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  1. Is gas/propane an option Cliff? By far superior in mho, and they function during power outages as well... I'd go gas if possible
  2. These guys should be able to help https://www.ladeau.com/hinges-main/ https://m.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/mepages/pianohinge.php
  3. Looks like the feds have stepped in... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/feds-cautioned-ontario-on-proposed-cormorant-hunt-1.5059306
  4. Very interesting thread guys! Having moved to eastern ontario several years ago I've yet to be out on the big lake since i moved, i have all the gear just collecting dust :( are you guys looking at running down riggers, dipseys or flatlining? If there is ever a eastern Ontario meet and greet or a fishing gathering please post it here, would be great to meet some new members! Im located in Stirling on Oak Lake, and would be willing to drive a couple of hours from here if one is organized. Im following this thread with interest. G.
  5. Cant add more then whats been suggested here. Propane or oil is typically what you see installed in rural homes, and they are more costly to operate then natural gas based on fuel costs, so if your used to natural gas pricing you will be in for a bit of sticker shock.... alot of folks (including myself) go on a budget plan so you have a fixed monthly bill against your fuel deliveries.. Make sure you get the flow rate for your well from the previous owner and get the water tested every 3 months through your local health unit, this is a free service. Another consideration is the availability of high speed internet, many in rural areas have poor access to decent high speed and have to rely on companies like explorenet etc... this is costly and generally not well liked by their customers...but they have little to no choice in many areas. Just some thoughts in my experience of living rural most of my life G.
  6. That would be awesome fisherman, thank you for digging up that info for me
  7. Uhmmmm..... sounds delicious...? Not sure what this has to do with a cooking thread.
  8. All great suggestions guys thanks!
  9. So..... are there reliable IPtv providers? i currently use kodi on my laptop for movies etc.. and use bell for live tv... i would like to ditch the satellite system and the insane bill they charge, so are there any that are reliable and offer a decent channel line up? G
  10. Hey thanks! I will look into the ram system, the bike comes with a 3000lb warn winch, never would of thought about a piece of pipe etc.. i live on a lake and will likely be using it often out there... great advice! I will definitely get some additional rope etc.. As for the gps holder that is a must, i will be adding gps in the very near future. Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys, I just pulled the trigger on a new 2019 Can Am Max XT 850, looking to use it mainly for work around the house, plowing the driveway, but we also plan to use it on the various trails around us and offroad/onroad (legal here) in your experience is there anything i should be carrying with me on the bike? (Other then the obvious paperwork required for the authorities of course) Thanks in advance for any advice G
  12. Lew, cool thread! Not sure if you are aware but we have a National Warplane Museum and its not too far away. Its located in Trenton you could spend the whole day looking at and learning about vintage war birds. Some of the planes are interactive and you can sit in them etc.. a ton of memorabilia as well. I've visited it several times and have always found it enjoyable. G
  13. Thats pretty sweet! I got some new ink done yesterday as well.
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