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  1. I did alright on Friday but I didn't stick with the crowd of boats.. I watched the electronics and only put a line down when I saw them on the graph..
  2. Same shift I'm on.. no such thing as a 4 day work week in the steel mills..
  3. The weather this year has not been appealing enough to get the boat out.. by this time last year I had been out a couple of times already..
  4. It's doable if the holes line up with a space to put the nut and bolts underneath.. a little hanging over the edge would be ok I think..
  5. Time to buy the book!.
  6. Since it's an Empire owned store I would think that the products with the Farm Boy labels are actually the same as the Sobeys store brand stuff.. in other words it's pretty much what you can get at Freshco for much less.. they have beautiful stores and some consumers only shop in those types of places .. I'm cheap so I don't really care what the place looks like as long as it's clean..
  7. I loved it and while I don't watch too many shows twice, this one will be an exception.. one of the fellows I spend time with up in the bush near Nipigon was at one time a resort owner there. He still maintains his trap line with the help of another trapper and the trap cabin he has is one of a kind.. great stories going back 50 years.. we still explore some of his old haunts if the trail allows us..
  8. I'm one of the ones who is torn between sympathy and an attitude that they made their bed, they can sleep in it.. a good number that live in the tent cities are stealing from the homes around them to try to make a buck..thieves are something I loathe... my mom had us 3 kids and we were very close to homelessness a few times..thankfully we were offered a place to sleep at family or friends places until we had a place of our own and that kept us out of shelters.. she worked her arse off to make a better life for us and eventually the tide turned.. of course everyone has different circumstances
  9. Yeah, there was a family that owned a thousand acre plot around the cottage.. some were nice😅.. we really didn't have to worry about thieves because they kept them away.. of course we never left anything out near the road because it would grow legs and end up at their main farm down the highway...
  10. I'd like to see more of a hybrid system for trucks. When I go north I need both pulling power and range.. going 1400 km in one day in an electric isn't feasible right now..
  11. I expect to see fewer people buying the Dodge Hemis to commute to work.. my truck isn't great on has but I don't have to go far.. I will have to be careful when going fishing because it's more than an hour to get to long point or Burwell.. my boat is only 50 hp so it's good on gas..
  12. The rent is so high that it has priced a lot of the smaller retailers out and the ones that are there don't have much for deals... I think I have enough tackle anyways 😬.. besides some trolling equipment and new batteries, I don't need anything 😎
  13. They definitely lost me as a participant when they chased away non resident fishermen by charging outrageous prices for launching and parking
  14. We have one in Hamilton and it's too rich for my blood.. I'd rather go to Lococos which is locally owned..
  15. My wife and I had a cottage just west of there in Kinmount.. no real spectacular fishing in the area but it's a good spot for sledding and ATVing. And yeah some of the locals are interesting people.. lock your stuff up..
  16. I've always wanted to try Abitibi and Temiskaming looks interesting as well.. both can be rewarding and challenging...
  17. I will have to switch to artificials where I fish up north. No bait dealers around and because I don't live there I can't trap my own, not even leeches. These rules were definitely written by someone who doesn't venture much past North Bay.. the mnrf is famous for not consulting the COs who work in the field...
  18. Brand new clam plate.. .still in the box $90..(sold) Eskimo auger 43 cc..good condition..asking $250
  19. I saw a small boat on Hamilton harbour yesterday, heading out to the lake to fish. When I went to bed last night (new years eve) it was 9 Celsius.. nothing is frozen here and no hut operators are out on Nip.
  20. The Costco 91 octane has no ethanol. It's also cheaper than most other stations. Suncor also has no ethanol but its significantly higher in price..
  21. Here is an example of what is out there. The Bravo is the ultimate fishing machine but 10,000 for a 2011 is a little much... not sure if you can read the ad.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/132526827456122/permalink/900550110653786/?sale_post_id=900550110653786
  22. There's a guy on Facebook marketplace named Jake Loxton and he's located North of North Bay. He has a lot of sleds for sale and he seems to know his stuff.. prices are very high right now but if I was to get one a Yamaha or skidoo would be my preference..
  23. I know the house and the helicopter seems to be somewhat recent. They used to send a scout ahead to watch for the police but since they were caught stunt driving they have been more responsible. You can go to Toronto Motorsports park and do laps on their road course in an exotic for the low rate of a hundred bucks a lap which is 3km..
  24. My main Television went just before Black Friday..😳😪🤬.... I went and got one on the Thursday night since the price is the same the next day anyways. That took the wind out of my sails and I avoided any fishing flyers because I'm tapped out for the year 🤷.. my wish list isn't too long but I'd love to get a downrigger and a new trolling motor battery $$$.. 😀
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