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  1. Not all 91 fuel is ethanol free though. Lots of 91 has ethanol, it will say on the pump.
  2. Something in the north Bay Area perhaps, doesn’t have to be nipising. Anyone have any recommendations on places they’ve stayed. Not sure if any lakes in muskoka do overnights. thanks!
  3. That worked. It actually looks like the zerk is only for the tilt tube, not the steering rod. I guess my model you cant grease the steering rod, theres no zerk for it.
  4. Thanks drifter. do you clean the steering rod with anything to get the old dry grease off?
  5. Putting the boat away for the winter and was greasing the zerks, I found three on my mercury outboard. One of them is on the tilt tube where the steering shaft goes in. Im wondering if you just put enough in until it comes out the end. Ive noticed the steering rod is kind of covered in the old grease and its a bit sticky, causing a bit of stiff steering.
  6. Id imagine people don't like sharing spots anymore. To many people lurk forums that aren't members and then just go to these spots were they see fish. So if someone posts big pike in lake x. Guess what lake will have 100x more people at it.
  7. Thanks, ya i did a bit of searching, I didnt know shad couldnt live below 45* water. So definitely not going to have them.
  8. The Ontario website (fishonline) doesn’t say what bait fish are in lakes, only the larger fish. im looking to find out what type of minnow type of fish are in lakes. Like gobys, shiners, shad, etc. i know I can see what type of panfish are in the fishonline site. I’ve never seen shad in the lakes I fish but wondering if they’re their.
  9. Could be lots of reasons. People catch and keep without knowing, or catch by accident and end up killing because they take to long to unhook and get back in water properly. Lots of guys bass fishing catch them on spinner baits all the time and don’t have any nets or tools to handle a big fish.
  10. It’s that time of year to put yard equipment away. Do you guys prefer to run stabil or run the motor dry of gas and empty the tank.
  11. Would you consider an ATV for ice fishing season? Wondering about an ATVs utility year round.
  12. What would be considered high mileage for a 10 year old or more machine? Seeing lots of 10,000km machines
  13. That’s a nice machine. That’s exactly what I’m looking to get. How do you like it?
  14. I’m trying to find a two up machine. Not sure who makes them two up with fan cooled. I haven’t found any for sale yet. Everything is liquid cooled
  15. Thanks guys. I thought Polaris was the only ones to make fan cooled sleds. lol the two sleds I’m looking at are an arctic cat t570 and a Polaris edge grand touring 700.
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