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  1. I have an auto bilge pump and no cover. i have found my transducers seem to crack tho...
  2. Scarborough, Vaughan or Mississauga location ?
  3. Hello I am looking to purchase some U40 cork seal locally if possible (local to toronto / Mississauga /Scarborough). plz let me know if you are aware of an outfitter that sells it. thanks !
  4. Nope, I didn’t think it was. All good.
  5. To each there own. I’m glad you have had good experiences.
  6. I StRONGLY agree with the above comments. I would save a little more and get Shimano Stradic however, you can’t go wrong, especially for the price, with the Pfluegar president I don’t have much experience with the new lower /mid range Daiwa stuff, so no comment there. I personally would not purchase quantum, low model Abu, okuma based off of prior incidences.
  7. I forgot to mention what I personally like and it’s a g Loomis glx bcr 803c.
  8. A ML isn’t known for horsing fish around especially not in any cover. I know it’s a rod Yamamoto recommends for fishing Senko, but personally it’s too light. the eagle rods are nice, however going up to an prior model HMG, elite tech or if you have the budget Aetos will give a noticeable difference in power, depending on the model you choose. I would personally go up to a M, F or XF if u want some more tip power. every rod manufacturer has a rod that will work nicely, but it ultimately comes down to how in depth you want to get with your equipment. The slight performance increases for some on a $800 is worth it, while for others the performance from a good $60-$150 is more than enough.
  9. Hello I purchased another cowl decal for my outboard as the old one was peeling and flaking I purchased a new one, which is $125 in the trashcan as I can’t install it myself-bubbles, ripples , wasn’t straight ......im done. Clearly it’s beyond me to install. i would like to purchase another sticker, but I 100% cannot do it myself. One of the issues is that it is large, covers 3/4 of a 115hp cowl hood. does anybody know of a marina or installer who could do something like this? I am located in the Toronto area thanks so much !
  10. Hey all has anybody gone to this in prior years? Is it worth going to? http://www.wofgpa.org/Tackle Swap 2019.pdf
  11. I’d be pretty upset if I lost my hippo. Good luck!
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