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  1. All set in case of Flood
  2. Will look excellent on his resume
  3. You can use just one rigger but it would be a pain to use stackers. Get 2 if you can, if not use one rigger and the other a dipsy
  4. I was saved once by the safety chains after a huge pot hole bump at low speed. Always remember those chains
  5. looks great when the tracks go on
  6. Notice he had no life jacket on him. He could have flipped got himself killed.
  7. Nice to see, think they will be a little later coming in thick this year compared to last year. Where did you launch out of?
  8. Yes Fishmasters is $10.00 now and he has a system to try and keep track of who pays. Still it's not as crazy as Port Maitland. Its a great place if your by yourself. The good thing is port maitland finally put in the docks so launching looked better. Went out July 4th. Dead calm, crystal clear water. You could see down 20-30 feet. 30C.. Launched at 7am- done by 10:30 and headed to the beach.. not a touch
  9. Its funny normally I do the same always launching at Fishmasters but I thought a Thursday Early, no wind... When I got back in the parking lot at Maitland was a gong show. Good to see the area busy but wow!! May give it another try tomorrow or go Salmon fishing always a tough choice
  10. Thursday AM -- Water was like glass. Pulled Worm harness, Stick bait and small spoon.. Only 1 sheep head.. water was still in 60's Did find lots of marks near gull island. Port Maitland launch is underwater made it interesting by myself.
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