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  1. I struggle with knots - but I have found this one to be reliable and strong and easy to tie https://www.seaguar.com/applications/knot-guide/63-seaguar-knot.html To tie flouro to my lure I like this knot as it won't shear on itself (unlike a traditional clinch) https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/san-diego-jam-knot Cheers Gordy
  2. I’m no cook but Brian here in Mississauga we have a great British shop and there black pudding is very good (I love it but more importantly my parents who are Scottish love it to). There Lorne’s sausage, potato scones are also top notch right off the 401 at Winston Churchill For those who love British food, candy even soaps etc it’s a cool place https://www.britishgrocerwholesale.com/
  3. Thanks Bunk - certainly your posts from Pym and Kesagami back in the day were a big inspiration to us when we first decided to do fly ins - its funny I can still say to my brother "we need to find our grocery store" and he knows exactly what I mean. Many of those who posted reports and still do (Yourself, Mike B/Solo Paddler, Chris Brock) have always been both entertaining but also totally education for us - keep it up! Thanks - we were definitely impressed with the average size of the fish North of Nakina vs what we had experienced around White RIver (although my PB walleye and our groups PB walleye came from a small lake with White River Air on our first fly in) Cheers Andrew
  4. As always really enjoyed the post and the video your Dads advice and you sharing it was also great. Cheers Gordy
  5. I bought an auto inflate a few years ago and wear it whenever I fish now. Mainly because it’s comfortable. Prior to that I never wore one because I found it uncomfortable or too hot. So for me I am happy w the auto inflate
  6. I hear ya Chris Its a long wait but with kids all into sports and just busy summers its a combo of budget and time Theres been talk of a smaller trip in the off years - maybe a 4 nighter to Lady Evelyn again or just renting a private cottage But yeah - I would love to do one every year even a few lol Andrew
  7. I haven't posted much on this site for over a year - to be honest mainly because I have fished very little until our most recent trip Our group decided to venture out of the Algoma region this time around and head further north to Nakina Ontario We used Ogoki Lake Outfitters run by John and Gloria Ritch http://www.ogokilakeoutfitters.com/ What a choice - we had by far our best trip ever for fishing and the lake and its surrounding beauty was just awesome I did a much lengthier report here and for whatever reason I have not been able to copy and paste and keep the formatting or the pictures https://www.canadafishingguide.net/forum-2/member-trip-reports-1/go-northwest-young-men-a-week-ogoki-lake/ For those who don't want to flip: We had some epic weather roll in, caught over 500 fish for the week and really had a great time If you are ever looking I would definitely endorse both Ogoki Lake and Ogoki Lake Outfitters A few pictures below Cheers Gordy
  8. Hey there I think the meta channel cabin is now owned by Meta Lake lodge or at the very least Meta LL operates an outpost in the channel http://www.metalakelodgefishing.com/channel-view-outpost.html Hope this helps Cheers Gordy
  9. gordy28


    Love my crocs - they are ugly but comfortable and great for around the cottage Drain water easily and are cooler than running shoes
  10. Great read as always As mentioned before really enjoy your writing style - great mix of humour, realism and education! Congrats on the new boat - that's a sweet looking ride Gordy
  11. I have Lady Evelyn twice via lodges Once at Ellen Island Camp (housekeeping) and once at Island 10 (American plan) Its a huge lake with two distinct basins as mentioned Ellen Island is at the far end of the first basin, Island 10 is closer to the narrows that connects to the second basin. As far as I know there are two other lodges on the Lake - Red Pine and Garden Island In terms of fishing - we really enjoyed it. Both of our trips were over labour day weekend but we did quite well for bass, good for walleye (numbers/size) and really didnt fish a lot of pike but did catch a few incidentally Personally I like the location of Island 10 or Garden Island best as we had more success fishing in the second basin or close to it than we did near Ellen Island Cheers Gordy
  12. If you got through your bank typically they will charge you between $500 and $900 for an appraisal that determines your home value Many banks will have an offer in place whereby if you take $X loan they will waive the appraisal cost To get a sense of rates in your area - use ratehub.ca or other comparison tools I have found that having a sense of the market before going to your own bank is the best way to negotiate - have a sense of whats out there Good luck Gordy
  13. Thanks for posting. Great report As others have said love this type of reading in the dog days of winter cheers Gordy
  14. That was an awesome video and an incredible fish Watched it with my daughter and the first small fish she was not so impressed. With the last fish she said. Wow Daddy that’s huge. You’ve never caught a trout like that lol Thanks for posting. Gordy
  15. Yes both are water access You launch at the Montreal river and then trailer around a dam to get into Lady E. Ellen Island for sure has a bring your own boat price not sur about Island 10. Pretty sure if you search you will find a few threads here for Lady E. Camping is also an option. Cheers Gordy
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