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  1. Cancellations are already happening with charters and lodges.
  2. Peterborough just got cancelled til May 31st
  3. Saw my first bald eagle of the year this morning circling over the farm
  4. There are a lot of unsafe areas in Niagara region. THese are the areas where the cops don't get out of their cruiser without back up
  5. I missed th boat!. Fool me sending the wife out west to visit relatives while I stayed home with the dogs. Should have had her stay home while I came down to visit you Cliff.
  6. Livin the life, you is. Enjoy every moment.
  7. Only 2 more sleeps. Will be nice to have a venue closer to home.
  8. Most of us are in that same boat. You enjoy your day.
  9. Have fun out there. We've got rain ice and snow all mixed together. I'll just go back to my melting pot anf make more tackle.
  10. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself and getting over the cold. The cold virus has been floating around the house for about a month..
  11. The St SCatharines Game & Fish turns 90 this year. As part of our celebration the G & F will be hosting the Niagara Fishing Tackle Swap on Sat. February 1st at 9 am - 1 pm. at Laura Secord Secondary School, St Catharines. This will be the first of a number of events for the coming year. Go to ST Catharines Game & fish for additional details. Ugliboys will be there.
  12. Many years ago it was the wild party my Aunt and Uncle threw every year. Our neighbour, Terry, would dress up as the old year. My Uncle would be dressed, wearing nothing but a giant diaper, as the baby New Year. It was a good thing we all lived within crawling distance. Today our household does nothing. I usually go ice fishing.
  13. Early Volkswagon Rabbits from the 70's also had some serious problems from loss of steering control to exploding gas tanks in collisions.
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