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  1. Hey Simon I have been watchin' for the "Limeyangler First Ice Report" and a good one it is!!! Gotta like a useable 'Ice Road' Dec 3. Cheers Rick
  2. YES!!! Ya got that right!! Good for her B, Ya should be proud and rightfully so. Cheers Rick
  3. The Leafs strategy!! "Offense is the best Defense"
  4. Well! There ya go, Seafoam does stabilize. Thanks Guys
  5. This is what I thought also. fishindevil, Sinker Please inform me Thanks Rick
  6. Definitely not a Stanley Cup team! Playoffs yes but not the final 2. The defense has a long way to go and they do not have that grittiness necessary to be a Stanley Cup contender
  7. Hey B Somedays its more about the Fishing than the Catching Cheers Rick
  8. Matt you are way too funny!! "none of our top players in the lineup" In the pregame interview, Dorion said they were going to build the team around Duchene and Ryan They were both playing!!! LOL
  9. Looking good there B You are becoming a smoker pro!! Cheers Rick
  10. Hey Bunk "EPIC" Truly epic, for sure!! Amazing trip and fantastic report, Thanx for taking the time Cheers Rick PS My days of sleeping on the ground are gone so I live these kinda trips thru your reports.
  11. Hey B So very well said, and right on! Kevin was a very special kinda guy, His smile and enthusiasm for fishing was contagious He was an electronics guru ,so helpful to me, when I was looking for info on the HDS8 and the Marcum LX7, I told him I was not the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to computers and electronics. Without hesitation,he took the time and sent me some very extensive very well explained emails in easy to understand language. Just an amazing young man I sure hope Kevin (BFSC) and Mike (Tambo) are together catching monster Lakers, lots of Whitefish and walking some crystal clear rivers. RIP Kevin
  12. Hey Floater That there is funny!! Just coffeed my key board Nick Have a look at the Temiscaming/Kipawa area
  13. Yes The sun in my eyes Is a Bull excuse, If you are running down a highway with a fully loaded rig and you can't see you better slow down, and absolutely for sure slow down if you are unfamiliar with the road.
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