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  1. just in case you did not know about this https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#[email protected]&key=slhiGjbpgN
  2. Just a few things for you to add to your new boat!
  3. Try fishing for Walleye .. always works for my monster musky
  4. let me know when your selling yours 😁
  5. Is this the death of the yamadoo
  6. LMAO .. I would rather drive 3 hours past Barrie // Innisfil than pay that. This will be the future can't tax locals anymore and get elected but gouge visitors not a issue. Vaughn will do the same with a toll then, Toronto, Mississauga, and so on.
  7. (from my understanding) This is regarding the right to assemble and travel. These are protected by the Charter. The only way to override these would be to implement the War Measures act. In order to implement the war measures act needed all provinces to agree. They did not. A fine for gathering more than 5 people and fine for traveling to "the Cottage" would probably not hold up. Municipal, provincial and federal laws can not override the charter. Any town property access is granted by the town. If you are there and they said it was only to specific people you can get a trespassing charge / fine and it would stand up. The province also has the rights to close business based on health and safety Again all based on what I have read.
  8. Nice boat. Ditto on replace bearings or new hub depends on condition
  9. I used the Promenade no changes that I see, the Port credit lighthouse is still closed as its underwater. They were suppose to redo it all but with the high water who knows.
  10. Cheers to the gentleman who decided to launch his boat in Port Credit Promenade Sunday at 12:pm noon on a bright sunny day. Such an amazing Sunday, Warm almost summer conditions perfect day for boating in the city. Once the boat was tied off at the launch ramp there was no better place to load your boat. Your right it was a very sunny day better head back to your car and get the sun top . We all felt sorry for you going again back to your car for the 3rd or was it the 4th time and as you lugged the 12volt battery that thing looked so heavy in the heat. I was worried you might have lost your boat keys as you kept going to your car and back looking through bags and cloths? Don't pay any heed to the yelling and shuffling as everyone tried to launch and retrieve boats around you. Yes it was me one of the boats doing circle's trying to figure out how I could dock on the only open side, I was going to wave but with all the boats doing circles I had to keep adjusting forward and revers. Not sure what the other boaters said to you but by your actions it must have been encouragement to make sure everything is perfect for your first outing of the year. Sure if 2020 had been different you might have had a chance to prep your boat in mid May but since the Launch only opened a few weeks ago we can all see your issue. Hope you got it all set as you were still tied to the dock as I left . Thanks LeXX
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