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  1. They may poop in the woods but I swear they prefer the road or trails.. when we are moose hunting we have to shovel piles around camp if you want to avoid stepping in it at night ..
  2. Around home it's the Grand river or lake Erie . My favorite place to fish is Northern Ontario..from Kirkland lake to Nipigon .. in the past I fished the Kawarthas, Rice lake and the Bay of Quinte
  3. I have an MSR pump as well as a platypus drip filter and the pump is definitely more work but certainly manageable for 2 people. While both produce safe water I find that with the MSR it is clearer and better tasting...
  4. The Nocos are on sale at CT starting Friday .. 20% off
  5. My trolling motor is a 55lb and it pulls my 16 foot along fine.. of course a 24 volt would last a lot longer but battery weight will be an issue unless you spend big bucks on lithium.. I second a helix 7 and if you like to ride up front with the electric then you may want another sonar up there.. if your budget allowed it I would network another helix..
  6. I sometimes worry about battery usage as I my motor is electric start but I think having a small portable booster would be handy.. I will put it on my long wish list...
  7. I re-pack the bearings and replace the rear seals yearly. My local trailer shop has all the parts available for a good price. You need piece of mind especially on a boat trailer that is submerged regularly. Any grease escaping means that water could be getting in.. do the bearings at the end of the season when you service the lower unit..
  8. I have the same one and would love to get another but the budget says no..
  9. Man.. you certainly live in God's country..
  10. pics


    Man, the first guy to tap out seemed a little off..lol.. the Canadian girl has the best shelter by far.. she has the skills but I don't know about her mental toughness..
  11. Boat graveyards exist but where would you find one??
  12. I spend much more at Sail than I do at BPS.. the prices on the BPS site are in American and that kind of turns me off.. Smaller stores still tend to get most of my business..
  13. I was thinking about getting a hydrofoil..the ones that don't bolt on though.. a prop change could be the ticket too..
  14. I see all the boats suggested have been sold already so it looks like the market is hot right now which is to be expected at this time of year..
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