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Adolphus Reach/boq Report


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Wow what a fantastic report and lot's and lot's of pictures. Glad you sound more upbeat today.Yesterday you were a bit testy. Don't be worrying so much about others, know who your reel buddies are and enjoy life. Congrats on the 12 lber, did you end up having it for supper, hanging it on the wall or releasing it back into the bay after alll those great trophy pictures? Glad it was a good trip and thanks for sharing.

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great pics!!! and once again guys had a blast and want you both outthis summer for salmon and trout. Nice to enjoy a day with two great guys that know how to enjoy a day on the water rain or shine. I'm sorry about the weed fish will work on that next time lol. just a note to all, think of the fish first pics second if you not ready let him go and take pics next round we saw fish out of water for 5 min then put back in the water thats way to long . see if you can hold your breath that long.

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Good trip for you Wayne.

Wish I knew I could get away sooner so I could have joined you.

Next trip ???


Like the pics. Thurs and Fri were nasty days for sure, but Sat and Sun were fine fishing days.

Glad you got into some fish and nailed a pb too.

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