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  1. Loonietoon


    Same back to you and your family tomkat
  2. Loonietoon


    HAPPY NEW YEAR to All my friends and their family on OFC and hopefully 2019 will be a great year...😀😍
  3. Rob, Get a hold of Monty or Jos at Angling Outfitters in Woodstock... They will help you out a lot ...Best thing is free upgrades whenever needed and they know their stuff. Free Seminars in the Fall also. Tell them what you are looking for and they will help you. Hope this helps
  4. Loonietoon

    Christmas Time Feelings

    I know how it is Lew. Diane died 7yrs ago Jan 16th, 2012 and if it was not for my kids l would have lost it all together. Cancer is a terrible thing for anyone to go through. Lost my mother 6 months 5 days and 7hrs later. Christmas is never the same.
  5. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    That is why l tried to set it up between so some that do work can make it out for a few hours, members complain about wanting to meet others on the board and when we try to set something up not to many show only the old member. So l decided to cancel it out. 😥 Sorry
  6. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    Canceled cannot find a place or interest as Usual
  7. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    Need to see if we can get into the Legion in Stoney Creek...This coming Saturday if so there say 1.30pm or so. Waiting for Fish Farmer to pipe in
  8. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    At the Legion in Stoney Creek if we can get in.... Dave? Cheap beer 🍻
  9. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    Thinking maybe Saturday afternoon Yes they were Lew, Lots of great times with friends from the board but we are the old members seems the newer ones don't GTG for a fun time 😁
  10. Loonietoon

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    Looking to see if anyone is interested between the holidays? 😁
  11. Loonietoon


    🎅 Wishing all my friends on OFC A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY 🎅🍻
  12. Loonietoon

    Christmas Time Feelings

    I agree with you and All the Best to you and Yours
  13. Loonietoon

    RIP Roy Clark

    Loved that show and he was great
  14. Loonietoon

    And, it begins

    😏LOL 😎
  15. Loonietoon

    And, it begins

    HAPPY WIFE... HAPPY LIFE . Been a while since l got you in trouble Wayne 😀