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  1. Unfortunately the drug problem isn’t just Barrie. It’s lots of small towns, and it’s really noticeable because the towns are small. You’ll find this problem everywhere. Opioids are a national crisis. But not to get derailed, one thing I forgot before is there’s a lot of little things you might miss that you take for granted. Pizza delivery? Not outside gta lol. Want to buy new clothes? The malls got 20 stores geared at geriatrics.
  2. You don't have to goto the absolute sticks. The Kawarthas have all the regular amenities as the city; lots of areas get enbridge gas (if not propane). If your not in a town, then yes its well and septic; but you don't pay anything for the well and you pay the city for your water. Theres all kinds of nice small towns an hour to an hour half from Toronto. And lots of water front spots as well.
  3. No slot and no limit on carp. Fish until your hearts content.
  4. The only thing I do notice is all the clouds are different in every picture. Some have no clouds, some just a bit, one picture is complete overcast. But it definitely looks like the same part of the same lake every time.
  5. Man you sure were taking some heat in the other thread for being a "closed minded bass fisherman". lol people.... Looks like a great year!
  6. This went sideways fast. Ranger makes all kinds of boats, mainly fibreglass but not necessarily bass boats. They make lots of deep boats for big water, along with deep v aluminum. And they make just as many multi species boats as bass boats, just because it says ranger doesn't mean its a "bass boat" I think he meant you don't see trolling rigs on a two seaters bass setup.
  7. Maybe try and carry stuff you can't get at Canadian Tire. Mega Bass and Lucky Craft are hard to find baits.
  8. Lots of people will be on Sturgeon and it applies to the scugog river from the Lindsay dam all the way to Ops boundary, which is way past those cement pillars everyone thinks it is. Its closer to bottom of Goose bay.
  9. No one will give you precise spot. But any lake with public access will have fish. Lots of lakes within 2 hours of gta that have public launches. Sounds like your new to fishing, make sure you read and respect all the regulations and follow whatever license you buy (sport or conservation). Bass doesn't open until late June, and walleye isn't till late May. Theres usually limits on perch and crappie as well.
  10. I don't know what a bluebook value is, but resale value (kijiji) of my boat is around $20,000. Im not worried about crashing it, more so covering it if it gets stolen or damaged when Im trailering it. Or theft from the boat when its moored.
  11. The company I was using the rate when up 50% this year so Im shopping around for another company. Anyone have companies they can recommend? I am currently with Harbour Insurance, but I imagine I will cancel with the recent rate hike.
  12. 17*c tomorrow. Top of scugog was wide open the other day when I drove by Valencia.
  13. Sorry about the cottage. Any reason your looking to sell now? Id imagine rebuilt it'd be a nice new place. I don't know if insurance companies will offer a cash settlement and leave an empty lot; I actually think they will make you build something. Id imagine there would be stipulations stating something must be built; otherwise the insurance money could be spent on something it wasn't intended for.
  14. How else can I justify a new boat? step 1 is more rods. Ill share one of my rods with you if you'll feel better about it. Ive got some snap swivels too lol.
  15. Rapala husky jerks, megabass vision 110, lucky craft pointers. Those are pretty common jerkbaits for bass. thanks for all the replies guys. I was was looking at the maxima ultragreen coply.
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