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  1. Thanks for the editing help Bill , really appreciate it
  2. Myself and a couple friends travelled up to Uchi Lake Lodge in NW Ontario this August and had an absolute blast. The lodge is located in the Ear Falls/Red Lake area and is a walleye factory to say the least . Pike are a very unutilized fish in this lake due to the high demand on the walleye.Catching 80-100 walleye per boat in a day was not a problem for us and the pike fishing was awesome as well. The average walleye caught was around 18-20” with the biggest being 27” As for the pike , several nice ones were caught with a 40” lost in the net boatside.....not my most brightest of moments LOL Lures of choice were your basic 1/4 oz jig in chartreuse or pink with a half dew worm for the walleye and for the pike , trolled deep diving cranks were the lures for the week. The lodge itself was great and had everything we needed and more including great staff to help us with any needs. Food was also amazing and plentiful so no need to go hungry at Uchi. It is also the only lodge on the lake which is a real bonus. The boats are clean and dry and powered by brand new Yamaha 4 strokes. Each boat has 2 or 3 padded swivel seats which are a real plus when you are out on the water all day. The lake itself is a large lake with lots of structure and bays to hide in if the weather gets nasty as well as a couple portage lakes that are always an adventure and full of walleye. So enough of the talk , let’s get into some pictures...... There you have it , a quick report on our trip up to Uchi Lake Lodge. As well I would like to give a quick thank you to Shayne and the rest of the Uchi family. One more thing , if a fly in to NW Ontario is something your thinking about go for it , the lodges up there really need your help with all the craziness of 2020 and if you need any info on Uchi send me a message or give the lodge a call and they will gladly help you out.
  3. Been fishing Manitouwabing for 35 years and have seen the highs and lows. 20-30 years ago the fishing was fantastic but like any other body of water with easy access the fishing goes in the tank (some exceptions) Mind you I have not fished it for a couple years now so cant update on present day fishing experiences. Large lake with endless bays and structure with lots of deep water and like a couple guys have said it is a very busy lake. Now don't get me wrong it is a beautiful lake and the fishing is average with the chance of some big ones but it wouldn't be my first choice either at this point in time unfortunately.
  4. I have seen some crazy stuff on the water but this moron takes the cake....absolutely ridiculous and out and out careless on his part. By the looks of it they know who it is so I hope the law takes appropriate action against him
  5. I don't get on this forum as much anymore unfortunately but had to comment on your catch. I'm an avid lake trout fisherman and I have to say that's a beauty of a fish , well done and thanks for sharing
  6. That right there is a great fish....congrats
  7. Heading down to bass pro and sail tomorrow to pick up some stuff , thanks for the tips and insight everyone.
  8. Thanks for the tips Cliff .... The name of his lodge is Uchi Lake Lodge . This is the first season for him and by the sounds of it things are going well up there . Can't wait to get up there , its going to be a great time indeed.
  9. Thanks Chris , everything is included so no worries there. Like I said my friend just purchased the lodge and it is a fairly large lake so there will be spots that I'm sure they haven't explored or found yet . Those are the spots I will be looking for. Weedless spoons are on the list...Hmmmm 2 way radios eh , that might be a great idea.
  10. Finders are packed and yes , so are the 5 of diamonds.
  11. Never thought of the band aids but they are on my list now.
  12. The lodge was just purchased by a good friend of mine last fall and he is going to look after us (lucky me) so all the incidentals will be covered . We will be staying in cabins and the lodge will be supplying the food so no worries there . Funny you said pink jigs because that's what my buddy said to bring .
  13. Thanks for the tips , actually heading down to Sail this week . Will take a look at those baits , any specific colour seem to work best ?
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