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  1. Here my new cottage....only 2 weeks old And here is the reason why... Should be a lot of good times
  2. I also have a cam-am 850 max xt, cant say enough good things about it.. most of the folks i see on the trails around here also have can-ams.
  3. I tend to fill up on the rez here typically 10-20 cents a litre cheaper then off the rez... still no justification for these increases... its ludicrous
  4. Hey thats awesome! And also my retirement dream! Spring, summer and fall in Canada and winter in the southern states! Only 20+ years of work left......... We recently bought a travel trailer so we are able to get away from home during our downtime (currently replying from the trailers kitchen ) congrats Cliff!! Your gonna love it!
  5. This decision doesn't surprise me at all based on seeing the water levels almost daily during my drive to work.... not sure how much more the system can take without serious flooding as a result... i would say its at or very close to its max capacity
  6. Thank you! I'll be sure to hit it up for bass once the season opens... its about hour from me, so not far at all. It'll be a sport once my son gets a rod in his hand.... mostly me dodging his lure! He's 4 and this will be his first real time out fishing.... hoping my daughter catches the bug as well! Thanks for the info! We won't be targeting bass, but will be once the season opens hopefully for a couple of days... we will be staying at Bear Ridge, supposed to be an awesome park, really looking forward to it! Thanks guys for the input, I'll let you know how we make out
  7. A bit more then 2 hours... but well equipped cottages and very fairly priced, beach, park area, pet friendly and boat rentals as well... decent fishing too boot. Google, hyatts glenhaven resort. Rob and Louise are top notch hosts. So much so infact we are thinking of putting our trailer there for the next couple of seasons!
  8. Thank you my friend, heading up for a week over may 2-4 weekend... gonna bring up the canoe, sounds like i can keep the kids busy with panfish and try for some toothy critters when evening falls.
  9. Thanks Dave, i have never targeted lakers so that may be an option, I understand there are pickeral in the lake as well.... happen to know if it has decent numbers? Looking to perhaps have fish fry one of the nights i am there. Thanks again
  10. Just purchased a new travel trailer and have plans to hit up wollaston lake with it to work out any bugs that may arise... hows the fishing on this lake? Can i expect it to be productive? Thanks in advance!
  11. Is gas/propane an option Cliff? By far superior in mho, and they function during power outages as well... I'd go gas if possible
  12. These guys should be able to help https://www.ladeau.com/hinges-main/ https://m.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/mepages/pianohinge.php
  13. Looks like the feds have stepped in... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/feds-cautioned-ontario-on-proposed-cormorant-hunt-1.5059306
  14. Very interesting thread guys! Having moved to eastern ontario several years ago I've yet to be out on the big lake since i moved, i have all the gear just collecting dust :( are you guys looking at running down riggers, dipseys or flatlining? If there is ever a eastern Ontario meet and greet or a fishing gathering please post it here, would be great to meet some new members! Im located in Stirling on Oak Lake, and would be willing to drive a couple of hours from here if one is organized. Im following this thread with interest. G.
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