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  1. Bumping this up to the top... Low-life thieving scum. that sucks - hope you get them back.
  2. He mistook the car for a Miss, and was trying to get her striped pajamas off...
  3. Excellent report - fantastic pics - glad you had another great trip!
  4. I got her stopped on the amber before the white line...
  5. Adequate protection is not a cell phone. Avoiding certain areas is wise, but the problem is not entirely geographic. While it is worse in South Oshawa than other places, unfortunately, this problem is not limited to Oshawa. There was a murder near here this summer, by a swarming gang of teen thugs. Guy was found in the St Lawrence river. The drugs that are around today are a scourge on our society. I agree with the OP in his statement about not being alone, but I would add, day or night.
  6. Drew Merry Christmas - and a happy new year to you. AWESOME report and AWESOME fishing. Cheers
  7. The cormies will be hunted deliberately I can certainly assure you. If this passes before April, the bass boats need not worry, as we will have the local lake cormorant free long before end of June (there are only around 30-40 birds on my local lake). They really aren't very hard to hit, much easier than a woodie. They fly in straight lines and don't maverick easily. Any wary ones that escape will soon vacate, not knowing which of the boats has the hunter in it. The days of nonchalantly sitting in a tree 100yds from my boat will be over, which means their communal nesting islands will no longer be used. The best ammo option, and already used during culls, is 22 Quiet subsonic, but that will not be permitted so 12g steel it is. Bring it on
  8. Drew!! Awesome read - and the pictures are amazing. Hats off to you and Mike... thanks for sharing this trip / report with us. Len
  9. Awesome video - the small things can sure make a big difference!!
  10. They aren't extremely far away - had more than one slab-fest about 1 hour south of Timiscaming !!
  11. Great video Simon. Definitely slab-like - your description "Caribbean Crappie"
  12. I was on the ice two days ago, Monday Feb 20th. Location = Eastern Ontario, Rideau chain of lakes, 45 min NE of Kingston. A large lake with minimal current, on a back bay. The surface was snow free, and surface melt had re-froze Sun night. Slick conditions. Near shore, 11" of ice, with the top inch being snow ice. Out 200yds, 8" of ice. Another 200yds further, 7" The ice was not yet rotting (no vertical bubble lines yet). We had rain Tues night. Still some fishable conditions, recommend spud bar and floater suit from here on until (if) it gets colder. Stay away from inflows.
  13. Jehovies... hey, they are doing what they think is right, and I think it is right for me to tell them to leave before I put on my boots... I don't have any problem with Phil, or what he said. I admire him for standing up for what he believes. Good on him. Those who voice their opinions here, for or against, all good. I hate political correctness and censorship. As for this thread, glad that the mods haven't locked it down. People should be able to dialog and debate these things, and nobody has gotten too nasty.I enjoy the dialog. We can likely all agree... we need some more ice and soon!!
  14. Yeah, Ammo is getting scarce! But this morning I lucked out and was able to buy two boxes of 30-06. I placed the boxes on the front seat and headed back home, on the way I stopped at a gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde in a short skirt was filling up her car at the next pump. She glanced at the two boxes of ammo, bent over and leaned in my passenger window, and said in a sexy voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, big fella. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?” I thought for a few seconds and asked, “What kind of ammo ‘ya got?”
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