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  1. It was a good game all around. I tend to agree that the call was borderline but the habs player should not have smacked the sabres player with his stick. Oh well another point. Tonight should be a good contest between the habs and the wings. I wonder how many goals manta will score tonight?
  2. No problem Chris, as fans our emotions get the better of us sometimes.
  3. The leafs were all over them last night. I thought for sure that the game would end 6-1 leafs. Montreal showed resilience by coming back and winning. And what's with kappanenn (sp) throwing a broken stick?
  4. Sorry Glen, that comment was not directed at you it was directed at me.
  5. I don't usually play up my team to win because if they lose I look like a dork . I let the players do the talking.
  6. They will be tougher to beat than last year. Well rounded 4 lines and a strong defensive core. As fast or faster than last year so they will definitely gives teams fits with their constant pressure.
  7. So you are saying that these 500 UN scientists are not paid by interest groups to report that climate change is a hoax?? As ordinary citizens, we have no clue what goes on behind closed doors with the corporations and the politicians. None of us have any idea. Its just our opinions is all. Some believe it some don't. For me as a conservationist and environmentalist, who believes in protecting our natural resources, I will support any action that helps with the reduction of any pollutants that impact our daily lives. No one on OFC is an expert at this. Its just peoples opinions. What we can do as a group is support any actions that will help with reducing all emissions that impact our life. Fishing, Hunting etc...
  8. Looking forward to the HABS first game tonight!!! One of the youngest if not the youngest team in the league. Saturday against the leafs should be fun too!! GO HABS GO!!
  9. New jersey split the team in two and played montreal and boston last night.
  10. It all starts tonight!!! FINALLY!!!!!!
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