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  1. 4x4bassin

    Do you fish?

    Yep , well said
  2. 4x4bassin

    Outboard lower gear oil change

    Agree with Sinker here , if there is significant water in that bottom end and she freezes over winter your going to have a big problem $$$ Seen it before on a friends 9.9HP . Bottom end housing cracked like an egg . For what it is worth I would just change it like you have been doing and no worries .
  3. 4x4bassin

    Moose vs wolf shot in 4k on a drone!

    Amazing video , thanks for sharing
  4. Yah , I know what the float barriers are but what looks different is the workings of the actual dam that controls the water levels. At some point not too long ago the dams water level was controlled by stop logs . Now it looks like a big airbag or something. It is definitely not a stop log operation anymore or this would not of happened .
  5. Have not been up in those parts for quite awhile now but did spend many days fishing that part of the river in my younger days . One thing that caught my eye right away was that the dam is controlled by what looks like an airbag system that I have never seen before . Back in the day that dams water level was controlled by stop logs which would not fail in a circumstance like this . Wonder why they went to this new system . Stop logs are definitely more labour intensive so that's probably the reason $$$ Real shame , that will cause some issues with silt/mud in the river from the dam out to the bay.
  6. 4x4bassin

    The lord took her away from me NF

    My condolences Cliff
  7. 4x4bassin

    GREASED the TOON, real good this morning

    Nice lakers Brian , that is some dedication getting out there in that wind . Couldn't help but notice your bait , that is a big bait !!! I do a lot of laker jigging myself and have tried big baits like that and have not got a sniff , they like the smaller stuff where I go . Goes to show you that the baitfish in Simcoe are big and plentiful . Keep the laker reports coming and be safe out there
  8. 4x4bassin

    Bluegill and Sunfish Hotspots in Tiny, ON

    Have a cottage in that area and have a couple suggestions for yah . Have not been in several years but you can try Tiny Marsh on county rd 29 , It is a provincial wetland park and as of a couple years ago had loads of panfish . It would be approx. 20 min drive from the Balm Beach area. Another spot would be the Midland town docks , throw out a worm and you never know what you will catch there . Midland is a 20 min drive as well . Good luck
  9. 4x4bassin

    Lakering, on the TOON

    Nice lake trout Brian , love the laker reports
  10. That one fish is a hawg for sure . I would say at least 7lbs , nice catch !!!
  11. I don't even know what to say about this other then this individual is a loser looking for a free ride to Mikes fishing spot . I know what it takes to go through all the homework and phone calls and map study to find gems like this and to have some loser go about it in this fashion really pisses me off . I feel for yah Mike !!!!
  12. 4x4bassin

    Nipigon Trip Pics

    Beauty , I have to make it up there one day .
  13. 4x4bassin

    Fishin smallies

    Agree with all comments above . I fish a remote cold/clear lake for lake tout and smallmouth and have discovered that the smallies in this lake are somewhat palegic and feed off shore . They are tough to find but once you find them its game on . Another thing that I have experienced in clear lakes is to fish about 30 mins after the sun goes down . The smallmouth come into the shallows to feed under the cloak of darkness in these clear water lakes . Top water all the way here . Good luck
  14. 4x4bassin

    boat distance etiquette.

    Timely topic here Simon , I just got back from a fishing trip and this somewhat happened to me . I was clearly drifting down a shoreline making casts when this guy and his wife pull up in there boat just 50ft away from me down drift and drop anchor and they start fishing . Now I know I don't own the lake but some common sense should come into play here , total idiot move on a large lake with very few fisherman . Now the guy in your case Simon is the definition of an idiot and a total Bull move especially when you have your son in the boat having a good time catching fish . Rant over