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  1. Yep, just common creek chub! Lots of fun for kids to catch. (oh, and big kids like me too!) lol
  2. Ice Bungalows! Best part was laying in bed while fishing! lol
  3. Nice report and thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great week!
  4. See, that is the thing though Paul, Mike D fishes with regular people on their home lakes. That is one of the things I find so refreshing about Lunkerville! I’m wondering if States such as New York do a lot more stocking of their lakes. Stocking for Bass in Ontario is pretty much non existstant from what I know.
  5. Beautiful Dave and well done! My question is this: I have been watching quite a few episodes of Lunkerville shot in upstate NY on some beautiful lakes. How come they can fish from ice out to ice up for Bass and still have such great fishing?I mean the population is much greater than Ontario and yet with all the fishing pressure these lakes receive pre spawn, spawn, and post spawn, they seem to have real decent numbers of fish! Is the way we think here maybe outdated? I'm just putting it out there. When you see the longer fishing seasons in the Southern US states, you could argue that the fish spawn multiple times per year and have longer growing seasons. Upstate NY has a climate very similar to ours.
  6. Where the hell are you fishing??? That is something I don't need to ever see, let alone on the river while fishing! lol
  7. Do you ever use the Provincial Park one? It looks nice, but very uneven. A real pain when loading the boat back on the trailer.
  8. Very nicely said Cliff. I never had the pleasure of meeting Sue in person, but from all of your posts over the years, I could tell she was someone special.
  9. Geez David, wish I had heard of this earlier in the week! I never heard a thing about it.
  10. Who you calling a FF???? lol Ok, we will take my boat?
  11. Not that it matters, but I only agree with half of the posts on this thread! I do agree that I have no faith whatsoever in the court system to sort this out fairly. In defence of Art (not that it is necessary or matters!) but in the case of a recent thread of mine, I requested that he shut it down. He respectfully obliged. Thanks Art, for all you folks do!
  12. NP, I was always taught to watch your pennies........the dollars will look after themselves!
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