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  1. I now travel with a 40-watt solar panel most places I go, very light. I can get up to 2 amp at 20 watt on sunny days I built a small travel box that holds 2- 12 volt batteries ice-fishing type batteries. has 2 USB ports, 1- 12v cig lighter outlet. set it and forget it during the day. Night run 12volt min fans, charge up cell phones, etc.
  2. I will just add that to another place that is no longer on my list of places to go. It is so strange where towns now do everything they can to tell people not to come. Then they will go to the tax payers locally and say we have to raise then local tax rate to cover the cost.
  3. Last time I went it was less about fishing \ boating and more like a flea market.
  4. I get this question so many times.. each time my Wife asks I tell here yea I guess I should start spending my fishing fund on wine, women and gambling She shakes her head and tells me I love fishing too much to part with money on that. Of all the toys a fish finder is the biggest need the rest is all "bling"
  5. EXCEPT!!! if i am there first
  6. A lot of the comments about under powered are based on load. Full family etc yea it matters. Just cause you have a engine that can do 50mph does not mean that you use it. I top out at 35MpH but best gas economy and ride is around 25mph. Crap I sound old now
  7. Nice going ... after covid I think i am going to need a little more than 3"
  8. LOL, that sir is a scam.. https://tc.canada.ca/en/marine-transportation/marine-safety/licensing-pleasure-craft#obtain Always free!!! but if you need someone to complete it.. For $134 I will complete the paperwork for you.
  9. I would think the hull picture is an attempt to slow thief's. Like a car registration you also need to update when you move.
  10. LOL, not like the days before covid where i was in the USA once a month now its hard to check the mail
  11. Same here, looked everywhere for a discount same prices across the board in Canada
  12. Just remember to always tie it down well on the ice . really depends on how big the kids are
  13. Caught a 9 foot bull shark on a 9" popper .... Ok. well a much smaller fish got the popper first
  14. 3rd Sat in June opener. Unless the moon is full, Leafs Win, The sky is cloudy for 3 days in a row. Exception includes when there is a comet in the sky or potential of nuclear war includes zone near the forth rock on the left from the beaver dam to the 6th tree with red leafs on your right heading to the waterfall
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