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  1. Looks like all the megabass stuff is "in store only" which makes no senses the stores are closed lol.
  2. I was talking about the Crestliner Old Ironmaker posted in the link which is 70k.
  3. Man that’s a nice boat. guys buying boats worth more than my truck. How people afford 70,000k payments? That’s CEO money.
  4. Im not a big fan of sharing fishing spots. It makes the learning curve zero and floods spots with boats. People post a picture of a musky and then Where they caught it. That post stays online forever so now anyone can look that up and everyone will fish that spot.
  5. I think the terrova is around 3k. Its not a cheap unit.
  6. Is it trolling only for these? I don't have deep diving trolling rigs.
  7. wow still expensive even 14 years old, don't think ill ever own that haha.
  8. my dream boat.....man thats nice. what did it go for on the used market? what year was it?
  9. Unfortunately you can’t just go get tested because you want to. You have to meet all the criteria and I believe in addition to having all the symptoms you needed to have travelled or been near someone that’s travelled. its probably why Canada’s numbers are so low, we aren’t testing people. We don’t have the resources (test kits) available to do so. The test itself also takes 48 hours.
  10. Hmm, not sure where those numbers come from. Seasonal flu has a 0.1% mortality rate. https://www.bloomberg.com/toaster/v2/charts/e08ea984fe0b4b7bba2c934c528f3b33.html?brand=view&webTheme=view&web=true&hideTitles=true
  11. Its our first boat and its been amazing. 16.5' legend with a 60hp mercury Bigfoot. Have a Minnekota terrova upfront and a hummingbird head unit. If the waves get big, its not a lot of fun lol.
  12. The US teams fishing boat with rods and tackle everywhere drove me bananas. Always stepping on rods, everything tangled. Not to mention fishing for a bluegill and rock bass for 20 hours lol. Meanwhile Konrads out there in a tin boat with one rod each.
  13. 15 walleye above 19”? Wow. Lucky if you see one not 15. I’ve never fished the north Bay Area in nippissing. Always south shore.
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