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  1. With them stopping making motors would you still consider one on a used boat?
  2. This number keeps getting reposted. I dont know where people get this, it must be bad Facebook repost. Simple math in Canada has death rate at 3.5%, not 0.6% as you posted. 311109 total cases, 11186 deaths. Thats 3.5%. All of Canada to date. Edit: heres the website in case you need to see: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html Make sure whatever facts you get are from legitimate sources.
  3. The Wolsley Bay Area. Went in late May, water was still very cold. Very beautiful area, but fish were not to be found.
  4. I could see that for sure. In 3 years lots of things going for sale (Skis, bikes,atv, etc). you couldnt buy a bike at all this year. Sold out at the factory.
  5. Yes I’ve gone to a few marinas and they are out of everything. Buckeye in Bobcaygeon has sold all of their 2021 Princecrafts already and are getting no more. DT said normally they have hundreds of boats in inventory and they currently have about 20.
  6. 17-18’ fish/ski type boat. Like a princecraft sport or something of the like.
  7. Makes no sense. How did covid allow people MORe money to buy things lol? How is a 40-50k boat all of a sudden now in people’s budget. im in the market, but I feel I’ll get ripped off.
  8. It seems people are asking near new pricing on used boats these days. Anyone have a good reference for trying to determine a used boat value so you don’t ripped off buying?
  9. Hmm I did the French last year and the fishing was terrible. It’s a big system and easy to get lost. I have better luck on smaller lakes with a canoe. Anything in Algonquin has been better for me.
  10. Ya depending where you are your not allowed to take an ATV on snowmobile trails. So if you need trail access ATVs are a no, but that depends if its a regulated sled trail. Ive been plenty north of 7 on back lakes with an ATV though, most of the time sleds have packed the trails down so its no issue. I see more ATVs than sleds in winter, but maybe its where I am (which is north of 7 lol, arent all lakes north of 7 anyways?).
  11. It took me 3 days on Pigeon before I got one.....Tough lake lately. Gets fished hard.
  12. Thanks, thats what I was doing. I just hate that feeling of dragging the boat up the sand. Theres always small rocks and whatnot in the sand.
  13. Some boat launches don’t have docks (like the one in pidgeon). The only option is to shore the boat in the sand/rock. how do you guys feel about doing this with your boat? I see some pretty nice. Oats launch in these areas.
  14. Looking for a Canadian online retailer of mercury stuff. Like oil and fuel filters. It seems really hard to find the quikleen and quikcare stuff.
  15. I have the same striker one as above. Warm and comfy. Never taken in water though
  16. Buckhorn is just floating dead sunfish everywhere. What causes that?
  17. I got another one this week, looks like goby from google comparison.
  18. Anyone else finding they are catching less walleye in the slot? I haven’t seen a small walleye in a while. Is the fishery getting depleted? I should add my fishing is tri -lakes.
  19. I mean the Vaughan one was next to BPS. Not really a smart spot. Should open one where there’s no competition like Peterborough.
  20. Oh they do look very similar. I didn’t take a picture. I’ll take a picture of the next one. Could be sculpin.
  21. Caught a Goby in my minnow trap, wasn’t aware they were even in the Kawartha’s. I imagine this is invasive.
  22. I have a 16 full windshield with a 60hp. Does 30mph with 2. Great for fishing in Kawartha.
  23. Thanks. I found it is easier to view if I turned the contour lines right down, otherwise they conflict with one another
  24. Not sure I understand what it would be used for. The shading doesn’t appear to coincide very wel with break lines. I’ve looked at it on a Kawartha Lake I fish a lot and not sure I see what the shading is representing.
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