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  1. The group of guys I do the bulk of my fishing and paddling with are all friends of 30 plus years With that kind of knowledge it makes for some great rip fests in the boat or at camp Its actually one of my favorite parts of our trips - some of our best burns are now decades old Heres a humorous post capturing some of my faves https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-joy-of-banter Cheers Andrew
  2. I would say Glenn Haffy in Caledonian/Mono area. Two stocked ponds but fairly big and at this time of year it shouldn’t be shoulder to shoulder. only downside is I am pretty sure next weekend is the last weekend of the season I took my daughter there when she was younger and we did well w bobbers Andrew
  3. It is definitely light and easy to pack. If she holds up I will be happy w the purchase I think. Talk is brewing about an adventure further into the park for spring trout so it will be a good test for endurance and kidney bugs! Andrew
  4. With a few trips planned this summer (and an early summer birthday) I got myself a light weight campign chair The chair is very small, light and easy to pack - my full review is up https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-helinox-one-chair Overall I am happy but didn't give it the full send endorsement Thanks for checking it out Andrew
  5. No worries. Yeah I think home dehydrated food is the “new thing”. Dehydrators are relatively cheap, you control what your eating and the ore bought meals are not cheap Andrew
  6. Doug I know the guys made the meals themselves this time and by all accounts they were great. I have found that we are starting to gravitate towards easier meals for our trips as opposed to decadent. We just had a planning chat for our fly in next summer and a few of our more complicated meals got gassed for easier but hardy ones. Re no smoker ribs this time instead a good pre made chili Less time cooking and more time fishing and beers at the fore I guess lol Cheers Andrew
  7. Newest Post is Up Its another Algonquin report with a twist - I wasn't able to make it! Thankfully my brother (and the group) stepped up to the plate and pulled together a report They headed into Algonquin for 2 nights - Happy Ilse and Merchant Lake via the Opeongo shuttle All in all they had a great time, caught some fish, tried new gear - jealous I wasn't able to make it https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-opeongo-shuffle Cheers Andrew
  8. Those are some nice musky Simon Thanks for sharing enjoyed that w coffee this am Cheers Andrew
  9. Awesome. Will give him a call for sure Thanks! Andrew
  10. As of today - all things willing we are doing a family trip in February in Costa Rica We are interested in doing a half or full day charter for 5 or 6 of us From what I can tell there are quite a few operators in the area (Riu Palace) but I figured I would ask here if: 1) Anyone has used an outfit they would recommend? 2) I think we want action as opposed to trying to track down a Marlin or some other "lucky if you see one" species - not sure how to broach that with an outfitter? does that mean inshore? Offshore and so on Cheers and many thanks! Andrew
  11. Sweet - glad it worked for you! Mine has been beat to crap this summer - the older I get (and maybe fatter) I seem to sweat out baseball hats quick lol. Still has some mojo to it as well
  12. One of my first posts about the 5 lures I would take on a fly in trip for walleye is still one of the most popular Newest post are the 5 lures I would take for pike on a fly in Typically our focus is on walleyes but over the years we have caught some great pike both on purpose and while fishing for walleye I wouldn't consider myself an evolved pike fisherman by any means - but these luresd have done me well but also really interested in hearing about others "go to" pike baits Here are my stalwarts https://www.northernjacks.com/post/my-top-5-pike-lures-for-northern-ontario Cheers Andrew
  13. BTW Chris. Great hat you are wearing in at least one of those shots!
  14. Awesome report! I know Chris had fond memories of Ana and high expectations so glad it was a great trip Cheers Andrew
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