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  1. Just read tasting review on it...sounds interesting! Thank you
  2. I look around now and then when fishing & life allows Hope all is good with you! Back to the thread.... Would the more experience be willing to suggest some reasonably priced scotches to try?
  3. "Blantons & Elijah are outstanding" Far from an expert but agree with that statement. The Scotch reviews have been interesting, still looking for my favorite, partly due to the price tag to experiment. Well said Ironmaker.....these things should be enjoyed, not collect dust
  4. Thank you for that! Made me giggle
  5. Nice write up Andrew, thank you far taking the time! I kick around the idea of getting a fishing kayak now and then..great to read that you are enjoying it. Tight lines!
  6. Will, If it helps, Lake Michigan they are currently staging 30-70 feet, all colors doing well and they are running big
  7. I have been watching for this report.....Excellent! How many swim baits did you add after that trip? Seeing, those pike, add a few more! And Linc......tie better leaders! LOL
  8. lunker, I have had uhaul install 2 hitches (changed vehicle), no problems with either, guarantee is good here and in the US. Cannot remember the exact prices but very reasonable.
  9. haha! reminds me of the times you buy your child a great gift and they play with the box!
  10. Thanks Rich, nice to know the big ones are still hanging around there
  11. Rich, awesome fish! As others have said, you deserve it! Love casting into the cabbage up there. Curious, were you fishing the same area we were 2 years ago? Would have loved to see you land that
  12. Can't help you out with info Tim but have a great time!
  13. Welcome to the board! Happy fishing tomorrow
  14. Bly


    Proof of the fun at Lakair! Can't wait until next time. Thanks for putting up the link
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