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  1. You have a bot in your cache, clear it
  2. Guess I know where to go fishing
  3. Series of mistakes that could have been avoided.... oh you mean going that fast lol
  4. I feel for all the people that are looking at there homes and the damage that it has caused by flooding. Unfortunately its a price you have to pay to live by water. Growing up on Lake Huron 30 years ago I can remember when cottages along the water got wiped out because the ice and water rose so much. As the years went on the water dropped, and dropped... Everyone remember the -Stop the Drop- campaign, blame Lake St Clair dredging. So, all this water was gone.. so hey build cottages and houses back close to the water for the view... put a nice big deck close to the beach. Last high water mark most of it was wiped out again. When you do the building plan they only require drainage based on 100 year event. They should just change that to .. your living by water its going to flood at some point.
  5. Miller lake has lots of bass, Get's a fair amount of pressure in the summer. There is a camping RV park there. Not a deep lake. Lots of big lake fishing Huron \ Georgian bay
  6. I don't think there will be a Diesel car in the future. Regardless, these days you never train for one thing and hope it last until retirement. Right now that is an amazing skill and training. Do it!~
  7. extra batteries, the RAM mount is nice but expensive
  8. I think that bike was a Suki in disguise. Yes, they hate the cold
  9. I feel for the guy. Making the video (50/50) but he should have spoken to a college kid in public relations. He could have gotten the same message out and kept the high ground. If the park loses funding .. bet they want more people visiting. I might tick off some people with this but if you work for the Government you should not be posting on Official government Facebook page personal opinions. Most companies if you did that you would be fired. Put your own name to it and post publicly.
  10. What!! That never happens at Crapy Tire.. I have to wait all year for the 80% of screw driver set 🤣
  11. When you are a landed immigrant you have have most rights of a Canadian (except vote in fed elections). You can be here 40 years but do a crime and still get deported. He will appeal and get a reduced sentence but still might get deported. Sad all around..
  12. The charge would be required for 2 reasons. The driver is always responsible for the operations of a car. Someone died so they need to charge someone. When it goes to court the charge may stick but where it goes from there based on the passenger knew etc. The passenger family will sue the driver for insurance. A charge just helps it along Nothing to do with it being on the ice, its just the way things are
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