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  1. glen, you can message me if you wish. I build new homes and can walk you through it.
  2. ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4bc9UwZsYs&list=PL51HJfwZtAuN4d0k_BIYZvTVhnHOgnLs-&index=6 Here is one for you Brian
  3. like I said before. Open forum, I have my opinions and that's that.
  4. and just for the record, one of my friends wasn't very smart, left two young daughters and a young wife all in the pursuit of chasing fish, same as guys with buck fever who miss. Stop and think first. God rest his soul but he was an idiot for making that decision. I had another friend who lost his life here that was a board member a few years ago in Hamilton in a Kayak, great guy, who the hell goes out in fridgid waters in a Kayak. Your asking for trouble. Miss him dearly and was just going through stuff that he gave me to fish with, but he was an idiot for chosing to do what he did.
  5. I never said I was heartless. I grew up with commercial fishermen, we check the weather. I broke through cause some asshat moved his hut and left the hole open, still my fault as I was to eager to get out there and never kept an eye on the ice,so correct, I wasn't to smart, weather channel and news are everywhere. Most guys go through by themselves. people have their opinion, this is an open forum and I have mine. I still stick to it.
  6. I have had three close friends drown the same way. One has been missing since 1998 and they have never found his body. I myself broke through before, my own dam fault. I got careless, almost drowned. I should have known better. There are accidents, but to go out on the ice right now racing around on a sled with the temps being the way they have been is foolish. like I said in the post, sad but stupid all the same. His family has to endure a loss of life right now cause someone could not bother to take the proper precautions. Every year, same crap over and over again.
  7. sorry but this usually is gods way of weeding out the stupid people. when will people learn, same as the guys who buy a fast bike with no elmet in the us. Stupid,stupid,stupid, sad shame.
  8. Got it now, it was the browser. tahnks guys
  9. i will try the edge one. I have both.Thanks
  10. I'm not sure how to tell which one I'm using
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