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  1. What, no Bass? Hardly worth getting the boat wet! Sorry, nice going Clive!
  2. I had a 20 HP Merc and a 90 HP Merc. Both were 2 strokes. I never had any issues with either of them. I currently have a 40 HP Yamaha 4 stroke and prefer it over the others, but comparing 2 stroke to 4 strokes isn't really fair!
  3. Paul, I was asking an RV Dealer up here what they were going to do now that the trailer shows were all cancelled? He said "This pandemic has shown us that we don't need trailer and RV shows to sell product!". I can actually see that with a lot of the shows we used to go to.
  4. Garnet, the alternator on the motor is definitely working. When the motor is running, you see almost 14 volts displayed on the graph. I have an isolation switch on the battery that i turn off immediately after each use. I found that the graphs sometimes stayed on after switching off and drained the battery a few years ago between trips. When the maintainer is on, it is only the battery that is in the circuit. Everything else is isolated. I agree Akrisoner, it never drained the battery before. Just this last couple of outings. My Daughters bought me a booster for Father's Day this year and I was very fortunate to have it with me. They work great for such a small package!
  5. Guys, the last couple of times out, the two graphs have killed my starting battery! It never happened before. I keep a maintainer on it all the tine between trips. It is a “Mercury group 24” that came with the boat in 2017. This battery appears to be sealed with no removable caps. I pit a load tester on it after my last trip and it looks good. Could it be that it is just getting tired and does not keep as deep of a charge? I hate to trash it if it does not need to be replaced yet. My graphs have voltage displayed and I watched it go down to 9.6 volts on about 4 hours!
  6. MJIG, the letter you posted really does reflect the way all of our American friends and family view this area of Canada! It is a shame the US President could not even "fake" a little respect for Canada though! All my life, I have been a huge fan of the US and travelled there extensively. I was looking forward to even more travel south of the border once this whole virus calms down and we settle into retirement. I am struggling with those thoughts now and truly hope this Tyrant is DE-throned! Sorry for the political rant!
  7. I agree Lew, it is disgusting to think someone would soil that piece of heaven, but then nothing surprises me anymore these days! On a totally separate note, we wanted to dispose of an old loveseat and an old TV cabinet that we had in our basement. I loaded it all into my trailer and went to the transfer station operated by GFL here in town. I weighed in and out and was promptly charged almost $40 to dump! I was shocked! I thought maybe $12 or something? I turned to my Wife and said, "that is why we see all that crap dumped on the sideroads!!" I am not condoning it in any way, but I see it all the time. It really angers me to see construction debris because you know damn well that the customer was charged for disposal.
  8. Awesome fish........and also nice to see a fishing report! Being with your boys with especially rewarding!
  9. I was at the Orillia Launch a week or so ago last Friday and a guy putting his boat in told us about the upcoming fees to launch and park. Seemed incredible, but my Buddy did some research and found it to be true! They started on July 10th with their fees. $50 to launch, and $50 to park Thursday to Sunday for non-residents. Their reason was to try and limit people visiting the beach! This is criminal! I don't mind paying a fee of $10 or even $20 for these decent launches if it helps pay for their upkeep, but when it is all about keeping non-locals away, there is something wrong. I mean, we are still residents of Ontario! Oh, and the rule about no trailers in the parking lot near the ramp is a joke! You have to haul it way up onto some dirt road quite a distance from the ramp to park and then hoof it back. Really slows up the ramp. Meanwhile the people who are just there to let their dogs crap everywhere while strolling around the park, are allowed to use the double length spots near the ramp! I spent 26 summers near Orillia and they always mystified me in that town with their logic or lack of it! They rely on tourists, but do everything in their power to drive them away!
  10. RS680, I have the Escape 165 Tiller with a 40 HP Yamaha 4 stroke from 2017. You will love the boat! I had the floor boards up to run some network wiring underneath and was very impressed with the quality! I went with the full vinyl flooring all the way through. I have a 54 pound 12 volt trolling motor up front and it is more than enough. I have the Motorguide Xi5 with pinpoint GPS. I love the motor, but the remotes are a huge disappointment! I am glad you went with Minn Kota! I always had them in the past and they were great! I have a group 31 deep cycle up front and a group 27 in the back I agree with Akrisoner, go with the NOCO chargers. Enjoy teh boat and post some more pics when it arrives!
  11. Thanks Guys! I have looked forward to it for a looong time!
  12. Hey all, I just wanted to share my big event from yesterday! After 39 years in The HVAC/R trade and 25 of those years in a teaching role, I decided it was time to hang up the gauges and take up my new position at Fishmore & Dolittle! It has been a wonderful career and filled with so many friendships, just like on this forum! My Wife Jackie and I started off our week with a short trip up to Matachewan for some fishing (not too far from Camp Jiggy Jiggy, from what I understand!) and had a great time. I really hope to be doing a lot more of that from now on! This whole pandemic has been a primer of sorts. We were both able to work from home and I think we got a taste of what the future brings! Tight lines folks and I will do my best to post an actual fishing report from time to time. We saw the signs to Shining Tree and were tempted to go that way. I know Terry used to go there and figure it might be worth a trip one of these days! Take Care, Brian
  13. Wow! I am so envious......Jack's fish catching abilities, Jack's hair (amazing!), and all those walleye right off the end of your dock! Great job Simon!
  14. Years ago, I had really good ( sorry, GREAT!) support from Lowrance. Not too sure about these days. Please let us know how you make out.
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