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  1. Buckhorn is just floating dead sunfish everywhere. What causes that?
  2. I got another one this week, looks like goby from google comparison.
  3. Anyone else finding they are catching less walleye in the slot? I haven’t seen a small walleye in a while. Is the fishery getting depleted? I should add my fishing is tri -lakes.
  4. I mean the Vaughan one was next to BPS. Not really a smart spot. Should open one where there’s no competition like Peterborough.
  5. Oh they do look very similar. I didn’t take a picture. I’ll take a picture of the next one. Could be sculpin.
  6. Caught a Goby in my minnow trap, wasn’t aware they were even in the Kawartha’s. I imagine this is invasive.
  7. I have a 16 full windshield with a 60hp. Does 30mph with 2. Great for fishing in Kawartha.
  8. Thanks. I found it is easier to view if I turned the contour lines right down, otherwise they conflict with one another
  9. Not sure I understand what it would be used for. The shading doesn’t appear to coincide very wel with break lines. I’ve looked at it on a Kawartha Lake I fish a lot and not sure I see what the shading is representing.
  10. Thanks, I think I just have plain navionics chip card, whatever comes in the humminbird units from factory.
  11. Is this only for the phone? or for the chip card as well?
  12. Looks like all the megabass stuff is "in store only" which makes no senses the stores are closed lol.
  13. I was talking about the Crestliner Old Ironmaker posted in the link which is 70k.
  14. Man that’s a nice boat. guys buying boats worth more than my truck. How people afford 70,000k payments? That’s CEO money.
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