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  1. bigugli

    Where is Big Cliff

    Good to hear you are doing well.
  2. bigugli

    lake infested with goldfish

    Sounds like the L Erie shoreline. Summer cottagers buy goldfish and Koi when they open their cottages, then dump them into the lake when they close their cottages in the fall.
  3. bigugli

    Heart attack

    It certainly can be a game changer. My M.I. was 18 years ago and I flat lined. I was given a second chance and I use it to the fullest enjoying my life, my children's lives, and now, the lives of several grandchildren. Tough way to learn but glad you learned the lesson as I have.
  4. bigugli

    Bramble Berries

    Brambleberries/thimbleberries were a treat growing up in the Muskokas. The thorns were nasty. We also used to pick buttonberries, a kind of flat raspberry.
  5. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    On Scoville scale this variety of jalapeno is 5-6000, the Hungarians are 8-10000 scoville units
  6. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    I hope to have a first pick of cantalope this week as well. Have a full row of them
  7. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    Peppers for the store are picked prematurely for maximum shelf life . They are not truly ripe until they are red. These are the size of cannon shells
  8. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    I have 2 types of purple bell. One is P star the other is P beauty. I also have chocolate and black. They are heirloom varieties. Purples are mild in flavour. Chocolates are sweeter than reds. Ketchenany, the Hungarian hots are a nice pepper with more heat than a jalapeno but much sweeter.
  9. bigugli

    Harvest starting early

    With this heat things are ripening up with a vengeance. Peppers love heat, but its killing me.
  10. Here you need an herbicides license to access any effective chemicals
  11. I'll second that. I'm busier now than when I worked for a living, but 5+ grandkids will do that
  12. bigugli

    What’s up with Belwood lake?

    Belwood can be a tough reservoir to figure out. Present water levels are well below the norm from accounts I've heard.
  13. bigugli

    Well this isn't something you see every day ...

    Disney has a fleet of the originals down in Orlando. Had to do a double take the first time I saw them there
  14. bigugli


    There's only one tyrue Canadian outdoor shoe. It is called a mocassin.
  15. bigugli


    My buddy used to wear them while watering down the rows of tomatoes. That was until he did a 2 and a 1/2 gainer with a twist after hitting a patch of greasy mud. No traction at all