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Musky Hunter - Balsam Lake w some OFC all stars

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So my brother alerted me to the fact that this weekends Musky Hunter was called "Balsam Bruisers"


If I had to pick a home lake it would be Balsam so I was excited to tune in


PVred it and watched last night only to realize that Saric's guests were none other than Fisherpete(I am about 90% on this as they just called him Pete lol) and Cowanjo (John Cowan) who used to post here a fair bit and has been on Musky Hunter before


Was a great show - no real monsters caught but lots hooked and a few brought in including a small tiger - really enjoyed it - way to go Pete and John





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Haha yeah it was John and I... for those who fish Balsam, you know what it's like on those high pressure, calm and bluebird sky days. Tough go. Managed some decent numbers and it was cool to start off with a tiger (baby), but the few big follows we did have were low and slow fish with no interest in eating. Still an awesome experience - hope to do it again and lose the "King of the Babies" self imposed title!!!

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When I used to live in Barrie I really enjoyed fishing Balsam. Now that I am in Guelph I get out there only once or so a year. Still has a soft place in my heart and some great memories of nice muskies. With the pike coming in and then really multiplying in the last ten years I am glad to hear there are some small muskies in this episode (I haven't seen it). Hopefully there are lots of little ones in there still! Congrats to those who got to fish with Jim...very cool.

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