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  1. Bay Front is open... was down there today
  2. Freshco has Whole Chickens on for 1.99 LB just got 3 and did not pay 0ver $7.00 each
  3. Smart in deed Cliff... let the cat take the hit 🤣
  4. Bass Pro 1 Pc 6' Bait Caster Rod With Spider 3000 Reel With Flipping Switch $35.00 Spider 3000 reel With Flipping Switch
  5. Sister and Brother in law move down there 5 yrs ago and love it there and the people down there are great. I was there in 2019 and had a great time and everyone l talked too were very pleasant even knowing where l was from. Can not wait for this covid thing to be over so l can go back. Loved my visit down there.
  6. Merry Christmas to you and Diane also Lew and every one else on the board
  7. Would be GREAT to have another ONE
  8. Great times for sure.. too bad they removed the camp ground l was going to try and setup a trip there next year if we get rid of this covid thing...
  9. Great picture Norm do remember that Big Guy Almost knocked me in. Need to get back up there for some great times with great friends.. get this covid thing over with PLEASE
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