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  1. I have a Bass Pro Pro Qualifier rain suit I really like it, comfortable, lots of pockets and keeps me dry. I have fished all day in a heavy downpour in it on our fly in trips and not had any leaks If you watch the BPS flyer they usually go on sale a few times a year Cheers Gordy
  2. Over the last few years I have really gotten a kick out of writing trip reports. I certainly don't think of myself as a writer but after some encouragement I have taken the time to build out my own blog. Full disclosure its more of an outdoor blog than a fishing blog (although will definitely slant towards fishing) Wanted to share with this community as this site is where I first got the writing big so to speak when we were researching our first trip many years ago The goal is to average between 1 to 2 posts per week Also feel free to request content here or pm me Site is northernjacks.com Cheers Andrew aka Gordy
  3. Dutch that's a beauty walleye Haven't had the chance to target walleye in my yak yet but will definitely spend some time trying for them next summer at the cottage Cheers Gordy
  4. Nice fish Simon Girthy! Loving all of these videos Andrew
  5. Thanks all - Brian I looked at a float based on all of your reports but my bro jumped the gun and got a Kayak and once I tried his there was no going back lol Tons of sites and places with articles on which kayak and why - but feel free to PM me if anyone has any questions as I looked for about 6 months before I bit the bullet - happy to provide my two cents Hoping to head out one or two more times before its to cold Cheers Andrew
  6. I had shared a while ago that I had bought a fishing kayak at the end of summer There were two big motivators - to get out more and to access some lakes I haven't ever fished Last weekend my brother and I made our way up to the cottage - plan was to hang out and enjoy the quiet, the fire and a few beers and get up in the AM to a small lake we know When we got to the lake we realized that we were going to either need to get really muddy/wet to launch or we probably had to trespass. Mulling the decision my brother said "You know there is another lake 10 minutes from here that is similar but it has a launch" So off we headed This lake is a small bowl - about 30 feet deep in the middle with mainly sharp dropping shorelines. Generally on these lakes we have had the most success finding tapering flats with cabbage beds and getting to the deep side, basically just outside of the weed growth. Paddling around we really didn't get far before my brother hooked into a beauty smallmouth sitting off a fallen tree. Within 5 minutes of that I hooked a juvenile muskie casting an Xrap around some lillies. Moving around the lake we didn't really get anything for about 35 minutes - nothing around fallen trees or cabbage beds. Moving around the lake my brother hooked into a nice largemouth. He had been casting a wacky rigged worm just outside of the lillies. About 3 feet deep. I moved over to the far side of the bay and we started really getting into the bass. What was interesting is we caught almost a perfect split of large and smallmouths. Also interesting that it was in about 3 to 5 feet of water. Overall we caught around 9 good sized bass, a few little guys and a 25 inch muskie - not bad for about 3 hours of fishing on a new lake. For the two of us it was a resounding success! I am still getting used to the yak - I have fished in it around 4 times now - I struggle a bit with boat control (especially compared to my bro who has a Hobie Angler with the Mirage drive) but I feel like I get better each time out. A big part of the allure is ease and access - where we went in you would have been hard pressed launching anything other than a small car topper - but with the kayaks - no problems at all Probably going for one more trip at least - will post a report as always Cheers Andrew (aka Gordy)
  7. I have not been to the Stoufville location but did go to the one at Heart Lake in Brampton last summer (believe they are all quite similar) We enjoyed it - its pretty physical, and if you don't like heights not sure its a good choice. I was there w my 9 year old and she loved it. I would say we were there for about 3 hours or so and were entertained Thanks Gordy
  8. Very nice - that first walleye has just awesome colours
  9. Haven't been active on the site much this summer - haven't really fished - one or two trips where I mainly fished off the dock lol However I did come up with a plan to improve those odds Recently purchased my first fishing kayak - A Feel Free Lure 11.5 - I have only had it out twice, once for a paddle and once for a fish) In this pic I am running with the seat high (new user error -couldn't lower it lol) - but did get out again last weekend and figured it out - was awesome One interesting thing - fishing excursion up Haliburton way - the lake was covered in these small flying ants - I have never seen so many fish rises in my life - almost every minute something was coming to the surface to gorge on the bugs - very much like a mayfly hatch Quick trip up to the family cottage near Gravenhurst. Fishing off the dock I managed to hook into a large walleye - over 24 inches. According to some long time lake residents its rare for a walleye to be that size on the lake - so score one for me. Also caught it on a brand new Storm 360 search bait - like literally out of the package and 3 casts - score again The next morning I was mainly being the kids fishing assistant - one of them yelled that a big "scary fish" just swam under the dock. I quickly grabbed my rod that had a wacky rigged worm on it and jigged it on the deep side of the dock and hooked into a nice pike Anyway - all in all a great couple of catches to tide me over and if there is something memorable about my maiden kayak fish this weekend will update as well On another note -my group has confirmed our plan and outfitter for 2020 - we are going with Slate Falls Outposts to their Miniss West cabin at the end of August - first planning session in the books last night and the juices are flowing Cheers and thanks for reading Gordy
  10. Price Drop: Lot of lures: $175 Bundle of 5 $45 Rod and Reel Combo $125
  11. Musky lure lot and Okuma Rod and Abu Reel Combo View Advert Selling this lot of 24 musky lures. Most are in mint condition. Cost is $200 for the lot. Will also sell blocks of 5 lures for $55 Also for sale Okuma Evx Musky Rod 7 4 h casting rod. Good condition. It’s paired w a Abu Garcia 7000 i. Also in good condition spooled with P Line spectrex braid 80 lb Cost for combo $150 firm Pick up in Mississauga near 401 and Mavis or for lot of lures and or rod and reel combo willing to meet near 407 and 400 area thanks for looking Gordy aka Andrew Advertiser gordy28 Date 09/07/2019 Price 200.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  12. I struggle with knots - but I have found this one to be reliable and strong and easy to tie https://www.seaguar.com/applications/knot-guide/63-seaguar-knot.html To tie flouro to my lure I like this knot as it won't shear on itself (unlike a traditional clinch) https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/san-diego-jam-knot Cheers Gordy
  13. I’m no cook but Brian here in Mississauga we have a great British shop and there black pudding is very good (I love it but more importantly my parents who are Scottish love it to). There Lorne’s sausage, potato scones are also top notch right off the 401 at Winston Churchill For those who love British food, candy even soaps etc it’s a cool place https://www.britishgrocerwholesale.com/
  14. Thanks Bunk - certainly your posts from Pym and Kesagami back in the day were a big inspiration to us when we first decided to do fly ins - its funny I can still say to my brother "we need to find our grocery store" and he knows exactly what I mean. Many of those who posted reports and still do (Yourself, Mike B/Solo Paddler, Chris Brock) have always been both entertaining but also totally education for us - keep it up! Thanks - we were definitely impressed with the average size of the fish North of Nakina vs what we had experienced around White RIver (although my PB walleye and our groups PB walleye came from a small lake with White River Air on our first fly in) Cheers Andrew
  15. As always really enjoyed the post and the video your Dads advice and you sharing it was also great. Cheers Gordy
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