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  1. I am from BC , my family is still out there and I visit twice a year. As Craig pointed out, there is a lot more opportunity on Vancouver Island. Fishing from shore in Vancouver is very challenging, fishing for salmon around Vancouver period can be a challenge compared to the island. Suggestions would be to hit a river or river mouth, but my best suggestion would be to head to the island, and you can rent your own boat. Fishing regulations change almost monthly out there, carefully read them and check social media for recent changes. I can help you out with gear once we find out where you will be going.
  2. Nissan Xterra's and everything I have owned from Nissan. I have owned 2 Pathfinders one that was new and 2 Xterra's which are both sitting in my driveway with blown computers. I have yet to reach 200,000km on any Nissan I have owned, and never will! I now own a Toyota 4runner. Best vehicle so far has been Toyota Prius Hybrid, 340,000km and have only ever spent money on brake pads $3o
  3. Ordered my NY fishing license at the same time as my Ont one. Received my NY license in the mail 9 days later, Ont one still has yet to arrive and I am sure the waiting has just begun! At least I have this nice piece of paper that I am sure will last.
  4. Splake are starting to show up in the shallows now. Try 3-6 fow casting Cleo's, Raps J-7 and 9's and Mepp's #3
  5. As always some great fishing Bunk always enjoy the reports! Summer sure has flown by, kids back in school tomorrow....leaving more time for us for some fall fishing now! lol
  6. What a great trip and some awesome fishing! Some more memories for you and your Father. I grew up on Vancouver island fishing and exploring the island and am still always amazed at the size of some of the salmon caught each year. In 1985 myself and 13 others launched 7 canoes from Port Hardy and 16 days later arrived in Victoria. Always nice reading about places that hold great memories, thanks for taking the time to post.
  7. I'm from Victoria Cliff, my parents, sisters and their family's still live there. I go back at least once a year. Beautiful place. great fishing fresh and saltwater. As for a place with what you are looking for you might want to try areas like Gorden Head, Langford and Langford lake, Beaver and Elk lake, Sidney, Goldstream, and as Smokestacklightnin said Sooke all areas are just outside of city limits. Once you get into the Duncan area you would be looking at a different weather system, colder and snow. I don't think you would be disappointed anywhere in the Victoria area. My wife and I have travelled a fair bit, and is still her favourite place to be. If I can help at all don't hesitate to ask.
  8. I've caught salmon from the breakwall before, also flounder and numerous types of bottom fish. Try using Buzz Bombs, Zelda or Pline lures and jigs in the 2 & 3oz size found in any store out there. The winter feeder chinooks are around Victoria at the moment in the 5lbs to 12lbs range. Langford and Elk lake also produce from shore at this time of year. Both lakes are very close to Victoria.
  9. I was raised in Victoria and still go back at least once a year. Cowichan Fly and Tackle now changed to Gord s Fly Box has Drift boat specials for $180.00 for 5hrs. Fish are starting to enter the rivers now and will be in full swing when you are there. Lot s of places to fish there but be sure to check the regs, They become rather tricky along the Cowichan. If not choosing the Cowichan then I would try Sooke or the Stamp river up island.
  10. Hoping my first three fish pulled thru a hole this season is an omen of a great season ahead. First fish of the season, Second fish of the season, My 3rd fish coming from the hole Hopefully this is an omen to my future outings!
  11. I paid $180 plus bait $30 plus licence $15 Second trip I paid $150 plus bait, licence was included the second time!
  12. This past week, waiting for some ice has had a little different meaning to me. Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Arrived Dec 4 with my family meeting up with West Coast family Dad, Mom, 2 Sister's, Brother- in - laws, niece's and nephew's for a week of family bonding and some fun in the sun After doing a fair bit of research on Cabo, fishing would have to fill in some time. Reading many report's and looking thru some seasonal fish calendar's I was going to be there during the slow season for fishing and during a full moon to make chances even less. Two fish I've wanted most was a Rooster and any Bill fish. The first full day there I was off to the Cabo Marina to rent a boat. I've done the bigger charter's down south at other destinations many time before and not once has a rod ever fired off, always seemed like an expensive boat ride to me. I would be by myself and just wanted a smaller boat to stay 2-3 miles offshore and drift bait instead of trolling and split the day casting shorelines for Roosters. Brokered a panga for the next day along with an English speaking boat guide. { Mexico does not allow non-resident's to rent boat's with-out a resident guide} Bought my license for the next day and showed up there for the following morning at 6am to meet my guide Felipe and head out fishing for the day. The broker does show up and I meet my guide Felipe, a good sign in Mexico although I quickly realize my English speaking guide speaks as much English as I do Spanish! lol No big deal fishing will be our language. I explain to him I do not want to troll but want to drift bait a few miles from shore then cast shorelines. We proceed out of the marina along with 1oo's of other fishing boat's stopping at the bait boat, literally a boat with water in the bottom and bait swimming in it. There I buy some Caballito, Blue Runner's and Spanish Mackerel in the 8-18 inch range. Out of the Marina we head out to the underwater San Lucas Canyon off the Lighthouse about 3 miles out. Tied up 8 ounce weights to 6ft lead with a circle hook and sent bait down to 80ft in 300 FOW on a hump. Seen lots of ocean life around including whales, dolphins and other boat's in the area catching marlin trolling. We continued drifting over the hump and every hour we would start the engine driving to the start to begin our drift again. About half an hour before we would have to head in the rod I'm holding starts peeling out line. Within seconds this fish is clearly water and is definitely a bill fish, and for the first time in my life I have a bill fish on. Felipe starts the boat and we give chase as the marlin clears water countless times. Arms burning 40 minutes later my first bill fish is lifted into the boat. A striped marlin about 100-110lbs and caught on the drift. Another species off the list. We now decide to try for some Roaster's heading to Divorce Beach across from Lover's Beach. Fishing 30ft from shore I cast and a second later I see the fin of a Rooster. One of the best fighting fish ever, these things are filled with power and after a fantastic fight I have my first rooster on board and another species off the list. Two days later, my Dad, myself and Felipe head out to the same area to try fishing the same way again. Within an hour my Dad loses a marlin close to the boat after a 30 minute battle. Hour after that I fight about a 90lb striped marlin for 30 min doing a leader release at the side of the boat. Hour after that my Dad fought about a 200lbs sailfish for 40 minutes before losing it just shy of the boat. For our last hour we fish Rooster's until our arms could take no more and Dad who fishes salmon and halibut saying the same about the Rooster's, pound for pound probably the strongest fish he's ever caught also. Dad and Felipe If this is what fishing is like in Cabo during the slow season, I'm already planning a trip back for the better bite.
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