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  1. No, it was my first time ever getting any decent ones so they all went back, not much of a trout/salmon fan and i assumed it would be a similar taste so i let em all back.
  2. Yeah we tried #2 mepps, had no success. The jerkbaits casted far better and we were able to launch them into where we were getting hit and stay a good distance away so maybe that had something to do with it, a lot of fish came on the first couple of twitches of the jerk bait. I was surprised couldnt get em on a spinner. I’m sure we would have if we stuck with it long enough but it didnt seem necessary.
  3. Hey guys, had the opportunity to do some back country brook trout fishing last week for a couple of days, have tried doing this before with minimal success but this time around was different. Nothing crazy size wise but it was nice to finally get into some brookies after watching countless youtube videos, and doing tons of reading. This lake was about 40 mins off the main road and has been stocked regularly for probably the past decade. All fish were caught on small bright colored jerkbaits, it was a riot. Heres some pics those are a few of em, also lost a real nice on that was super coloured up with the nice red belly. One problem we were having was the fish were really tail nipping the jerkbaits and our hook up/landed fish ratio was terrible. Probably less than 50%, dull-ish hooks most likely being the culprit but the way these fish roll when you hook em they seem to be very good at throwing hooks. Also one thing that surprised me was how acrobatic some of these fish were jumping 4 feet out of the water. Is this characteristic of brookies? Never seen this in any videos ive watched lol. Lastly all fish were caught tight to shore near fallen timber or boulders.
  4. the higher the merv rating the more particles it is said to catch also meaning it is more restrictive on the air blowing across it, depending on the home i usually recommend a cheaper less restrictive filter, the benefit of the higher merv rating would be reducing the possibility of plugging up your secondary heat exchanger if you have a high efficiency furnace or possibly your a-coil if you also have central air. I wouldnt worry too much about the merv rating unless you have super dirty ducts. I usually say the cheaper the better when it comes to filters its not really a game breaker, ive seen the thicker more restrictive filters cause issues but as long as you stay on top of your filter changes you should be okay. Hope this helped
  5. Haha oh man i seen this thread pop up and read that and was a little embarrassed i was a young guy back then and looking back at it now definately wouldve been herring ?P.S thanks for bringing up an old thread to roast me haha ?
  6. The tell take being the vent? That sucks the water through the motor? Sorry my terminology is weak. Edit sorry i misread your reply, thanks for the tip
  7. Hey guys my impeller in my merc seems to be done, when running the motor im not getting any water spitting out. I have a couple of questions is it possible that the hose may be clogged up with sand or a small pebble or something? The motor is 3 years old, i have no experience working on outboards but consider myself to be pretty handy. Ive watched a couple of videos on how to do it but they dont show the steps involved really. Just wondering if anyone on here has ever done it and could give me a bit of a run down on the steps and procedure. It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. It was kind of a bad question, got it all figured out now i can adjust my gliders and make it work, thanks for the help anyway guys. Jumped the gun asking lol, just had to go in my garage and look at it.
  9. Yea thats what i figured thanks a lot Chris!
  10. hey guys, im picking up a jon boat for some of the small lakes i fish. I have been looking at the jon boat trailers but theyre super expensive. I have a shore landr that i used for a deep v tinner, just wondering if the gliders are adjustable if need be and if anyone has ever done this? Thanks in advance Bassmaster
  11. thanks for the links, yea im stuck on foot pulling a sled for now lol, so I guess the lakes I really want to get to are going to be tough but ill make due with what I have for now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys, if anything comes of this ill post a report.
  12. Yea that's what I figured that it would be a trial and error type thing, thanks for the replies boys.
  13. Hey guys, Me and a buddy are thinking of trying some backlake brookie fishing, just have a couple questions with whats involved, I've never done this before. Were going to head up to the Minden On area, have no lakes in mind yet, just wondering how some of you guys find them? Should I be on google maps scoping out lakes and then just drive to the area and trek? or is there special access points or trails and what not that I should be aware of? Kind of a bad question but I figured might as well ask so I can put some kind of a game plan together for myself so that im not going in completely blind. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the input guys. I took the whole tail light out it seems fine but Ill try changing it, another strange thing is I hooked it up to my buddies truck and everything worked left and right signals and brakes but neither tail light would come on.
  15. Hey guys, I'm having a strange issue with my trailer lights. First only my right side wasn't working, it was a popped fuse on my truck. I changed the fuse and it worked left and right signals, brake and tail lights, seemed everything was good. Two days later I am ready to go hit the water and I check my lights, the left side is not working switched the fuse, still not working, messed around with the ground and that did nothing. I checked the bulbs by putting the left ones into the right side light, they worked. Opened up the light housing and looked around in there everything looked normal. So today I'm messing around trying to figure this out and sometimes the left brake light and signal comes on, but other times it doesn't. When I have my tail lights on it also only sometimes work, right side consistently working. Also I will add that when the tail light on the left chooses to work and is on and I turn on the signal it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
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