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  1. I am in the fish anywhere camp. Spent a good chunk of my life fishing Balsam Lake as my parents had a trailer there. Spend time at the in laws place near Gravenhurst (writing this having a coffee and looking at the lake) and love our fishing trips in Northern Ontario. So far we have hit White River area, Whalesback channel, Nakina, Lady Evelyn and a few others. End of August w luck we are flying out os Sioux Lookout with Slate Falls Outposts Cheers Andrew
  2. Hey - awesome - glad to provide a useful service!
  3. When we first started doing outpost and back country camping trips we used a hand pump water filter. It was great, no issues w the water cleanliness at all but it was a fair amount of work over the course of a week We eventually made the shift to a gravity system and I get asked all the time if we like it - so I thought I would do a review Note - I have no affiliation to katadyn or any katadyn retailers - simply sharing as I personally like reading reviews prior to purchasing anything https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-katadyn-base-camp-pro-10l-filter Cheers Andrew
  4. Nice - nothing quite like fish theft lol Thanks for the read Andrew
  5. This post is one from my early musky fishing day's at my brothers cottage in Haliburton I may have broken some form of code but this is the story of "stealing" my buddy's musky https://www.northernjacks.com/post/you-stole-my-muskie Cheers Andrew
  6. Hah = so true, no wonder other countries think all Canadians say ehhh every other word!
  7. Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it! His demeanor shifted a bit when the do you want to get paid got thrown out there lol
  8. Cool - Pike Mike is great - they are all very interesting - the one Swede guy w the pipe cracks me up. When he was climbing the shots made me dizzy just watching on the couch!
  9. Chatting with my buddy Colin the other night when the topic of our first "backcountry" canoe trip came up After so many laughs I thought - this is a post that I need to write I am not sure which of us coined the title "The Citiots Take Algonquin Park" but since I wrote it and its my site I am taking credit lol Here is the link https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-citiots-take-algonquin-park Cheers Andrew
  10. Thanks for the reminder - will have to try to catch up I do love this show Also just finished Life Below Zero Canada as well and really enjoyed it - its on Cottage Life network or Crave Cheers Andrew
  11. Thanks - glad you enjoyed it Hoping to get some casts in this weekend at the cottage Can't wait Andrew
  12. Some of my best campfire stories are about the things we forgot to bring. Whether it was tying off an anchor, packing the gear for a shore lunch or even bringing the right clothes into the boat Newest post is up – I share a couple of my favorites https://www.northernjacks.com/post/famous-forgotten-moments Cheers Andrew
  13. Looks like fun and kudos to your daughter Andrew
  14. Really enjoyed that one Awesome that your son wants to head out with ya Cheers Andrew
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