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  1. I see those spiral logs often when I'm in the Greenstone area. There are different theories of why they grow that way but log cabin builders seem to favour the right hand spiral.. they must be a whine to split for firewood..
  2. The transom mount motor just screws on once you get to the lake. If it's a flat back I'd just go with gas. Lugging a battery won't be fun unless you spend big on lithium.
  3. Sad that there are people making a living from these scams..
  4. Before I saw the video I had assumed fault was with Linda O'Leary. I also assumed that the boat that was hit would be after some big bucks... you know what they say about assuming....🤦‍♂️
  5. We had a green 18 foot StarCraft and that boat saw a lot of different lakes in its time. It was great for big water but being an inboard it wasn't as easy to maintain as an outboard would be. I was sad when my dad sold it.. if I was you I'd look for an aluminum with a 30 to 50 hp outboard.
  6. Congratulations... My small shop that I go to has 3 bays and there are 3 mechanics and it can be tough to get an appointment. Being in Hamilton there are a lot of essential jobs that never slowed down so it would seem that the big expensive dealer shops were the ones that slowed rather than the independents. You can always do side jobs but it certainly won't be fun without all the proper equipment.. I am 5 to 10 years away from retirement and looking forward to it.. shift work is a killer..
  7. That could be why I have the tire wear that I do.. I will have to check the bushings because I believe that the trailer is tracking to one side..
  8. Camping is another example of something that is in sudden demand. Sites have been tough to find in most provincial parks. Trailers are going for a premium and I see a lot of posts on the unofficial parks page from inexperienced owners asking for help. Something that is interesting is the amount of equipment left behind at parks as well. Many times dining tents are abandoned right on the site while a lot of other stuff is left at the garbage. One common theme in all this is how much money has been spent/wasted. I guess some people that worked through this have done very well for themselves..
  9. I heard there was very little official warning but that an amateur storm watcher had eyes on it well before it hit. Environment Canada dropped the ball on this one and thankfully no one was killed..
  10. I have the same trolling motor and I like it even though it can be quirky on occasion. My handheld remote works well but the foot pedal has to be synced because it doesn't work currently..
  11. My workplace is in the background of your Randle Reef shot.. a week ago I was watching a show from Netflix called Bad Blood and there we were again.. lol
  12. When I backwash the pool they come up in broad daylight. Chlorine in the water does it i think.. bought worms a month ago for $4 a dozen..
  13. I just sold a tinner I've owned for almost 20 years for $200 less than I paid for it.. and it was priced reasonably too..
  14. I actually like fishing for bass on lake Erie when the winds are calm.. there's nothing like watching a big bass chase your jig 20 feet below the surface..
  15. I was out on Long Point recently and I watched a couple in a Bass boat fishing for pike as if they were in a Bass tourney. It was comical the way they weaved in and out of the anchored pack . The guy even did the old lay on his back and reach behind him to land a fish. Must be practice for when the season opens. At which time they will do the same routine but the anchored tri-hull boats will be using minnows and the bass will be going right into their cooler or on a stringer..
  16. Samsung and many other tv's have poor quality parts, especially the capacitors which are a $10 piece. Mine gave out at 18 months and I was able to get it repaired. At the same time my 18 month old LG fridge died.. manufacturers know that they are building crap but they also know people have a very short attention span and they love shiny new things. I hope that one day someone files a class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers..
  17. I know this is an older thread but the Dollarama in Ancaster meadowlands had a good selection of filet knives. They had the 9 and 7 inch Shimano plus a mustad and a Shakespeare 6 inch.. decent enough for a backup knife..
  18. I love these comments.. personally I'm not a Bass guy and I think some of the Bass guys are crazy spending 6 figures to catch a fish that a little kid on a dock could get but to each their own.. have fun and stay safe..
  19. An argo would be great for some of the lakes I fish but not for the secret ones where we park a hundred yards from where we pop into the woods and walk to the lake where the boat is stashed..😁
  20. Could a technician fix that problem or is the motherboard sealed in epoxy? Quite often with electronics its a cheap part failure but an expensive fix..
  21. With the shifts I work I have the luxury of going during the week so I avoid the weekend warrior crowd. I bet the free launch was a nightmare..
  22. This was filmed in Stoney Creek on one take. I suspect that the drone was slowed down at certain points.. I'm impressed with the flying skills either way.
  23. Besides family gatherings on holidays etc., I missed out on 2 spring trips to Nipigon. My buddies brother lives in Thunder Bay and we stay in a cabin that is pretty remote. Both are getting older and sooner rather than later that opportunity will be gone..
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