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  1. Almost every light problem I have had has been a ground issue. Clean and reattach the ground connection points and I bet it fixes it. My buddies escort has some wierd issues with his trailer and truck lights though so who knows.
  2. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the compliments. I poured a ton of time into these over the last six months. Like everything it was harder to get the perfect action and balance than I expected and of course I learned the most from the regular design screw ups. For now I am selling small quantities to help cover my start up costs. I only have one of each mold so making large numbers isn't possible now. I have a friend who has Chinese manufacturing contacts and he wants me to run a large quantity too. Lol. But to be honest it's like an art project for me and I really got into it for the love of fishing and as a creative endeavour. I just love Heli-Dawgs and I wanted a paddletail bait with a spinner idea which didn't exist for musky. I have a couple evil plans for other baits too. I still have my wooden masters and may make more molds this summer.
  3. Here's the finished product. They look great in the water - even though I got skunked on opener.
  4. Bait weights: Jig - 7.5 oz Shad - 6.5 oz I have videos of the baits in action but I can't post easily here. If anyone wants to see the videos just send me a PM with your email and I will send them to you.
  5. Last Fall, I posted a swimbait with a spinner blade that I poured at home. It was rudimentary but worked great and got me one especially fat 46" musky last Fall. I have spent the winter making molds of other baits and an improved mold of my swimbait. I will likely post some in the classified section but a few guys expressed some interest in the swimbait last Fall. If anyone wants one the just send me a PM and we can talk colours, price... Anyways - jig is similar to Bondy bait with a heavier insert and .062 stainless wire. Action, balance and fatigue on arm is VERY similar to Bondy Baits - cause let's face it - he nailed it. Mine is more realistic and will be painted and can be custom ordered. The swimbait has a removable Colorado blade, is slightly bigger than a Shadzilla and will also be painted. It has a great belly roll and tail kick. The two baits pictured are just a taste - still need eyes and paint touches. The silver sparkle is WAY brighter in real life. Gonna look great with a white belly and darker or chartreuse back.
  6. I put a bar of soap in mine. A friend told me the trick. Easy. Can't hurt any.
  7. If it's a Muskie trip and the guide you are getting's name is Pete then no worries. Just go with him. He will get u on Muskie and teach u the ropes.
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