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  1. I was considering one as well but I found a good deal in a water cooled 2.5 Suzuki four stroke.. it's an awesome motor that is super quiet. I don't run in super shallow water so debris intake isn't a problem. It was under a grand before taxes..
  2. The spray I got is for horses and says that it is toxic to fish as well as people...
  3. Not fishing much but I will post a trip report soon. I never really thought about how many people are on here that no longer fish but still want to be a part of the community. ..
  4. Nice.. love the colours of those fish..
  5. Tough to find any place like that on a real estate site. Most properties where I moose hunt have a handmade signs when they sell their property. You may need to drive up there and check small local stores to find anything. I was considering buying a camp in Nova Scotia and word of mouth seems to be a good way to find a hidden gem rather than the real estate people.
  6. One bad year class shouldn't affect the population too much.. happens with most species..
  7. I have the woods jacket.. pretty effective but you can't see through it worth a damn. Does anyone use the vitamin B patches?..
  8. I have to work Monday night.. hopefully I can watch a bit of the game on my break.. it would be fun seeing them win at home..
  9. The ministry used to stock it but I highly doubt they do it anymore. Could be a pond there where they occasionally dump old breeders.. lots of poachers in the area..
  10. Paradise.. for a fisherman anyways..lol..
  11. Work, work ,work.. 3 twelves.. it truly is a long weekend..
  12. I fill a small drum with hardwood, then place it into a 55 gallon barrel and light a fire. The small drum has to have a tight fitting lid and a quarter inch hole in the top to vent the gasses. It's not unlike making coke for blast furnaces..
  13. I use lump charcoal and add more as I go, along with pieces of hickory, cherry, maple or apple.. (always without the bark though). I am going to try to make charcoal with some cherry this spring. Sugar maple is the best but finding it can be a challenge..
  14. Costco used to have good charcoal from Quebec. The last time I bought some it was from Mexico and it was crap.. sent sparks out constantly. Now I just make my own using the double barrel method..
  15. Man I wished that I lived in the north!!.. lol
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