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  1. Sweet - glad it worked for you! Mine has been beat to crap this summer - the older I get (and maybe fatter) I seem to sweat out baseball hats quick lol. Still has some mojo to it as well
  2. One of my first posts about the 5 lures I would take on a fly in trip for walleye is still one of the most popular Newest post are the 5 lures I would take for pike on a fly in Typically our focus is on walleyes but over the years we have caught some great pike both on purpose and while fishing for walleye I wouldn't consider myself an evolved pike fisherman by any means - but these luresd have done me well but also really interested in hearing about others "go to" pike baits Here are my stalwarts https://www.northernjacks.com/post/my-top-5-pike-lures-for-northern-ontario Cheers Andrew
  3. BTW Chris. Great hat you are wearing in at least one of those shots!
  4. Awesome report! I know Chris had fond memories of Ana and high expectations so glad it was a great trip Cheers Andrew
  5. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed Andrew
  6. Thanks guys. Good tips Generally on this lake it seems the bigger smallies are quite deep and tougher to pattern. I spent the day last weekend fishing and weirdly found walleye in the middle of the day in my bass spots but no bass of any size. As the day went on and got hot was tough to pattern anything But I still love fishing later in the season lol will definitely break out the top waters next time I’m up Andrew
  7. It's been a busy summer and I was finally able to get out for the day in my kayak Fished a small cottage lake in Hali for bass with my brother For most of the day it seemed like 6 - 10 inch smallies were the only thing on the menu but in the end we upped the size https://www.northernjacks.com/post/dink-dink-dunk Cheers Andrew
  8. Our group does our fly ins every two years (although I think with kids getting older that may become annually soon) We do a pretty detailed planning process which i thought I would share https://www.northernjacks.com/post/diary-of-a-mad-fishing-trip-plan In the end we are going to a new lake with a familiar outfitter - Miniss Lake with Slate Falls Outposts Cheers Andrew Ryan Runge - owner of SFO with a Miniss Lake Pike
  9. Awesome - thanks Doug - enjoyed that! Andrew
  10. Thanks Doug That’s funny and I can see how you would guess that Adam is very thorough for sure cheers Andrew
  11. Newest Tales from Post is Up This time I had the pleasure of talking to Adam Dempsey - who many of you probably know from his contribution to this site over the years Alwasy quick to provide help and info about fishing trip lakes, outfitters and tactics he is a wealth of knowledge As the creator and manager of fishingoutposts.com he probably has done more research on Ontario fly in outposts than anyone I know https://www.northernjacks.com/post/tales-from-the-trip-junkie Cheers Andrew
  12. Thanks - and for sure - I think we can definitely cut down on some gear if we decide to tackle a longer portage Lol - for sure - I only meant old in the sense that the last time I was there I was younger and in better shape - will definitely hit you up Doug - I think we are going to return next year for sure Cheers Andrew
  13. Awesome - glad it was a great trip - enjoyed reading that!
  14. Thanks! And for sure. I think I forgot to include my age and weight of the gear into my equation lol. But was worth it Andrew
  15. Not long back from my second ever Algonquin adventure We spent 3 days and 2 nights in the park - putting in at Rock Lake and making our way to Clydegale lake It was an awesome time although the fishing was a bit of a bust - not the parks fault, blame lays squarely on the anglers lol As a GTAer I am always amazed at the beauty and remoteness of Algonquin - it was around 3.5 hours from Mississauga to Rock Lake but once we crossed into Pen Lake its like being in a different world https://www.northernjacks.com/post/3-days-in-algonquin Cheers Andrew
  16. So I have no experience with the lake or Air Cochrane it looks like Audrey is fairly shallow w a few deep holes. In August I would tend to start deep or focus on areas w current I had posted two articles a while back based on my groups trips https://www.northernjacks.com/post/top-5-walleye-lures-for-northern-ontario https://www.northernjacks.com/post/walleye-magnets The other tip would be to check satellite maps of the lake and look for irregularities re mid lake humps, main points, island and large weed beds Also push your outfitter for a map of spots to start Its in their best interest to ensure you catch fish best of luck sounds like an awesome outing Please share how you make out Andrew
  17. Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I count fish instead of sheep lol Specifically I revisit some of my favorite memories from trips I have taken For whatever reason it really works and I rarely get past 4 memories before I drift off Here's a few of my favorites https://www.northernjacks.com/post/counting-fish Cheers Andrew
  18. No problem Someone linked to Mike Borger’s site https://www.canadafishingguide.net. He has done a lot of trips w Air Dale and has trip reports up I did two trips w White River air and my reports are here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/50-mission-cap-our-first-fly-in and here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/looking-for-a-fish-to-happen Cheers Andrew
  19. I think most outfitters will have a lake or two where they will take a small group in the fall this year may be a little tougher with the late border opening I know White River Air has a few lakes where they will do two and I believe Air Dale out of Wawa does as well best of luck Andrew
  20. Looks like a great trip. Some really nice fish there. The colours on some of the smallies and that musky are incredible Thanks for sharing Andrew
  21. Looks like an awesome trip - thanks for sharing Andrew
  22. I have been packing my gear this week as me and the guys get ready for a 3 night canoe trip in Algonquin I have been using this bag for a few years now - I take it on my fly in trips, boat ins or drive tos - it sometimes makes an appearance when we head to the boat access cottage Its been a great purchase so far - full review here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/product-review-eureka-75l-canoe-pack Cheers! Andrew
  23. My attention span is typically pretty bad - except for fishing Recently I spent an few hours in the rain at the cottage just casting - with only a small rock bass to show for it - yet I kept on going As I pondered why I came to the conclusion that its because I am waiting for the unexpected, the fluke or the monster sitting just off that one lily pad Its a fishing memory post about some of my favorites unexpected fish from a fly in, musky fishing in Hali and off the dock in Muskoka https://www.northernjacks.com/post/the-unexpected Cheers Andrew
  24. Enjoyed that read today = thanks for sharing - great start to your year Andrew
  25. I am a little late to this but I am a big fan of my BPS Pro Qualifier suit - for 2 years I just asked for BPS gift certs for any gift giving occasion and eventually had enough to buy the suit Only downfall is BPS doesn't seem to make that line anymore - price/insulation wise it was one step below the 100 MPH series When I bought mine the gentlemen who helped me pushed my towards the lighter of the two suits, and advised to buy 1 size up since I did most of my fishing from May until September - that was I could wear it when really hot with shorts and a t shirt and when colder layer underneath - must say it was great advice. I have had my suit for 7 years now and it still works as it should Cheers Andrew
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