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Well, it,s done


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Some may say why,I say,why not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I am truly enjoying my tying time and what I have started to become as a tier. I am not looking at being a fancy guy,just the guy that will tie what guys want and use. Been lucky to meet some great guys and they have bought and put the word of mouth out there. Have also met up with a few fellas that believe and have helped me out a lot with what is working and what could be the next bait.

SO, I started my own  FB group with the help of a couple of buddies. I have even gone and done up a logo with the help of these guys. Started the group just over a month ago. I was not sure how it would work, but it is up to 96 members, as of today.


I am stocked up with enough bugs that most will need for fall ,winter and spring. I am also looking forward to the spring tackle swaps. The vise is away now til the colder months set in and I am not on the river till lake ice comith.  I do get requests for some certain ties,but the amount is small,so do not mind doing them up. Other then that, like I said,vise is away.

Spent the last couple of days on the river and it was nice and relaxing. Caught nada,but it,s nice to just toss my ties and see what comes of them.


Anyhoo, looking forward to getting back on the water, putting up reports and catching and doing up some tasty smoked fish treats.



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