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  1. Agreed Seems to be not much more here then a bunch of miserable, bitter people lately. Had enough Mike See ya all
  2. Your right Nemo. Cabelas not Basspro bought SIR. My mistake.
  3. Could be as I said that was just a rumour. I know they bought out SIR in Winnepeg and it's jsut a matter of time before they land here in Canada with Basspro talking of more stores here.
  4. Nothing better to do today then try to stir up crap today?
  5. I heard rumours a long time ago that they shelved it because of the language laws in the province. Now don't jump all over me if your from Quebec but with all the requirements and changes to the packaging it wasn't going to be worth there money to have a store there. Most of the US suppling companies aren't interested in repackaging. Not sure how true it is but a story I've heard.
  6. Sounds like a poor hit to me and with all the problems and the deer not being able to lay down it's gone. Things like this happen, it's part of hunting. I use the rages and montecs, both work and work well. I find it hard to believe that only one blade would open on the rages as the activate so easily. Maybe you just grazed the animal. Who knows but all you can do is try your best. Mike
  7. Congrats Doug on a nice fish. Nice to see some being caught this year as it's been quiet slow there in the last few years.
  8. Looks like you put a great effort into the day. Congrats on doing it and Thanks for the pics and report.
  9. This fish was caught by a well respected member of MCI. Other members have infact seen the pics and talked with him about the fish. So your just going to have to wait for the pics and the story from him. I can guarentee one thing being a MCI member I'll see the pics and hear all about it before most of you and I can't wait.
  10. Thanks for the update Rick. I wish you all the best and hope you get all these medical problems straightened out and things get back to normal for you soon. Mike
  11. Great year Rich. Lots of fish as usual for you . Congrats to you and Candice on a successful year. Mike
  12. Looks like another fine year for you Lew. Congrats
  13. Beauty Buck, Congrats. Would have been an awesome rack if both were there. I switched over the rage 3 blades this year and still hoping to see them in action before the season ends. Thanks for the post Mike
  14. I agree Brian it would fall under harassment of the animals and never happen. May as well out right kill them for the possible stress you could put them under with that. Now the archery aspect might make the game of paint ball far more exciting.
  15. Looks great. I have almost the exact same smoker. Keep the pics coming and enjoy. Mike
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