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  1. I was close to there today and got a full cooler. How do I donate a prize to this Tyler charity?
  2. I caught lots of 7 to 9 inch Jumbos today. North of there. Caught a few herring to add to the box as well.
  3. I went with my girlfriend this morning up to Simcoe most fisherman went to popular spots that were mentioned on lots of Boards. We went somewhere different and got lucky with lots of perch over 7 inches. We both kept our limits of Jumbos between 7 and 8 inches We now have 100 perch each to clean. .
  4. Pam. Myself and 2 of the other gals in our secreterial pool here at work have it. We are all going home at lunch. Hope it does not last long
  5. nautifish, you are definately the Queen of OFC. I love reading your posts which are vibrant and full of info and pictures. You get my vote as the OFC'er of the New Year.
  6. Mike , I would be cautious about going to Temagami. We have a fellow OFC'er who has spared no expense in targetting those fish and seems to come up empty handed or light stringer at best. Consider spending your hard earned dollars elsewhere. Good luck.
  7. Ah that's fantastic. You must be excited. I think it's great that a local bar runs a contest like this so us ameuter,honest fishingpersons can win prizes like this. Was it a free meal? I don't target musky, but would like to try one day. Any chance you could post a picture of the big Musky you caught to win Angler of the Week. Was it one that you caught last week on the Niagara? How wonderful.
  8. Wow what a fantastic report and lot's and lot's of pictures. Glad you sound more upbeat today.Yesterday you were a bit testy. Don't be worrying so much about others, know who your reel buddies are and enjoy life. Congrats on the 12 lber, did you end up having it for supper, hanging it on the wall or releasing it back into the bay after alll those great trophy pictures? Glad it was a good trip and thanks for sharing.
  9. I am amazed at the size of walley coming out of BOQ. I've only been able to pull out some smaller wallet on smaller bodies of water. I sure do love looking at other anglers big walley pics. Rick can you be a sweety and post some pictures of these big 12 lb.walley you have been so lucky to experience. thanks Ricky, your a pet
  10. I have stayed at Whispering Pines in the past. It was clean and comfortable. Bring lots of weedless lures.
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