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  1. Boating just a few miles gets you away from others if you launch on the Onaman river
  2. As long as the batteries are charged they should be fine in the boat.. many of the shrink wrapped boats still have their batteries in them over the winter..
  3. Unfortunately for resort owners and outfitters most people in Southern Ontario consider "up north" to be Muskoka or North Bay..
  4. I ordered a pack of these from Amazon and you have to pay attention to the reviews.. the ones I got have been good..
  5. Watching the morning news here in Hamilton.. this is our main ice fishing area..the swans and ducks are happy and someone is possibly living on their sailboat at the dock..
  6. From what I'm hearing Lake Nippising is already a sh#tshow due to a lack of good ice in the south. I can imagine getting a hut after the lockdown will be next to impossible if our lakes don't freeze up sufficiently. Long point bay is an hour and 20 minutes from me so I consider it to be my home waters..at this rate I will have to pull the boat back out..
  7. Nice report.. my plans for fishing Nipigon and staying in "the cabin"(you may know of this secret place) was canceled due to covid and the fact that we would be coming from a virus Hotspot. I have worked through the entire pandemic so I had to stay close to home once the ramps opened.. the grand river and long point bay are decent but can't compare to the north..
  8. Guys like that need to retire or sell the business. They're jaded..not as bad as the old guy at Fosters fishing in Quinte was though..that guy was mean..
  9. To someone in government a "reasonable" fee is much higher than most of us would want to pay...
  10. It wasn't working for me before and it would only show about a dozen pictures that I have out of the hundreds..
  11. I was in Sail and it looked like they were going out of business.. empty shelves in the fishing department.
  12. Actually can't say that it's been that bad of a year other than some health issues slowing me down. I have a new to me boat that hasn't seen the water since July but I have been too busy to get out.. my days off are busy from morning to night and taking a day to fish isn't in the cards..
  13. Like fishing Erie and going 10 for 10 on sheephead when you're fishing for Walleye
  14. I have 60 k on my truck and just had it in for brake service but I'm pretty sure they didn't change the fluid..
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