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  1. Orillia could not simply close the waterfront. They would face outrage from their own residents, as previously mentioned. Secondly, closing public beaches without closing the public marina and ramps would be seen as discriminatory. Third,chasing away the tourists completely would cripple their tourist based economy.
  2. Was 3 years since I last had a vacation. It felt soooo good. No worries, phone calls, e-mails or schedules.
  3. We were in the heart of central Saskatchewan. Biggest town in the area was 500 souls. A lot of the towns are now half empty. Fantastic area for a fisherman's retirement.
  4. There is some fantastic waters in the province. Guess that's why Charlie Wray keeps going back.
  5. As long as you both have fun, the winning is secondary.
  6. Finally, a worthy fishing report. As a gift for my birthday, The family paid to fly me out to the prairies for a 10 day fishing trip. What a fantastic time with my family. Then there was the fishing. Never hit the water for more than 4-5 hours each day, yet we were catching 50-120 fish per session. The tactics were simple. Baitholders with leeches, and our worm harnesses tipped with worm, leech or minnow. Minnow and ball jigs , with a sickle hook or casting jigs tipped with twisters or paddle tales. The fish were insane. Walleye out there were fighters, not dead weight. Pike were a lot thicker across the back as compared to pike in southern Ontario. Did not manage any trophy pike, but we landed a lot of solid ones in the 30-36" range. Managed to land a lot of 25-28" walleye
  7. Canada is full of "dirty" history. Look up Christie Pits riot, or Africville expulsion. all nations have their skeletons in the closet.
  8. I'm still alive. Wife hasn't figgered out how to off me , ...yet! I look around once or twice a week. My family keeps me vewy, vewy, busy. Hehehehehe.
  9. had the exact same boat and motor some years back. Put a lot of hours on the water over 10 years. With 2 in the boat, no problem getting up on plane doing an average 20- 25 mph in calmer water. We would run out on Erie on calm days.
  10. Cancellations are already happening with charters and lodges.
  11. Peterborough just got cancelled til May 31st
  12. Saw my first bald eagle of the year this morning circling over the farm
  13. There are a lot of unsafe areas in Niagara region. THese are the areas where the cops don't get out of their cruiser without back up
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