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  1. bigugli


    The writing on the wall, was there 10 years ago. I expect the St Kitts plant to be gone within 5
  2. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    English friends picked some up at a specialty shop in Burlington
  3. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    This week we did our annual family cooking marathon. Day one, pick up last minute groceries, thaw 20 lbs of ground meats, make turnip casseroles from the 5 large rutabagas I had picked up. Thursday, the main event..... 20lb of cabbage rolls and another 10lb of meatloaf. Mother and I also chowed down on a special treat for breakfasts this week. Nice hearty helpings of bacon, eggs, and blood pudding. We's is living good.
  4. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    Turnips are white and smallish. Rutabaga/Swede turnip is large and yellow fleshed. The latter is a fall staple for us Scandinavian types. As for the vegetable marrow, An English and European staple that you find at farmers markets. We grow them.
  5. bigugli

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    1000 lakes before I'm gone to dust.
  6. bigugli

    Shortest fall season ever

    My fall isn't over yet.
  7. bigugli

    Custom painting

    THere is a time for detail and a time for simplicity. Depends if you are going for the reaction strike, or trying to tease in that immovable beast in the weeds.
  8. bigugli

    RIP Roy Clark

    May he always be " a pickin and a grinnin"
  9. bigugli

    fun day on simcoe with my son.

    Nothing beats quality time with the kids
  10. bigugli

    brush cutting blade on a weed trimmer

    If your weed whacker is not designed for the attachment, you will burn it out really quick. Brush cutters are designed for use on heavier machines, Like the "B" said " Head to your local rental place and use their stuff"
  11. bigugli

    Where is Big Cliff

    Good to hear you are doing well.
  12. bigugli

    lake infested with goldfish

    Sounds like the L Erie shoreline. Summer cottagers buy goldfish and Koi when they open their cottages, then dump them into the lake when they close their cottages in the fall.
  13. bigugli

    Heart attack

    It certainly can be a game changer. My M.I. was 18 years ago and I flat lined. I was given a second chance and I use it to the fullest enjoying my life, my children's lives, and now, the lives of several grandchildren. Tough way to learn but glad you learned the lesson as I have.
  14. bigugli

    Bramble Berries

    Brambleberries/thimbleberries were a treat growing up in the Muskokas. The thorns were nasty. We also used to pick buttonberries, a kind of flat raspberry.
  15. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    On Scoville scale this variety of jalapeno is 5-6000, the Hungarians are 8-10000 scoville units