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  1. Sure, of course they can hear. They have extra sensory hearing! 🩺🧏‍♂️
  2. Yep! You have to remember the big sponsor! I used to like a fishing show that only ran for maybe one season, maybe 2 seasons. An English fellow hosted it, I think it was called Urban Outdoor Adventures , ? Or something like that. Every week his sponsor gave away a selection of fishing lures. Might have been sponsored by Rapala..
  3. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos on it. Seems pretty neat, I think if you’re on a city size lot it might be decent. I saw the TSC website advertising it for that price and also saw it on Amazon.ca for something like 1600 bucks, I think the same model. Also was thinking if I get to that point in my life when lawn cutting is a big chore (I’m almost there!) it might be a better option than hiring a lawn cutting outfit to do it.
  4. So Sail has reopened just in time for their bankruptcy announcement. Was flashed on some tv news show this morning.
  5. Yep, you got it Dave. Just simply follow the directions. 👍
  6. I think the last fishing show I watched, (which was also probably about 5 years ago, ) may have been Fishing Canada. I laughed so much. According to them you can not ever go fishing without a brand new Dodge truck and that brand new Dodge truck just had to have a certain brand of tires mounted on it. Oh nooooooo you couldn’t leave the brand new factory branded tires that it came with mounted on the wheels. You just had to have whatever the brand was that sponsored the show to get you to the fishing hole because there would be no way to get there with any other tire! In the end after the laughing at the stupidity of it I almost puked. So sickening.
  7. Quite the frame. Should do a good job of holdIng the awning together in the wind.
  8. Likely the same people made the cover for my new boat back in 2005 when I bought a complete package from Riverside Marine in Dunnville. Did a great job of it, good price and it was made from Topgun material. I no longer have the boat ☹️
  9. Yep, flying is reasonable. It can be even less costly from Niagara Falls, NY. However you need transportation once there. That may be an issue, rent a car, taxi or bus? I figure for any length of time over a week you’re probably better off with your own car.
  10. Hey there Cliff! Sounds like you’re “Diggin’” Myrtle Beach! sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Have a great time.
  11. Small note to add to Fisherman’s reply. Re: refillable 1 lb. propane tank at Home Depot U.S is not available in store at least at the the Niagara Falls N.Y locstion. Read the link carefully and you will see that it is available online only.
  12. Big Cliff, i have always respected and looked up to your words and opinions. Your response to this topic does certainly reinforce my thoughts, beliefs and admiration for you. You could not have said it any better! Here’s to you . 👍👍🍺🍺 Cheers!
  13. How could anyone disagree with that? Which was my first thought after considering the deaths and injuries of the other boat occupants. However both boat operators are responsible, equally.
  14. My son was an aspiring basketball player on his way to a career in the sport. Then one night playing a game he ripped both his acl and mcl, had a scope done, then was told he needed the surgery. Took him about 2 or 3years of severe pain to finally give in to the operation. Which was done about 6 years ago. He should wear a brace but refuses to do so and this is probably contributating to his ongoing knee trouble. He rarely plays a game of ball anymore and the ACL tear messed up a possible career in the NBA development league or over seas.
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