Yep we are in the same boat. We got our 10 year renewal for the boats paperwork in March. I sent in the $$$ in March, I still have not received the new paperwork for 2020 to 2030 nor a receipt for the 10 yr. registration cost.
  10. I'm on a fixed income Albert. A Mac is not in my meager budget.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all. It sure is tough to think of something that I can be thankful for this year. One of my Johnny D isms is "I am not as good as some but better than many,"
  12. Had a big day for me. Did some yard clean up, knocked off a few items from the winterizing list and we went for a 1 mile walk along the lake. At 10 PM Ticha told me to go to bed because I was asleep in my chair. I wake and what I think is 8 hours later I am wide awake and go into the kitchen. It is 11 freekin' 30!!!!!!!! 1.5 hours later and I am wide awake and well rested. Some nights I just am not tired enough to get to sleep. I try, toss and turn, turn and toss, get up, my head gets heavy, go back to bed and toss and turn and turn and toss and get to sleep about 30 some hours later, maybe. My wife has a job to get to and needs her rest to do it. My turning and tossing wakes her all night and she needs her rest. She's beautiful enuff, no sleep needed to keep her beeootiful nut needs a good 8 uninterupted hours sleep. I have tried every over the counter and my Nani's home remedies passed on through Mom, (RIP 2018) so far no good. Any suggestions that have worked for you guys? I'm here on the nod feeling tired but can't sleep.
  13. The paperwork it comes with say it does. The thing that told me that is the plug init that fits electronics. I don't believe a 12 volt appliance will last long on a charge. If it does and I use it to power a 12V radio ietc. t won't be much use when I need a boost.
  14. Starting this past week each and every time I open my email I have a dozen or more spam emails, everything from miracle wrinkle cream to female enhancement I am told to select block and then delete them, never open one that I feel is not legit. Just now I see an obituary for Sandy Blew, do I know him? I've had over 1000 work with me over the years so I might so I automatically open it to find oooops it is bogus. What is the best way if there is any to deal with this stuff? I plan on bringing my laptop into my PC Guru Tuesday. Mods, I know this should be under Computer help but I know many, many more will see it here.
  15. I can't count the times I have stood at the side of the road or stood in a boat holding booster cables begging for a jump. I bought the exact CTC booster as shown above. I have an earlier CTC booster but bought this version because of it's compact size saving valuable space and keep it in the boat. I can't tell you if either one works, Since I finally bucked up and invested in a booster pac I haven't needed a boost of course. Always remember to check on the charge before heading out on land or sea.
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