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  1. I booked with them for end of January, will report back with how it was.
  2. All the lakes north of it are getting hammered with fisherman this year for sure.
  3. I have a Mustang Catalyst jacket, buts its definitely not warm in the winter. Its essentially a life jacket inside a coat. Its not comfortable at all, its very hard to move in. I used it last year but it wasnt warm and mobility sucked. I went with more of a winter jacket this year. Edit: I cant find this Nautilus brand? they go out of business? I can only find the Mustang stuff, which I have one of already. And the entire Mustang suit is $700 😐
  4. I dont think any ice fishing suits are coast guard approved. Not the ones hat keep you warm as well. I have a Striker Ice Climate Jacket which has "150g Sureflote® Flotation Assistance Technology". But I dont know how well it will float, its supposed to though. I dont think the FXR ones are coast guard approved either, its probably a similar product. I believe the entire Striker Ice lineup floats, I dont think they make products that dont. Its the same as most jackets sold at Bass Pro in the ice fishing section.
  5. I contacted them, they dont do on ice huts anymore, just the cottage. Edit: Ive also been trying to find one and they all appear to be booked for every weekend, I think ive contacted all the operators at this point lol.
  6. Scary story. What kind of floater suit do you wear? Ive been wanting to test mine, in warmer weather lol. I have a striker ice float pants and jacket, but its heavy just walking, cant imagine it being soaked with water trying to move.
  7. I’ve talked to quite a few people lately and they all believe walleye is open January 1st on Balsam lake. I’ve read the FMZ 17 and the wording is very confusing because it’s listed below Crowe Lakes exceptions. Here’s the wording:
  8. Interesting, ive never had anyone give me grief about ice fishing. Lots of people i know supporrt it or are interested. They just know its something I do and enjoy.
  9. except honda and yamaha dont make legal 2up ATV's, so if you want 2up, you HAVE to own one of these three you just listed. Stuff breaks on anything, theres always going to be maintenance.
  10. Over the last 4 days I've watched the lake go from nice black ice, to incredibly questionable ice. If your going out this week, make sure you at least have a spud bar, in the Peterborough/Lindsay area we've lost a fair bit of ice with 6* weather everyday, and its not looking to get better.
  11. I went there for these. You have to order them. They had a boot similar in stock but it’s not the one pictured above. The one they have looks more like a space boot, and I forget the brand.
  12. Any ice that did form in the Kawarthas melted this week with 6* weather and rain. Theres no ice anywhere near me, and I'm surrounded by lakes. Lots of open water right now. Its only November. You could probably shore fish for pan fish (just remember lots of rivers are sanctuaries in November.)
  13. What are you on about? Have you not heard what he said? Ill quote for it so since maybe your only heard some of it. "“You people... that come here and love our way of life, love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada.” His target is people who come to Canada, plain and simple. Theres no other meaning. He's talking about immigrants only.
  14. Nice fish, I originally thought it looked more like a barred regular musky, but either way. Think tigers have the pattern on the face.
  15. Good Luck :). Maybe check online prices beforehand though.
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