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  1. 3rd Sat in June opener. Unless the moon is full, Leafs Win, The sky is cloudy for 3 days in a row. Exception includes when there is a comet in the sky or potential of nuclear war includes zone near the forth rock on the left from the beaver dam to the 6th tree with red leafs on your right heading to the waterfall
  2. The front handle on the 2.5 has (2) bolts I removed them, remove handle and put a bracket on it for eeze troll.
  3. Well it's about time!!! All those people hugging, kissing and general canoodling at the boat launch first thing in the morning.
  4. Once Bass pro completed the purchase of Cabela's notice how free shipping went to $199.00 min. That was the day I stopped ordering. Save %20 on a new real to pay more in Shipping cost . no thanks Use to be free shipping deals but not anymore.
  5. Great reel for salt water casting big baits.
  6. If i can toss a snowball and hit you too close
  7. thanks all that's what i figured but reading all the sonar reviews you would think new sonar would tell you the fish type, size, and weight
  8. Other than new technologies like side scan, downward imaging etc. I was wondering how much of a difference is new electronic base sonar compared to the older sonar when ice fishing. I have a 2013 Lowrance Elite-5 I use for ice fishing. Works great, other than the magic window, marks fish no problem and i use it on my kayak in the summer. Looking at the 7 year old unit and other than the pixel count 480 by 480 pixels of resolution is it worth upgrading. Has any new technologies made a difference? yes, i would love panoptics but i would add this to the boat first
  9. now if there was a cheap hybrid model that you could get rid of the trolling motor and combine. Electric would be tough.. might as well go back to Sailing
  10. That's for the software they developed outside of the cell phones. Blackberry made the mistake of delaying the arrival of new cell phones once the iphone came out.. They tried to play catch up after the fact but every time they came out with a new model it was already obsolete by the competition. When people made the switch it was hard to get them back. Once the realized the could never catch up they focused on the software and got out of the cell phone business altogether. The patents on the software saved the company.
  11. Did he work for Blackberry just prior to the iPhone release 😜
  12. problem is no one likes to buy old electronics.. Sell it at a discount while you can. Bigger the discount the less stock available. A new model is coming soon
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