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  1. It wasn't working for me before and it would only show about a dozen pictures that I have out of the hundreds..
  2. I was in Sail and it looked like they were going out of business.. empty shelves in the fishing department.
  3. Actually can't say that it's been that bad of a year other than some health issues slowing me down. I have a new to me boat that hasn't seen the water since July but I have been too busy to get out.. my days off are busy from morning to night and taking a day to fish isn't in the cards..
  4. Like fishing Erie and going 10 for 10 on sheephead when you're fishing for Walleye
  5. I have 60 k on my truck and just had it in for brake service but I'm pretty sure they didn't change the fluid..
  6. My own ineptness maybe..lol
  7. I don't know... I like this new version if it allows me to post pictures...I could never figure it out before for some reason
  8. Well at least the Lakes around Pasha Lake will get a break this year. Imagine my surprise when a few years ago we drove up about 50 km from the highway to discover a couple dozen Vehicles parked at a lake that is normally deserted.. it was as if we were in southern Ontario.. that lake could use a year or so to recover..as for pasha the owner stayed in the US and has locals running it this year..probably at a very reduced capacity because not many people from southern Ontario will travel that far..
  9. I haven't been reading this thread up to this point.. until it affects you it probably doesn't seem all that serious unless you know several people who have it.. I have a cousin who's a long-distance truck driver and he recently returned from California and felt very tired for four days.. finally he checked himself into the hospital and within a day he was on a ventilator.. 6 days and counting now.. I should add that he was one of those people who didn't believe it was more than the flu and wouldn't wear a mask. Big time supporter of the current US administration and he would regularly message me that it's all Bull.. apparently some guy in Idaho sneezed in the truck stop bathroom and another was coughing badly.. he figured that's where it came from....
  10. It's happening everywhere but I don't understand it. If you put a garbage can on a trail entrance then it gets filled up with all kinds of garbage out of people's cars.. they think that because they pay taxes they have some kind of right to fill the can and throw the rest on the ground around it once that's full.. the club I'm in maintains a trail and we found that removing the garbage can keeps the whole area cleaner.. and it also helps if you go and pick up every piece of garbage a couple of times a week because people will feel guilty about soiling a pristine looking area more than an area that already has garbage..
  11. I would try Canadian tire.. the last time I was in Sail the shelves were pretty bare.. they can't get any stock in..
  12. I retired my topless hula girl Cleos.. collectors items..😜😎
  13. Its going to cost more that the boat is worth unless you strip it right down yourself.. then theres the rebuild..
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