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  1. Yep, flying is reasonable. It can be even less costly from Niagara Falls, NY. However you need transportation once there. That may be an issue, rent a car, taxi or bus? I figure for any length of time over a week you’re probably better off with your own car.
  2. Hey there Cliff! Sounds like you’re “Diggin’” Myrtle Beach! sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Have a great time.
  3. Small note to add to Fisherman’s reply. Re: refillable 1 lb. propane tank at Home Depot U.S is not available in store at least at the the Niagara Falls N.Y locstion. Read the link carefully and you will see that it is available online only.
  4. Big Cliff, i have always respected and looked up to your words and opinions. Your response to this topic does certainly reinforce my thoughts, beliefs and admiration for you. You could not have said it any better! Here’s to you . 👍👍🍺🍺 Cheers!
  5. How could anyone disagree with that? Which was my first thought after considering the deaths and injuries of the other boat occupants. However both boat operators are responsible, equally.
  6. My son was an aspiring basketball player on his way to a career in the sport. Then one night playing a game he ripped both his acl and mcl, had a scope done, then was told he needed the surgery. Took him about 2 or 3years of severe pain to finally give in to the operation. Which was done about 6 years ago. He should wear a brace but refuses to do so and this is probably contributating to his ongoing knee trouble. He rarely plays a game of ball anymore and the ACL tear messed up a possible career in the NBA development league or over seas.
  7. Cliff, Im really sorry to hear the news. You and your family have my best wishes and prayers. I havent checked in here for a long time, something told me to have a look around the forums today but I never expected this. Take care Cliff.
  8. So now we know who can afford to drink wine! Hope Ontario or at least Canadian. I don't begrudge anyone their choice of occupation...except those CEO's making millions and well paid educators. And don't let me start on retired teachers who go on to collect a pension and keep on working! How do they expect the newly graduated people to get a chance to have a kick at the can? Wow! Imagine, making 90 g's a year and then collect a pension, they should be ashamed. And to think those who teach still cry that they are underpaid! I don't buy into all that working at home stuff either, you don't work an 8 hour day on a time clock so you make up for it later, volunteer or paid people now do report cards plus the great perks like vacation, stat holidays, weekends, no shift work, get another course under your belt and get a raise even though it doesn't make you any better at your job etc., etc.... Can anyone remember how loud teachers were crying just recently when their contracts were in dispute? I find it odd you could chime in with critisism toward Coke employees. Maybe regardless of income we all feel we're underpaid and undervalued. Cheers to all as I clink my bottle of Coke ($1.97 for 6, 710ml bottles, on sale) to the computer screen. Guess I won't be buying anymore for a while though.
  9. This is rediculous! First I've heard of this. If this is true then why does the Ont. regs. not state it? This plus the fact that the zone maps don't blank out reservation lands. Please report this incident and keep the rest of us informed. Note...I just deleted all the rest of what I typed here about my feelings and thoughts in regards to the on going and never ending issues with this group of "Canadians" to keep this post from being locked down or erased!
  10. They return to their home coup. Training involved taking the birds to a chosen location to release them and try to beat them home. The first stage of training he would let them out of the coup to get their bearings and get familiar with the neighbourhood and learn how to enter the landing (pen?) Often the birds would be sitting waiting for you to get home. Remember the name "Homing pigeons." You can imagine the amount of care, time, work, expense and dedication the hobby would involve. Plus my father loved to fish and hunt plus often worked away from home leaving my ungrateful mother to feed and maintain them.
  11. My father raised and raced pigeons in the 50's and early 60's. My mothers uncle in Galt and my uncle in Hamilton also. I have several of my father's trophys. 1000 milee or 500 mile races were common. When the bird returned to the coup you would remove the leg band and drop it into a clock, this is how the winner is determined.
  12. MINT!!! Nice decision about taking up the chalenge of adoption. I'm sure you'll be good parents to the new little one. I had an '02 Merc 6hp 2 stroke, ya I know not a Yammy but I loved it, it was like new too, quiet, convenient, easy on gas and started before the first pull was completed on the cord. I sometimes shed a tear when I start to think about it.
  13. It's a great business location! Right along side one of the bussiest traffic corriders in North America in view of day trippers to the falls, tourists from around the world, crossborder shoppers stopping in on their way back from the States and there's the Buffalo Niagara market. Have any of you driven to the falls on a summer Saturday or Sunday? Amost always a traffic jamb or at least slow going. And then add the million or so who live in the Hamilton area alone who detest Toronto or hate driving to Toronto Bass Pro. Just think of who the major competitor is..."SAIL!" Who the hell cares about Sail? It's a waste of real estate! Downside, the independant shops will be facing a tougher battle.
  14. Congrats to Bob ! What did the tag win?
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