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  1. When smoking fish I brine for 12 to 18 hours, then rinse and lightly pat with a paper towel. Then I let it sit with a fan on it until it forms a nice pellicle. And I always smoke with a pan of water above the heat.. home-made charcoal and maple chunks with fiber chips mixed in...
  2. Guys fishing in Caledonia have been fined for fishing too close to the dam there... not sure if the same thing happens in Dunnville..
  3. A good variety.. mooneye, carp, sheephead, rainbows, salmon, silver bass, largemouth, Mudcat can also be caught.. did I miss any?
  4. I read the whole thing.. pretty awesome place and hopefully you get back there at the peak of the run...
  5. You would think that in a hurricane prone area that building codes would be stronger than they are.. roll down steel shutters should be standard..
  6. I watched the plane as well.. they were using a helicopter the last couple of years. We have signs posted on the outskirts of Hamilton warning against transporting captured animals to "the country".. if people in the city knew how often those raccoons and skunks were shot by farmers and rural residents they may think twice before moving them...
  7. Reports of hot fishing sometimes has people taking unnecessary risks. This type of thing used to be common on Quinte back in its heyday when you could limit out in an hour in 7 feet of water...
  8. I mounted my 2.5 hp motor onto the side of a sportspal and it would roll over without anyone in it..
  9. Roger and Mary jo run a top notch operation...
  10. pics


    We need trades at Stelco more than ever. We stopped hiring production workers a little while back but the ones we hired are starting to make their mark and establish themselves..The days of being hired just for having a strong back are gone and you need to be clean cut and drug free with at least a high school diploma and even some college or university. Sometimes when I leave work I stop at the closest Walmart which happens to be in the poorest part of the city and I can't believe how many look as if they are drugged up. The security at the front doors don't give me a second look which I can't say for most of the clientele..Myself and many of my cousins grew up in public housing but most of us have pulled ourselves out of that life just by working hard. It was a tough time but hard drugs were not something we would ever see..When I started at Stelco 20 years ago you could buy a house within a year or two as they started at double our yearly wage.. now they are starting at 4 times what we make in a year .. the younger generation is going to have a tougher time for sure. Many are growing up with different social and environmental expectations than we did.. I really don't think that is what is making many of them turn to hard drugs..
  11. There was a young fellow that died last week outside of our plant gates.. he was going too fast and lost control. He hit the curb and was thrown into a rock retaining wall and died on scene... sport bikes demand care, attention and respect but when you are young your brain doesn't always see that..
  12. Not a big fan of the sport bikes but to each his own..There have been a few riders killed around the Hamilton area this year. Single vehicle accidents where the driver lost control.. Its bad enough with the distracted car drivers out there and I don't see nearly as many incidents with the big cruisers..
  13. pics


    China is knowingly exporting illegal drugs to north America..combine that with opioids making big pharma rich , politicians taking money for political gain and everyone in between making a hell of a lot of money.. theres no real incentive to put an end to it other than punishing the ones that are addicted, especially in the US where you have privately run jails making profits on incarceration..
  14. I was considering one as well but I found a good deal in a water cooled 2.5 Suzuki four stroke.. it's an awesome motor that is super quiet. I don't run in super shallow water so debris intake isn't a problem. It was under a grand before taxes..
  15. The spray I got is for horses and says that it is toxic to fish as well as people...
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