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  1. Thanks everyone for the info, definitely very useful insight and has me reconsidering. Obviously, their site is all for them, thus the reason for me asking for real life experiences here. I have no need to break any speed record land or on water, but ongoing maintenance is definitely a concern. Again, this board has some of the best people on it and the reason why I ask/look for advice here.
  2. Hi All, With my fishing time dwindling every year, ice fishing gear getting heavier with growing kids. I am starting to consider saving up some money for a second hand argo or another amphibious vehicle. It would satisfy my needs for a back road lake for fishing, duck hunting (when I get into it), and trail hunting grouse. Typically, I fish with 1 or two other people (my kids being one of them) and hunt with one close friend. I am interested in the Argo based on it's amphibious features and I don't have a boat to use normally. My question is if there are any concerns or things I need to take into consideration before taking the plunge for an Argo or similar type vehicle? I have been thinking of an older model 8x8 for more capacity, new is too expensive ($20K+), and 6x6 seems like it may not work out for capacity of 3 or 4 people with gear. Any advice or suggestions? All are welcome to answer with their opinions. Thanks
  3. I am not sure about Tamar's spot, but I was up at Bluehaven last week. 12-14" of ice on top was about 15-20 cm of snow. We caught some whitefish, ling and OOS lakers (one was about 10 lbs). The whitefish and ling had 90% shrimp in their stomach when checked. Smaller was better for the most part last week. Not sure about this week.
  4. Paul, I'm saddened to hear the shocking news of Joey's passing. My deepest condolences to you and the entire family. She was a great and helpful person on this board. May Joey Rest In Peace, fishing in the great pond in the afterlife.
  5. Hey everyone, It's been a while, work has been busy and I haven't had much time to check in or do much fishing. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with ice fishing salmon on Georgian Bay? Any ice hut operators that could be recommended? Please PM me if you have any info that you don't want to post here. Thanks, HearingFish
  6. I was up there March 2016, two guys, 4 days 3 nights, 2 lakers, 2 herring, a whole lot of mudpuppies after dark. Lakers were taken in the morning, we saw 2 walleye caught the whole time (about 13 people fishing in total). These are not ice bungalows, just day huts. They pick you up and drop you off morning and evening at the cottage. We didn't find out until after we left that the deep hole was 1/2 way between the cottage and the day huts. They said there have been whitefish caught on the lake but no one targets them anymore, everyone goes for lakers and walleye. Silt bottom for the most part (seen on FishTV). Bring your own emerald shiners as the chubs and darters get less hits. Stomach check on fish caught the last day yielded alot of hellgrammites in the 1.5 inch size in the larger laker. Both lakers were taken with the tip up with minnow suspended 6 inches from the bottom, anything on the bottom will likely get you a mudpuppy. Use sabiki with small flies for the herring when the schools come by, herring sizes were about 20-25 cm. They make their own maple syrup up there in 3 grades, light, medium and amber. I would suggest getting some from them if you go up there. Much cheaper and better quality than Costco in my opinion.
  7. Hi All, It's been a while since I've had any chance to do any serious fishing and even less coming on here. I'm going to be going to blue mountain for a seminar this Thursday and Friday. I'm considering taking my fishing gear but am not sure what the conditions are there or if there will be any fishing opportunities from shore. Could someone please PM if you have any suggestions to try, if you'd like to post a reply, I'm good with that too, just don't post any specifics, thanks Stan
  8. Just a quick recap of a great trip up to Temagami. Sorry, no pics. Our mid week trip was last week during the some cold days of -32 to -36 C. The first stop was to pick up some bait in North Bay. Of the places we went an purchased bait, I would recommend Trout Lake Outfitter's Bait and Tackle. Very reasonably priced and had pin-heads (when others didn't). Our destination was Tamar Vacations with Bruce Rice, a very respectable ice bungalow operator who when out of his way to try and locate active fish (targeting whitefish). The bungalows were nicely equipped. Just to note, if you plan on sleeping and like it warm, take the top bunk. Of our two nights and three day stay we did ice one of my target species (burbot, while only about 12 inches, it was good to have it crossed off my list of species caught). Many lake trout were caught and released (season not open until Feb 15th), and only one herring and one whitefish were caught about 1 hour before our departure time. A few heavy fish were lost on the way up while hand lining the tip up. I guess that Lake trout are the main target for most anglers up there as we were the only ones around during the week. Small flashy spoons and pin head minnows did the best. Glow in the dark spoons and jigs got the Lings. We also bought worms to try, but nothing touched them. All in all a good trip and break away from the city grind. Definitely an operator that I would suggest and will use again given the opportunity. Thanks for reading, Stan
  9. Thanks to everyone for all the info. I've narrowed it down and have put in a request, I'll wait to see the response. Wayne, one of these days I'll spend some time and build RV trailer, wanna help? Then we can patent it and sell them off, then after selling 5000 or so MAYBE we'll have enough to buy Ketchuneny lodge for that 900K. All kidding aside, thanks for the info. For those looking: The prices have ranged from $140-$200 per person for a two night mid week stay.
  10. Thanks, I did see that in the 2014 regulations. I'll look into Tamar Vacations too.
  11. Hi everyone, I trust all are well and keeping safe this holiday season. With the early colder weather, I'm looking forward to an early ice fishing season! I'm looking to book a couple of nights in an ice fishing bungalow up in Temagami towards the mid-end of January 2014. I've never been up there for ice fishing and would like to see if anyone has had any experience good or bad with any of the operators up there (if it was a poor experience, please PM me instead of making a possible "bashing" on the public forum). I am hoping to try and catch my first ling on this trip too. If you don't want to post a reply here please send me a PM instead. So far, I've come across King Huts and John's but would like to know of any others I should consider. Be safe and look forward to some responses. Thanks, Stan
  12. Although I have never met you or your son, my thoughts are out to you and your family. In order to send the email to Sean, we will need to enter his last name too. Stay strong. Hoping he will come out of his coma soon. Stan
  13. I wasn't looking for other's personal spots just some indication that there are some active whitefish to target. I do understand all of the secrecy though.
  14. No whities but you've got some nice lakers, the lake trout on simcoe don't like me so I'm going to try so see if the whities will co-operate. Doesn't sound very positive at the moment. It's east-side versus the west-side toss up right now for me. Either case, it's a significant walk in deep slushy snow unless it hardens up tonight. Stan
  15. Hi all, I'm taking the day off tomorrow to fish with another friend hopefully for whitefish. I've been thinking about IBP but haven't heard or read much about anyone having any success. Anyone here with any info? If you want to keep it quiet, that's okay, you can send me a PM too. Other than Simcoe, I've not tried anywhere else for whitefish, is there any other body of water I should be considering? I've heard of GB but not even sure where to begin there. Thanks, Stan
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