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  1. Now that Bunk and I are nearly neighbours, you might get a two’fer of visitors bud! I’ll be making the trek “home” 3-4 times at least to crush on whities at my fave spots! killer write up Bunk, you sir are a master of the muskies!!
  2. That looks amazing buddy! im glad you’re getting as much use out of that little unit as we did ???
  3. Moncton -- the butt-hole of the Maritimes! Haha ?
  4. Enjoy that smoker buddy, good to see you again! See you on the water soon to smash whities ?
  5. This is no good, not for cars, outboards or small engines of any kind! 2 strokes hate that crap they sell now, its only going to get worse and cost the average Joe even more money ?
  6. ? I've seen your front door quite a frw times my friend lol. Not far at all bye!
  7. Seems to work well ? Thanks mod's, a much desired upgrade ??
  8. Just testing new feature of uploading direct from cell phone
  9. One of the best threads going, and for sure my favourite! Keep it up Dave, you're killing it! ?
  10. Time for an OFC "pot-luck" ! Great report Simon, those minnow bags are pretty slick! Fins & feathers always go great together!
  11. Stunning work Dave, it's just amazing the work that you're doing up there on your own! ????
  12. Guess I could've offered more too lol. Fished HH a couple weeks ago and it was a grind. Popped a few off rock points with spinnerbaits, but most action came off the deeper side of weedlines in the little bays we hit. Super spooks got the most action there. Also good to note is we power fish almost exclusively. Spooks, poppers, spinnerbaits and jerk baits. Slowing down with finesse baits would've upped our catch for sure. But I wasn't on the pedal up front lol. Good luck out there
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