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  1. Loved that man... mister showman on ice ...he will be missed
  2. Has any one noticed the LARGE CHARGES on you hydro bill that Ford said would help because more people are home. OLD RATES were.....Off Peak...6.5 cents per Hr....Mid Peak ...9.4 Cents on Peak...13.2 cents..... Now all 24/7 as of June 1st .....12.8 cents per Hr..... Where are they SAVING US MONEY ?????? What do you think ???
  3. He is on the Niagara Fishing Board and out fishing
  4. My Sincere Condolences To Your Family
  5. Hi Bly long time since we talked, nice to see you are still popping in ...
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Norm my FRIEND...Hope all is well 🎂
  7. Happy you made it home safe Cliff
  8. I have fuel in my boat from late 2018 as l did not use my boat last year. That fuel also had Sea Foam in it at all times. I will remove the fuel from the tank into fuel cans and slowly insert in to my truck to burn and add new fuel this year to my boat tank. i should be good to go. 🙄
  9. Dax, l thought the Odyssey was every 2 yrs? correct me if l am wrong WWWwwr as the Fonz would put it... HEy
  10. Such a loss for sure Lew... Hope he recovers from the loss
  11. Here is my newest boat 16.5 with a 90 Merc with 9.9 kicker and 54 Min Kotta up front
  12. I still have Hat & Toque... wore out my TEE SHIRT... would be nice for a NEW ONE & some NEW STICKERS changed vehicles I'M IN
  13. Nice to see you back little buddy.... Hope you are getting better
  15. Dan, mentioned this to my Daughter and she said she will get it looked at next service to be changed. Thanks for the info and she LOVES HER NEW RIDE as she puts it
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