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  1. An argo would be great for some of the lakes I fish but not for the secret ones where we park a hundred yards from where we pop into the woods and walk to the lake where the boat is stashed..😁
  2. Could a technician fix that problem or is the motherboard sealed in epoxy? Quite often with electronics its a cheap part failure but an expensive fix..
  3. With the shifts I work I have the luxury of going during the week so I avoid the weekend warrior crowd. I bet the free launch was a nightmare..
  4. This was filmed in Stoney Creek on one take. I suspect that the drone was slowed down at certain points.. I'm impressed with the flying skills either way.
  5. Besides family gatherings on holidays etc., I missed out on 2 spring trips to Nipigon. My buddies brother lives in Thunder Bay and we stay in a cabin that is pretty remote. Both are getting older and sooner rather than later that opportunity will be gone..
  6. Roger and Mary jo are nice people who will ensure that you enjoy your time there..
  7. It's a royal pain to get the simplest task done at home when you need a part from HD or CTC.. small town stores with less volume and an attentive manager or owner would handle it a lot better.. in the city you're just a number..
  8. Lodge boats are usually more organized and numbered.. they are likely owned by locals..
  9. I wonder if that's how Scugog got fished out..
  10. I always start with the doctor spoon and if it works I keep using it.. I like the Mepps Syclops as well because it casts far and has good action... I tried trolling without luck so running the trolling motor and casting was the ticket to getting hits..
  11. That sounds doable but all you will save is time driving up there.. now if the plane had floats that would be a different story..
  12. Went out for a few hours and conditions were ideal for seeing pike chase and hit.. I went 9 for 11 in a little over 3 hours.. biggest was 31". All caught on a beat up Doctor spoon..
  13. Never thought of that.. we usually tip a jig with some sucker belly..
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