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  1. Ill be out tmw as well however it will be an exercise in caution to get out where i want to be. Im hoping for 8+” of good ice still
  2. That sucks buddy, ive been laid up with a bad back for quite a while myself. I missed muskie closer and i havent even looked at the ice yet..., soon. hope you feel better!
  3. Sorry for your loss cliff, my deepest condolences.
  4. Classy move fisherman! Always nice to hear things like this.
  5. Thats a giant buddy, congrats! Gotta love when they crush it boatside!
  6. Ill check through the spoon boxes see if i have that one somewhere. Nice bow!
  7. I dont think i could have restrained myself, for what its worth the odd time i keep a fish i kill it immediately but these people went looking for a fight... and i would have obliged.
  8. Nice fish mike! Always feels good to beat a skunk!
  9. I fish in any weather that doesnt involve lightning and even then i wait until i see the storm coming myself because i have no faith in the weather people lol. Some of my biggest fish have been caught in the rain or just before so it aint gonna stop me!
  10. Im no bassmaster by any stretch but I would probably send a good sized minnow down in the deeper water and see what the big fish look like. Any good size pike would be hunkering down colder water and would likely be hard pressed to resist a free live meal. Good luck bud!
  11. I dont know the ins and outs of marina fishing but i do know it is illegal to interfere with somebody who is fishing or hunting by the rules. If you can find out if you are allowed to fish there you can then tell anyone who interferes with you that they are breaking the law and they should leave you alone and mind their own business. You could always try calling mnr or the local police to see what they have to say on the matter before you go.personally i try to stay away from people and their drama but if your options are limited then giver. Good luck
  12. I wasnt in the kawarthas, more east lol
  13. Nice ski! Was a tough weekend by all accounts so im sure it felt great to get an early one. Congrats on winning the handlebarz hoorag too!
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