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  1. Despite the weather, looks like an amazing trip
  2. bigugli

    Swedens big party

    In Finland it is called JUHANNUS. The party does not start til the evening. Midsummers Eve is filled with bonfires, dancing and copious drinking. On the longest day of the year there is only 3-4 hours of night, so the party goes on til the sun rises. I have not participated in a long time. Very few Finns here in Niagara
  3. bigugli

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    How much time does a child really get with their 9-5 parent? Add in the commuting, overtime, etc..... My wife worked days and saw little of the children except on weekends for the first 10 years. I worked steady nights and sacrificed sleep so I could be there for the kids for 6 years, but when I took on the day job there were months where the kids barely ever saw me during the busy season. That is a reality for all except the bureacrats and teachers.
  4. bigugli

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    And here is why many serious anglers no longer see any point in contributing to OFC
  5. bigugli

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I used to work the cleanup crew in the Toronto subways. Train going 60 leaves a real mess.
  6. Seed soil fertilizer mix is something to apply in the earlier part of spring. later spring switch to sod or sod in the fall. Moisture retention and root development are everything. If you are laying sod on clay be sure to lay an inch of topsoil first.
  7. bigugli

    New 10% Tariff On US-made Boats

    Well said. Time to start producing from our own resources.
  8. bigugli

    The Farm

    I still have a few jars of Oh My
  9. bigugli

    The Farm

    Actually, there is no cover on the hoop house used for the garlic. I know some farms that do plant a small covered crop to get a 2 week head start on the competition. We do leave the side walls to keep the wind down and the critters out.
  10. bigugli

    The Farm

    Things are finally greening up around here. Ground is finally drying up. Time to get planting. Garlic is doing great.
  11. bigugli

    CanAm Walleye Derby

    If you are in the area of Bobcaygeon, I'm at the fairgrounds for the weekend as ther is a fishing trade show tied in with the tournament. Hope to meet some more OFCers while there. Stop by and say helloooo.
  12. bigugli

    Bowfin Beatdown!

    They are a blast on light tackle during the spring feed and spawn. Especially when they colour up.
  13. bigugli

    Tough Opener on Rice

    We got pike and walleye on the Welland R this morning. And yes it was a tough bite.
  14. bigugli

    Me and George

    She is my morning smile. The daughter and her man can leave any time they want, but George stays with me. Today she caught her first fish.
  15. bigugli


    We got away with minimal damage in our neighbourhood.