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  1. Now that's a day for the memory books..
  2. When I go to my Aunts place in Nova Scotia there's a bald eagle that follows us on the lake until we feed it fish.. not unlike the ones on Nipigon that will come when they see you cleaning fish on shore. At moose camp we have skunk, mink and whiskey jacks that show up for meals of Grouse guts..
  3. Since they have an Open Season all year they were probably legally hunted but disposed of in an unethical manner..
  4. I have to say.. Yellowknife is beautiful and I really hope to visit my cousin up there next year..
  5. Watch the parking regs. The township of Georgian Bay to the south does not allow roadside parking and signage is minimal to non existent. You will get a ticket... I don't know if Parry Sound is the same..
  6. My cousin, his wife and 2 kids are participating in it. His son was filmed for a segment to be aired this weekend...
  7. Depends where you live.. I am minimum 2 hours from any ice and that's if I can get through Toronto without slowing down..
  8. We have coyotes at work.. they will stand and watch you but so far they haven't bothered anyone... with close to a 1000 acres there are plenty of areas that they can hunt for rabbits, cats and geese when they are nesting. Thankfully they are relatively small and don't seem to have interbred..
  9. So far this year I haven't even looked at my ice gear. It isn't looking too good for the rest of the season either. We don't even have frost really because I was able to put up a temporary fence to keep the dogs out of the worst of the mud.. the rebar went right into the ground without any hammering..
  10. Scary stuff.. and yeah it can happen anywhere. Surrounded by water may give a false sense of security. We have boaters living all year round in Hamilton too. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any out of their slips.. only commercial crafts are moving around..
  11. Except for my pay.. I have lost a good portion of my buying power in the last 10 years.. a new boat is out of the question..
  12. So that's what a real winter looks like.... lol
  13. We regularly get yotes at our back fence. They will also try to lure domestic dogs for an ambush.. I don't know why they have evolved to weigh as much as 50 pounds without interbreeding with either dogs or wolves.. most would weigh in around 35 to 40 pounds..
  14. My cousin works in Yellowknife and hes been posting about the cold as well..
  15. Tonight at work we had a potluck.. porchetta, meatballs, cannelloni, fruit and veggie trays and piles of desserts... and since I'm going to be a bit of a zombie tomorrow we're having the traditional turkey dinner on boxing day..
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