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    Fishing, eating, fishing, kids, anything outdoors. Oh, did I mention fishing
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  1. Ancaster Tackle Swap

    Hope to see lots of OFC'ers tomorrow. For the regulars, there is a limited supply of the "recipe" on hand. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  2. Sad news

    I have just read that Hammercarp has passed away. Any one who knew Lorne would tell you he was an outstanding individual who loved the outdoors, and our sport in particular. He will surely be missed.
  3. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Karlsson should stay home for the rest of the season. It takes a long while to recover from such a loss emotionally.
  4. Congratulations

    Just need 6 more and I can field a team to rival Juventus.
  5. Congratulations

    We welcome a new member to our Ugliboys clan. Weighing in at just over 7lb 1oz at 2:02 in the morning Congrats to Rob D and family. Tervetuloa my little Freya
  6. Seem any good movies?

    "Good movies" is a contradiction these days. Far too many movies are poor redoes of box office successes. No originality and a lot of ham acting.
  7. Sportsman Show any good?

    I didn't see or hear any protesters. Probably a little show for the news cameras and then back to the sheep pen where they belong.
  8. Sportsman Show any good?

    Went for 1/2 a day. The grandkids had fun. 3 out of 4 caught trouties in the pond. The 2 older girls played the fish simulator with some help. I hobbled along as best as could with the cast. Could not browse as much with the kids racing through everything. Want to to talk robbery?? The son got a pizza for his clan....$36
  9. Sportsman Show any good?

    You lived on Roncy back in the day??? We lived just off Howard for a couple of years. Do you remember the little Mom and Pop tackle shop that used to be on Roncesvalle? They used to be at the Sportsman Show before it was pricey..
  10. Sportsman Show any good?

    Kinda like the citiots who ask a 1/2 hour s worth of questions before pulling the trigger on a $2 dish of cherry tomatoes. Part of being in retail is what we call "putting on the show". Even if the obnoxious person does not buy a thing, there were a dozen or more customers who were listening, liked what they heard, and bought a lot of produce. After all I have 1000lbs of tomatoes and400lbs of pepper to move every week.
  11. Home made Lasagna

    I had to learn to speak Italian. Reading and writing was not a requirement. The paese lifestyle is what I remember best. The families worked together, shared, and were only too happy to teach a mange cake like me.
  12. Home made Lasagna

    I love making a scratch lasagna dinner once a year for an extended family meal. If I'm putting in that much effort it might as well be for a larger audience. The meat mix is never the same as sometimes there is venison or moose or bear in the mix. And there are never any leftovers.
  13. Home made Lasagna

    Eo non capite. Ti non facce pasta fresca per lasagna?? That was always the fun part at my ex's family.
  14. That's one show I won't forget

    I'll live alright. Just don't need the down time at this time of year.
  15. As I had posted earlier I was displaying our goods at the Niagara Outdoor Show. Saw some folks, sold some goods an put on some pounds by show's end. As we are packing up at day's end, the son drops a display board square across my toes. Despite wanting to curse and swear, I had to bite my tongue. The grandkids were standing right there. Finish packing, haul the goods home, then spend 5 hours in Emerg to tell me the obvious. I have a broken toe, and they can't do anything til next morning. Wait another two hours this morning to get fitted for a boot. Guess I can have some down time at home.