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  1. This ^ J. Much quicker than uni 2 uni Here's the best instructional video. You can skip the first couple of minutes & git @ 'er.
  2. ? J. We're still searching for the perfect property and Home Lake is still on the radar. Will likely ramp up the property hunt again in the spring. I'll let you know if we'll be in the neighborhood.
  3. Back at ya J. Yeah, I've followed this thread from day 1 as a part time Leafs fan. Nothing wrong with 'sweet revenge' if gained through dignity and respect? There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between fun banter and bitter vitriol ? I'm not going to quote them or anyone in particular. Let's just say it seems some are making this 'personal'. Keep it clean and respectful Young Grasshopper and you'll stay welcome aboard my boat
  4. WOW!!! As a casual observer & an occasional contributor, I gotta say that some of these exchanges are beyond fun banter? It's easy to be a bully behind a keyboard. "Little Man Syndrome" comes to mind? And I ain't talking about Matt......... Maybe this thread should be renamed to "TML Lovers Only, If You're A Sens Fan We'll Happily Gang Up On You" ????
  5. FIVE PAST THE MAPLE LEAFS ?? LOL, couldn't resist .
  6. I pray that I may live to fish Until my dying day. And when it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray: When in the Lord's great landing net And peacefully asleep That in His mercy I be judged Big enough to keep. My most sincere condolences to Kevin's family and friends. I hope is final journey was peaceful.
  7. If that's the result you brought to Home Lake earlier, I give it ??. I'd rate it higher, but I only have two thumbs Confession: I stashed a healthy portion and it is vacuum sealed in my freezer for a winter treat ^^^^ This. You gotta trim those nasty blood lines/spread out B. Smoked, fried or baked, in any fish leaves a nasty taste
  8. I think you'll find the smaller urban centres (i.e. Georgetown) lumber yards more accommodating in bringing in special orders such as MG plywood? I helped a lake neighbour source MG in Parry Sound earlier this year. Both Rona & Home Hardware Building Centre were more than happy to special order without surcharges. We went with HH as their delivery was only 5 days as it was added to an incoming stock order. I didn't call by phone, I visited both stores to inquire. It's too easy to say "no" over the phone Edit to add: You will still need2 part epoxy to seal cut/trimmed exposed wood & those sheets are extra heavy
  9. Looks like another successful Nippising trip in the books. Have you managed to fish the whole lake yet??
  10. Gawd, that is one ugly mug. The fish I mean
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