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  1. Thanks all. Heading out again this weekend. Need to find some places to atv in for fishing this summer, combine 2 passions! Andrew
  2. Thanks all! so far so good. My brother bought a newer 750 Grizzly in the fall and I was impressed. Just started watching kijiji and Facebook and found this one cheers Andrew
  3. It’s been a long time between posts. Life has been pretty busy and I haven’t had a ton of fun time I did however just purchase a new to me ATV. A 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 550. Had her out last weekend on the trails by my brothers cottage and I think I am hooked! Andrew
  4. Thanks for sharing. A lake and outfitter high on my list but we couldn’t make it work for our 2024 trip Overall just looks like a beautiful lake both in the fishing and the scenery side cheers Andrew
  5. On our fly in trips we use Helix 5 2 portables. Great units have the bells and whistles we like plus more we don’t really use We did upgrade to Dakota lithium 12 V batteries. Depending on how you fish may or may not be relevant but on a week long fly in w limited charging sources the longer run time is great Andrew
  6. It’s been a while since my last post. Life has been busy but sitting squarely in the shoulder season I finally go around to one Each trip I take I try to get up early, have a coffee and jot down notes about the previous day. Some of its useless ramblings (a lot of it) but on our recent trip I managed to capture a few key insights I thought I would share https://www.northernjacks.com/post/5-things-i-learned-on-miniss-lake Cheers Andrew
  7. Thanks for all the comments I have quite a few Victorinox pocket knives but have never looked at their larger blades. Will check them out Andrew
  8. Thanks. I think I fixed it. My brother bought the one you are talking about and is also happy with it. And you are right. Great value for a solid knife cheers Andrew
  9. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved knives Pocket knives, belt knives and multi tools, I love them all. I was recently in the market for a new one, something for our fly in and canoe trips. Here’s a review of the knife I chose https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-morkniv-hd-companion Cheers Andrew
  10. Awesome. Glad it went/is going well those are some solid fish! Andrew
  11. One lure I used to loath was a hot n tot It seemed like every Ontario outfitter listed it as a must have for walleye but I never seemed to have any luck with them despite trying Fast forward to a trip w my FIL and he absolutely slayed fish on the tot all week. Fished w him for a day and got the hang of it (as short a line as possible to get it slamming the bottom) and it became a staple for me. Probably my number 1 trolling lure on fly ins Not a lure per se but I have had very little luck “frogging” for bass. Any fish I have caught have been pike lol. Not saying it’s not effective just hasn’t panned out for me to date Andrew
  12. As much as I like to think of myself as the star of my fishing trips, my newest post focuses on the real hero (or villain), the lake. So many factors to consider and with so many lakes to choose from it can be overwhelming Our first fly in was on a small lake which was perfect but over time we have shifted to preferring large complex lakes Anyway here is my take on things to consider https://www.northernjacks.com/post/how-to-choose-the-best-lake-for-your-fly-in-fishing-trip Cheers Andrew
  13. Thanks Doug. I enjoy it. Seems to extend the “high” of the trip a little longer Thanks!
  14. I am not long back from our semi annual fly in trip This year we fished Miniss Lake out of Sioux Lookout with Slate Falls Outposts In a word it was epic. Miniss is my favorite lake to date - big, quirky and full of walleye and pike Its a long report with lots of pictures - hope you enjoy https://www.northernjacks.com/post/miniss-lake-fly-in-trip-report-2022 Cheers Andrew
  15. That’s awesome. Congrats on the new venture Andrew
  16. A few weeks myself and some good friends did a quick one night canoe trip in the Halliburton Highlands. We got some crazy weather, may have lost a phone, caught some fish and had a great time https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-busted-loop-haliburton-water-trails-report Cheers Andrew
  17. Thanks again all. Sounds like my issue was not using a bearing swivel Appreciate the help! Andrew
  18. Thanks all Used both a spoon and a diving crankbait. Vibration mainly when using the crank bait cheers Andrew
  19. Managed to head out for a 1 night let last weekend. this was my first time trolling in a canoe using a clamp on rod holder(Scotty) as previous trips I just held it After trolling and casting from shore my line was knotting like crazy. Has never happened before so fairly certain it was from the vibration of the lure while in the rod holder. Rods were set fairly high and was using 15 power pro on a spinning set up and lure clipper on via a snap swivel, no bearings So. Anyone else have this issue? Fix is using different line? Positioning the rod lower so it’s almost parallel with the water? Use a swivel with the barrel? thanks in advance for any tips Andrew
  20. I am 1 month out from this summers fly in with Slate Falls Outposts. We will be fishing Miniss lake I am so pumped and with a few of these trips under my belt I am less stressed than my first one for sure. Worrying about weight, catching enough fish for meals and so on. Here are a few of the things I wish I knew ahead of time https://www.northernjacks.com/post/things-i-knew-before-my-first-fly-in-trip Cheers Andrew
  21. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great trip at a great resort Andrew
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