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  1. Nice Bike GBW!!. On the flip side, there are plenty of bikers who have no respect for the road. Being passed by a biker in the emergency lane, bikers texting, bikers weaving in and out between cars so its not just the drivers of vehicles but bikers too. But yeah keep your eyes on the task of driving.
  2. Still have the lund. Fishing mostly for Muskies these days. 😀
  3. Welcome back. Yeah it has been a long time grilw.
  4. Really nice fish Brian!!
  5. True if you combine all the assets yes they are the richest.
  6. Rangers are the richest team in the NHL presently.
  7. What's the latest on Marner? Is he going to hold out like nylander did??
  8. Well I managed to cook up 6 baby back ribs ( cooked for 5 hrs at 200F) and 2 lbs of chicken wings ( cooked 3 hrs at 200F) and they came out fantastic. I used bourbon barrel wood chips and a bit of mesquite wood chips. My kitchen smelt like smoke the next morning!! Good sign that the food was good? Nothing left for left overs!!
  9. I have no idea mamona. I just took it out of the box yesterday. Looks pretty easy to clean. You have a couple of containers for the wood chips and they slide in and out so I assume you just slide out the used stuff and dump it. Saturday is the big day for smoking ribs and chicken wings.
  10. I was boating back downriver under the fort Erie peace bridge when some clown in a cabin cruiser was coming up river. Anyone who has gone through this current knows that it is a bit hairy under the peace bridge. The operator opened her up just before we met and he threw a 4 foot wave at my boat. Boy was I pissed. Some of these cruiser operators think that they own the right of way because of their size. I am not defending the guy in the smaller boat at all. He should have been charged so it was the correct outcome. What he should have done besides not being drunk was to call the police on the cruiser operator if he did something dangerous to the smaller boat. I am sure that we have all seen this one. The guy driving the cruiser saw this boat from a distance away yet still managed to run them over.
  11. Getting my new smoker today!! Can't wait to cook up some delicious back ribs and chicken in her this coming weekend!
  12. YA wonder what the guy in the cruiser did to piss the other boater off so much. Probably cut him off.
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