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  1. RS680, I have the Escape 165 Tiller with a 40 HP Yamaha 4 stroke from 2017. You will love the boat! I had the floor boards up to run some network wiring underneath and was very impressed with the quality! I went with the full vinyl flooring all the way through. I have a 54 pound 12 volt trolling motor up front and it is more than enough. I have the Motorguide Xi5 with pinpoint GPS. I love the motor, but the remotes are a huge disappointment! I am glad you went with Minn Kota! I always had them in the past and they were great! I have a group 31 deep cycle up front and a group 27 in the back I agree with Akrisoner, go with the NOCO chargers. Enjoy teh boat and post some more pics when it arrives!
  2. Thanks Guys! I have looked forward to it for a looong time!
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to share my big event from yesterday! After 39 years in The HVAC/R trade and 25 of those years in a teaching role, I decided it was time to hang up the gauges and take up my new position at Fishmore & Dolittle! It has been a wonderful career and filled with so many friendships, just like on this forum! My Wife Jackie and I started off our week with a short trip up to Matachewan for some fishing (not too far from Camp Jiggy Jiggy, from what I understand!) and had a great time. I really hope to be doing a lot more of that from now on! This whole pandemic has been a primer of sorts. We were both able to work from home and I think we got a taste of what the future brings! Tight lines folks and I will do my best to post an actual fishing report from time to time. We saw the signs to Shining Tree and were tempted to go that way. I know Terry used to go there and figure it might be worth a trip one of these days! Take Care, Brian
  4. Wow! I am so envious......Jack's fish catching abilities, Jack's hair (amazing!), and all those walleye right off the end of your dock! Great job Simon!
  5. Years ago, I had really good ( sorry, GREAT!) support from Lowrance. Not too sure about these days. Please let us know how you make out.
  6. Very cool, no wonder they call them "Gators"!
  7. My worst fear would be capsizing in that water! I don't imagine it is none too clean? If you survived the impact of the crash, probably come out without your finger and toe nails!
  8. Brian, Be careful with that Basa! It is a Vietnamese catfish! Google how they are raised in Vietnam and you would not ever want to eat them. They are basically fed human waste! Now there are a lot of Basa farms in the US as well. Read the package!!!
  9. I guess what i was after, was something equal to the fish and chip shops? The price of halibut and chips is over $14.00 now and the pieces of fish just keep getting smaller and smaller! lol Maybe it is just as simple as flour? Why would sifting be so important? I watched a You Tube episode of Godwin (Duck Dynasty) doing some Crappie in flour after they were coated in sour cream first. It also looked interesting. I used to use a lot of the Bass Pro mix or Fish Crisp and they were both corn meal based.
  10. A lot of people swear by the Panko. We have a good supply of that, so definitely worth a try. Thanks
  11. I don't believe we have their products here in Ontario? Looks good though and I did have some of their stuff when i was in the South.
  12. I know we have had this one up before, but let's see some great fish batter recipe's! I am dying to get out and maybe get something worth cleaning for the fryer!
  13. I read somewhere when i was first looking into a softener that the amount of salt that would be added to your drinking water from the softener, was about the same amount of salt (sodium) in a slice of white bread. I was concerned about how our water would taste after passing through the softener. Well, I don't even eat white bread and decided to only run the softened water into my hot water tank. Thew cold water is left un-treated. Might be over reacting, but our water is not real hard (about 10 grains) and I didn't want to affect the taste.
  14. Naw, just the units in a kit at Costco.
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