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  1. Thanks Johnny I will Check that out for sure
  2. You telling me l'm SHOWING MY AGE 🙄
  3. That is EXCELLENT NEWS Lew Always knew he got a GREAT BOAT Well cared for and looked after
  4. Hey Lew Does Misty River still have your old Crestliner?
  5. Have not found or had them for years.... Use to get the infront of the EX at the Sportsman Show years ago 😞
  6. Same back to everyone here, going to my nephews farm tomorrow to eat and watch the horses with the kids... here gobble gobble here l come 🦃🍺
  7. 5 minutes from the Bridge Lew and she is over looking the river there. Was there in late April beginning of May and the place she bought 3 yrs ago l could not believe what she paid 3.75 acres looking at that river and she owns 100 ft into the river for 300 thousand with 4 bedrooms and more. WOW ?
  8. Hey Lew you are just down from my sister in St Stephen
  9. John check out Chadwick & Hacks Fennell & Upper Sherman take it in with you and they might be able too match it up
  10. You are QUIT the MAN my Friend... Always ready to help
  11. Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers out there ?
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