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  1. My dear friend, You really need to consult a family lawyer. NOT a fishing forum. ‘M’ say so as well!! You have to protect your family and your self above anyone else. You can delete this thread now that you have your answer?
  2. Hey Brian, all is well and all are healthy & hope the same for you.
  3. Correct. It is all Bull except for raising gas prices Fri-Sun (a standard practise in cottage country). My ‘contributions’ were lifted from my local cottage association FB postings. Right or wrong, these rumours & stories are posted by local full time residents to discourage the seasonal residents to stay away.
  4. ^^^^^...+ And customers must show photo ID for proof of local residency to enter grocery, LCBO & Beer Store. Non-residents are not welcome here!! And utility providers (electricity & propane primarily) are identifying non-residents by billing addresses and disconnecting utilities. + LEOs are using license plate scanners to identify non-residents & issuing $750 tickets. Also, people from the city are waking up at the cottage and finding slashed tires in the cottage driveway!!
  5. Its a date. All kidding aside, the rod/reel combo would be a welcome addition to Sean’s collection. The assorted tackle should go to someone who can repurpose it. I have tons of tackle still in original packaging and I would like to see it going to someone who will actually use it. Lots of great karma in that tackle
  6. Do you deliver? i would like these delivered ASAP!!!
  7. This ^ J. Much quicker than uni 2 uni Here's the best instructional video. You can skip the first couple of minutes & git @ 'er.
  8. ? J. We're still searching for the perfect property and Home Lake is still on the radar. Will likely ramp up the property hunt again in the spring. I'll let you know if we'll be in the neighborhood.
  9. Back at ya J. Yeah, I've followed this thread from day 1 as a part time Leafs fan. Nothing wrong with 'sweet revenge' if gained through dignity and respect? There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between fun banter and bitter vitriol ? I'm not going to quote them or anyone in particular. Let's just say it seems some are making this 'personal'. Keep it clean and respectful Young Grasshopper and you'll stay welcome aboard my boat
  10. WOW!!! As a casual observer & an occasional contributor, I gotta say that some of these exchanges are beyond fun banter? It's easy to be a bully behind a keyboard. "Little Man Syndrome" comes to mind? And I ain't talking about Matt......... Maybe this thread should be renamed to "TML Lovers Only, If You're A Sens Fan We'll Happily Gang Up On You" ????
  11. FIVE PAST THE MAPLE LEAFS ?? LOL, couldn't resist .
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