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  1. Nipigon rules are in effect up to the first set of falls on any river that flows into it.. the lake has quite a few rules that only apply on Nipigon. I would love to fish some of the lakes on the islands.. its truly a unique place
  2. If you are up at the Onaman river there are no cottages or lodges directly on the lake. It is a wild area and you can rent a boat on Onaman Lake for numbers and size(Walleye). This is a place where there is a lot of driving and possibly long boat rides on big water..
  3. She lived a long and incredibly interesting life and I've always wondered how the Royal family carries themselves behind closed doors.. like most of us there's a lot of family crap that goes on but the Royal family hides it well.. King Charles has some big shoes to fill..
  4. I use a plain old normark..
  5. I had a 12 foot boat and that particular one felt like I was sitting on the floor of it.. theseat was way to low and some of the Jon boats will feel the same way unless you add a raised seat. I also have a sportspal pointed that I used to fish from but I hope to trade or sell in order to get a 12 foot flat back to take to moose camp.. my sit on kayak does the trick in for some cases but I can't carry much..
  6. The cannon track isn't cheap but it seems sturdy. I got mine from Grimsby Tackle.. Bills bait in Hamilton may also have some..
  7. I'd wait a couple of weeks.. guys will be lowering prices at the end of the season..
  8. The Dodge dealer lots are suddenly full of new trucks.. I can see deep discounts coming
  9. I don't think there's a lot of fishing opportunities at this time of year.. especially with the low water levels
  10. I would get the cheaper one.. I have had good luck with the ones from acme battery in Hamilton and their lifespan has more to do with care and maintenance than how much they cost.. my atv battery is getting up there in age but I have a pull start if it doesn't start...
  11. I think a safe place might be in mount hope.. the old Mike's marine on Hwy 6 is very secure and he still lives on site.
  12. Seafoam will only do so much. The carb will probably have to be removed and cleaned.. one tiny piece of gunk will cause a poor running condition
  13. I came close to hitting a moose on Hwy 11 near Geraldton at midnight.. I don't travel up there at night anymore.. be careful
  14. I suppose if you wait for a bit you will find a place at a good price.. prices are dropping
  15. Mortgage rates will continue to rise until inflation slows, by then we will likely be in a full blown recession.. toy prices will go down but if it was bought new during the pandemic then it may not go down as much as they should unless the seller is desperate. I think the best value will be the ones that are around 10 years old..
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