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  1. Rattletrap2

    Refresh my memory, jaw jacker

    Go ahead Terry, give it a try. You are retired now and need to conserve your energy! lol
  2. Rattletrap2

    Spruced up an old ranger tiller

    I remember those Ranger Fisherman boats from the old days of Babe Winkelman and In-Fisherman. They both used those boats in the late '80's and early 90's. Very nice!
  3. Rattletrap2

    Spruced up an old ranger tiller

    Beautiful boat and nice work Tomkat!!
  4. Rattletrap2

    What is the word Im looking for ?

    I'm kinda thinking like Shag (Doug)......spiritual is a good word to describe it, but appreciative works too! Great story B! Hope you had a great holiday season with the family! Brian
  5. Rattletrap2

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Nice to see you there Sunday Morning Brian! Thanks again for making us aware of the show. I really had a good time and spent some money too! All three of us did! Any chance to get out and listen to some good seminars and browse some tackle on a cold winter day is worth it to me! We did stop by Cabela's afterwards as well and was very impressed with Santa there.
  6. Rattletrap2

    Icy Walleye.

    Awesome as usual Simon! I can't believe you have that much good ice already, but hey, that is Northern Ontario! Beautiful fish and a great video to boot!
  7. Rattletrap2

    She made me so PROUD NF

    That is so awesome B! You deserve to be very proud of her and her Dad! Good deeds from good people!
  8. Rattletrap2

    Jaw spreader recommendation

    Thanks for the kind words Lew! Amanda does make me proud! I'm not sure I like the idea of her getting out fishing more days per year than me.....but I'm working on rectifying that situation! lol
  9. Rattletrap2


    Yes, but they are closing down other Ontario plants. The total number of people employed by Maple Leaf is going down!
  10. Rattletrap2

    Jaw spreader recommendation

    The Cuda one looks pretty decent. I got one for my Daughter last year. She is the one that fishes for toothy critters in our family!
  11. Rattletrap2

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    I submitted my comments! Let's hope everyone does!
  12. Rattletrap2

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    Mine too Bill!
  13. Rattletrap2

    Need new boat cover, advise please

    I had mine made by " Covers by Robert" in Brampton this year. $600, but it is a travel cover and very well done. Motor cover is included. I was a bit skeptical when I booked my appointment, but pleasantly surprised when I picked it up! He did a really nice job!
  14. Rattletrap2

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    Me too! Never caught a Laker period, but through the ice on Simcoe would be great!
  15. Rattletrap2

    Tiny antlers just starting

    Beautiful photos Lew!