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  1. #3 and #4 would be on my list as well Paul!
  2. Good thoughts Dan! That is really what I was thinking. The positive and pleasant experience is more important than the actual fish count!
  3. 10 &6 years old! Lol ok for me to walk out, but not them! Do you know if all hut operators still have to have their huts off by the 15th?
  4. I was thinking of trying to get Grandkids out on Simcoe during March break (14 to18th) with a rental hut but then it dawned on me……..are all the huts off by the 15th?
  5. Video glitch? ……..I have no idea what you talk about!
  6. I spend the money I used to spend on razors, on tackle!🤪
  7. I wanted one to eat, but I was hoping for something younger and maybe a third that size.
  8. Beans, give me credit…….after 17 months…….I did go for a haircut a couple of weeks ago! Lol
  9. It was like trying to bring in a cinder block that kept circling the boat! The thing pulled like a freight train and just would not come up!
  10. Sounds weird Terry, but you and your Wife were in my dreams the night before! Lol
  11. Had a great day on the water yesterday! Got into some Bass and real nice Crappie early on……..and then finally Mr. Whiskers came out to play! I had a blast with this ol’ boy on light spinning tackle! Drop shot rig and Gulp minnow gets it done! IMG_1396.MOV
  12. The Anchor lock or Spot lock is a useful feature though!
  13. Doug, my first bow mount trolling motor in the 80's was a Minn Kota. The thing was a Power Drive and it was plagued with foot pedal issues, but otherwise worked great. I thin switched boats and got a Minn Kota Maxxum 65 with cable steer foot pedal. That thing was bullet proof and would plow through any weed bed with ease. It was only 12 volt but had the Maximizer technology and was easy on the battery. When I bought my new 16.5 foot tiller with 40 HP Yamaha in 2017, my Wife convinced me to go with new technology and get the Motorguide Xi5 55# with 54" shaft & with remote control, wireless foot pedal, Anchor lock, and I can even control the thing from my graphs! So far, it is no match for the weeds like the Minn Kota was and I am on my third remote! The things just quit after a year or so. If I had to do it over, I would go back to cable steer and forego all this technology! I find the motor does the job fine on 12 volts though.
  14. Ha ha ha! good one! My new F-250 does not have this! I didn't want it. My Wife was disappointed, but I said the last two trucks had it and I never considered using it! No way I am backing up using a little dial!
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