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  1. I wish someone would dump a dozen winter coyotes off at my door lol. Thats about $1000 at the auctions. I averaged $90 last year.
  2. I went with a group of 6 about 3 years ago . We had a blast.
  3. Hey, My wife is dragging me to her family's house for 6 days leading up to xmas. Is there any decent fishing in the area to pass the time? Her family do not fish but see people fishing on the Maitland river. Ive never chased steel but would like to try ( atleast get out of the house for an afternoon lol) any info would be great thanks.
  4. It might be a good thing that the mnr doesnt make a big deal out of it . Look at this algonquin wolf crap. Closing down areas to hunting and trapping coyotes and wolf because of it. Taking cash out of the trappers pockets. If the antis get rolling with this they might do something stupid like cancelling the deer hunt to protect the cougars food source.
  5. looks like that track has claws?
  6. We are heading on our fishing trip to Brennans in a couple weeks. We have never fished the area but hear its good. Any pointers or tips ? I asked about this a while ago but just incase theres any new info to be added would be great thanks.
  7. I use bungee chords on mine. hook on box and run it under the rack and hook on other side of box. That way when I'm trapping and happen to hit a tree the box has some give to it and doesnt break.
  8. 3 games in a row they panic and pull the starting pitcher and then the bullpen blows it. Give the starter the chance to get out of the mess he made. If he blows it then its his own fault. Why not see if Stroman could dig himself out of that hole and get the experience of the extreme pressure that he needs ? They had a good lead lets see what the kid is made of.
  9. I wonder what the trout and whitefish in Simcoe look like after a winter. You see reports of guys catching and releasing 20 fish a day and some of them flop around on the ice and freeze or get bear hugged with their snowsuits for a pic.
  10. I picked up the phone today and Got everything transferred over. Will take some getting used to thats for sure. Had to get my wife to figure most of it out lol. She was actually impressed with some of the features that her I phone doesnt have.
  11. My galaxy ace2 cell phones camera is pretty much pooched. Pics are always fuzzy now and ive got my koodo tab paid off. I was looking at some new phones and was showed the HTC one m8. Reg price over $400 on clearance for $180 if its going on my koodo tab ( like 7$ a month). Im not a gamer I just use it for texting and taking pics. Will likely upgrade my plan to have some data but just so I can text pics to people. Does anyone use one? Is it a decent phone ? thanks.
  12. I had a guy trying to get me to switch to shaw. I mentioned this to him and he said it sounds great but wont save you any money. He said that the single channel prices will end up costing you more for less channels.
  13. Thanks . Is there some good fishing in the area? Is early July a good time to have good fishing there ? My uncle went last spring for the pike opener and said they had a blast but didnt get many fish because of the messed up spring. Im hoping july is a better option
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