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  1. thanks all that's what i figured but reading all the sonar reviews you would think new sonar would tell you the fish type, size, and weight
  2. Other than new technologies like side scan, downward imaging etc. I was wondering how much of a difference is new electronic base sonar compared to the older sonar when ice fishing. I have a 2013 Lowrance Elite-5 I use for ice fishing. Works great, other than the magic window, marks fish no problem and i use it on my kayak in the summer. Looking at the 7 year old unit and other than the pixel count 480 by 480 pixels of resolution is it worth upgrading. Has any new technologies made a difference? yes, i would love panoptics but i would add this to the boat first
  3. now if there was a cheap hybrid model that you could get rid of the trolling motor and combine. Electric would be tough.. might as well go back to Sailing
  4. That's for the software they developed outside of the cell phones. Blackberry made the mistake of delaying the arrival of new cell phones once the iphone came out.. They tried to play catch up after the fact but every time they came out with a new model it was already obsolete by the competition. When people made the switch it was hard to get them back. Once the realized the could never catch up they focused on the software and got out of the cell phone business altogether. The patents on the software saved the company.
  5. Did he work for Blackberry just prior to the iPhone release 😜
  6. problem is no one likes to buy old electronics.. Sell it at a discount while you can. Bigger the discount the less stock available. A new model is coming soon
  7. Extra tie down hooks for your ice hut little windy at times... Good auger as the maps are never correct on depth location. Never caught a ling there and walleye is always a surprise
  8. Since Sail has "restructured" I hate getting the daily e-mail about the great sale they are having.. only to find that is really only a $7898.00 coat on sale %60 off.. The black Friday e-mail was no different.. but worse.. most of the fishing stuff was in-store only or limited stock. No deals to be found online.. there are a bunch of local shops running great deals but in-store only
  9. LeXXington


    Wow lots of nice fish there!!!
  10. I did some drift testing.. just like a little tank just plowed through. If a snow mobile could go I could make it.. up hills is an issue as a snowmobile could get a run at it.. I just plog along We also did a slush test and again it just plowed through.. I do not recommend it on a super cold day as the ice build up can cause an issue. My bike is a 450 so fairly light..
  11. I am not as fast as the others, I burn more gas but I have never got stuck. I plow my driveway when not ice fishing. If I went fishing more I would love to have a sled but get the best bang for the buck with my machine
  12. Login then turn device to airplane mode.. I did that at home no issues?
  13. Now a boat drivers test i could support. Instead of parallel parking they test you at boat launching and retrieval 250hp or more special requirements and license to ensure your not an A $$. Jet ski owners must get a learners ticket first. Government finding more ways to make boating expensive.
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