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  1. Yup. Facebook recently changed the button placement which has improved it slightly but I know I have been guilty of this embarrassing when some replies yes this $200,000 RV is still available
  2. Another book review post. I read a lot during the winter months, a lot of it about the outdoors This book reels the story of Ernest Shackeltons expedition to Antarctica. It’s part journal, part adventure story and I really enjoyed it. Full write up here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/endurance-shakletons-incredible-journey-a-book-review Cheers Andrew
  3. On our last few trips I have been using a new saw, the Agawa Canyon Boreal 21. Hugely popular for hiking, paddling and camping trips it’s a light weight work horse. Full review here: https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-agawa-canyon-boreal21 Cheers Andrew
  4. Thinking about my own fishing style I started to think about all the people I have shared a boat or a bank with. My Dad was a soaker and my Pop a fish whisperer I ended up somewhere in between I think I could have added a lot more I think but these are some of the most common in my experience https://www.northernjacks.com/post/fishing-styles Cheers Andrew
  5. Some good adds here - spybaiting is interesting On the cottage lake I fish I think smallies suspend quite a bit in open water (feeding on minnows I assume) - from what I have read/watched spybaiting may be the thing Cheers Andrew
  6. I do love a Mepps Black Fury and when I used to fish a river a lot I also loved the wee crawfish. Packing one for my trout trip this summer as I have heard a few people talk about them for brook trout some good adds for sure Andrew
  7. While I have love for all species the small mouth bass holds a special place in my heart. They fight well above their weight class, attack lures with reckless abandon and many times when you catch one others will follow It’s also the species I most associate with fishing as a kid I remember fishing at the bridge in Rosedale on Balsam lake slinging top waters or Mepps Fury spinners as a kid My top 5 choices for shield lake smallies is up. The lures I would feel confident taking for bronze backs should I only be allowed 5 There are lots of other lures and techniques I like or want to try more of but these are my go tos https://www.northernjacks.com/post/top-5-lures-for-northern-ontario-smallmouth Cheers Andrew
  8. Congrats on the move - have spent a few weekends around Gooderham this winter ice fishing and have also spent time there in the summer Nice little town and a lot of great fishing and outdoor opportunities around for sure Cheers Andrew
  9. For sure. I have started using Duolingo to learn some Spanish. In my dreams I see myself wintering there in retirement! Just need this lotto max ticket to come through! cheers Andrew
  10. Sweet looks like a good time and those are some beauty fish Andrew
  11. Looks like a solid time Brian how thick is the ice on Simcoe? Did last weeks warm weather do anything other than melt snow? heading to Haliburton this weekend and hope to drill some holes as well Andrew
  12. A few weeks back I was lucky enough to head south to Costa Rica for a week of R and R It was mainly spending time with the family, chilling at the pool and learning the phrase - Cerveza por favor! We did do some excursions, wet a line and I think I now want to buy an ATV lol This was my second time to CR and I loved it - the wildlife, topography and people are second to non IMO Here is a full write up and below a few of my favorite pictures https://www.northernjacks.com/post/pura-vida Andrew
  13. it’s a bit late for a New Year resolution list but it is what go me thinking of making a list. Instead of losing weight or getting in shape (both of which I am in need of) this one focuses on improving my outdoor skills. Not included but still on the list is continuing to get better at photography. That one was from a few years back and is still a work in progress https://www.northernjacks.com/post/resolutions-an-outdoorsmans-list Thanks Andrew
  14. Feeling a little stir crazy my brother and I decided to head up to the cottage to ice fish. Unfortunately or fortunately we timed it so we were there with all the crazy snow a few weeks ago Our main plan wasn’t accomplished but we got out, caught some fish and had an awesome time even being stuck for an extra day. https://www.northernjacks.com/post/ice-fishing-in-snowmageddon Cheers Andrew
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