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  1. I will dig up some old pictures of lakair good times.
  2. LOL WHATEVER GUYS. The important things is the he has been silenced for good on television. BUHBYE LOL
  3. Terry, do you honestly believe that Cherry was talking at white people when he made those comments??
  4. wasn't talking about your beliefs. things have changed quite a bit here since 2006 and more so since trump took over. The point is you are not aware of how this area is these days since you have been gone for 13 years. Again, you are just playing games.
  5. You need to get out more there drifter. You know that is what he implied and you are just playing games. He sure as sugar wasn't talking about white folks. Or maybe your area of Canada doesn't have the diversity that we have here in southern Ontario,
  6. Funny how the NP leaves out the important words and replaces them with ..... what he actually said. So the you people that come here is not directed towards white immigrants Terry. If we were a country that only took in whites then he would have never stated this. He himself said that he chose the wrong words. He stated that he should have said everyone.
  7. I am not surprised that you did not understand my message. Oh well. Oh and I know very well what Don stated. Seems to me that you do not want to accept the truth. Like Don said, I should have used a different word. See he knows he was wrong but not you lol.
  8. What the hay happened to the leafs guys??? They are sitting in 9th place in the conference this morning??? Funny how trotz can take a haphazard team like the isles and make them into contenders in a mere 1 season and a bit. Babcock doesn't seem to control his team the way Trotz does.
  10. What is your definition of a snowflake there Bill?
  11. https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2019/11/15/don-cherrys-words-you-people-are-a-dog-whistle-to-the-prejudiced.html good read explains it all too well.
  12. Funny how there was a "protest" in front of Rogers head office yesterday and about a dozen showed up LOL. Some folks that support Cherry and his racism come from one of these.
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