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  1. Was there a few years back. 2014 to be exact. A few posts about Biscotasi. Brian is a good host. Fishing was good. Take a guide on the first day. It pays off big. Only point of supply is the General Store at the landing. Make sure you get gas at the corner before you pull onto the Sultan rd. And some sections of the timber road can get rough.
  2. There are a few "original" families in the area, owning large tracts of. land and numerous businesses. They keep the neighbourhood peaceful.
  3. I still don't know how to take care of myself
  4. Contrary to rumours, and any bad odors around here, I'ma still alive and a kicking. Past 2 years have been a whirlwind of activity. Nary a day to catch one's breath. Was nice to see a few familiar faces on Sunday in Peterborough.
  5. A number of production facilities have been shut down, on and off. Others, to provide social distancing, have reduced number of employees in plant at any one time.
  6. You'll be in paradise now Cliff.
  7. Have not paid for a cut or trim in 12 years. My Wahl set lasted 15 years, and I got a new set for Christmas. $60 for the clipper or $150 a year for the barber
  8. Down here in Niagara I still find lots of meat deals. Brisket was $3.99lb. Striploins (AAA) now $9.95, and these were over an inch thick. Lean ground beef $2.99 pork loin logs $1.77. I have to do a certain amount of homework every week, but it pays off.
  9. The lake went through huge changes and storm surges back in the 70's. I remember, as a teen, watching the news on TV showing cottages falling off the shore on L Erie. Big storms and high waters were the culprits back then as well.
  10. I miss those trips as well. Lots of fun banter with good people
  11. My anti-virus programme and my email have spam blockers.
  12. They are nearly finished the park side, next is the reconstruction of the east side.
  13. This was in response to this summer's outrageous numbers of rescues.
  14. From what I understand, they were trying to close the whirlpool trails. dropping trees across the paths, etc... back about 2 weeks past. People were trying to put on a protest demonstration, but I believe that fizzled.
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