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  1. I love sail.. Canadian owned and operated.. I will also support our smaller local stores when possible..
  2. This will make thing easier!!!
  3. And no harrassment from "the authorities " .. unlike some other areas..
  4. We can almost drive to the fly in lakes.. the roads and trails are actually gated during the summer fishing season but you can fish the off season. It's a long drive better suited for an ATV than a truck... we aren't as ambitious as we used to be and if you want your honey hole to remain great you don't tell a soul about it... that being said a fly-in is a whole lot less physically demanding..
  5. All the Lakes we fish up north are empty besides us so it feels like we're on a fly-in.. one day I will try to bushwhack into the lake that produced 60 or 70 fish for three of us in just over a couple of hours..the MNR thought it was wise to start restricting access to some of the Old Logging roads so they took out 13 culverts and bridges but you can still get in by ATV..
  6. I'd love to do a fly in but finding 3 other people that are reliable enough to commit could be a problem for me. Not to mention the cost.. my trips consist of drive-to locations but there are a few gems where we can get into fishing that would rival a fly-in. Total costs for a week with food, lodging and gas are around 400 each but the level of work involved is much higher..
  7. I am not familiar with the regulations but they are considered a species at risk in Ontario..
  8. I have a lot of friends that think it's all a big conspiracy. In the future it will be clearer what steps worked and what didn't and which countries messed it up. What we should take from this is we can't expect other countries to bail us out in crisis. Made in Canada really does matter...
  9. I still hope to head north in June but I may have to stay at a friends property in town and make day trips into the back lakes.. not ideal but it will be better than staying home..
  10. Sadly the competition between States and the Federal government has driven up the price of ppe
  11. Stelco is considered essential so we are working. My department has 4 or 5 in isolation and we can't find cleaning supplies or gloves. A few of our orders have been diverted to medical facilities but if they want to run they need to come up with a solution. The old Stelco attitude is on full display on the frontline..
  12. Hamilton Conservation authority is closing all parks and trails on Wednesday.. I expect Niagara to do the same soon..
  13. Mountsberg is now closed. Anyone found on the property will be charged with trespassing..
  14. The battery top is in bad shape and each time we hot idle it gets worse. Lake Erie is on the verge of a total battery failure and is currently running at less than 50 percent.. repairs are somewhere in the range of 140 million and counting..
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