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  1. I have had no such issues with any of mine besides normal wear and tear. but I also have had no issues with my ecodiesel , I actually really love mine. we can search the internet and find ppl who have good and bad things to say about everything. I for one will stand behind my artic cat, precious Polaris and can am products, I have been happy.
  2. Thank you everybody for all of the responses and suggestions , I appreciate it !
  3. Thanks all gagnons no longer carries Croix fishing world I have on my list
  4. Hey, I am looking to purchase a few rods and was wondering if anybody knows a store which has good prices and selection on Croix ? There are a few near me all of which are full msrp retail price. I figured I would ask before I purchase online or bite the bullet. i live in Toronto and am willing to travel about 1.5 hours or so thanks !
  5. I have an auto bilge pump and no cover. i have found my transducers seem to crack tho...
  6. Scarborough, Vaughan or Mississauga location ?
  7. Hello I am looking to purchase some U40 cork seal locally if possible (local to toronto / Mississauga /Scarborough). plz let me know if you are aware of an outfitter that sells it. thanks !
  8. Nope, I didn’t think it was. All good.
  9. To each there own. I’m glad you have had good experiences.
  10. I StRONGLY agree with the above comments. I would save a little more and get Shimano Stradic however, you can’t go wrong, especially for the price, with the Pfluegar president I don’t have much experience with the new lower /mid range Daiwa stuff, so no comment there. I personally would not purchase quantum, low model Abu, okuma based off of prior incidences.
  11. I forgot to mention what I personally like and it’s a g Loomis glx bcr 803c.
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