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  1. adempsey, this is an option I never really considered either! Thanks Your point about paying for a week and only using a portion might be a good option as well as the price is probably similar.
  2. Hey all, I am looking for a decent camp for my Wife and I to go to for a week-end (possibly long, 3 to 4 days) where I can tow our boat to. Most lodges that i have looked at don't book less than full weeks during the summer months. I definitely want bass fishing (either Smallies or Largemouth) and Walleye would be nice. I know this limits things because Bass season is closed until the end of June. It seems like the area north of Highway 17 is open all year for Bass? There are all kinds of places online, but I'm hoping to get a recommendation from some of you who have been to these places. If I wait till the Spring shows, I'm afraid the places will be booked up. We would like to go to a place where the fishing is plentiful enough. All through the Kawartha's, it is really hit and miss. Anyways, I'm open to ideas! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info ch312! I did look at Explornet back about 10 years ago, but the installation of a tower seemed insane. Another place out of Mount Forest area wanted to install a 100 foot tower at the north end of our property for who knows how much? They went out of business while I was thinking about it! lol I will take a look at the site you quoted. Thanks again!
  4. GBW, There are NO options! Bell has us by the you know whats! I have been hearing about how they are doing study after study to improve or provide high speed internet for 13 years now! Supposedly there were government incentives and what not but with the limited numbers of potential customers, they just can't be bothered to provide service. You can't tell me the technology is not available to give us high speed unlimited for a reasonable price? They just choose not to. The hub we have is a replacement for our old WiMax that they no longer support. They would not even give us a second hub for my wife to use. She had to go with something else for a hub and her plan starts at $60 for 5 GB of data and goes up from there. $100 to $120 a month is normal for her usage. Meanwhile anyone on DSL can get unlimited bandwidth for a fraction of the price we pay. They have cable in Orangeville and Shelburne, but we are almost exactly in the middle and get squat!
  5. I forgot to mention, my wife pays Bell over $100 per month for a second miserable internet service so she can work from home without shooting our other plan over its limit. Her internet continually goes down completely or slows to a crawl at random! Rodgers is not available at all! When she tried to get her plan, Rodgers said they shared the towers (Cell towers), but if they do, it is not a level field. The identical hub on Rodgers would barely work at all, where the Bell exact same hub works somewhat.
  6. Sometimes i just can't get over how we are railroaded by these telecommunications giants! We live in an area where our only realistic option for Television and internet is Bell! I have been subscribing to Expressvu for 13 years since moving here and pay almost $128 per month for a bunch of crap that I never watch.....just so that i could get a package that contains WFN (World Fishing Network). This month, they decide to abandon WFN for something they call the "Sportsman" channel. Unfortunately they dropped a whole lot of the fishing shows I watched, and substituted with a bunch of hunting shows! Nothing against hunting, but it is not my thing! They don't even have WFN available at any price!! I could of course download the shows on YouTube, but unfortunately, they limit us to 40GB of internet data for $60.00 per month! That is the maximum I can get (20 GB for $50 + $10 more for the second 20GB) Third world countries are getting better service for less money than we get in rural Ontario!! It is not like I live in some remote bush area, but right on a major highway! I am so sick of taking this abuse by these companies. Our Bell Bill for home phone, TV, Internet, and one cell phone is over $340.00 per month! My wife has a cell phone that is on another bell plan. Sigh.........I need an advil!
  7. Go ahead Terry, give it a try. You are retired now and need to conserve your energy! lol
  8. I remember those Ranger Fisherman boats from the old days of Babe Winkelman and In-Fisherman. They both used those boats in the late '80's and early 90's. Very nice!
  9. Beautiful boat and nice work Tomkat!!
  10. I'm kinda thinking like Shag (Doug)......spiritual is a good word to describe it, but appreciative works too! Great story B! Hope you had a great holiday season with the family! Brian
  11. Nice to see you there Sunday Morning Brian! Thanks again for making us aware of the show. I really had a good time and spent some money too! All three of us did! Any chance to get out and listen to some good seminars and browse some tackle on a cold winter day is worth it to me! We did stop by Cabela's afterwards as well and was very impressed with Santa there.
  12. Awesome as usual Simon! I can't believe you have that much good ice already, but hey, that is Northern Ontario! Beautiful fish and a great video to boot!
  13. That is so awesome B! You deserve to be very proud of her and her Dad! Good deeds from good people!
  14. Thanks for the kind words Lew! Amanda does make me proud! I'm not sure I like the idea of her getting out fishing more days per year than me.....but I'm working on rectifying that situation! lol
  15. Yes, but they are closing down other Ontario plants. The total number of people employed by Maple Leaf is going down!
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