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  1. Tjames09

    We are down to 3 seasons here.

    In the Kawarthas its been fall since the long weekend more or less. There was two days where it was like 28*c but otherwise its been around 10-15* for a good two months. It seems winter and cold weather is early this year though, we had snow last night.
  2. Tjames09

    Hours On Outboards

    I agree with the comments above. I think you can see a lot of things visually yourself or with a good water test. with a good visual check everything in all the compartments, everything underneath you don't initially see. Check for mold, cracks, things rescrewed together. Test all the wood by walking and seeing if there are soft spots. I mean you can tell if a boat is cared for pretty quickly with a visual inspection. When I bought my boat I looked at A LOT of boats. I could tell instantly if a boat is cared for or not. Boats show weathering pretty badly when left to the elements and not cared for, stored properly etc. After a good visual inspection and good long water test is a must. Test everything on the water test to. Test the live wells, test trolling motor, test the lights, test it all. Don't rush. I think those things will go a lot more than hours on a motor.
  3. Tjames09

    Hours On Outboards

    I don’t know. If I was selling my boat I wouldn’t tow it at my expensive to a marine mechanic and have it left there for them to look at it. If someone wanted to bring a mechanic with them be my guest. But I wouldn’t have someone I didn’t know draining my gear oil to check things, whose replacing the oil, whose responsible for getting rid of the oil now? I wouldn’t write off a boat if someone wouldn’t drop it off at a mechanic. Boats on kijiji that are priced well get mutiple offers to view in the spring. You can’t take it a mechanic for everyone that’s tire kicking.
  4. Tjames09

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    I think the blue stabil marine is meant for every fill up to prevent ethanol damage. I use the blue stabil very tank of gas. Red stabil for storage. Lots of fuel has ethanol in it, even 91 octane, only a few stations 91 is ethanol free.
  5. Tjames09

    Planing to go for fishing in Algonquin park

    No live fish as bait anywhere in the park I believe, so I think worms are fine. Theres a bunch of lodges in and around the park; most of them are quite expensive. Lake trout and Brook trout both close September 30th; depending on the lake you goto some have all year exceptions. If your fishing from shore Id imagine it'll be tough to catch Lakers.
  6. Looking for somewhere to go tent camping but has motorboat access (ramp, dock). Preferably somewhere with walleye, anywhere in the Muskoka or Haliburton area would be fine. You can PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting public. Thanks.
  7. Tjames09

    Interesting article on invasive 'Chain Pickerel'

    the name will confuse all Canadians who call walleye pickerel. lol.
  8. Tjames09

    In the market for a rainsuit.

    Good rainsuit is about $500. Goretex cant be beat. In heavy rain or out in the rain for a while it makes a major difference
  9. Tjames09

    Walleye in FMZ17

    I think the main thing is people keep walleye more than other fish. And lots of people don't care about the slot. Ive seen people take some big walleye out of Kawartha lakes ignoring the 19" slot limit. To some people they don't know there is a slot and they just catch it and eat it. But these are also the same people who will eat musky if they catch them.
  10. I had a 55# motor guide on my 16 foot legend, I changed to 80# terrova this year with 60" shaft. I don't find the shaft to long, or getting in the way. If its installed correctly it sits along the gunwale so it won't interfere with the deck area. 55# was not enough for my boat in any kind of wind. The 80# makes such a difference, you can get out of rocky shores, or docks, or bars, so you don't crash in windy weather. not to mention spot lock with it is amazing.
  11. Mechanics on Trent is good from experience
  12. Great fish. How do do you rig your swimbaits? Do you have a treble at the back as well?
  13. Tjames09

    Blaming the mayflies

    I didn’t see any mayflies yesterday? normally they’re all over everything.
  14. Tjames09

    Anyone change props on motor?

    Thanks for all the replies. I will see how the motor is mounted, whatever the factory mounts it I’m sure. I will have to give buckhorn marine a call to maybe see about different props. the holeshot with two people right now is fairly quick, it’s when you have 4 it’s sluggish. Didn’t seem to matter 2 or 4 people boat does 29-30mph.
  15. Tjames09

    Anyone change props on motor?

    16foot legend. Max is 75hp. Not interested in changing motors though, be just as easy to sell and buy a new boat lol.