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  1. Thanks guys and I hear you memories are the thing. I think there is a saying about being rich in memories is something to aspire to!
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys Krattor sounds like a great trip = I don't know much about Erie for smallies but spent a lot of time fishing musky in the Kawarthas and loved it Dutch - mine would be walleye, smallies and musky Bill - I hear ya bass are a great species to target and in Southern Ontario abundant
  3. For as long as I can remember smallmouth bass have been my favorite fish to catch. Aggressive, sometimes elusive but never dull I love fishing for them While I haven't fished for everything that swims based on my current data set smallies are the cats A#$ for me Newest post if up https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-bronze-bomber Cheers Andrew
  4. Scrolling through some old pictures I found one of the cottage my brother owned in Haliburton circa 1999 The cottage has a special place in my memories - lots of friendships. spending time with family and it really re ignited my passion for fishing - especially for muskie New post is up https://www.northernjacks.com/post/party-likes-its-1999 Here is one of said muskie from this small Hali lake
  5. Awesome - thanks Doug! Will spend some downtime reading the blog Cheers Andrew
  6. Lol - not sure I classify myself as young Doug - when life seems less chaotic we need to chat - I spend a ton of time researching and dreaming about going across North America in some form of an RV w my kayak and dog. I mentally debate all the time would I haul a small trailer, go with a small Class C or Class B RV or is a Truck Camper right for me. In my dreams my blog or writing skills allow me to make some cash on this little sojourn. Waiting till over 50 or older is about getting some money banked, children off to University and all of that! But I want to do it Good to know Bill - its definitely going to be a savings goal. Quit smoking 7 months ago and I have been trying to put aside the money I have been saving for something extravagant when I hit 2 year - maybe its the Sutton
  7. For me I would say someone who doesn't mind conversation and excitement I talk a lot and when a fish is on the line I tend to get hyper and yell a lot
  8. Wow - that perch looks much bigger than the average walleye or at least the average walleye I catch!
  9. Thanks for sharing Chris - that looks like a good time and those are some solid fish
  10. That's the same ride my bro has (maybe even the same year). Its awesome - and if I had a dream kayak that would be it
  11. No worries at all Bunk, reading all of your great writing over the years was definitely a motivator for me to do some of my own I hear you - I kind of circled so many trips thinking about it but came back to the Sutton trip - re its probably within my capabilities (I think) but also truly epic and something totally out of my comfort zone Cheers Andrew
  12. The goal was to pick 3 trips, all to a degree outdoor focused but only 1 could be a fishing trip The fishing component was inspired by this site and I know 2 members at least who have experienced it. Guesses? Anyway the post is here if you want a quick read https://www.northernjacks.com/post/bucket-list-trip-challenge Cheers Andrew
  13. Like most people I am now working remotely for the next little and primarily staying indoors My daughter loves Dude Perfect and one video spawned an idea for a post that is primarily meant to be entertaining and humorous (I hope) - highlighting some fishing or outdoor trip sterotypes With my internet browsing reaching peak I figured I would share as I am sure I am not alone https://www.northernjacks.com/post/that-guy Cheers and thanks for reading Andrew
  14. With the COVID 19 news today was a lay low and chill day and I finally got around to cleaning up this report and posting it. We really enjoyed Ogoki Lake - to be honest its one of the first places that we thought pretty hard about returning to. Big water, beautiful and John and Gloria's cabin was perfect for us You can check it out here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/storming-for-walleye Cheers Andrew
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