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    Fishing, eating, fishing, kids, anything outdoors. Oh, did I mention fishing

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  1. bigugli

    Spring Fishing Show or Sportsman Show?

    I found the Sportsman Show to be rather disappointing last year. That's why more people are coming out to small venues like the Niagara Outdoor show https://www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com/ The Bowmanville Tackle Swap Mar 10th and the Ancaster Tackle SwapMar 23rd
  2. bigugli

    Hammer town tackle swap ?

  3. bigugli

    Hammer town tackle swap ?

    Saturday Mar. 23rd. Ugliboys be there as always
  4. bigugli

    Bell expressvu rant! - No more WFN! Sort of NF!

    Dropped Bell and their nonsense over 15 years ago. Smartest decision we could have made with phone TV internet.
  5. bigugli

    Gar in GBay

    Lots of them in GBay and the neighbouring Muskoka lakes. Caught hundreds of them as a kid
  6. bigugli

    Dinorwic Crappie

    At least you're having fun
  7. bigugli

    NF Funny man gone. RIP SUPER DAVE

    I remember him when he used to be on John Byner's Bizarre show before he had his own show.
  8. bigugli

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    I guess it would depend on the day
  9. bigugli

    Ice road crappie.

    We is officially jealous
  10. bigugli

    Need Some Help from all the Fishing Gurus Here!

    Who's supplying the beer???
  11. bigugli

    Christmas Time Feelings

    Merry Christmas to you all
  12. bigugli


    The writing on the wall, was there 10 years ago. I expect the St Kitts plant to be gone within 5
  13. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    English friends picked some up at a specialty shop in Burlington
  14. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    This week we did our annual family cooking marathon. Day one, pick up last minute groceries, thaw 20 lbs of ground meats, make turnip casseroles from the 5 large rutabagas I had picked up. Thursday, the main event..... 20lb of cabbage rolls and another 10lb of meatloaf. Mother and I also chowed down on a special treat for breakfasts this week. Nice hearty helpings of bacon, eggs, and blood pudding. We's is living good.
  15. bigugli

    cooking thread...

    Turnips are white and smallish. Rutabaga/Swede turnip is large and yellow fleshed. The latter is a fall staple for us Scandinavian types. As for the vegetable marrow, An English and European staple that you find at farmers markets. We grow them.