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  1. I am still reading all the posts, but in case this point does not come up, I would like to throw this out there. I would love to be fishing as much as anyone. Have you given thought to this: There is way more to this than just "social distancing"! By encouraging you to STAY HOME, there is less chance that you will run into an accident or something that will force medical and other first responders to have to tend to you. The more of us that are out on the roads, the percentage of likely hood of this happening. These first responders and hospitals are already maxed out. I know you can stay a distance from each other at the ramp and in the boat, but it is bigger than all of that. Just Stay Home!
  2. You are being ripped off?? lol We pay $160 per month, no unlimited, Ping is in the '50's to "60's if we are lucky, 2 - 5 download, .02 - .7 upload!! Now that is ripped off......putting it lightly my Friend!
  3. My question is this. If the offender is from outside Canada, what guarantees that he even pays the fine? I mean, as long as he does not try to come back into the Country, can they even collect on this? Also, would this offence show up at the border? Would MNR records transfer over as a criminal record? Same thing for us if we commit an offence in the US, if we choose to never enter the Country again, do we have to pay up? I doubt this is an offence that they would ever extradite for! I agree. If this is a repeat offence, why not confiscate his equipment including boat and vehicle? Always ticks me off when I watch "Border Security" on TV. The cops (CBSA) spend 10's of thousands of $$ policing, building a case, collecting evidence and then say they gave them a slap on the wrist and told them not to do it again!!! Why not seize everything the law allows and fine to the maximum extent, then use those funds and proceeds to self support the department they work for? Geesh!
  4. I was down and out for pretty much 4+ years after I sold my boat at the end of 2012. I never lost the desire, just the means to accomplish what I wanted to do. I made due to some extent with renting a boat on occasion, but you don't get things like trolling motors and electronics that you become accustomed to. In 2017, I purchased a new boat package.....and then promptly had a speeding dump truck try to eradicate me from this earth!! The last couple of years are seeing more and more outings, but I got to admit....if we ever get out of this isolation or "social distancing" crap, I am chomping at the bit to get back at it!! Here's to getting all of hose purty boats in the posts above, wet as often as possible this season!!
  5. Lots of Robins in our backyard! I trust their instincts. lol
  6. Thanks Cliff! Coming from someone that used to work on small engines, your opinion means a lot!
  7. Welcome aboard Malcolm! I can't help much with the lures value, but personally, I think I would just make up a nice display and keep them. Pike Slayer and others would be a good resource for fishing in your new home area. I spent a fair bit of time working in The Sault back in the '80's and really fell in love with the place! One day, I hope to get back to the area. Enjoy your time on this board. A wealth of information on fishing and a whole lot more! Brian
  8. I am in a similar situation. I am thinking the car or truck can better handle a bit of less than perfect gas than the smaller engines. It is already High Octane and no ethanol. I really don't think a bit of stabilizer is going to hurt either. I would hate to foul up my outboard!!! I was actually advised by the Marina that I bought my 2017 Yamaha 4 stroke from, not to run Super in it. He said they were designed to run regular and that the timing could be affected? Something to that affect anyways. When I had my older 2 stroke Merc, I was told that I should run Super to avoid the ethanol. I always shut off the fuel valve from the tank on my generator and run the carb dry after each use. It is always Super from Shell that I run in it and all my lawn equipment, ATV, and Snow Blower.
  9. There is a fellow on You Tube that does an excellent explanation of settings. His channel is Fish the moment
  10. Well if he didn't own the building, he would not have insurance on that, but hopefully he had some insurance on the contents? sad at any rate.
  11. Great life you guys are living! Thanks for taking us along on the adventure!
  12. That is so cool Lew! In the one shot, there was a squirrel at the Doe's feet and now all those turkey's! All these creatures hanging out together to get some feed. We had an albino deer near our work quite a few years ago in the Clairville Conservation area, but have not seen any for a few years now.
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