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  1. I am dying to fish Erie, especially now that we are in Comp 205 Tiller! Guess it will have to wait till next year.
  2. Those holders are mounted on Alumacraft Track brackets. I have since changed those out for 2 72" Black TraxTech Tracks and 4 matching ratcheting rod tubes
  3. I am running a 2019 Alumacraft Competitor 205 Tiller that has a 115hp VMAX SHO. I switched the standard yamaha 3 blade 17p aluminum to a 15p 4 blade Mercury Nemesis Aluminum. To be honest I haven't lost any speed, 37-39 mph in the right conditions. I experienced a better hole shot and handling. These are not a overly expensive prop and hub kit to try
  4. They are 2 hours from me. Wondering if you had to leave your boat there or did they measure while you waited?
  5. Thanks guys! I will give them a call
  6. Hi All, I have not been on this forum for quite sometime! Been pretty busy working 2 jobs , training a new pup and house projects etc. This is always the place to go for quality input! We have a new boat as of last year a 2019 Alumacraft 205 Tiller with a Yamaha VMAX 115hp. I'm not happy with the cover that came with the boat. I would like one that fits over the TM and is snug enough that it doesn't flap on the highway and rain won't pool on it. I'm also looking to be able use when docking over night. Hoping someone can suggest a good place with in a hour of the GTA but I would be willing to travel a couple hours for the right company.
  7. Thanks everybody I will give the suggested companies a call. I have met with some very unprofessional contractors that had good reviews on various home improvement sites, so I prefer to go word of mouth from now on.
  8. Anybody have any experience with a good driveway company, I am having a hard time finding a company to even call me back.
  9. Welcome aboard Doug!!! You will love this place, some good people here and LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE!
  10. Agreed they settled so could say they didn't loose or have to pay more. I'm still perplexed how a person who was proven to have joined an opposing force which puts the very people fighting to protect that citizen gets to keep their citizenship to begin with. Anyways to stay on point the fact is, we have a very soft legal system.. You can kill a family driving drunk and not even spend 10 yrs in the slammer, when you should see the needle! Apologies if I hijacked the thread!!!!..this nonsense has just been really irking me lately!!! Probably because I'm in a battle with our town over them trying to take our land for free, so I'm generally just not pleased with our government all round!!!
  11. Nice vid dude... top water == good times !!!
  12. Doesn't really matter who it is... the issue is our government... we live in a country where the bleeding hearts rule and criminals have far more right than they deserve... You can even fight against our country and get a nice retirement package if you fight hard enough. Things will never change in our country... we are WAY to soft on people that break the law!
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