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  1. Drifter, I'm at 392 days, 42 min, 28 sec......but hey, who is counting? lol
  2. Beautiful Lew! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I measured the temperatures in the pond last week-end and we are barely at 64 deg.F. Past years it would have been at least 74 deg.F by the end of May and all spawning would be long over. Bass and Bluegill are heavy into the spawn now, but nowhere close to being done. Everything is just so much later this year!
  4. Okay, thanks for looking! I thought maybe I was just blind!
  5. Does anyone know what the actual rules are regarding inflatable PFD's and replacing the arming kits? I have seen where it is written that the bobbins should be replaced every three years, but I could not find it in the actual Safe Boating Guide. I think mine have a 2016 date on them. If they never go off, I can't see why the CO2 cartridge would have to be replaced. The bobbins might be another story, but they come as a kit for about $30.00. Thanks
  6. Sorry, I guess I used the words "Register" and "License" interchangeably. I see from the article that there is a difference.
  7. I have been reading this thread with a great deal of interest. I thought I knew most of the regulations, but one thing I over looked with my new boat a couple of years ago was to have a copy of the Boat Registration from Transport Canada on board. I always had a laminated copy on my last boat, but not this one. I just laminated it today and will put it in my boat tonight. I always have my PWC operators card in with my fishing license. Thanks for bringing all these points to light!
  8. Mmmmmm.....sure sounds apetizing! Just cook em' thoroughly.......NOT!
  9. Hope you find me some Crappie out there? Never mind the Pike! lol
  10. Glad to hear you are well Paul! Let's hope your neighbors are as well!
  11. That is great action! Congrats!
  12. Wow, not even close to that here. Today was nice, but maybe 68 to 70. Quite a bit of sun too!
  13. Is this the V10 engine? My Buddy has a 34 footer with the V10 and it is a 1998 I believe. They have had some great trips in theirs!
  14. My lovely Daughter should take me there! Lol
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