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Found 2 results

  1. While on my way home yesterday from a camping/fishing trip on the #400 just south of Parry Sound I seen a CO truck backed up into a rock cut with a sign in front of it stating that there was a spot check ahead . First reaction was did I just see what I saw and am I suppose to pull in and get checked . The check was in a rest spot just off the highway and it was quite the operation. From what I saw there were at least 5 CO trucks and a couple OPP cruisers involved . So as I approached I decided to carry on down the highway and not pull in . About a KM down the #400 there was two trucks pulled over with boats and a couple CO trucks parked behind them and the CO's were ripping these guys stuff apart on the side of the highway, I'm assuming they were suppose to pull in and the chase was on . Anyways , I have traveled this highway for along time and have never seen anything like this before so my question for the group here is who is suppose to pull into this spot check . Is it everyone who fishes or hunts that day or on previous days or is it vehicles towing boats . I wasn't towing a boat just a couple quads but there is no denying the fact I had been fishing for the last 5 days so was I suppose to pull in to get checked , I have no idea . It was a welcoming sight to see this check but it has left me wondering !!!
  2. I know this is a little forward thinking ( can't wait actually ) but last summer I stumbled on to a great lake trout pattern on one of the lakes I fish and need a heavy stand up jig to fish it properly . I have looked around but can't seem to find any that are heavy enough ( 3/4 - 1 oz ) So I am in search of these jigs for this upcoming open water season and was wondering if anyone here has seen them ? Thanks
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