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  1. Brian, in two years, my turn comes up to not have to pay license fees for fishing. If i had any re-assurance that my money was going to MNR, I would have no issues paying anyways. Unfortunately, i doubt they see very much of our license fees. Absolutely pathetic!
  2. Very nice work, B! Good to hear things are looking good for your eyes too!
  3. Doug, That is the exact boat i have. I bought mine new in 2017. Also a tiller and 40 HP Yamaha. I wish now, that I had gone for the 50 HP because they come with power trim. It would surely be nice to have. Otherwise, I love it.
  4. You are smarter than you look, Wayne! LOL
  5. Your videos are always very entertaining! Been a long while since I have seen one! Thanks
  6. Simon, You are indeed blessed to have hunting and Walleye fishing so close at hand! I was curious as to what gun you were using as well? Like Gino said, I thought maybe a .410, but I am not familiar enough with them.
  7. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned you can damage a lead acid deep cycle battery by discharging below 50 %!! I have had trolling motor and RV batteries for like 35 years, but somehow missed this point! DOH!! So your 90 amp hour battery is really only good for 45 amp hours. I am very careful about this now! Especially with the RV!! I use my electric bow mount probably way more than the gas engine, but do not run the battery down. It goes on charge as soon as I get done with the boat and stays on charge till next outing. I have a “Guest” two bank onboard charger.
  8. I am partial to the ear style crimp clamps because they do work very well and are neater than a worm gear clamp.
  9. Nice to hear from you Sir, some nice Walleye too!
  10. Very nice Chris! I agree, catching fish is a bonus to the day, and I would be happy to tie into a Sheepshead! ( never caught one!)
  11. #3 and #4 would be on my list as well Paul!
  12. Good thoughts Dan! That is really what I was thinking. The positive and pleasant experience is more important than the actual fish count!
  13. 10 &6 years old! Lol ok for me to walk out, but not them! Do you know if all hut operators still have to have their huts off by the 15th?
  14. I was thinking of trying to get Grandkids out on Simcoe during March break (14 to18th) with a rental hut but then it dawned on me……..are all the huts off by the 15th?
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