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  1. Felix Auto on #6 Highway at the bypass. Ask for Shane 905-679-6336
  2. Brand New Never Used ...Shimano Scimitar 5'6 Med Fast Taper 1 pc with Okuma Aria 30A Reel ...$105.00 SOLD
  3. Thanks Gil Love the setup you have just looking to do something with the 14ft tinny l bought last year to use in small places
  4. What size boat is that Gil ???
  5. Yes it is so far l believe the 26th
  6. Just filled up in the Hammer @ 1.43.9 ltr still cost me $110.00
  7. Just Heard Gas GOING UP 8-10cents LTR AFTER MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 🙄😡😭👎
  8. Careful Dan, might get it locked for being Political and they might seize your bank account for that.
  9. Lookin Pretty Good Dan... Can not wait to see the finish product.... Still Drooling on Wayne's Cars
  10. Can l have my pillow back Ron ?? 🙄🤣😃
  11. Hamilton pier 4 is still open never blocked off Boat was in there today
  12. The Original was Written and done by Terry Sumsion then copied by the Trews
  13. There is another fitting one out Highway of Heros Written by Terry Sumsion.. Local Man from Burford Ontario been done again by the Troggs l Believe... Terry Wrote it for all our Fallen Heros
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