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  1. Rattletrap2

    Tiny antlers just starting

    Beautiful photos Lew!
  2. Rattletrap2

    Tiny antlers just starting

    Lew, I was watching out back today to see if any came around here today. Didn't see any so far. I have seen as many as six at a time in the past, but all Doe's. The only Buck I have ever seen was about 10 years ago when he charged out in front of a neighbour's truck! He was a big old boy and really did some damage. Totalled his truck.
  3. Rattletrap2

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    We play Terry Kelly's video every year at our Remembrance day observance at school. We did it on Friday morning this year so as to not let the tradition die just because November 11th fell on a week-end.
  4. Rattletrap2

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    Lew, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to you, your family and all the other men and women who fought for our freedom we enjoy today! The debt can never be fully paid back!
  5. Rattletrap2

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    What a POS that man Donald is! I thought about his attitude towards Canada this morning while watching the Remembrance Day Services. Almost unthinkable that the leader of our closest Ally would treat us or any other country this way. Sorry!
  6. Rattletrap2

    New Mercs. Ugly?

    They do look a lot like an Evinrude now! Not necessarily a good thing to look like them in my opinion. Black is beautiful! I hope they never change!
  7. Rattletrap2

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Thanks for the heads up B! I have never heard of this show but will put it in my calendar and try to make it!
  8. Beautiful addition to the room Lew! Enjoy!
  9. Rattletrap2

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    It seems like this Fisherman has still not been found? Terrible for his family.
  10. Rattletrap2

    Garry (2 R's)

    Thanks Paul, I did a search after my original post and see some posts from 2017 when he set sail for the South. Hopefully all is well. It sounds like he was having an adventure!
  11. Rattletrap2

    Garry (2 R's)

    Has anyone heard from our old friend 2R's lately? I was just thinking about him being in Arizona for the winters and realized I have not seen a post from him in a long, long time!
  12. Rattletrap2

    Rapala fishing rods

    I was watching Angler & Hunter TV this morning and Mike Miller is always using these Rapala R-Type rods (I know, it helps if you are sponsored by them). I don't recall ever seeing them for sale in a store. My only experience with Rapala rods was about 10 years ago and although they were cheaper versions, they were crap. They would snap like nothing Does anyone have any experience with these R-Type versions? The Rapala website lists them for $189.00, so i would be reluctant due to past experience, but they may be much improved now? Also, who sells them? It looks like Cabelas and CTC did, but have discontinued them. Thanks
  13. Rattletrap2

    Time for a portable generator

    I'll share my experience.......long winded as it is! I bought a B&S 9,000 w gasoline generator about 4 years ago. I wanted portable power to run a welding machine at the back of our property and also to supply back up power for the house. I built a doghouse enclosure with a hinged lid and exhaust vents. It also has manual louvers on both sides to allow it to run in a storm. I exercised this unit monthly to make sure it was able to start. I have a battery maintainer on it to keep the starting battery charged at all times. I rewired one panel in my house to isolate the incoming power and only run this one panel with my sump pumps, freezers, and refrigerators. I do have to manually switch it all over which only takes a few minutes, but again it is manual. The first time we had a power outage a couple of years ago, I reluctantly waited until midnight to switch it on. I was hoping power would be restored. About 3 am, I hear the furnace shut down and my CPAP machine goes off! (I had run an extension cord for it and a couple of lamps upstairs). I knew a tank of fuel would last longer than that, so I get dressed and go outside. Lots of fuel, but will not restart. Hump the darn thing around to the garage in a snow storm to find that en electric cut off switch on the carb bowl is faulty and fuel is leaking. Next morning, a rental is nowhere to be found locally, but finally find one about an hour away at HD. Go get it and connect it up. Nice Makita unit with no bells and whistles, but does the job. After a couple of hours running on a Saturday night, I notice half the circuits that are powered off it are not working. Seems it has dropped one leg of the 240 volt supply. I take it apart the next morning and all looks good. Start it up and I have both legs back. A few hours later, it drops one again. I manage to get by on the one leg until power is restored. return the rental and express my displeasure! Guy could care less. He plugs a drill into the unit on 120 volts and says "see, all good!" Yeah, I'm out of there. My B&S unit was under warranty, so I take it to a local repair center at beginning of April. End of July, I cannot get this arrogant idiot to complete the repair. Even when he says he has the part and will get to it when he can! I have had work done there before on my tractor under warranty, but will never go back. Great Mechanic, but arrogant as all hell. I'm back running on this unit, but have not needed it since. When I got it, I did put a load on it and checked the output power with a scope meter to see what the sine wave looked like. It seemed good (Pretty clean) and has not harmed the electronics in my new furnace so far! It was not rated for electronics and is definitely not an inverter unit. We decided this morning to invest in a Generac automatic switch over unit with retirement pending in the near future! I would like some piece of mind if I go away in the winter without putting my Daughter through the ordeal of checking the house and having to do the changeover procedure. it is simple enough for me, but not for someone not so inclined. We are fortunate to have Natural gas. I am so done with this portable generator crap! I also have a small portable for camping and assisting family members that is 2200 watt. Good luck with your adventures! I think I will go outside and see what surprises await me in the generator enclosure this time!
  14. Rattletrap2

    Knowledge is Key-Always Learning

    Thanks David!
  15. Rattletrap2

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    Rizzo, I'm with you on this one! Obviously I'm hoping for the best, but I drove home around that time last night and could not believe how brutal the winds were! Skies were black as coal and rains too! Geez, we had snow on our back deck yesterday evening! The last place I would want to be is out on a lake, and in a canoe to boot!