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  1. Too bad they just closed the damn ramps...🤬
  2. I'm looking at a cheap system. We tried the portable speaker last year but I don't download music so we have to stream ...
  3. Love this little Sylvan.. It has a Helix 7 and motorguide xi5.. I still need a few items like a stereo and Canon track system
  4. Boats are already out fishing on Long Point bay and several ramps are open..
  5. People really don't know what they're missing.. I travel to the Nipigon region myself...
  6. The more southern Ontario resorts were fully booked but Northwestern ones were hit hard. Apparently most people think that it's too far to drive past Temagami..
  7. Bass pro sells the jaw jacker so I assume you can use it..
  8. Takes 2 days just to get to a decent spot..
  9. pics

    Clear Ice

    Thats cool.. I've seen that on Lake Erie near crystal beach..
  10. Walleye are thick in the Jackfish.. there are a couple of big houseboats that spend the summer up there and they are like floating lodges.. 200 plus fish in a boat is not unheard of.. I hear the ride up is not forth faint of heart.. imagine a lake that's about 5 times the size of Simcoe but with no cottages and little to no contour maps..
  11. Boating just a few miles gets you away from others if you launch on the Onaman river
  12. As long as the batteries are charged they should be fine in the boat.. many of the shrink wrapped boats still have their batteries in them over the winter..
  13. Unfortunately for resort owners and outfitters most people in Southern Ontario consider "up north" to be Muskoka or North Bay..
  14. I ordered a pack of these from Amazon and you have to pay attention to the reviews.. the ones I got have been good..
  15. Watching the morning news here in Hamilton.. this is our main ice fishing area..the swans and ducks are happy and someone is possibly living on their sailboat at the dock..
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