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  1. What is your cost (Canadian Currency) for a 20 HP, electric start, 4 cycle, Mercury? About warranty, Tohatsu manufactures a great share of all outboard motors. Several years ago I looked into purchasing a new Honda Odyssey in Canada. Seems the only way was to have a Canadian friend make the buy, keep it 6 months and turn over to me. Would have paid both Canada tax and U.S. tax. Wouldn't have been worth the effort.
  2. FYI: You can order a Tohatsu from a U.S. dealer, have it delivered to General Delivery near border, no tax, free shipping. Work out the sales tax in Canada and own a great outboard motor at a very competitive price. Or buy a Mercury 30HP and under that's the same thing, but higher price. Paid for mine with check, rather than cc and got a 2% discount.
  3. Take your used filter for comparison, and a cross reference chart to your Mercury dealer. Tohatsu manufactures 20 hp mercury 4 cycle. I get my 20 hp Tohatsu oil filters off the Walmart shelf.
  4. Any right hand fishermen cast bait caster left handed and reel right handed? I do about half the time. Should have said both hands with left hand on top, left hand on reel.
  5. Good to hear from you Roy. Having you active on the forum will make life better.
  6. Here's what works for this 83 year old. Don't do anything for me that I can do for myself. I drove, solo, to Red Lake, Ontario for a float plane ride, spent Thanksgiving 2017 in camp with friends at my favorite fishing lake and fished for a week. Couldn't have done that if I'd allowed others to spoil me. Elderly folks sometimes need tough love.
  7. Best way to be put onto boating huge pike begins when a fishermen convinces others that he appreciates the resource and takes great care in catching, handling and releasing all fish.
  8. Being born in Canada or the United States gives us a great chance at enjoying a good life. We have a lot to be thankful for.
  9. I'm spending Thanksgiving with the Geary family on Little Vermilion Lake. This is my 5th Thanksgiving in camp. October trips make winter go faster for me. The Geary family, 3 moose hunters and I (only fisherman on the water) will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.
  10. Got the full blown deal in Central Tennessee where weather was ideal. There were lots of free glasses and also some stores gouging the public by charging high prices. I enjoyed a similar experience in Florida during March 1970. Not as much hype and excitement for that one as it was prior to Facebook and our having 5 year old youngsters going through graduation ceremonies from kindergarten.
  11. Terry, just wondering. Are those figures for bush pilots only, all pilots or commercial pilots experienced in flying larger aircraft. My numbers are for operating small float planes. Bush pilots seem to be at the bottom of the pay scale.
  12. Bush pilots are well trained, usually at their own expense. They work long hours, but mostly for a short work season. Pilots love what they do and they'll sacrifice financially to live their dream. I know what they are paid. Check for yourselves. Some will be surprised. Numbers are available on the Internet. Be fair.
  13. Always. They love their work, work hard, but most have a short work season and they're not as well paid as we might imagine.
  14. Broke my string of 32 consecutive walleye openers on the same lake in NW Ontario. We were a day or 2 late a couple of times due to late ice out. All trips were at least 7 days, many 10 days, several 14 days and one of 21 days. This year we're taking on endometrial cancer at our house. We were diagnosed April 13, visited a gynecological oncologist April 18 (Norma's 82nd birthday) and underwent a hysterectomy April 21, The disease was caught early, giving us great odds of beating it. Also on our side is that the success rate in recovering from endometrial cancer is great. I admire my wife for scheduling a doctor visit at the first sign of a problem. My main point in making this post is to strongly suggest doing all you can to have early detection on your side. After giving the surgery a chance to heal we'll return for a follow up visit June 1 to determine if further treatment is suggested. It's possible that a spattering of cancer cells may have entered the abdominal wall. If so, we'll lean toward radiation treatment. Quarterly surveillance is a possibility, but we will probably go with surveillance plus radiation. Our decision will be determined by what is suggested by our oncologist. Guys, please remember the importance of early detection. Allow it to work for your family. My wife, older son, 8 year old grandson and I are booked to fly in on July 15, unless we're staying at home for treatment.
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