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  1. hey whats up brother

  2. Shimano are the only reels I fish with. There quality and all around handling and castability are the best in my opinion. I put my gear through a ton of fishing and my Shimano's have always served me well.
  3. Fishing World has over 24 colours of Vision 110's alone in the cabinet plus many other baits. The perch one is being ordered this month as it sold out and we should be getting them by firts week in June or a little earlier.
  4. Hope all get resolved and sorry about what you are going through. I looked at them years ago when I bought my Lund. Glad I did.
  5. Congrats on the new ride your going to love it. Another angler to the Bass side
  6. Well I know that when I found out Roger was going to be working with us at Fishing World I thought what a great asset and good, genuine person to work with. I always thought it was funny when Roger would come in to the store and bring his 4 or 5 buddies in for a shopping spree. We would chat and he would say that Fishing World had a great selection and I would say hey you shop here you might aswell work here as a joke So far Roger is adapting well and is apart of the FW Team. Welcome buddy and here's too many tears of working together. For all the OFC'ers please drop by and show Roger support and give him more time to talk than work
  7. When throwing cranks I use P-Line Halo Floro in 12lb and I also use the Suffix Cranking Line in different lb's depending on where and what I am fishing. Flor to me is a must when using cranks with the only exception is if I am using it in weeds then 40lb Power pro is used.
  8. Some good info on Crankbaits for sure. I throw alot of crankbaits as its one of my go to baits in tourney fishing. For rod look for length from 6'9" up to 7'6". You need a rod with a soft tip but great power in the butt. Remember you need a rod that will allow the fish to swallow the bait. With a soft tip and slower action it gives them time to get the bait in their mouths and then you need to sweep the rod back for a hookset. I use Shimano rods made of TC4 which are for cranking. For you look at the Loomis lineup of crankbait rods. I know smalliefisher has one for sale in the buy and sell for $160 for the Loomis Bronzeback Crankbait rod. For reels it depends when and where I am fishing them. I have 2 specialized setups and one reel is 5:0:1 and the other 6:0:1. I use floro exclusively on my crankbait setups. I only use P-line Halo and Suffix Floro as they cast the best and have great manageability. Good luck on the search.
  9. I have used Power Pro for over 7 years and it has been great. I have never had any issues with any size of test. There was an issue 4 years ago of some fake Power Pro coming in from China but was easily spotted by retailers with the information provided by Power pro. I have 90% of all my reels using Power Pro. Check your reel guide or rod for nicks. I know when I am out on the water fun fishing or tournament fishing that I am confident in my Power Pro line to feel every bite and land all my fish.
  10. Blake


    Shimano has great products and awesome service. Glad they looked after you.
  11. I have been using Optima D31 batteries for years and they are the best I have used. They are a little more money but will last and won't let you down.
  12. First year in many I will not be going and I am thankful for the break as I am usually there on the retailer side. Most people attending have no idea of the time, effort and expense it takes for manufacturers and retailers to attend these shows. I hope it is a good show. It is good for the industry and enables many individuals to get introduced into our great sport. It is a great way to see the newest gear from manufacturers and see the products that you want to buy or just interested in.
  13. Great game last night. Firts period was nerve racking being 0-0 but the second and third period Canada's team was out to win and caught fire. great game and the plays and passing were awesome. Canada for GOLD!!!!!
  14. 1334 Fishing Worlds Booth.
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