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  1. Would be GREAT to have another ONE
  2. Great times for sure.. too bad they removed the camp ground l was going to try and setup a trip there next year if we get rid of this covid thing...
  3. Great picture Norm do remember that Big Guy Almost knocked me in. Need to get back up there for some great times with great friends.. get this covid thing over with PLEASE
  4. Saw on Fish TV that they did a show on Lakair this year. Any one else see it. Not much just more bass fishing than anything else.Remembering the GOOD TIMES WE ALL HAD.
  5. Well said Dan, and the memories you have will live on forever
  6. Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time (Official Version) - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
  7. Still love the Video and song A Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly... Brings out what some people forget... LEST WE FORGET
  8. Got my acceptance back Friday Afternoon.. Good to know
  9. Thank you sir, will check that out. Wonder why no one was ever told of this
  10. Heard Walmart is not Price Matching no more Take it or Leave It Attitude
  11. Have not been notified of these rates yet 🙄
  12. Got them on my truck also, getting a set for her other vehicle,,, my tire guy told me about them years ago and put them on my plow truck also
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