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  1. We have a google hub at home. Cant say I fully understand it but one of the things I love is the picture collage. I often find myself grabbing a coffee and getting sucked in to watching history roll by The picture attached reminded me of fishing w my daughter and her friend many years ago in Haliburton. I know the picture is a largemouth lol but its fro. The trip. I wrote up the story of the smallmouth that caught itself here along w a few other pictures https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-kids-are-alright Cheers Andrew d16346_59ad3b46b0c64d9987b84ebbc29d1a72_mv2.webp
  2. Looks like a great trip Thanks for sharing
  3. Yeah - we enjoyed it as well - we did American plan and the dinners were so good!
  4. Going back over the older trips is an interesting experience. This one reminds me that I was young and skinny once lol This was our second trip - and I think it was one of the first trips that the planning led me to this board. We loved it If you want the full read its here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/fat-bottom-bouncers-make-the-fishing-world-go-round Cheers Andrew
  5. I was just texting about this I was given Fly By Night as a mistake as a 5 year old. Someone thought it was a kids album lol From then on I was a wannabe and eventually a drummer Neil Peart was the man. He could play any style of music on any set (Google Neil Peart Buddy Rich tribute to see him on a basic jazz kit) RIP
  6. That's awesome I had to google Turkish bowl. I will remember that trick!
  7. Nice stories - its funny but whenever we are going camping I watch the fire ban info obsessively - I would consider bailing on a trip if there was a full ban in effect I think For our upcoming trip we were deciding between 2 lakes and it was really close. One of the lakes is in a provincial wilderness park in Manitoba and there is a summer long fire ban and that was a deal breaker for us lol Cheers Andrew
  8. That's awesome - I am jealous. Whenever my wife and I talk about moving either a real wood burning fireplace/stove or like your place a fire pit is number 2 on my wants list (number 1 is a double garage for all of my gear lol)
  9. For the most part the cars I have owned have done well by me (Ford F150 1999, Ford Ranger 2002, Hyuandai Santa Fe 2010 and a 2019 F150 which i just got in May) I will say that I will never buy a Mazda though - my parents had one and the trani dropped at 110,000 KMS (Protege guessing 1991 ish) and my wife had to the replace the trani on her Mazda 5 with 80,000 KM. Part of what I didnt like was that the Mazda 5 was covered under warranty but Mazda fought for 2 weeks saying you didnt do oil changes, oh you did but we don't recognize that dealer and so forth. Eventually they covered it but was PITA
  10. Wow - crazy story and glad you and your dog are okay
  11. Working on the website has definitely brought back a lot of good memories - trips, people and really reminded me how much I love being outside. Fishing trips, kayaking w my daughter, camping with the family and even just spending a night at the cottage Recent post is about my love of a good campfire. I am guessing I am not alone in this (especially on an outdoor site) https://www.northernjacks.com/post/campfire-magic Cheers Andrew
  12. I am spending some writing up reports from old trips and re creating some other ones for my site In 2008 5 of us did a boat in trip to Island 10 Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake It was the start of a 10 year journey and 4 of us are still doing these trips together You can read the report here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/things-that-go-bang-in-the-night Cheers Andrew
  13. I am a big fan of Merino Wool socks - ideally in heavy weight. Best pair I have are Cabelas brand but I dont think they carry the heavy weight anymore.
  14. Very cool The yurt looks awesome
  15. That's an awesome gift Bryan Hopefully your first fish w it brings a best fish!
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