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  1. We made sure to move to the other side of the shoal and watched for floaters 🤪
  2. You need to teach him what an "Aquashit" is all about. I had a client with 3 ten yr olds a few yrs back, we where fishing near a marina for a few hrs caught some bass then decided to go catch some walleye further out in the lake. I asked the boys if anyone needed a washroom break - nope - 15 minute boat ride later we get out to the spot and one of the boys says Dad I need to go to the bathroom. Dad says pee over the side or use the pee bucket - but Dad I got to take a crap. Well son Dad says it's time you learned all about an Aquashit. Good thing it was July and water was warm, Dad tells the boy to strip and jump off the back then hang on to the ladder and "just pinch it out son". Of course the other 2 boys leaned over the outboard to watch and give us the play by play action - ooh it's floating -ick hahaha We were all laughing our ass off except of course Aquashit boy wasn't overly thrilled with us. we sacrificed a small hand towel and started catching walleye Next time your with your buddy teach him about an Aquashit cheers
  3. Golf'N'Fish 2 Day Package *From $550.00 pp Package includes a full day charter on Lake Muskoka, fishing for Pike, Walleye, Bass and Lake Trout. Pick up at the Gravenhurst Wharf Boston Pizza Dock. - 2018 Lund 21 foot A golf day at the fabulous Muskoka Bay Club - 1/2 km from Gravenhurst Wharf. Includes 18 holes with golf cart, pre-booked tee times - rated top 10 best public course in Canada Rates based on a group of 4 1 nights Accomodations at Muskoka Bay Club - reelpro *Rates vary with season
  4. If you have Bell cell phone service then probably yes Any cell phone towers up there yet ? I used to live in Elsa Yukon we had none there then.
  5. Right handed and I always reel with left hand. 30 years ago it was pretty hard to find left hand baitcasters - the manufacturers pretty much only made right handed ones then, and retailers rarely stocked the lefty's that were available, which is why tons of anglers got used to "switching hands" after casting. If you cast the rod with your right arm - only logical to reel with the other.
  6. Hey For some of you Rural guys out there sick of high priced Bell Turbo Hubs because the Bell phone lines are so old they do not support ANY internet - You need to check out The Source - they offer the exact same Turbo hub as bell for a 1/4 of the price. The Source store - owned by Bell - sells a very secret Turbo Hub service they do not really want anyone to know about so there is No published information on this. They only offer it so they can claim to CRTC and CCTS that they are offering Rural Canadians an affordable wireless home internet plan. You have to ask a store employee for it. There is no written material on the rate plan, the guy will write it on a scrap of paper and hook you up. It is only supposed to be sold for certain Postal Codes but that can be fudged. 100GB of data for $75/Month Still not unlimited but better than the $300-$400 overage charges that can be rung up on the Bell Wireless home internet hub on their "stepped plan" GL MIKE
  7. 10273235_759202394120000_957434618587396283_o.jpg
    Check out Suffix Invisiline Castable Flourocarbon 14-17 lb I use a lighter weight for walleye jigging with a spinning rod, super strong stuff and has a little more flexibility than a leader grade floro The line has very little stretch - between mono and braid - and it also sinks which i like for deeper jigging and feel to the jig. 7Lb Invisiline on spinning gear landed these 2 plus hundreds more without bite offs or line breaking
  8. unnamed.jpg
    Lac Kipawa and Lake Muskoka both have monster Pike and good numbers - depending on what time of year you are looking to go the big girls might get harder to find Both lakes see the bigger pike over 40" drop down with the Lake Trout as water warms. Spring time and late summer early fall are the best times for numbers of bigger Pike Both locations have a good shot at 45" plus all year though GL MIKE
  9. HI Angler Lou You may want to check out Lake Muskoka if you are driving from Florida = great Pike fishing as well as Bass and Walleye Lots of Lakeside resorts to choose from 11/2 hrs from Toronto Lots of Pike to catch - No guarantee of a 45" plus but hundreds of them are caught every year the spring Pike tournament usually has a bunch that size Check out Reelpro on Flickr most photos are Lake Muskoka fishing Further North about another 3 hrs from here I would check out Lake Kipawa in Quebec lots of big Pike and Walleye - drive to and quite a few very well priced camps offering "american plans" GL MIKE
  10. HI I spent summers on Baptiste as a kid fishing every day almost, been back a handful of times over the years, always a good mixed bunch of fish. Its a great Lake you can catch walleye, - troll the deep weed line on the south shore in front of the old Birch Cliff cabins early and eve always get a few. Lake Trout - almost anywhere in the main basin run baits at 55 feet along points and the steeper breaks - you'll get bonus Muskie as well. Largemouth Bass in secret bay - monster largemouth in N corner of Dog Bay Smallies everywhere - try the Rock fall cliffs in the east bay Go up to Elephant for miles of topwater action , bass pike, muskie, hybrids,- Not sure if they are still there but we used to catch huge lake whitefish at dusk in Dog Bay just off the deep point on the north as you enter the bay., You could fish every day and only tap a tiny percentage of angling opportunities on Baptiste. GL MIKE
  11. I was up in a North Western Quebec Lake the same time. Have fished the same lake for over 20 yrs a few times a yr. When they get the lockjaw coldfront blues we size baits down to a 1/8 or 1/16 oz jig, with a worm or berkley power minnows 3" or 4" . They are a much narrower profile than the gulps and will entice strikes. When they get like that - fish jigs right on bottom - slowly dragging them on bottom with little or no lift. When they are chowing - 5"-6" Cabelas GO TO Swim minnows worked aggresively are deadly up there for the walleye and pike - anything black silver as most of the baitfish up there are fallfish.
  12. check out Bayview Wildwood Resort on Sparrow Lake Close to GTA - great kids programs Good fishing Tell them Reelpro Fishing Charters sent you see www.flickr.com/photos/reelpro-ca for some Sparrow Lake fishing pics
  13. post-2976-0-65658700-1454260602.jpg
    Reelpro Fishing Charters begin in May 2019 for the13th consecutive season. New for 2019 - 2075 Lund Tyee 2018 Daily Fishing Charters Serving Muskoka, Haliburton and Kawarthas - suitable for families and groups up to 5 people. www.reelpro.ca [email protected] 705-238-3637 Beginning the 2019 Season in May See the photo gallery page for some great 2015 fish or Reelpro Fishing Charters on Facebook
  14. The eastern end of the lake is pretty much a giant weed flat - if you have a graph for your canoe , look for any slightly deeper holes - even 2 or 3 feet of a depth break seem to congregate a few walleye. Never caught any walleyes over a Lb or 2 there, but decent numbers Try a Ripplin Redfin trolled early or late in the day. Perch colour, chrome or gold GL MIKE
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