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  1. You would have to go to another website to access the "PITA" cookbook
  2. We soak our filets in milk after cutting out the blood line. Just like doing kitties. Works perfectly. We were eating white perch last night.
  3. A lot of that wonderful seafood like cod, haddock, etc... perch, walleye, have tapeworm. You just never knew about it. Cook properly and you will be fine.
  4. A number of the scammers are now displaying fake area codes to block tracking efforts, or using a random number generator
  5. I do not have ducks. I have camel. Do you clean camel. Or I trade you camel for ducks?? (Always done in my best pidgie Eengleesh) LOL
  6. Gotta protect them over inflated property values.
  7. My uncle Jonny bought his 100ft frontage just around the corner from Jerry Byes "Blue Moon Marina", couple of docks down from Ronnie Allen. Couldn't miss our lime green sauna on the water's edge. Kinda like going past Sorri's Point and the white painted slope as you entered Hungry Bay. You know us Finns we like loud colour and making a loud statement.
  8. I'll never forget the days of the Ganny goon circus back in the 80's
  9. I also grew up on the lake. Even have our families original copy of the lot surveys from when the land around the lake were first made available. By 1980 the fishing sucked. Too much pressure on fish populations. Then residents, by and large, stopped fishing the lake. By 2000 the fishing was again fantastic. Six Mile's current decline is similar to the decline of most other Toronto satellite lakes. I've also seen similar on Mitchell, Canal and Dalrymple
  10. WTG Cliff. Travelling and fishing in style.
  11. Water levels have huge fluctuations over a 50-60 year period, Yet each new generation seems to be oblivious to the problems of the past. In the early 70's water levels on L Erie were so high that numerous homes were washed out onto the lake, or had the foundation collapse due to extreme erosion. Flooding in the Haliburtons, Muskokas or Ottawa valley is not new. Water is not static. Nor are the shorelines. Any human action is temporary. One should not build on a flood plain. Nor places so close to the high water mark as to risk flooding. YEt after every major flood people are allowed to rebuild in the same locations.Members of our family have lived close to water for over 70 years in Ontario. No structure has ever been placed close to the high water mark.
  12. Dream trip os a lifetime. Enjoy. Now if only i could be so lucky.
  13. Temperatures hyave thrown everything out of sync. Cold fronts, cold rains, have kept water temps far below what they should be. March started out OK, bur April has been a progressive bust. The only positive is that trout are still in the tribs.
  14. O was going to suggest going to Windsor, launch from the public ramp at LaSalle. 3/4 to 1 1/2 jigs with a minnow type plastic or twister vertical jigged. If water is chocolate, bring a plan "b" for shoreline and basin pannie fishing.
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