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    Fishing, eating, fishing, kids, anything outdoors. Oh, did I mention fishing
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  1. Port Dahlhousie ??

    You have 2 choices of drift for trout. East side up stream from the Game & Fish Clubhouse, or behind the Legion. The 12 Mile creek is very muddy right now. You could try martindal pond for bass or pike.
  2. Annual Report with lots of Pics

    Great to see your kids enjoying fishing time with Dad.
  3. New skin for OFC ?

    I like the new wood skin. Now if only I could find n easier way to participate in the discussion
  4. Nothing like a good feed of bluegills and taters for supper.

    1. crappieperchhunter


      Jealous my friend. My next feed of gills probably won't be until May !!!


    2. bigugli


      We keep finding them up into December

    3. depatie


      yes Sir , and for me over here its a good daily feed of Haddi Bits that dose it for me ... lol

  5. it sure was a cold morning.

    The aircraft would fly in just above the tree tops to avoid radar and climb to 1000ft just before the jump. Closest I came to doing that was tree top jumping from a Chinook helicopter in the 70's
  6. it sure was a cold morning.

    I can imagine it. During exercises the paras would come in for a low level jump riding in a trio of Hercs. The ground would shake as they passed overhead.
  7. Went out with the daughter on another hunt for panfish. Was not expecting -7 this morning. Found lots of bluegill to play with. Some good ones for keeping as well. Nice way to spend the morning. In the distance one could hear the constant drone of various historical aircraft from the Warplane Heritage Museum. It was easy to make out the Lanc, Herc and Mitchell. Too far off in the distance were a pair of single engine fighters. At least one was American with it's distinctive P&W engine.
  8. Just me or are others having

    No access from 7am for me. Was still down when I left the house at 1 pm
  9. Might be going on Local TV.

    I can see it now. OFC follies with Mr B.
  10. Busy day off

    As the harvest starts to wind down, I'm finally finding a little time to get other chores done. Monday was pickles and hamburger relish and getting some pork belly into a pail of brine. So far today I've been pouring lead for jigs and pencil weights. I'm now stewing down tomatoes for another batch of salsa. Now you can eat your hearts out. Just finished a morning session with the smoker. 2 sets of honey garlic sausage and 8lbs of apple cured bacon just sitting on the counter cooling down. Guess I'll reward myself and spend the rest of the afternoon fishing.
  11. I'm a Grandpa!

    Congrats, and welcome to the fraternal brotherhood of Grandpas. It can be a wild and bumpy ride at times, and I would not miss it for a moment. You're in for a feeling I can't put into words.
  12. I had so much trouble with other plastic rapalas like the Shad and the X-rap that I refuse to buy any of their plastic product. I will continue to buy their wooden plugs. They have never failed me. Of course I rarely need to replace those as they seem to last forever.
  13. A rare "youngbreed" NF

    When My daughter started dating, all the neighbourhood boys were terrified of meeting "The Dad". And if they weren't scared before meeting me, they certainly were after. Most boyfriends did not last long.
  14. Pan fried moose is a great late night snack

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bigugli


      Had the stub ends from 2 roasts my son wanted sliced for jerky

    3. Old Ironmaker

      Old Ironmaker

      I've had it few times, not a fan, I guess it depends who's cooking.

    4. Old Ironmaker

      Old Ironmaker

      If I eat meat my health says lean, low fat. I suffer now when we go for dinner if too rich. Lost 43 pounds since Jan.

  15. The lord took her away from me NF

    I am so deeply saddened and sorry to hear this, Cliff. I never had the pleasure of meeting your wife, but I knew she meant the world to you. You have our family's deepest condolences my friend. Please take care of yourself. I know it is hard to do at times like this