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  1. Nice area, im not far off near Stirling on Oak Lake
  2. Not much of a help on 'shroom hunting, but thought I'd welcome you to Quinte West. I love it here! Where abouts in QW did you purchase? G.
  3. Watched Spencer's confidential last night, good flick
  4. Well we are being told we are essential. I work for a large multinational manufacturer... our plant does not make masks, gowns or gloves. 1000+ factory workers.... this is definitely going to get worse, before it gets better. But we are told to practice social distancing which is near to impossible! Are they protecting us? Or their bottom line?
  5. https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/03/list-of-essential-workplaces.html Here is the list. It is very broad.
  6. Probably wont experience the hard shifting with that 10speed, it came out just after i purchased my truck Z71 kodiak edition... my understanding is now that the 10speed is out the 8speed is considered a relic and updates for it may not happen... i bought this GM because of the price (i saved an additional 5k because of where i work) and 0% interest. Fingers crossed they do release a fix for it. If not I'll purchase a tuner AFTER the factory warranty runs out. G.
  7. Im glad you made it home Cliff, better to deal with this at home and not in another country. I was supposed to be on a flight to Cuba on Friday. I cancelled. Its not worth the risks involved. G.
  8. Nice truck, I own one too, a 2018 good little truck, a couple of mentions after owning one for 2 years. What tranny did it come with? My 8 speed seems to shift hard from 1st to 2nd occasionally. Dealership says its normal... and to wait and see if there is a software update for the truck... Also terrible wind noise on the front windows, coming from the seals around the side mirrors... this is a known "soft" issue with these trucks. Other then that shes been a good truck and hauls my 38' camper with ease. Good luck with your new "baby" and congrats on the upcoming nuptials. G.
  9. Here my new cottage....only 2 weeks old And here is the reason why... Should be a lot of good times
  10. I also have a cam-am 850 max xt, cant say enough good things about it.. most of the folks i see on the trails around here also have can-ams.
  11. I tend to fill up on the rez here typically 10-20 cents a litre cheaper then off the rez... still no justification for these increases... its ludicrous
  12. Hey thats awesome! And also my retirement dream! Spring, summer and fall in Canada and winter in the southern states! Only 20+ years of work left......... We recently bought a travel trailer so we are able to get away from home during our downtime (currently replying from the trailers kitchen ) congrats Cliff!! Your gonna love it!
  13. This decision doesn't surprise me at all based on seeing the water levels almost daily during my drive to work.... not sure how much more the system can take without serious flooding as a result... i would say its at or very close to its max capacity
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