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  1. So far I have gotten some great feedback on the Tales from Interviews This time around I was lucky enough to chat with Jeff Walker from South Bend, Indiana. Jeff and his group have done numerous trips all across Ontario and he has been an awesome resource for me when I have been researching trips Checking in with Jeff to pull this together was entertaining, enjoyable and informative https://www.northernjacks.com/post/tales-from-south-bend Thanks for reading as always Andrew
  2. I usually read a lot over the winter months but this year I found my intake increasing dramatically Brian Castner’s Disappointment River, Finding and Losing the Northwest Passage is a rare hybrid Following the authors quest to retrace Alexander Mackenzie’s route up the river that would eventually bear his name it is part paddling adventure, part history lesson and very entertaining I really enjoyed it and it got me dreaming of journeys taken and yet to take and really had me hyped for Spring/Summer https://www.northernjacks.com/post/book-review-disappointment-river-finding-and-losing-the-northwest-passage Cheers Andrew
  3. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it Andrew
  4. I think I have pointed out my love of a good spot name before Over the years so many have become almost mythical in my memory, this one particular hump - known as The Hump on Shekak Lake really stands out Second fly in, first day of fishing was really tough and I have convinced a good friend to join - I am feeling the heat lol Then along comes the Hump https://www.northernjacks.com/post/humping-around Cheers Andrew
  5. Wow - that is one beautiful rod! Kudos to you sir Thanks for sharing Andrew
  6. True - thats a better word for it. I know we did our first bonfire fish fry on out last trip (typically we have had a camp stove) and while it was a better experience it was a bit of a gong show in the beginning Cheers Andrew
  7. Newest post is up As much as I would love to do all my fishing on hard to access Northern lakes the reality is a big chunk of my fishing is at the cottage with the family Over the years I have simplified what I take w me since I have to make room for family, dog and all of the gear that comes w middle age Here’s an overview of my setup which has served me really well the last few summers https://www.northernjacks.com/post/cottage-fishing-set-up-with-the-family Cheers Andrew
  8. Thanks guys Glad you enjoyed it. And yes fire, grease and bare feet is brave lol Andrew
  9. The last Tales from Post seemed to get a solid response so I have added a new one This is Tales from The Lodge - an interview with Gord Bastable, owner of Vermillion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake It was a really interesting chat and a bit of an eye opener about a day in the life of running a fishing camp https://www.northernjacks.com/post/tales-from-the-lodge Cheers and thanks for reading Andrew
  10. Thanks John - for sure Right now we have a canoe tripped plan for this summer but theres an outside chance of a short fly in potentially as well Cheers Andrew
  11. My group had the experience of booking a trip in August 2019 for August 2020 Needless to say what we thought we were doing and what we ended up doing were two different things Yet this trip was one of my favorites - mainly because we ended up going (at a few points we were sure it wasn't going to happen) and because once at the outpost life felt relatively normal With much of Canada still being in various stages of lockdown I thought it may be helpful to share how we managed it https://www.northernjacks.com/post/planning-your-fishing-trip-during-the-pandemic Cheers Andrew
  12. Nope - I am not training for a marathon or a boxing match - I am way to far gone for that On our first fly in trip I was a bit freaked out by the idea of "making weight" Coming in with the right amount of stuff, not forgetting something and having enough beer and stogies for the week Over the years our group has come up with our own system for making it work and I will say on our 2020 trip I never really thought about it. (Well I will say a small bead of sweat may have appeared when all of the beer hit the scales) https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-weight Cheers Andrew
  13. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great kit. I use Plano trays as well and big lures are not easy to put in and I always find they get jammed up and eventually crack the box. Years ago I remember seeing a musky show (maybe the Next Bite) and the kit the used for trolling was a 5 gallon pail with lures hanging down inside the bucket. In my mind it was a good alternative as well Cheers Andrew
  14. Normally I would try to space out product reviews more but wanted to get this one up while its still seasonally relevant and when most retailers are clearing out winter gear Bought this jacket for hiking and walking as an in between option for when my parka was to warm and my fleece not warm enough So far I have been quite happy with it - and I love that I got it for a great price on Boxing Day https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-helly-hansen-lifaloft-hooded-jacket Cheers Andrew
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