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  1. Tjames09

    Toronto Boat Show

    Ya I imagine the used market went up with it. A new Lund Tyee is $98,000 lol.....
  2. Tjames09

    Toronto Boat Show

    Ya that would do it. Hard to justify $60,000 for an aluminum boat. Most of them were actually $65,000 and thats without freight, PDI and tax. So Id imagine well into the $70,000's once all thats added. And this isn't really a fancy boat by any stretch.
  3. Tjames09

    Toronto Boat Show

    Seems like the prices of boats has gone way up....Was looking at 18' aluminum boats from all major brands (Lund, Crestliner, Alumicraft, etc). All the boats in the 18' range were north of $60,000.....And obviously higher the bigger the boat got. Makes it hard to buy a new boat now. Boat costs more than my vehicle lol.
  4. Tjames09


    Most medium lakes are frozen now. If you don't know the lake or currents spud bar always and float jacket. Just because someone on the internet says one thing doesn't make it safe. Be smart when on ice.
  5. Tjames09

    Need Some Help from all the Fishing Gurus Here!

    If its out on the water the first thing people say is "catch anything?". Close second being "what are you fishing for?" If its online, "where did you catch that" Would be #1. People want your spot, they don't want to work for it.
  6. Im not trying to pass guilt here. I think regardless of what took place before what they did was wrong. I can't see any pretext that would justify torturing it. And to be clear, they didn't just kill it. They chased it down and tortured it and laughed about it. Did you watch the video?
  7. Tjames09


    3.5 billion loss so they could close it all down a few years later....solid investment
  8. Tjames09

    Shortest fall season ever

    Since I posted that the lake has opened up again with the warm weather and rain. Well at least the south end of the lake is open in lots of areas. Chemong south end didn't freeze at all actually and is still all open. Pigeon south end opened up as well.
  9. I don't think any pre context changes what they did. I don't see anything justifying chasing a coyote down with a snowmobile and then grabbing it by the hind legs and smashing to off the snowmobile. Not to mention laughing while doing it; the video shows them enjoying it, not mad that it bit them or killed there dog. Honestly kind of surprised people are okay with this....this video has nothing to do with hunting or coyotes being a nuisance. Lots of things are nuisances you don't torture them.
  10. Tjames09

    Shortest fall season ever

    Sturgeon Lake has 2" of ice on it right now.....Its frozen across. Scugog is also frozen across. And its hard black ice.
  11. Tjames09

    Shortest fall season ever

    This fall was really windy. Even if you did get out the lake was super rough.
  12. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t believe someone would be able to kill an alive animal like that; by repeatedly beating it to death. I think that lack of remorse or emotion is very concerning; it’s not natural to torture anything. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/coyote-beating-grande-prairie-rcmp-investigation-1.4911574
  13. Tjames09

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Its good if you live in the are, but I wouldn't drive 90 minutes for it. There are some good vendors there specifically for ice fishing though. Last year I made a day trip out of it and hit up all the stores in the area. Heres a picture they posted of it last year to give people an idea of the size of show.
  14. Tjames09

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Went last year, it’s a small show. Couple small vendors. Probably better off just a trip to cabelas In the area lol.
  15. Tjames09

    Open seat - Kawartha Muskie..

    tomorrow looks like decent weather, 5*c and moderate winds.