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  1. LeXXington

    4 stroke marine oil

    I have a 2008 - 90 merc and It has a label printed right on it for 25-40. On the 9.9 yam it says 10-30..
  2. LeXXington


    Parts can come from NA made from Steel from China, rubber from India, and assembled in Mexico. World market place normally to the lowest bidder
  3. LeXXington


    Canada bought GM stock to prop up the company. This is done based on Capital exposure. When the stock is worthless companies are forced into bankruptcy by Canada owning stock it added stability. Once GM was stable Canada sold the stock in small amounts over time. Canada owns no stock. Since they do not have any stock they lose the rights of a shareholder to have any say. The loans of cash was in addition to this.
  4. LeXXington


    There is a business case for the closing. You just can't compete in Canada in manufacturing. Tossing more money after bad is not going to help. GM can close the plant as they said.. but I think they still own Canada a bit https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/loans-canada-account-finance-auto-sector-bailout-2009-gm-chrysler-1.4722529 Don't let them take one piece of hardware to move it to Mexico until they paid back our Money. As for the loss of jobs. I have known a number of companies getting rid of employee's and not a word from government but when its the auto sector its different? Ask someone in Alberta how the Feds are helping them https://business.financialpost.com/commodities/energy/100000-jobless-energy-workers-struggle-for-a-place-in-the-new-economy Job losses are going to be the new norm for a few years to come until Canada starts acting like a country and standing up for the middle class. This is not a USA / Mexico / Canada / China issue. It's we just need fair policy and environment to compete. This weird notion that the high tech sector will save us all ended in 2001 when they figured off-shoring was cheaper than workers in Canada. Until our leaders realize that you can only hire so many new government workers before you run out of money expect more of the same.
  5. LeXXington

    Boat Speed .

    All about the clarity of the water . Copper, dipsy and boards get it away from the boat. Ontario still has clarity issues where lake Huron you can see your spoons 30' down
  6. LeXXington

    Boat Speed .

    Fishhawk is great on Lake 0 with some of the currents but you can always tell by the rigger cable if your going too slow or fast. Paddle wheel on the back also does not count for currents. You can have a top water speed of 5 mph but below only 2 - mph 50- feet down. GPS is the most accurate but its a combination of information. Fish don't care how fast \slow your gong its all about the action of the bait and the mood their in.
  7. LeXXington

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    unfortunately insurance will not payout without a body.
  8. LeXXington

    Cleaning out built in gas tank

    I put a external fuel filter/water separator on my boat this year. Only run high test and a little sea foam. One more filter is good. No problems so far
  9. LeXXington

    DIY Trading/Investing

    Its October always rough.. The Friday the 13th mini-crash was a stock market crash that occurred on Friday, October 13, 1989. The crash - referred to by some as "Black Friday" In finance, Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19,1987, when stock markets around the world crashed. The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as theStock Market Crash of 1929 or the Great Crash, is the stock market crash that occurred in late October, 1929. It started on October 24 ("Black Thursday") and continued until October 29, 1929("Black Tuesday"), when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapsed.
  10. LeXXington

    Temagami Report

    looks like a successful trip 👍
  11. LeXXington

    1st year of guiding done.

    nice going. takes a lot to go out and try something new.
  12. LeXXington

    Who knew Terry was an Instagram star!

    upgrade accessories for the Yamadoo?
  13. LeXXington


    Sad event. Reminder to always put on your pfd. RIP
  14. LeXXington

    This seems like a bad plan to me?

    Great read and opinions.