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  1. If this is a duplicate post, please excuse! I just read the Canadian Ice fishing Expo is Dec. 14,15, 2019 and has moved to Georgian College this year. It was a good event last year and this is their 3rd one.
  2. I am in awe of your talents! That is workmanship second to none!
  3. Those are some beautiful looking bugs you tied! Especially the one in the bottom left. I like the feathers to resemble the pectoral fins of Goby.
  4. Nice memories guys! I never made it to Lakair for any of the Get Together's due to conflicting dates with family events but I did get to a couple at the Old Firehall in Burlington back in the day. I miss Roy and his words of wisdom!
  5. Agreed Simon! Other than shots of family at gatherings and such, I have no interest in video of people! I can see why flying one over a crowd of strangers can present a problem though. Privacy and also the liability should the thing crash.
  6. Yes, the limit is 250 grams and the new Mavic Mini is 249 grams!😚 I also have the Spark. DJI is the way to go for sure.
  7. Anyone here have a Ranger Aluminum? I don't think they ever caught on here in Canada, but they are big in the US. I guess I fell behind on the information highway......only found out today that Ranger boats were bought by Bass Pro Shops......in 2014! Yikes!
  8. When it comes to Aluminum, this man knows of what he speaks! I would listen to him! I bought an Alumacraft Escape 165 Tiller in 2017 with a 40 HP Yamaha. I have been really pleased with it and when I went deep into it to run cables and wiring I was totally impressed with the construction of it. I would think Crestliner and Lund are also very good names. I personally would stay away from a lot of other welded hulls for the reasons Wayne mentions. This is my third aluminum boat, all riveted hulls and never had a leak.
  9. Yep, just common creek chub! Lots of fun for kids to catch. (oh, and big kids like me too!) lol
  10. Ice Bungalows! Best part was laying in bed while fishing! lol
  11. Nice report and thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great week!
  12. See, that is the thing though Paul, Mike D fishes with regular people on their home lakes. That is one of the things I find so refreshing about Lunkerville! I’m wondering if States such as New York do a lot more stocking of their lakes. Stocking for Bass in Ontario is pretty much non existstant from what I know.
  13. Beautiful Dave and well done! My question is this: I have been watching quite a few episodes of Lunkerville shot in upstate NY on some beautiful lakes. How come they can fish from ice out to ice up for Bass and still have such great fishing?I mean the population is much greater than Ontario and yet with all the fishing pressure these lakes receive pre spawn, spawn, and post spawn, they seem to have real decent numbers of fish! Is the way we think here maybe outdated? I'm just putting it out there. When you see the longer fishing seasons in the Southern US states, you could argue that the fish spawn multiple times per year and have longer growing seasons. Upstate NY has a climate very similar to ours.
  14. Where the hell are you fishing??? That is something I don't need to ever see, let alone on the river while fishing! lol
  15. Do you ever use the Provincial Park one? It looks nice, but very uneven. A real pain when loading the boat back on the trailer.
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