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  1. Newest post is up Summer this year was different for most if not all of us I am sure I found myself spending more time outside and up North than previous years with the family which was great I even tried a few new things and was reminded that I need to do it more My ode to new things: https://www.northernjacks.com/post/just-say-yes Cheers Andrew
  2. Newest post is up - it’s a video journal along with some pictures of our fly in fishing trip to Lake St Joseph with Slate Falls Outposts We stayed at their Root Bay camp and it was an unbelievable week Warning: video is a lot of my ugly mug talking but ideally it will give those who have never done a fly in an overview of what the week was like and for those who have done it before some perspective on Slate Falls Outposts and the Root Bay camp (Thumbs up all around) https://www.northernjacks.com/post/root-bay-2020-video-journal Thanks for checking it out and some new photos below for posterity Andrew
  3. Nice fish and thanks for sharing I love the flicker shads for walleye and it sounds like I need to invest in some Flicker Minnows as well! Cheers Andrew
  4. Newest post is up! Review of my Garmin E Trex 10 which I recently used quite a bit on our fly in trip to Root Bay this past week Overall I am happy with the unit especially when considering the cost and the run time I get out of 2 AA batteries https://www.northernjacks.com/post/garmin-etrex-10-handheld-gps-product-review Trip reports and such will be up soon but I did post a short video of our flight into the Root Bay on the website – its on the home page near the bottom A few pictures below as well for posterity lol Cheers Andrew
  5. I love mine as well. In terms of heat on our recent trip we had some warmer days (21 to 23 degrees) where rain was circling. I found the bibs fine w shorts underneath and kept jacket in the dry bag in case it did rain (which it did lol)
  6. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing We looked hard at Horwood Lake before our first ever lodge stay - ended up on Lady Evelyn but I have always wondered - thanks for sharing that the fish population is alive and well Andrew
  7. Not sure where you live but around the GTA a lot of the conservation area's are perfect for kayak fishing A few I have tried: Island Lake in Orangeville Kelso in Milton Guelph Lake in Guelph Rockwood Conservation area in Rockwood Also check out the Backroad Map Books - there is one called Ontario Cottage Country I believe and its great for finding smaller out of the way lakes to check out Cheers Andrew
  8. Hey there Thanks for the read and the comment. You read it correctly it was about $600. Expensive I know. My trick was for about a while the only gift I received from any family members over Christmas, Birthdays, Fathers Day and so on was Bass Pro gift certificates - I didn't take too long before I had enough cards to get the suit Cheers Andrew
  9. Thanks! Appreciate the kind words Andrew
  10. Thanks Craig Very helpful. Focus will be outdoor photography and I would guess a mix of fishing, wildlife and scenery shots. I plan on spending some time with reading and YouTube work cheers Andrew
  11. That looks like an awesome trip and a fisherman for life! Congrats that’s a beauty fish Andrew
  12. Thanks all for the replies Will definitely start with some reading and internet searching Cheers Andrew
  13. Bit of a delay here lol - posted this last week but work and a mini vacation kept me from sharing If you love back country camping, paddling or just a good nature tale I recommend you check out a Lonely Land by SIgurd F Olson Middle aged men recreating a historical paddling route with lots of rapids and a little fishing thrown in Most likely my last post for a few weeks - head out on Friday for our 2020 fly in trip - so pumped Andrew https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-lonely-land-by-sigurd-f-olson-a-book-review
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