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  1. I remember those OV Pro Bass days in Orillia! Good times!
  2. I was in a 21 foot Champion Bass boat a few years back and we were flying across Stockton Lake in Missouri. I looked over the side and could see the tops of tree stumps totally submerged just under the surface all around us! I asked the driver how he knew where to run? He said "been through here a time or two before"!!!
  3. Looks like another great family trip in the books Marty! Thanks for the report!
  4. Nice one Bill! I never think of Trout when I think of HH area, but obviously they are there!
  5. I have followed tournament Bass fishing since the mid '80's and always enjoyed seeing the fish. Personally, I don't have enough competitive spirit in me to want to fish one myself! lol I would say that "seeing" the fish is the major reason why I fish! I snorkel a lot to do just that! As of this past couple of years, I became a huge fan of Major League Fishing on TV. Those fish are released immediately. Granted the cost of having camera crews and scrutineers in each boat would cost them more than the way these B1 and other tourney's are run, but the mighty dollar should not dictate what is good for the industry and the reputation of tourney's in my opinion. I looked at the photo's of the young woman holding up those fish in all different (sponsor themed) outfits. Just pathetic! Unfortunately, this is what the fishing industry wants though. Anyways, very interesting thread, but also very infuriating!
  6. Welcome Bassin15! You have come to the right place for assistance and knowledge sharing. These folks know their stuff!
  7. Good stuff! Nice when things work out!
  8. Geez, that thing is a monster! Great going Brian!
  9. How did you make out? Did it get fixed up? Do you still have the Bass Boat?
  10. Thanks for the kind words Misfish and others. Much appreciated! I am just so disapointed with them for their total lack of concern for a product failing so prematurely! I could not find many references to failures on several message boards, other than the foot pedal eating batteries. I hope these two failures are the exception, not the norm. Glad to hear yours has been flawless Art. I bought a new remote this week, but yes it would have been nice if I could have sent it in to check out or offered a discounted replacement? I always preferred cable drive, but my Wife was actually the one who convinced me to get with the times and try something new with the newer technologies!
  11. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I wanted to let you all know about the lousy customer service I got from Motorguide this week! When I bought my new boat in 2017, I decided to go with the Motorguide Xi5 pinpoint GPS model. Mine is 55 pound thrust and 12 volt. I also suggested to my Buddy that he go with this motor for his new boat that year. He went with the 80 pound model on 24 volts for a larger boat. Well, I was in a bad car accident in May of that year and hardly used my boat at all. I got out with it a few times last year and on my second outing this past Sunday, my handheld remote just quit working. I replaced the batteries, but still would not do any steering. Just turned on the prop, but that was it. My Buddy had his quit back in May and had to replace the remote. I called Motorguide customer service on Monday and the guys only response was "your warranty expired in February, so go to any dealer and buy a new remote!" I explained my situation and told him about it happening to my Buddy's remote as well and that I only had 14.8 hours on the main motor. Probably 30 to 40 hours on the Trolling motor if that? He could care less, no attempt to try anything, just "go buy a new remote!" This piece of crap remote is almost $200!!! I told him my foot pedal eats batteries and will only last one outing if I don't remove the batteries after each use. Apparently when you turn them off, they still draw on the batteries. He said some guys had installed a modification to the wiring harness to correct this problem. I asked if this is something Motorguide would assist with since they recognized an issue? He said"not for you, yours is out of warranty by 5 1/2 months!" Pretty sad when you spend $2,000+ for a trolling motor and this is the care and support they give! I would be very leery of investing $4,100 for one like Dave posted!!! Our season for some of us is so short up here as it is. Who needs this aggravation? I always had Minn Kota on my other boats and if I ever buy another, it will definitely not be Motorguide! I have heard that Minn kota has some issues too, but from what I hear and experienced with my past motors, they at least try to stand behind their products.
  12. WOW! That is fantastic! But coming from such good fishing genes, it was inevitable that this would happen!
  13. This video reminds me of the scene from "Jaws" when Bruce the shark attacked Quints boat from behind!
  14. Amazing what that very hot sun can do over a few days! I have noticed the same thing. Water temps much cooler than normal for the time of year.....then suddenly they took a jump!
  15. Sorry Lew, I know its not my place or anything, but this story makes me feel sad! I sold my boat in 2012 and we also gave up the trailer in the park. I didn't get another boat until 2017, but I never lost the desire. Today, I am into it more than ever! I really missed those 4 or 5 years. A similar thing to what happened to you, happened to my Buddy about 17 years ago. He just quit fishing all together. We used to fish a couple of times a week-end and he was really into it. Then, he just quit. I never really understood that situation either. Your shop is to die for! So nice and being able to keep a boat and truck hooked together inside is amazing. I made a mental note to never let you see the inside of my shop......way to embarrassed! lol I did notice the man door near the front in "Fire Exit" red! Glad you are enjoying life and all it's rewards Lew. That is most important!
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