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  1. Less competition is not good for anyone.
  2. Only thing I can think of is the original prop was undersized on the pitch.
  3. Finally got the boat out on the water. Results are increased my speed by 3 mph. I like the handling at speed, So far happy with the reults
  4. Went today Vaughn. No Waiting fully stocked
  5. Got the 4 blade prop from Freshtrax (thanks) just little P.O &##%^^&^& that all local Boat Ramps are still closed! Hope they open them up this week. Sucks that the closest boat ramp is over 1.5 hours away right now.
  6. Lots out last night and in the AM. Most of that rain missed us just light sprinkle for a few hours and that was it
  7. Lot of great information here! My Water softener just past the 9 year mark and is due soon.
  8. Wait till after May 1st.. The number of people \ business that have to skip on the rent payments in Toronto my force the door to open a little.
  9. When they state that its COV-19. I don't think its all about the virus. There is a large shortfall of sponsors for a number of events or sponsors backing out.
  10. Read this and was thinking is this really an issue this time of year?
  11. Is that the gas tank beside the batteries?
  12. When my dog was a lot younger I would put a small hoodie on and of we would go. Never had an issue and always lots of fun. My dog LOVES fish. We were out in cold weather and caught a fish let it go.. Doesn't the fool stick his head down the hole up to the ears chasing it. Then runs out into the cold. Wet long fur cold.. His mouth fur froze shut together then panics. Once in back in the hut, all was good but will forever laugh at it.. My dog too old for ice fishing now but in his mind he wants to still come
  13. Michigan received convictions: Onie Miller III, Onie Miller IV, Makes you wonder about the future of Onie Miller V
  14. Sure in 12 months from now we will look back at this 2 ways. 1. What in the world were they thinking. Opening boat launches. Such idiots. How many people needed to die. 2. I can't believe the closed the boat launches such an overkill. Government calling the sky is failing. Media over blowing it again for ratings If I knew the correct way this is going to turn out, I should have picked better lotto tickets. Personally, I keep re-evaluating the situation every 2 weeks. By May first ask me again for the support
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