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  1. does anyone know if there is a conversion or adapter piece for pelican/otter sled hitches that work with pintle style snowmobile hitches? The pintle hitch on my sled is 5/8" and the hitch on my pelican is 1/2".
  2. Cool. I had a marcum before. Really only worked on clear lakes like Simcoe. Was useless on northern lakes that are deep and dirty.
  3. I would be surprised if the guys were out. Also without checking I believe lakers are usually Jan 1 for opener.
  4. Whats interesting is the manual recommends 87 octane with 10% ethanol. In the manual it says the ethanol prevents the gas from freezing.
  5. Thanks everyone. I wanted a fan sled, and not many are made and easy to find. Theres an Arctic Cat dealer in PTBO and they have lots of stock of everything. Bought the recommended 2 stroke oil there. Dumped half a can of seafoam in the gas already. Previous owner said he replaced the slider last year and bearings, so hopefully that parts good.
  6. Little different than were you've booked, But French River is awesome. I know I couldn't get my wife too stay at a "fish camp" (looks like the 5 mile one is more of a fish camp.) https://www.frenchriver.com We stayed here last year and it was simply amazing.
  7. Thanks for the help guys, found a 2014 Bearcat for a reasonable price and reasonable miles. Been doing some research on preseason maintenance. Did the chain case oil, spark plugs, and 2 stroke oil already, and checked the belt and tension. Found a manual online that talks bout cleaning the carbs, but might be out of my wheelhouse.
  8. I can't read it, not part of the group. But 10,000 for a 10 year old machine. New sleds are 10k.
  9. Ya I'm noticing a lot of things are junk. Lots of old sleds and guys wanting 5+k. Sometimes even 8k for like an 02.
  10. Thanks. Ive already got a towable pelican with cover. I was trying to find a fan cooled 500. doesn't seem many come for sale
  11. Never owned a sled before lol. I won’t have a clue if somethings a dud or not
  12. Awesome, Im looking at open water in the Kawarthas after the rain yesterday. 9" of ice will be a long way off for us/.
  13. Just pull up to the lake. No backwoods bombing. What's considered high mileage on a Yamaha? Im seeing lots for 15,000km+ It seems like a lot?
  14. Oh wow...I haven't seen sleds for sale that new. Everything's early-mid 2000s.
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