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  1. That right there is a great fish....congrats
  2. Heading down to bass pro and sail tomorrow to pick up some stuff , thanks for the tips and insight everyone.
  3. Thanks for the tips Cliff .... The name of his lodge is Uchi Lake Lodge . This is the first season for him and by the sounds of it things are going well up there . Can't wait to get up there , its going to be a great time indeed.
  4. Thanks Chris , everything is included so no worries there. Like I said my friend just purchased the lodge and it is a fairly large lake so there will be spots that I'm sure they haven't explored or found yet . Those are the spots I will be looking for. Weedless spoons are on the list...Hmmmm 2 way radios eh , that might be a great idea.
  5. Finders are packed and yes , so are the 5 of diamonds.
  6. Never thought of the band aids but they are on my list now.
  7. The lodge was just purchased by a good friend of mine last fall and he is going to look after us (lucky me) so all the incidentals will be covered . We will be staying in cabins and the lodge will be supplying the food so no worries there . Funny you said pink jigs because that's what my buddy said to bring .
  8. Thanks for the tips , actually heading down to Sail this week . Will take a look at those baits , any specific colour seem to work best ?
  9. Hey everyone , well the time has finally come where I will be going on my first fly in fishing trip . Heading to a lodge just east of Red Lake in NW Ontario and leaving the 2nd week of August . The lake holds walleye (big ones so I have been told) and pike . Anyways , lookin for some tips from the fly in experts on what are some must haves and any pattern ideas for the walleye's during this time of year on a remote fly in lake. I would imagine the walleye will be stacked up on mid lake shoals but who knows. Thanks in advance everyone
  10. Thanks for the updates and great pics. everyone , heading into the backcountry (near Algonquin) 2nd week of May for our annual lake trout trip so as usual I will be watching various ice out reports. Not sure if you guys have seen this but the backcountry permits and campgrounds in Algonquin have been delayed till May 3 so plan accordingly . I have heard that there is still 20" of ice on most of Algonquin's lakes so that May 3 opening might be optimistic but with the right conditions you just never know . Also remember its not just the ice out that can be a problem , a lot of the access roads/trails are still still snow covered and they need to be assessed before any permits are issued.
  11. Thanks again everyone for the input . After a long hunt for those spring sales on rods and reels and testing a couple different setups I went with the G Loomis E6X 820 DSR . Matched it up with a Stradic Ci4 2500 (reel on sale as well so what the hell eh...) . The 820 felt better then the 822 with this reel so I went with it. Beauty setup and I can't wait to lay the beat down on those open water small jaws.....
  12. Looking for some recommendations on a good drop shot rod between $150-300 . I have a St.Croix Avid X which I have been using but is a little heavy and I want a designated drop shot rod so I don't have to keep re tying . The Avid X is an amazing rod (you can feel a fish swim by your hook) and I am leaning towards another one but just wanted to hear what you guys think and use . Anyways thanks for your advice in advance everyone.
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