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  1. Some boat launches don’t have docks (like the one in pidgeon). The only option is to shore the boat in the sand/rock. how do you guys feel about doing this with your boat? I see some pretty nice. Oats launch in these areas.
  2. Looking for a Canadian online retailer of mercury stuff. Like oil and fuel filters. It seems really hard to find the quikleen and quikcare stuff.
  3. I have the same striker one as above. Warm and comfy. Never taken in water though
  4. Buckhorn is just floating dead sunfish everywhere. What causes that?
  5. I got another one this week, looks like goby from google comparison.
  6. Anyone else finding they are catching less walleye in the slot? I haven’t seen a small walleye in a while. Is the fishery getting depleted? I should add my fishing is tri -lakes.
  7. I mean the Vaughan one was next to BPS. Not really a smart spot. Should open one where there’s no competition like Peterborough.
  8. Oh they do look very similar. I didn’t take a picture. I’ll take a picture of the next one. Could be sculpin.
  9. Caught a Goby in my minnow trap, wasn’t aware they were even in the Kawartha’s. I imagine this is invasive.
  10. I have a 16 full windshield with a 60hp. Does 30mph with 2. Great for fishing in Kawartha.
  11. Thanks. I found it is easier to view if I turned the contour lines right down, otherwise they conflict with one another
  12. Not sure I understand what it would be used for. The shading doesn’t appear to coincide very wel with break lines. I’ve looked at it on a Kawartha Lake I fish a lot and not sure I see what the shading is representing.
  13. Thanks, I think I just have plain navionics chip card, whatever comes in the humminbird units from factory.
  14. Is this only for the phone? or for the chip card as well?
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