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  1. I bought the Suzuki 2.5 four stroke - liquid cooled.. beautiful motor.. propane certainly has advantages but not enough to convince me..
  2. I bought the Suzuki 2.5 four stroke - liquid cooled.. beautiful motor.. propane certainly has advantages but not enough to convince me..
  3. I can't afford the fly in trips so I prefer a semi isolated off grid trip. I know of some lakes accessible by ATV that are pretty good for Walleye and Pike. My fall fishing and bird hunting trip was 9 days long and the cost was less than 500 bucks... With any luck I will be hitting Nipigon this spring in a remote cabin looking for big trout and pike..
  4. Unless you fill your own little tanks it could be very expensive for fuel.. of course refilling comes with some dangers if you aren't careful..
  5. The internet is great isn't it?. It's scary that so much of our information is out there for the taking.. especially hunting and fishing stuff.. it's a shopping list for criminals..
  6. Did we trigger the millennial?.. go to your safe space and colour..
  7. pics

    Rain Boots

    I find the neoprene very comfortable and light but they don't last long for me..
  8. Sometimes boots like that tend to be tight until the liners relax and wear in..
  9. Watch the regs.. Brook trout closes labour day but there should be lots of whitefish to catch..
  10. Good parenting goes a long way. A stable home helps too but peer pressure can sometimes get the best of a good kid. Especially ones that may be looking for belonging....
  11. Non ethanol fuel and some seafoam.. never any problems..
  12. The accused boys are brothers who were moved recently to the area because of previous incidents where they used to live. One of the 2 that were originally charged and released played ball hockey with my daughter and their dad seemed like a decent guy. He was always complaining about his ex and how useless she was as a parent. The 2 suspects seem to be more than their mother could handle..I lived in the area briefly as a kid and never had to worry much about bullies because I had several cousins that went to both Hillcrest and SWC.. it was a tough area to live in but it's worse now..
  13. Many oil filters are compatible with other machines. I use a Canadian Tire motorcycle filter rather than an original Suzuki one because its half the price .. exactly the same filter.. oil goes on sale at Royal Distributing a few times a year. Theres no reason to pay 10 bucks a litre..
  14. I regret not bringing my yak up to Greenstone. So many places to fish with it..
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