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  1. Chris I wasn't asking you I was asking the board. Did you google it? I kinda wonder if you are trolling me now with your snarky comments. I was just asking a question.
  2. That is so amazing!! Laila will never forget this night.
  3. I have been looking at US prices George. A new unit is roughly 1000 us. Used on Ebay is about 400 to 800 usd.
  4. that might be the next option. the motor is not worth more than 3 grand and I am paying 2500 for a power trim??? Doesn't sit right.
  5. Montreal will probably go for Jake Gardiner.
  6. I see lots of spots where Walleye may reside. study the maps available on line to find the spots where walleye are usually found.
  7. That it, walleye off of my list. YUK
  8. what goes around comes around in my books.
  9. thanks Sinker. It is a 1999 115 HP 2 stroke mercury optimax. I need to get to the boat and take some pictures of the engine serial number and the part number of the power trim.
  10. Chara extended his arms at the very last second and pushed Max's head into the corner post.
  11. I hate the guy so I am happy for his injury. He pushed Pacioretty's head into the stanchions at the last second and broke Max's neck so no love for this guy.
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