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  1. Spent a lot of time there with the kids during perchfest. Often playing a little hookie from school for an extra day of family fun. Sadly the majority of shore spots are now privatized. So we stopped going.
  2. Depends as much on usage as anything. Some love the glas tops ans swear by them. I do know that if the top goes, you are into a new stove. I've seen a couple that have cracked or shattered. Perhaps not as much a sticking point for you.... Glass tops are not recommended for anyone who does any canning or pickling. They do not run hot enough from what I understand. Even better here are the reasons. https://foodinjars.com/blog/canning-101-can-safely-can-glass-top-stove/
  3. bigugli


    Another Ontario right of passage growing up. Whether it was L Ontario, Simcoe, Huron, Niagara R. it was the same drill. The only thing was the fights that broke out over someone crowding their spot.
  4. It beats sitting indoors. Heck I was out in the sleet fishing, like the crazy person I am
  5. I might have to come join you.
  6. George loves freezer fries, and they are convenient when rushed.
  7. Now for the after pics. George and Grampa are eating well tonight
  8. Have not been in years. Especially with so much shoreline in the area being posted.
  9. Needed a break from all the chores. Legs getting too tired. Went and put in a few hours at the hole in the warm sun. Finicky bite, but the fish were there.
  10. That's dun it Brian! It's time for the home.🧓
  11. I'm at a tackle swap just outside Ottawa in Richmond.
  12. Glad to hear that you are finally getting things sorted out. I have a couple of friends down here going through the same painful process after losing their partners to cancer.. Sounds like you found a real gem down in Myrtle Beach.
  13. Only a few days away. If you get the chance, come down and say Hellooooooooooo.
  14. Used to "golf" when I was younger, or a unique variation. It was called "biff, bam, bop". Utterly impossible to play a full 18. Near impossible, some days, to even play 9 holes.
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