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  1. Ahhh... Business trip to Tennessee... customer says they have a preferred hotel... prefer that I book there. I pull up, and geez... although it is a big name hotel chain, the place looks a bit sketchy. I check in regardless, and head up to my room. Open the room door... what the hell.... Sniff - smells like sh!t in here... sure enough, behind door #2 is an unflushed toilet, which is plugged and nearly overflowing. I grab my bag, head back to the lobby. Told Ms behind the front desk, expecting another room. Nope... she walks back behind the front desk, grabs a plunger, and passes it over the front desk toward me!!! I burst into laughter, then left.
  2. 1121475144_AdviceMar14-001.jpg
    The attached is sage advice, and could really help slow the rate of transmission, and protect the most at risk. The best thing we can all do, in my opinion, is try to flatten the curve a bit... by avoiding large gatherings of people.
  3. Lots of TP is produced here in Ontario and Quebec... several of my customers are in the Tissue business. My customers are presently increasing production to fill all the recent orders. They normally produce at the rate of consumption. The rate of consumption won't really change, but with all the panic purchasing now, the rate of purchase will be slowing in the future. It distorts the supply chain. Shelves will be full of TP very soon...
  4. Successful Hail Mary's are always a great memory. Quite a few years ago, trolling for lake trout. We had quite consistent success on this lake, and had come to expect 1 or more fish >7lbs each outing with 2 people/2 rods. But this one particular day, while they were showing on the sonar, but just would not bite. We trolled around for hours, trying different depths, stacked lines with one rod fishing 100/50 another 75/37. We were doing what we always did but without the expected success. As the sun dipped to the northwest, eventually dropping out of sight... the sky turned orange and the water flattened out. The chill in the air was starting and it was time to pull the pin. We decided to do one last "hail mary" run over Steamboat Shoal, then pop the releases and wind up, calling it a skunk. We trolled the shoal, then kicked the boat into neutral. I popped my release, and while reeling in... wham!! My buddy is doing the same, and... wham x2!! We had doubled, and brought in 2 nice lakers, one was 9lbs the other 8. Kicked back into fwd to tension the lines to allow netting one at a time. Since that experience, I now make it habit and it has paid dividends. The big trout will follow the lure and when the action changes, tension off the line, spoon fluttering down... they hit. But on that particular day it was a hail mary for us... went from skunk to elation in the last 10 minutes.
  5. Fantastic rig by all accounts... Do you have the Mirage drive, to free your hands?
  6. Makes sense - some mountainous/rough country toward WVa. They are as far south as New Mexico apparently
  7. Cool. I think up in NWT and Yukon it is exclusively Lynx range... close cousins of the Bobcat
  8. Bobcat. Lynx have bigger feet, longer back legs than front, and ear tufts are longer. Lynx and bobcat ranges do overlap Sault through and around Superior, but not in this area.
  9. Yes, they mate late January into early February. 60 day gestation, born in late March early April) Not often they are out in the daytime, but a higher probability during mating season. (She can't get any sleep)
  10. Another great report - and a great season - thanks Simon
  11. Bobcat_01.jpg
    This fella strolled past my trailcam, 2 weeks ago, in our woodlot. We live in a remote area, have seen a few black bears, lots of coyotes but this is the first cat on the trailcam.
  12. Great pic - see a few each winter, but I've never seen one on the lake
  13. Nice Rig - and lots of great info Doug!! Did a 400ft hill (with ~60% grade) factor into the decision on buying this machine? Len
  14. Sounds like fun...I think he has a newer Argo now... OP can reach out to him directly.
  15. If I am not mistaken, our buddy Doug (member AkaShag) owns one... he may be able to help you on pros / cons / general experience https://ontariofishingcommunity.com/profile/23744-akashag/
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